Julie the Crackhead Clone Bullshitting Slut

Now you know why she can't have kids

Julie Hubbard (aka Julie Kettenburg, aka Julie Dunn), 915 Allen Road, Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108 - (270) 828-2827. Growing up in the same home with my step-sister Julie for 11 years I frequently had to endure her Wail of "I'M READY!" every day, signalling to her mother that it was time for her to wipe Julie's butt. All of the kids in Julie's elementary school in Mount Clemens, Michigan, used to make fun of her as she didn't know how to wipe herself until the second grade (She had to have a teacher do it for her.) Julie's first day of school was a very highly anticipated event that was planned for and talked about months in advance. As she climbed up onto the bus on her very first day, she tripped and fell right on her face. The entire bus roared with laughter and Crackhead Julie never fully recovered. As a student at Jeffersontown High School in Louisville, Kentucky, Crackhead Julie got caught having sex with another girl in the showers after gym class, only to become the public laughing stock of Jeffersontown High. Julie then attempted to commit suicide, and the laughter stopped. I made the mistake of letting Julie and her first husband, Roger Dunn, move into my house after I graduated from college the first time, while I moved out to LA for work. I felt sorry for them as they had just been evicted and were on the verge of homelessness. They assured me they'd make all the mortgage payments, switch the utilities into their name, and NOT let their dalmation into my home as the front & back yards were both fenced in and there's a shed attached to the back of the home. Not only did they NOT switch the utilities into their name, they ran them up in my name to over $1,000.00, they let their dog into my home, who subsequently knocked holes in my walls and tore the face plate off my brand new $400.00 GE window AC unit, turning it into garbage. They lived there for 7 months and only made the first 3 payments, all the while lying to me saying it was all paid up. Julie has been thrown in jail repeatedly for bouncing checks all over Kentucky and Indiana, so I can only assume that she used my rent money to feed the crack/cocaine monkey on her back as the bank repossessed my home after they failed to make the last 4 payments. Couldn't help but notice Julie was at an auto parts store right down the street from my home when I lived in Michigan in 1999. Why is that Julie? Would it be because you make up lies about innocent soldiers so you can make money off them to feed the crack monkey on your back??? Not only is this true, they actually made an episode out of it on the very first season of CSI: Miami! Enjoy your stay in the hospital Crackhead Julie!