Cause No. 49A02-1209-CC-718


Robert Christopher Kettenburg, Appellant

1221 Newman Street, Apt. E

Indianapolis, IN 46201 USA


(317) 658-6863




James Hotka, State Trust, Respondent

Rainbow Realty Group

6104 E. 21st Street

Indianapolis, IN 46219 USA






Appellant Robert Christopher Kettenburg formally charges the following individuals with Title 18 of the US Code, Sections 241, 242, 247, 1117, 2236, 1506, 373, and 2340A as defined in Section 2340: African American male living behind 1223 Newman Street, (Apt. E) Indianapolis, Indiana; African American male living in the front of 1221 Newman Street, Indianapolis, Indiana who drives an old beat up brown two door Cadillac with Indiana plate UMW536; Caucasian male living in back yard of 1219 Newman Street (frequently sleeps outside on front sidewalk towards north corner of street/block) and his clone wife; “Billy” who is the maintenance man for Ted’s Properties (Appellant’s landlord - 4230113) who drives a black Ford F-150 truck with Indiana plate 781152 and 748492.


For starters, “Billy” has broken and entered into Appellant’s dwelling and poisoned Appellant on more than one occasion and I’m pretty sure he’s the one orchestrating Appellant’s “round robin” civil rights violations. The other listed individuals, names unknown to Appellant, take turns torturing Appellant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specifically, African American male who drives the above listed Cadillac banged on Appellant’s ceiling very loudly repeatedly at approximately 4AM – and the previous day at approximately 6AM. The days before that, the individuals at 1219 Newman Street open and close the back door to their house repeatedly (more than ten times) which is only a few feet from where Appellant sleeps between 2-4AM. The days before that, African American male living in the back of 1223 Newman Street (Apt. E) was banging on the walls right next to where Appellant sleeps very loudly 4-5AM. And it just repeats, every day. One tortures while the others are out (presumably torturing other people?) and they simply take turns. Also, Court Orders have been taken out of Appellant’s mailbox and returned to The Court without giving Appellant chance to retrieve his mail – and he had been checking it almost every day at that point in time. Also, what do you suppose all of my rent receipts are in place except for the one that has “Billy’s” license plate number written on the back of it?

Appellant lives in a one bedroom apartment and at the beginning of the Summer, when he was having LOTS of problems with people banging on his walls in the middle of the night, Appellant bought a window AC unit and moved all of his belongings into the other room of his apartment – and it was bliss for approximately one month. They still continued to bang, but I could barely hear it – it was 10 times better. They probably wondered why I stopped complaining about it and about a month after I moved everything, “Billy” and his maintenance man sidekick “Digger” showed up on the side of my apartment with ladders to “remove a few nails” and they could clearly see that everything had been moved out of one room and into another. 24 Hours later the banging commenced – only now its centered on the new place where Appellant sleeps. Furthermore, the last time Appellant drove down South to Henry County, Kentucky to visit his step-parents, he couldn’t help but notice that “Billy” was standing on the side of the road with black paint on his face about 100 miles south of Indianapolis as Appellant took a rural route home that night. I believe the message he was giving me was that if I retaliate against him or his ‘torture recruits’ he intends to bomb me.

Finally, the reason these ‘people’ are gang banging and handicapping Appellant is that they’re trying to get him to go back into the military – they have made this abundantly clear to Appellant and have spent millions of tax dollars and thousands of manpower hours in attempting to do so – all to try to get the Appellant to go back in for a job that no longer exists specifically trained to fight an enemy that no longer exists (the Soviet Union) EVERY SINGLE DAY NON-STOP FOR 25 YEARS AFTER HE WAS RELEASED FROM ACTIVE DUTY! What kind of SICK people would do such a thing to someone with an Honorable Discharge who has not committed any crimes? The TRUE reason they want me back in the military is so they can ship me off to Afghanistan to write a story about it for recruiting purposes, and then kill me shortly thereafter and make it look like an accident in an attempt to cover up what they just did to me. Online Proof: and

In concluding, please inform the appropriate people that not only will Appellant NOT be going back into the military during his lifetime, he is going to spend every single day of the rest of his life convincing as many people as possible to STAY OUT of the US military. Have a nice day!