Voice of the White House

August 10, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
It is known in American and foreign intelligence circles that the sole reason the United States maintains a military presence in Afghanistan is because of the huge and very profitable opium fields located there. American interests, mostly CIA, have been involved in the drug business for decades and the financial rewards from the raw opium are far too much to abandon. So what if many soldiers are killed or maimed? So what if civilians are slaughtered in droves? What matters is that the raw opium share the American secret police gets is not in any way interdicted. There is no other logical reason for the American military to be in that remote and primitive country. They have no oil but they do have opium. Opium, refined, (in Columbia) makes heroin and heroin makes money. And in our sanctified government, money calls for deep pockets. It was said, in jest, that last winter it was so cold in Washington that a Senator was seen with his hands in his own pockets. Always look for the truth in the jest.