Lies Your History Teacher Sold You

November 10, 2006


History was one of my favorite subjects all through school. I studied US History in New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. Looking back 20+ years later, I find the number of times the truth has been conveniently deleted from America's textbooks very odd.



America sent 2,000 troops to Russia around 1915 (I can't remember the exact year (I graduated from college 10 years ago...) I believe it was between 1912-1918) to aid the then Russian Czar against a Communist/Bolshevic uprising/revolution. Not only did the Communists win (as everybody knows), they SLAUGHTERED ALL 2,000 AMERICAN TROOPS! Not a single American serviceman returned after being deployed to Russia around 1915!



EVERY American textbook I have read mentions how Jesse Owens embarrassed Hitler in the 1936 Summer Olympics, proving his Master Race 'wrong,' by winning Gold Medals in the first two Olympic (running) events. NOT A SINGLE US TEXTBOOK MENTIONS THE FACT THAT THE GERMANS PLACED 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD, IN ALMOST EVERY OLYMPIC EVENT AFTER THAT! If you don't believe me, go to Olympia Stadium in Berlin (Which is where they were held.) and read the monument with all the names of winners of medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics, and the countries from which they resided. Additionally, the 1936 Summer Olympics were broadcast on German television 10 years before there was even a single tv in America.



EVERY American textbook mentions the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, dragging America into World War II. Not a single one of them mentions the fact that the US Navy placed a Naval embargo around the island nation of Japan, which is 100% dependent upon foreign oil imports, forbidding any oil into their country. And then Japan attacks Pearl Harbor right afterwards - GEE, WHAT A SURPRIZE! The next thing you know, America attacks Germany, which never did a thing to America, and a quarter million servicemen and women are DEAD and another half million were wounded. Then, oh what a surprize, America and Britian give Palstine to the Jews! What did that have to do with defeating Germany, Italy, and Japan? Or was that the Synods plan all along???


Rob Kettenburg