Voice of the White House

August 10, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
The feud between the US and Russia, based primarily on possession of oil and world importance, fluctuates back and forth on a daily basis. Furious that Putin has made him look like a fool, Obama puts sanctions on Russia and they retaliate in kind. Other countries, pressured by Washington to also sanction Russia, seeing that their own domestic economic pictures are being injured, are distancing themselves from Obama, but in a diplomatic way so as not to invite helicopter gunships to blast their day care centers. For this, of course, the United States would call upon Israel who is an expert in this field. And authentic pictures of the remains of the downed Malaysian passenger plane show very clearly that what brought it down were not 'rebel rockets' but machinegun bullets from the two Ukrainian military jets known to have been tracking the plane. Also, note that this plane had been diverted to the war zone by Ukrainian aircraft control people. When this finally emerges, the Obama people will have an awkward time of it because of their close embrace of the corrupt Kiev government.