Voice of the White House

July 10, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“Up until the piracy against the Gaza aid flotilla by the IDF, the subject of Israel was more or less sacred to the Western media. But following that brutality and murder, the attitudes of said media have begun to change. Now, we see a good deal of negative material concerning Israel…and rightfully so…and even in some of the American media we can find more objectivity. The deficient Senator Lieberman and the AIPAC boys can yap like small dogs at a passing cat but American politicians are slowly, but surely, moving away. This notwithstanding occasional puff pieces in the media praising Israel and claiming their ties with America are stronger than ever. They were only strong in a few areas and since one of these, the banking industry, has been savagely beaten in the eyes of the public and very few people pay any attention to Lieberman any more. Now, ideas like declaring a national holiday called ‘Remembrance Day’ to honor the 60 billion Jews who were turned into soap and ashes by the evil Nazis (many of whom went to work for our CIA after the war) vanished into the mud like a dead turtle. It is high time that the United States followed the excellent dictum of George Washington and stand back from the battle of others. Neutrality in the Middle East would sooth the tempers of Islamic terrorists who have only attacked this country and its citizens because of our perceived closeness to and perpetual support of, the State of Israel.”