49 A 02 - 0911 - CV - 01128


Robert Christopher Kettenburg Pro Se, Appellant

308 North Hamilton Ave. #4B

Indianapolis, IN 46201


Indiana State Police, Respondent

100 North Senate Avenue

Indianapolis, IN




Appellant Robert Christopher Kettenburg formally charges the UNDERCOVER JEWISH AFRICAN AMERICAN Counter Intelligence Agent REPTILES who drive the silver Ford Taurus with Indiana plate 493MIW parked out front and live in the first floor apartment on the left with the Texas flag hanging in the front window with Title 18 of the US Code, Sections 241, 242, 247, 1113, 1117, 2236, 1506, 373, and 2340A, as defined in Section 2340. Not only are they stealing my mail, they sneak into the back entrance of Appellant’s dwelling and break and enter into the apartment directly below Appellant’s just so they can bang on the ceiling directly beneath where Appellant sleeps in the middle of the night – and then make open death threats towards Appellant should he complain to anyone, right outside his window approximately four hours ago. Half an hour ago (1:30AM) they were banging on the ceiling directly below where Appellant attempts to sleep on behalf of the CIA in the hopes that Appellant is actually STUPID enough to go back into the US military so they can send him overseas to fight and die for Israel.


I certify that a copy of this Notice was sent to the Paul E. Whitesell, Superintendent Indiana State Police, 100 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana using normal mail delivery on April 8, 2010.