Town of Lockport Court

Lockport, New York

Docket #05100078


Robert Christopher Kettenburg, Defendant


Jerry and Shawn Lawton, Plaintiffs


Honorable Judge Raymond E. Schilling, Presiding






Defendant, Robert Christopher Kettenburg, would like to bring the following Title 18 US Code Violations to this Court’s attention: As I walked out to my mailbox today, Mr. Lebron of apartment #11 called me a “faggot” as I walked by. Since I’m not bi-sexual or gay, it didn’t bother me and I did not respond. After I opened an empty mailbox and started walking back to my apartment, Mr. Lebron, while standing directly in front of the door for apartment #4 stated that he had some veteran friends that would kick my ass and he then attempted to kick me as hard as he could as I walked by. He barely grazed the back of my leg and made the snap decision to call the police to let them know what happened. Considering Mr. Lebron is half my size and I was recently incarcerated for putting Shawn and Jerry Lawton in the hospital at the same time, both of whom are considerably bigger than me, I did not feel he was worth being thrown back in jail for kicking the crap out of him. Therefore I kept walking to my apartment. I also believe there were people standing behind the door to apartment #4, (Billy Baxley’s apartment, and the former apartment of Ms. Clontz of Rochester, New York) with weapons or perhaps loaded guns ready to kill me if I struck back at Mr. Lebron, as the ONLY time he openly engages me in such bold activity is when he has 2-6 of his friends at his side.  


Defendant’s printer is currently inoperable, so if you need him to sign this Motion, please bring it by or call him at 434-6871 and he will stop by to sign it.


I certify that all of the information contained within this Motion for Waiver of Service is true to the best of my knowledge.


Robert Christopher Kettenburg Pro Se, Defendant

6489 Dysinger Road #1

Lockport, New York 14094

(716) 434-6871