RK Remote Views BO in the WH

  • Not only is there more than one BO in the WH, they argue a LOT.

  • BO has an appetite for blood pellets, similiar to those used by Gene Simmons of Kiss during their live performances. Almost everyone inside the WH has seen BO consume these.

  • BO has ordered the military into Africa specifically to stir up conflict and collect the blood, presumably for BO to drink so his eyes don't start bugging out of his head in the middle of a live press conference, like what happened to John Kerry when he was screaming for war on Syria over non-existent chemical weapons.

  • BO has sex with elementary age school children inside the WH. RK has informed his sources inside the WH who set up secret video cameras, so you should have this on video. This is why MO took a separate flight to LA on the same day as BO - she knows.

  • BO stole the last election from RK and TM, who won 52% of the vote and all 50 states. BO and MR each received 24% of the vote. Reporters don't report the news in America any more: the FBI does, and to the best of my knowledge EVERYONE who works for the FBI outside of New York City is a kike vampire alcoholic cokehead bloodsucker SATANIST.

  • RK has heard BO say "I can do whatever I want!" more than 20 times inside the WH. "Do what thou wilt" is the central tenant and first commandment of Satanism according to Allister Crowley, who brought Satanism to America from Europe.

  • BO has MURDERED Hundreds of Black babies in Somalia alone, not to mention about ten other Muslim countries.

  • All of these things put together says BO is a practicing SATANIST!