James Hotta, Rainbow Realty, Respondent


Robert Christopher Kettenburg, Appellant


Appellant formally charges the owners, manager (Adam Marks), and third shift security (Dave - who drives a white Ford Crown Vic 4 door with Indiana plate 576NEO and hangs out right outside the entrance) of WALGREENS Pharmacy at the corner of 16th and Meridian in Indianapolis, Indiana with Title 18 of the US Code, Sections 241, 242, 373, and 2340A as defined in section 2340 (Conspiracy against rights, deprivation of rights under color of law, solicitation to commit an act of violence, and torture). First, let me state for the record that my car was intentionally DAMAGED in the Walgreens parking lot of their store on Washinton Street near Sherman Avenue in Indianapolis several months ago. A few hours ago when I idled into the parking lot of the Walgreens at 16th and Meridian I was confronted by an extremely belligerent security guard/off duty Indianapolis City Cop for allegedly speeding in his parking lot, which I most certainly was NOT doing. After he was through screaming at me, I didn't say a word and walked into the store to buy a drink. When I walked out, "Dave" the 3rd shift security guard, who is actually an off-duty Indianapolis city cop, was standing behind my vehicle and writing down my license plate number. Again, I didn't say anything. As I pulled out of their parking lot, I heard a very loud "FUCK YOU Dominos!" - there's no sign on my car by the way. I was going to completely let this go and look the other way, but when I returned to my work place, my boss told me that he just received a call from Walgreens saying I was disrespecting and hassling their employees and security guard - when I never actually spoke a single word, nor did I make any threatening gestures. I then returned to Walgreens so I could speak to the manager and get "Dave's" last name. They wouldn't give it to me. They then called the store again and said I physically threatened one of their employees, when all I did was gently tap his shoulder and ask for my pen back. He screamed "Don't touch me!" They say they have this on video, so please take a look at it. And while you're at it, if you take a look at the Walgreens parking lot video of this store over the last nine months, you'll find that EVERY time I pull into Walgreens, an act of violence made to look like an accident is carried out against me in the form of a car wreck orchestrated by Walgreens management and security as I pull out. Not just once or twice either, but EVERY TIME, so I'm very careful. I then returned after I got off work, and spoke with someone I thought was a Marion County, Indiana cop, Officer Drennan, who was in a Marion County cop car, but actually is an Indianapolis, Indiana city cop. I told him what I just told you and asked for "Dave's" last name so I could file a complaint against him. Officer Drennan spoke with off-duty Indianapolis city cop/Walgreens security guard "Dave" but when he returned, he refused to give me his name. Gee, you're not covering for one of your cop buddies are you Officer Drennan? That's OK, because that's what the internet is for, isin't it? I STRONGLY ADVISE ALL Americans NOT to shop at Walgreens as the owners, managers, employees, and security guards GANG BANG Honorably Discharged Veterans who have Not Committed Any Crimes on behalf of the CIA for political & retention purposes, plus cocaine!

I certify that all of the information contained within this Motion is true to the best of my knowledge.