The truth the media is forbidden to tell you:

The following excerpts are taken from the 1996 book "OK Bomb!" by Jim Keith, IllumiNet Press, P.O. BOX 2808, Lilburn, Georgia 30226.

Little reported is that about 11AM on the morning of the blast rescue efforts were halted when some workers reported seeing another bomb in the rubble of the building. An emergency radio call was broadcast, which was later reported by the Associated Press: 'Remove all your personnel from the building immediately, possible explosives planted in the building. I repeat, evacuate the building immediately.' The incident was reported live by CNN between 11:29 EST and 11:35 EST. ... a reporter for KFOR-TV conveyed the following commentary: '... a second explosive device of some kind is inside the building... The FBI has confirmed there is another bomb in the federal building. It's in the east side of the building. They've moved everybody back several blocks... But again, we do have confirmation. There is a second bomb in the federal building. We know it's on the east side...'

According to the New York Daily News: 'Hours after a truck bomb ripped apart the Oklahoma City federal building, some rescue workers were ordered to stop searching for survivors while federal officials removed boxes of documents,' The Daily News has learned. 'You'd think they would have let their evidence and files sit at least until the last survivor was pulled out,' one angry rescue worker told the News. 'They had guys carrying out boxes while the rescue workers were forced to sit on their hands,' said a worker. The rescue worker and an Oklahoma City firefighter... offered similar accounts in separate interviews with The News. 'The two said about 10 to 12 hours after the 9AM April 19th blast, federal officials began limiting the number of rescue workers allowed in the building to about a dozen, confining them largely to the lower right side of the battered structure. Meanwhile, groups of 40 to 50 federal agents spent much of the night carrying dozens of boxes from the 7th and 9th floors, where the DEA and ATF have offices.' One might wonder what it was in those files that was more important than the lives of the victims, the last live victim being rescued 36 hours after the explosion, as well as whether any victims died because of the delay while files were recovered.

David Hall, general manager of KPOC-TV in Oklahoma, has stated that he has videotape of 8 workers in the federal building who say that they were warned that a bombing was going to take place on April 19th. Hall also states that a secretary to a state senator also received information about the blast 2 days before it occured, and that after she aired her claims she was contacted by the ATF and FBI and resigned her job due to 'pressure.' ...Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key... has said that he knows of 2 witnesses who heard ATF employees mention that they had been warned not to come to work on the day of the bombing.

CNN Interviewer, Gary Tuchman: "What kind of questions have people been telling you to keep your mouth shut about?" Oklahoma City Federal Building worker Edye Smith: "Well, we've - just from the very beginning, we, along with hundreds and thousands of other people, want to know just - and we just innocently ask questions, you know - where was the ATF? All 15 or 17 of their employees survived, and they live - they're on the 9th floor. They were the target of this explosion, and where were they? Did they have a warning sign? I mean, did they think it might be a bad day to go to the office? They had an option to not go to work that day, and my kids didn't get that option, nobody else in the building got that option. And we're just asking questions, we're not making accusations. We just want to know, and they're telling us 'Keep your mouth shut, don't talk about it.' ...As of June 19, 1995... Edye Smith had her compensation checks from the government cut off.

There is a matter of tremendous significance that remains virtually unreported in the national press. The Oklahoma City explosion was recorded on seismographs at the University of Oklahoma, 20 miles from the blast, and at the Omniplex Science Center in Oklahoma City, and both seismic records show an 'event' at 9:02:13, but also a second event of apparently equal or even greater magnitude at 9:02:23, ten seconds later... Dr. Ken Louzza of the University of Oklahoma Geology Department stated on the day of the blast, "This indicates 2 detonations occured in Oklahoma City at the precise time recorded by the seismograph." In a memo, Dr. Charles Mankind, Director of the University of Oklahoma Geological Survey, confirmed Louzza's statement...

The Spotlight newspaper reported the views of ex-FBI man Ted Gunderson, who I spoke with during the course of researching this book: 'According to Gunderson, the bomb was an electrohydrodynamic gaseous fuel device (barometric bomb), which could not have been built by former Persian Gulf War Army veteran Timothy McVeigh and his rural Michigan farming friends, brothers James and Terry Nichols - at least not without the aid of persons, as yet unknown... Gunderson has obtained from an expert who has knowledge of the device an abstract description, including a diagram, of the bomb, described in the abstract as 'top secret due to the ease in which the device can be created.'

Demoltions Specialist Retired Air Force Brigadier General Benton Partin: "The gross asymmetry in the federal building damage pattern is ipso facto evidence that there was an inside bomb effort and a truck bomb effort."

Dr. Rodger Raubach, with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, and working on the staff at Stanford University, agrees on Partin's analysis of the bombing: 'General Partin's assessment is absolutely correct. I don't care if they pulled up a semi-trailer truck with 20 tons of ammonium nitrate; it wouldn't do the damage we saw there.'

According to an NBC news commentator, reporting live from Oklahoma City on April 19th, 'The blast worked its way outward through the front of the building... all of that glass exploding out of the building...'

Phil Morawski, a friend of McVeigh's states that he complained that he had a microchip implanted in his buttocks by the Army. McVeigh apparently thought that it had been implanted in order to monitor his movements... According to Newsweek magazine: "Another acquaintance, Dan Stomber, says that McVeigh mentioned the microchip to him as well."

Sally Barclay notes, "Timothy McVeigh told people in Decker, Michigan, that his government-implanted microchip was causing real sharp pain in his buttocks. McVeigh said that the biochip was implanted 'so the all-seeing eye of the government could watch him and know his location.' After he was arrested, one of the few things McVeigh spoke about was to complain about the continuing pain from his implant."

More unfavorable attention has been recently drawn to the ATF due to revelations about the annual "Good Ol' Boys Round-Up" organized by present and former officers of the ATF and attended by ATF and other law enforcement officers. The following is the notarized affidavit of a woman who attended at least one "Round-up" in Alabama:
I (deleted), being duly sworn, state the following:
1. I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below.
2. On May, 1990: I attended a party at Ocoee Outdoors at their bar, Grumpy's that the 'Good Ol' Boys' were throwing. Understand that after midnite the bar is closed to the public and those left are by invitation only. Anyway, I was curious to see how law enforcement behaved at this roundup, so I went to see. At the dance I was approached by a man who identified himself as being a Drug Enforcement Officer. He asked me to step outside. I asked why. He says he "has the best drugs available" and we'd do some. I informed him I didn't do drugs and asked him how he could do that since he had said he was with Drug Enforcement. He laughed and said that's why he had the best. I left him standing on the dance floor and angry. Here was a person that was paid to uphold the law - sworn to do so and he is making fun of the fact. After this, I decided I wanted nothing more to do with this party and I left. I did not like anything that I saw at this party which was the obvious intent of the officers there to break any law they wanted. Their attitude was, 'we are the law. Who is going to arrest us or call us into account?' There was no respect for any woman there. We were 'open game.' I was told it was unsafe to go into the campground because if I did I was subject to rape or anything else that the 'Good Ol' Boys' wanted to do to me. Needless to say, I did not go into the campground. I have been troubled about this, time and everytime the round-up is held since. I had no idea that this type of thing could happen and be going on involving the very people that are sworn to uphold the law. Some things I mean are: At one round-up, 25 officers got a very attractive young woman drunk. She passed out and they placed her on a picnic table in the campground and took turns having sex with her. She wasn't having sex - she was passed out. When they were finished they gathered around her and urinated on her. Now I ask you, what kind of statement was that making? Think about it. Really think about it. At another round-up, the 'Good Ol' Boys' purchased a goat to commit beastiality on. If the ones involved didn't want to do the goat, they had to drink a quart of motor oil. How sick are these people? They gather around and expose themselves to see who is the biggest. At this year's round-up (May, 1995) they performed public sex on the makeshift stage that the band played on and some had oral sex performed on them on the dance floor. Are these truly our best and finest? I sincerely hope and pray not. I believe they are about as sick and inclined to commit crime as any criminal they arrest. You've got a lot of cleaning up to do. These things I've related sound like fiction. I wish they were. The nightmare is they are all too true. Affaint further sayeth not. Name of affiant (deleted). Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20th day of July, 1995.

Reprinted next is the notarized affidavit of another woman who attended several "Good Ol' Boys Round-Ups:"
I, (deleted), being duly sworn state the following:
1. I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below.
2. On 1995-May: Party in campground had gotten so bad over the years I stayed away - heard about drugs and men at the bar dropping pants and flashing. 1994 - May: I saw a female stripped on a table in the campground. This was in the presence of both men and women. The men in attendance were tipping her by inserting paper currency into her (deleted in photocopied document). During this show, a friend of mine and myself were offered $1,000.00 each if we would do the same. I was offended by the conduct of the men present and was extremely disturbed that I was approached and asked to perform. 1993 - May: I saw men running around flashing themselves... I can't remember the year, but I do remember I was working at Grumpy's. After work I went to the campground for dinner. My breasts were grabbed at and someone tried to flip up my skirt. One of the men (from Canada) came to my aid and watched over me so no one else would try anything. I was in the campground when a girl was 'gang-banged' by many officers. She was drunk enough to pass out. After they were finished, they all stood around her and (deleted in photocopy) on her. Many made the statement this was the one week out of the year they could do as they pleased. I also heard of one very upset because he got pulled over and put in jail for drinking and driving. A friend told me of four rapes. He (the friend) knew nothing was ever done. Affiant further sayeth not. Name of affiant, (deleted). Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20th day of July, 1995.

In August of 1995, the U.S. Justice Department served a civil subpoena on members of an Alabama citizen's militia group who had infiltrated and videotaped activities at the 1995 "Good Ol' Boys Round-up" in Pike County, Alabama. According to Mike Kemp, a spokeperson for the Gadsden, Alabama Minutemen, video and photos had been taken at a "Round-up" of the distribution of hunting licenses for African Americans, officers wearing T-shirts with the face of Martin Luther King on a target, O.J. Simpson in a hangman's noose, and a picture of a black man spread on a car, captioned "Boys on the Hood." The Minutemen issued a statement that they were willing to supply certified copies of the materials documenting their allegations, but would not hand over the originals.

The following letter was sent to the Lockport, New York, Union-Sun and Journal on March 10th, 1992:

Meat Insured Survival

Since the beginning of his existence, man has been a hunter, a predator. He has hunted and eaten meat to insure his survival. To deny this is to deny your past, your religion, even your existence. Since we have now established that about every human being on this planet consumes meat, we in America are left with two choices: buy your meat from a supermarket, or harvest it yourself. We will, for now, discuss the fact that in many areas of the world, there is no 'supermarket.' We know the choice these people make: their lives, or the lives of meat, a good hunter enters the woods and kills a deer with a clean, merciful shot. The deer dies in his own environment, quick and unexpected. To buy your meat in a store seems so innocent, but have you ever seen or thought how it comes to be wrapped up so neatly in cellophane? First, cattle live their entire lives penned up in cramped quarters, never allowed to roam freely, bred for one purpose when their time has come. The technique that I have personally seen is to take cattle, line them up side by side with their heads and necks protruding over a low fence, and walk from one end to the other, slitting their throats with either machete or power saw. Unable to run or move, they are left there until they bleed to death, standing up. Would you rather die while living happily or die while leading a miserable life? You tell me which is more 'humane.' Does a 'growing percentage of the public' have any pity or respect for any of the animals which are butchered and then sold in the store? Or is it just so conveniently 'clean' that a double standard is allowed?

Timothy McVeigh

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Jim Keith, the author of "OK Bomb!" died from 'complications which arose during knee surgery' shortly after said book was published at age 49.