Voice of the White House

December 10, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
"There has been an enormous flood of the so-called 'WikiLeaks' intercepted secret American cables. No one knows just who has what section of this massive trove of secret papers but the rage of the American government is tempered by the fact that it is totally impossible for them to shut this away from public viewing. As expected, the obedient American media has rushed to inform their dwindling readers that after all, these are really old, not important papers, and even more important, the American public trusts its government and its agencies and think the WikiLeaks papers ought to be 'removed from the Internet.' Ah, yes, His Masterís Voice as we used to see on old phonograph records. In fact, the sporadic release of these papers only reinforces the strongly held views of the bulk of Americans that their government is an aggregation of greedy politicians and brutal and sadistic guardians. Faith in the government, in a recent and very private White House poll is about 5% positive. Of course, our press does as it's told, but herewith are two very simple examples of what is emerging from what is little more than a governmental cesspit. Some of these are up here, some there and some not at all. The New York Times has copies of all of these but never release anything unless they check with both Washington and Langley first. His Masterís Voice indeed! A hysterical President Obama wants to 'totally shut down' the entire Internet to prevent problems that will no doubt cost him his job, but doing that would create havoc beyond belief and will never happen. Maybe he can attend a few more public rallies and cheer everyone up. And what happens, WikiLeaks aside, when the public finds out that they don't own their own homes (thanks to George W. Bush and his crooked associates) and the government can do absolutely nothing about it. We are now living in interesting times, indeed."