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  • Has it occurred to anybody yet that our Presidential, Congressional, and Military "leaders" keep starting unneccessary wars all over the place because they need to drink blood to prevent their eyes from bugging out of their heads?

  • Since it takes Congressional approval to become a General or Admiral in the US Military, and, Almost everyone in Congress is a Reptile - I think it's pretty safe to say that ALL of America's Generals and Admirals are in fact (Masonic) REPTILES!

  • To the best of my knowledge, ALL American TV Stations are OWNED & OPERATED by Dinosaurs!

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  • IS IT LEGAL FOR COPS TO TRACK & TORTURE HONORABLY DISCHARGED SOLDIERS WHO HAVE NOT COMMITTED ANY CRIMES UPON THEIR RELEASE FROM ACTIVE DUTY FOR RETENTION PURPOSES IN AMERICA??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII - Part VIII - Part IX - Part X - Part XI - Part XII - Part XIII - Part XIV - Part XV - Part XVI - Part XVII - Part XVIII - Part XIX - Part XX - Part XXI - Part XXII - Part XXIII - Part XXIV - Part XXV - Part XXVI - Part XXVII - Part XXVIII - Part XXIX - Part XXX - Part XXXI - Part XXXII - Part XXXIII - Part XXXIV - Part XXXV - Part XXXVI - Part XXXVII - Part XXXVIII - Part XXXIX - Part XL - Part XLI - Part XLII - Part XLIII - Part XLIV - Part XLV - Part XLVI - Part XLVII - Part XLVIII - Part XLIX - Part L - Part LI - Part LII - Part LIII - Part LIV - Part LV - Part LVI - Part LVII - Part LVIII - Part LIX

  • EVERY Media Outlet in the free world reported that "...the South side of the Pentagon was empty" when it was hit by a Missle on the morning of 9/11. Approximately three weeks later, reported that there were 150 US Navy Officers Killed/On the South side of the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11.

  • In the last week of July, 2011, a large US Navy Destroyer was SUNK and all hands were lost in international waters by an unknown enemy. No mention of this has ever been made by the US Military or the media...

  • Almost all of the 'people' who died in the World Trade Centers on 9/11 were in fact COPS. Everything above the first floor in both World Trade Centers was law enforcement (FBI, DEA, ATF, etc., etc., etc.)

  • Take a look in to the eyes of all the cops who have served in the Charlestown, Indiana police force over the last ten years and tell me what you see...

  • THESE Cities Cops' (Almost ALL of whom are RASICT VAMPIRE ALCOHOLIC DINOSAUR CLONES) GANG BANG/TORTURE/HANDICAP/POISON Honorably Discharged Soldiers who have Not Committed Any Crimes Upon their Release from Active Duty on behalf of the CIA for Political & Retentiopn Purposes, Plus Cocaine: Indianapolis, Indiana; Greenwood, Indiana; Charlestown, Indiana; Lockport, New York; Louisville, Kentucky; Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Cincinnati, Ohio; Eagle, Colorado

  • If you're thinking about joining the US military, don't forget to ask the recruiter the part about how "Going after soldiers when they're released from active duty for retention purposes" is a multi-billion dollar a year INDUSTRY funded and executed by the CIA and law enforcement. By the way, 11% of all the soldiers and sailors our "government" sends to Iraq and Afghanistan return to America in body bags and wheel chairs. I will also remind you that after 10+ years of war in Afghanistan, we are no closer to achieving victory now than we were in the first year of the war.

  • As Above, So Below - Part II

  • The united states federal government DOES in fact handicap individuals (who have not committed any crimes) based strictly on their genetic profile from birth. People born with a certain gene, sometimes referred to as the "Vulcan" or "Fearless" gene, are targeted by the CIA and law enforcement for harrassment and false imprisonment. Consider yourself warned.

  • Before the year 1900, Nicarauga's Number One Source of Income, was in fact, Selling Blood to Americans.

  • On your very first day of active duty in the US military, do you know what the federal government takes from you?

  • The Greys/Reptiles have a SECRET ALLIANCE with the US Navy

  • A high level German Intelligence Agent (who chooses to remain anonymous) has informed me that almost all of America's Congressional Representatives, along with the last two Presidents and numerous Generals & Admirals in the US Military and Department of Defense high level employees hold SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS in Lichtenstein, Europe that contain trillions of dollars they've stollen from the American public under the guise of war.

  • What do you suppose the odds are that a Massive E.coli outbreak occured in Germany killing at least 16 Germans and hospitalizing 1,500 more right after I posted this?

  • I'm sure it's just a Coincidence: Colorado Cantaloupes Kill 16 Across America


  • An anonymous source inside the US Military has informed me that EVERY member of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff is in fact a MASONIC REPTILE!

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