Voice of the White House

July 10, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“We are beset with two major crisis that apparently have not stirred the media to wider comment. The first major issue is the obvious imminent collapse of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac mortgage banks. Panic selling of their stock bids well to collapse both vital housing industry entities. To stop the downward plummeting stocks, a government would have to move very quickly to put on the brakes, but the current bunch of twits are incapable of any action at any time. The second serious issue is Iran’s test firing of missiles capable of hitting precious Mother Israel. That these missiles could easily reach our Green Zone in Baghdad apparently has not dawned on the White House which is now shouting that Israel must be protected. Why not Americans first, George? The real problem, as a general officer told me at lunch today, is that now Israel has been aced and has to respond. Their response would likely be a “demonstration” by bombing some target inside Iran. Let us contemplate what an Iranian military leader might be considering. If Israel might respond with force and we have the means to clean her clock (Iran has tactical nuclear warheads courtesy of Pakistan’s Kahn) why not a pre-emptive strike? A good question. It is very much like the situation in July of 1914 and very dangerous.”