Here's WHY You Need to Kick Texans OUT of Your State or Country

For starters, Texans George W. Bush & Dick Cheney SLAUGHTERED, MAIMED & DISPLACED MILLIONS OF INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS ALL ACROSS The Middle East in America's name based strictly on BULLSHIT HERESAY with ZERO Proof. Even worse, before America declares war on another country, Congress has to set aside billions of dollars in reconstruction money to rebuild the country when were through bombing it, and virtually ALL of the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in reconstruction money went to Houston's Haliburton. ALL of these contracts were NO BID contracts. That means NOBODY ever get the chance to out bid Haliburton for the reconstruction money, which could have saved taxpayers BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (Korea's Dae Woo could've bid on those contracts and saved taxpayers billions, but they never got the chance). So, ALL of the hunderds of billions in reconstruction contracts went to Houston's Haliburton. Vice President Cheney sat on the board of Haliburton before & after he was the Vice President. How is that not a conflict of interest? Everybody and everything in Iraq & Afghanistan is COMPLETELY DESTROYED just so a handful of Texas millionaires could become billionaires and EVERYBODY in the Middle East will HATE AMERICANS every single day for the next 300 years! It gets worse. Because we went to war in Iraq over BULLSHIT, we just showed Russia & China our military hand. They now know what cards our military is holding and will make the appropriate adjustments to defeat America when the time is right. America has NO IDEA what cards the Russian & Chinese militaries are holding. Actually, I think the Russians showed you one of them a while back when they CUT ALL POWER IN South Florida. Remember when the State Department vampires were screaming at you to get out of South Florida for a rain storm and then helicopters started falling out of the South Florida sky when your power was cut? The State Department doesn't give a fuck about you or anybody in Florida; they're screaming to get out of Florida because they don't want you to see that the Russians just one upped them in technology and they're not nearly as all powerful as they would have you believe.

Next, The Mandalay Bay Massacre, carried out by military in the state of Texas. EVERY mainstream (CIA) media outlet proclaimed this terrorist act was carried out by a lone gunman sitting way up high in a motel room. The video evidence I posted online immediately afterwards clearly shows everybody in the mainstream media is LYING. The massacre was carried out by Blackhawk helicopters flying overhead running in silent mode based out of Texas, changing America FOREVER. Now, EVERYBODY is AFFRAID to attend an outdoor concert (most bands won't even play outdoors anymore because of the Mandalay Bay massacre) just so some Dinosaur officer in the Texas National Guard could put a TEMPORARY political hit on his political foe, RUINING AMERICA. The People of Nevada need to know Texas ATTACKED THEM for no good reason with ZERO proof and they even got the mainstream (CIA) media to lie for them to help cover it up. Has anybody in Texas paid for this or The War in Iraq?

EVERY Mainstream Media Outlet Proclaimed that the Mandalay Bay Shooter was a 'Lone Wolf' on the 32nd Floor, Right? - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V

I can tell you about my own experinces in dealing with Texans in the u.s. military and THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED! My closest co-worker in the military was from San Antonio, Texas, and the ENTIRE two years I'm stationed overseas, he's pretending to be my friend while he's sticking his name on my intelligence reports right before they're transmitted to the Pentagon. Not only could San Antonio's Raymond K. Butler not find his ass if he had his hand on it, he also CANNOT STAY AWAKE on the job and CONSTANTLY falls asleep. But he's wearing my medals as he traded gay sex with the commanding officer, CW4 Hanekow (killed in Florida's Pulse nightclub mass shooting - I'm sure its just a coincidence) to create the illusion that he earned all those medals for being gay. An Army buddy of mine who is from Virginia and now works for the CIA 'took care' of Raymond K. Butler, who is no longer among the living. Its occured to me more than once that the reason the military is pushing so hard to get me back is so the gay officers can stick some more of my medals on their gay lovers' chests to create the illusion that they're good soldiers when in fact they're nothing more than PROSTITUTES. Furthermore, you will notice at the bottom of my home page that I completed the first half of Fort Devens, Massachusetts Military Intelligence School's 438 hour military intelligence course in 45 hours. Not only is this THE SCHOOL RECORD, Military Intelligence School at Fort Devens, Massachusetts 1984-85 had a FIFTY PERCENT DROPOUT RATE! So why ain't I the Honor graduate or distinguished honor graduate in my class? The school's second half instructor/commander at Fort Devens, Massachusetts at that time was a Vietnam Veteran E-7 from Texas who gives out those awards in exchange for gay sex. Take a look at who received those awards. Are they gay? By the way, I was the ONLY person in the class to score 100% on the final exam in the second half of the class! I'm not the Honor Graduate and now you know why!

Here's what Army Seargant Raymond K. Butler from San Antonio, Texas did to me 7 months after I was released from active duty by the U.S. Army while a freshman at The University o Louisville - I was pronounced dead at the scene on July 26, 1988 at the corner of Lydia Street and Eastern Parkway in Louisville, but somehow managed to survive. It cost me half a spleen, a quart of blood, I now set alarms off everywhere I go and there's a foot long scar up the middle of my chest since that day...

What do you suppose the odds are that USAA auto insurance which is based out of San Antonio, Texas ONLY sells insurance to America's veterans? It wouldn't be so you can find out where we live and what we drive so you can FUCK AMERICA'S VETERANS OVER FOR RETENTION PURPOSES THE WAY YOU FUCKED ROB OVER would it?

Looking back (hindsight is ALWAYS 20-20), what do you suppose the odds are that a Vice President from Texas ordered 250,00 American soldiers to Vietnam THE DAY AFTER JFK WAS ASSASSINATED in Dallas, Texas? Think about it. Did we win? Did we win in Iraq or Afghanistan, also started by a President from Texas? Is it me, or is the ENTIRE United States military apparatus completely RUINED EVERY time someone from Texas reaches The White House?

Is Dallas, Texas ATT Company Spokesperson a VAMPIRE?


I have yet to cross paths with someone from Texas who was not morally or ethically BANKRUPT.

Finally, on my way back to Califonia I made the MISTAKE of driving though Texas. I now have Texans following me around picking fights with me and poisoning me everywhere I go. Indeed, the nigger VAMPIRE living right next to me is from Texas and he's signalling to his Texas buddies to fuck with me every time I step out of my dwelling. They even let a gorilla out of jail to pick a fight with me the next time I head towards Mission Blvd. and Mountain Avenue as they're putting him up in a hotel at that corner. So yes, I am UNDER ATTACK by the state of Texas.


Is the Former Texas Head of the CIA a Dinosaur?