Voice of the White House

April 10, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“The CIA has never done anything right and its blunders have been very costly in human life and destructive to anything or anyone who gets in the way of what their idiotic leaders believe is in their own, not the nation’s, interest.

As a case in point, here is an overview (if I printed this verbatim, they would turn this place upside down to find and prosecute me) of the CIA’s meddling in Chinese affairs, both actual and projected.

Know that no one controls the CIA. For many years, they controlled us in that they had strong connections with corporate media and the top levels of the government. They could do as they liked.

A friend of some deputy director was having his overseas properties grabbed by some local dictator so the CIA wrote a fake position paper that “proved” the evil Communists were taking over the government in that country and Something Had To Be Done! And it was.

The students rebelled, (the CIA is big on infiltrating and supporting the volatile student population of target countries) dissidents in exile were given money and guns and guess what, the evil dictator was replaced with someone the CIA hand-picked.

Here we have Guatemala but now they are aiming at total disruption of the PRC.

The Company is behind the uproar in Tibet and is fomenting rebellious thoughts in China’s Muslim population. They feel that Taiwan is now a lost cause so the Station in Islamabad is leading the fight to cause so much internal trouble in China that it starts to fall apart from within.

Under discussion has been the possible introduction of a laboratory-concocted blight aimed at the Asian rice crop. Since all of Asia depends on rice as a staple diet item, the sudden (and unexplained) spread of a blight that ruins the crop would do terrible damage all over Asia but especially in China.

One of the Islamabad reports, a copy of which is circulating here, explains that China is ripe for internal collapse. She has a huge population which she is having problems feeding and she has no oil for her burgeoning industry and has to import all of it. China is also now a meat-eating country and they need American corn to feed their cattle.

The CIA has worked it so that American farmers are growing corn for Ethanol and not for export. Oh, there is enough corn for domestic consumption but interestingly enough, not enough for export except at a very high price.

They are taking a leaf from Vladimir Putin’s book. He took Russian oil away from the pro-US Jewish oligarchs and nationalized it. Now, he controls the oil and the U.S. is getting squeezed. The CIA is doing the same thing to the Chinese and they reason that if the food supplies start to dry up there and by some means their oil imports can be cut back, China will implode and cease to be a potential threat to the U.S. And if the potentially rebellious Chinese minorities can be roused up, like their past actions in arming the Taliban against Russia in Afghanistan, they have a winner.

With the CIA’s connections with corporate media, look for more sad horror stories about Tibet. Tibet resonates far better than Dafur does with the American people. They, and Bush, are very upset about the shift in political winds in Pakistan. It looks like assassinating Bhutto did not work the way they wanted it to because all it did was to guarantee that the wrong people came into power and now our wings have been clipped there. It is not too difficult to off one woman but to take out all of the Pakistan judicial system and their legislators is too much even for the CIA. The Ukraine operation (taking the Ukraine out of Putin’s orbit) was typical of their style but they waited too long and mis-stepped in Islamabad.

At any rate, look for more fireworks about the Olympics and know the whys and wherefores of that situation.”