Town of Lockport Court

Lockport, New York

Docket #05100078


Robert Christopher Kettenburg, Defendant


Jerry and Shawn Lawton, Plaintiffs


Honorable Judge Raymond E. Schilling, Presiding






Defendant, Robert Christopher Kettenburg, would like to bring the following Title 18 US Code Violations to this Courtís attention: Sharon Bair of 6489 Dysinger Road #8, Lockport, New York, enters the apartment directly above the defendantís (#7), which has been vacated and is the former dwelling of the plaintiffs, every morning around 8AM and bangs on defendantís ceiling. Billy Baxley of 6489 Dysinger Road #4, Lockport, New York, enters same apartment every night around 11PM and also bangs on defendantís ceiling. Therefore, defendant Robert Christopher Kettenburg formally charges both of them with Title 18 of the US Code, Sections 241, 242, and 2340A, as defined in Section 2340. They are both Jewish Government Counter Intelligence Agents Ė Billy is from Texas.


Defendantís printer is currently inoperable, so if you need him to sign this Motion, please bring it by or call him at 434-6871 and he will stop by to sign it.


I certify that all of the information contained within this Motion for Waiver of Service is true to the best of my knowledge.


Robert Christopher Kettenburg Pro Se, Defendant

6489 Dysinger Road #1

Lockport, New York 14094

(716) 434-6871