The Matrix Document: Reloaded

by Rob Kettenburg

June 12, 2007

Believe it or not, the entire 'Best of the Net' revolves around one link: The Matrix Document ( refers to my site as 'The Matrix Database.') I remember reading it for the first time around 1999 and I was blown away. As far out and unlikely as most of it sounds, I could not disprove ANY of it. It was ALL true to the best of my knowledge. It was a top secret US government document of Biblical proportions on the internet for all to read! I remember re-reading it last summer and it was not at all written the way it was originally wrote back in 1999. The Matrix Document is located in The Black Vault ( and it is run by a young man in California who has had his website unknowingly hacked. This is not the first time our government has broken into someone's website and rewritten key material in an attempt to cover up the truth, as my site has also been hacked and rewritten, buy that's another story... The purpose of this article is to rewrite that which has been rewritten in the Matrix Document, from memory, hopefully restoring it. There is a copy of my US Department of Defense Top Secret Security Clearance at the bottom of my home page:

#1) Our race is under attack at the genetic level.

#2) Our government has been carrying out negotiations with extra-terrerstrials (ETs) for decades.

#3) Our government has knowingly and willfully allowed these ETs to abduct its citizens for medical experiments in exchange for starship technology.

#4) There is a GREAT DEAL of UFO activity off the coast of Israel.

#5) The ETs our government made a deal with are from the Zeta-Reticulan star system, and it takes them over 100 years to get here (Earth). They are loosely refered to as "The Greys" and specifically known inside our government as "Grey Species Number Two."

#6) The Greys have big heads, big slitted eyes, grey, brown, or green skin, and loosely resemble the "little green men" of UFO lore. They are actually human beings from the Zeta Reticulan star system who were hit by radiation poisoning after losing a 300 year war with another alien species that nuked their planet, Battlestar Galactica style, making it unlivable. They used to number over 6 billion, but after the war they number around 2,000 and are on the brink of extinction. Those that survived the nuclear holocaust on their planet (they are a very old species) managed to climb aboard starships and make their way toward Earth.

#7) The effects of suffering from radiation poisoning include shriveled up unusuable genitalia, making them unable to reproduce in the conventional means, which means they have to clone themselves to reproduce. There is a limit to their cloning before gentic mutations start popping up, like mental retardation, for example. To counter the effects of radiation poisoning, not to mention their eyes bugging out of their heads, the Greys drink blood.

#8) A group of top scientific minds could not figure out how to place a nuclear reactor on board a plane to make it go faster without flying apart, so our government made a deal with the Greys: Fresh genetic material (permission to abduct a small percentage of their population for medical experiments) in exchange for Starship technology. It turns out that the missing key was what the ship is made of. Instead of placing nuclear reactors on planes made of steel, the planes had to be made of some carbon fiber/plastic mesh combination to keep it from flying apart when the throttle was kicked down. My understanding is that our government now has starships in its arsenal that are capable of speeds in excess of 15,000 miles per hour, meaning we now have the ability to colonize our entire solar system with that single piece of technology.

#9) References were made to Alternative Three and this means there is an alien base on the dark side of the Moon, which something no human has ever seen from Earth as the same side of the Moon ALWAYS faces Earth. The Greys travel from the Zeta-Reticulan star system to the dark side of our Moon where they are surgically altered to resemble humans. From there its on to Israel, where UFOs land in and take off in the body of water right next to their coast line on a regular basis. Once in Israel they are indoctrinated as to what is going on in Earth and from there its on to America. Most of the Greys our government has helped assimilate into our society work in law enforcement.

#10) People with a certain gene, sometimes refered to as the 'Vulcan' or 'Fearless' gene, are unknowingly being targeted for harrassment and false imprisonment by Greys in law-enforcement. The Greys have entered law enforcement in vast numbers to make sure their people get justice, but if you investigate, you'll find they're the ones breaking all the laws, murdering, and blood-letting. Take a look into the eyes of ALL the cops who have served in the Charlestown, Indiana police force over the last 20 years and tell me what you see?

#11) More Greys are on the way... (The Matrix Document was written in the 1980s)

#12) The Greys are utterly insane as an entire race because their brains have been hit by radiation (making them act like human bugs) - they are NOT to be trusted.

#13) The Greys have a SECRET ALLIANCE with the US Navy.

#14) Recommended Further Reading: The Matrix Document, Part II