My First Paranormal Experience

Rob Kettenburg

May 22, 2021

When I arrived at my very first assignment as a soldier in Berlin, Germany, back in April of 1985, they stuck me in Andrews Barracks, now known as Clipper Gardens in Zehlendorf, Southwest Berlin. I was 18 and had just graduated from Army Intelligence School in Fort Devens, Massachusetts. After working my shift on the other side of Berlin, I almost always came home, peeled off my clothes and hopped in bed, tired from the long day of work, usually reading the latest Stephen King, Frank Herbert, or Roger Zelazny novel, or perhaps just listening to music on my Sony walkman until I fell asleep in a room that I shared with two other soldiers (who worked different shifts, so they usually were not there). Get up the next morning and repeat.

On 4 or 5 occasions while lying in bed after my shift, reading or listening to music, I could've sworn I thought I heard someone in my shower, got up out of bed, walked into the bathroom, turned on the lights, and opened the enclosed shower door, only to find it empty. I know I'm in the room alone, but I keep hearing rumblings in the bathroom shower, as if someone is in there. I keep walking in and of course, there's nobody there. Eventually I just started ignoring it as it continued for several weeks. About four months go by and this new soldier shows up at our unit whom I shall call 'Keith' and they move him in right next to my room. After I introduce myself, Keith claims he used to live in my room several years back, before he met me, he was stationed in Korea and before that he was actually stationed in Berlin. Right off the bat, Keith asks me if there has been any strange or unusual occurrences in my room since I moved in. I replied, "No, why?" Keith said that the soldier who lived in my room right before I did hung himself in my shower...

February 26, 1986 - West Berlin, East Germany