The masonic ritual of "BIRTH" as a mason is Jewish Kabbala in its majority. Early freemasons in Europe were mainly converted jews. Later on, Scottish (Presbyterian) rite and Huguenot masons (both staunchly anti roman catholic) swelled the ranks of freemasons, and hence, proxy jews.

All of these groups have a single point of origin: The society of Pi. It existed over 8000 years ago and now controls the world.

Be careful NOT to get caught up in the TRAP being laid over pedophiles:jews and masons use that smear as their number one slander of people they are running a hate campaign against. In my opinion this explains the attack by jews on Jackson. They want his song right portfolio: itís worth a billion or two.

Jackson has funded black "Muslim" projects including black controlled film and record production.

The jewish owned Hollywood studios DO NOT take competition lightly. If they lose control of the mind bending media machine, then that could spell the beginning of the end of the "GLOBAL ILLUSION" they've created.

Some good stuff here though: pedophile rings are nearly all controlled by jews. Their rabbisí have been buggering their young boys for years and itís all been kept under wraps. There are books about that somewhere: search the web. But they'll be the first to spread rumors about Roman Catholic Priests, etc.

I know people who are 100% total victims of jewish HATE SLANDER. Their lives have been ruined: no job, no family, no friends, and no life. Constantly being harassed by jews, masons, police and other maladjusted people.

Many have gone mad or committed suicide. Those that survive often turn to drinking and live rough on our streets. Staying shy of people. Even here though if the jews locate you then they try to cause trouble.

And people just donít care once that sort of label has been put on you. You die by your own hand, an innocent person, and your neighbors just say "good riddance.Ē

GLF - June 8, 2005