U. S. District Court for the Central District of California, Western Division

Robert Christopher Kettenburg Pro Se, Plaintiff
P.O. Box 661678
Los Angeles, CA 90066
e-mail: robkettenburg@outlook.com
Downtownlalaw, Defendant
601 N. Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90004

COMPLAINT Under Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Section 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights, Section 242 - Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, Section 1506 - Theft or Alteration of Record or Process, Section 247 - Damage to Religious Property and/or Obstruction of Persons in the Free Exercise of their Religious Beliefs, Sec. 1113 - Attempt to Commit Murder or Manslaughter, Sec. 1117 - Conspiracy to Murder, Sec. 373 - Solicitation to Commit a Crime of Violence, and Sec. 2340A - Torture, as Defined in Section 2340.

Plaintiff, Robert Christopher Kettenburg, who is an Honorably Discharged United States Army Veteran of Foreign Wars with medals, a Master's degree from The University of Louisville's College of Arts & Sciences, and a crystal clean criminal background record in all 50 states, formally charges Christina Cervantes, the female employee of the above listed law firm with the above listed Title 18 U.S. Code Violations.

Christina Cervantes promised me $300,00.00 - $400,000.00 ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO if I went ahead with 2 surgeries, which I reluctantly did under Dr. Fuller on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Still no money unless if I undergo MORE SURGERY. The imaging places Christina sent me to (Western Imaging & Shin Imaging) ALL COMMITTED MEDICAL FRAUD AGAINST ME claiming there is no metallic object embedded in my chest with their CAT (computer axial tomography) scans. Here is the proof they committed medical fraud against me: www.robkettenburg.net/CAT1.jpg and www.robkettenburg.net/CAT2.jpg

Now Christina, who is not a lawyer but in charge of my case and will no longer let me speak with my lawyer, wants me to go to Grove imaging (after she tried to send me BACK to Western Imaging) so they can inject radioactive iodione inside me to 'get a better look.' Since plaintiff just happens to have a masters of science in electrical engineering and cross trained as a medic in the Army, he can tell you this is an attempt to give plaintiff thyroid cancer, and 'more surgery' for a jewish surgeon Christina has assigned me to means a certain death for Plaintiff, hence this lawsuit.

I will also state for the record that Christina Cervantes harrassed me online about 15 years ago on the Yahoo! Army message boards, she's been following me around LA, and she definately does NOT have my best interest at heart. Furthermore, Francesca Grea, was spotted in this law office not too long ago when I was there, and the Grea's, who's real last name was changed from Cuzzacrea for 'legal purposes', were present when both of my parents were murdered, according to The Courts. My parents were RICH when they were murdered one right after the other, and the Cuzzacreas (Greas) GOT ALL THE MONEY plus Plaintiff! The Cuzzacreas/Greas then proceed to GASLIGHT me the ENTIRE time I'm growing up telling me THEY are my REAL parents and family, NEVER telling me who my real parents were, where I'm really from or even what my REAL name is! I guess Francesca is in Defendant's office to finish me off in an attempt to cover up what her family members did to my parents?

A better name for this complaint might be "Why it's a GOOD IDEA to AVOID the Cuzzacrea/Grea families." Let's talk about the people who adopted Plaintiff: Paula Marie Cuzzacrea Kettenburg Parks and Robert Frank Kettenburg, both of whom spent the Summer of 1970 in the Monroe County, New York JAIL for abandoning me when I was 4 years old in Rochester, New York after they "inhereted" my family's vast fortune (and quickly spent it all). Now I ask you, is or is NOT New York State child protective services supposed to reassign me to a new set of parents after the people who adopted me spent the Summer of 1970 in jail for abandoning me? No such thing ever happened. The weekend after they were released from jail they took me out grocery shopping to Wegmans. The building we were living in at the time (while waiting for construction to be completed at the home they just bought in Rochester, New York at 8 Jamie Lane), 101 Hazelhurst Drive in Rochester, New York has only ONE main entrance that leads to our apartment. The door swings past its hinges and I could see me step dad holding a bag of groceries in each arm at this door as we were bringing them in. The door swung past its hinges and we looked right into eachother's eyes for 1 full second (he KNEW I was standing there behind the door). I waited several seconds for him to open the door, which he didn't do, and as I reached up to open the door, he kicked it with his heal as hard as he could and the door knob hit me in the eye. The next thing I remember was waking up in the middle of surgery while they were operating on my eye. I then had to spend then ENTIRE kindergarden school year wearing a pair of glasses with an eye patch over 1 eye and am now blind in 1 eye after being born with perfect 20-20 vision in both eyes. You would think that THIS would be enough for New York State child protective services to reassign me to a new set of parents, but no such luck. This is coming into play now that I'm 55 years old as I've fallen down while making deliveries because I'm blind in 1 eye on a number of occassions. It gets better. Not only were my step parents using my real parents money to pay people to beat me when I was growing up, a number of these bullies have since come forward and ADMITTED to The Courts that they were paid cold hard cash by my parents to beat me while I was a teenager. Now let's talk about Paula's side of the Cuzzacrea family. 400 pound Pat Cuzzacrea was writing letters to my wife while I was married and living at 1529 Haskin Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky claiming she was my secret lover and that we were having an affair, eventually leading to the breakup of my 3 year marriage. I made the mistake of letting her truck driver son Mark Cuzzacrea spend the night in my house one time and he used it as an opportunity to pray upon my wife with cocaine so he could have sex with her while I was at work. Now it's 2001 and I'm back in Lockport, New York. I'm experiencing severe back pain an when I go to a hospital for help, Kattie Sue Cuzzacrea Betteridge shows up in disguise (thinking I won't recognize her), iradiates me (she turned the x-ray machine to its highest settings) and then completely fucks over my disability claim (Plaintiff also had a hearing loss on top of that). So what do you suppose the odds are that Francesca Grea CUZZACREA (an entertainment attorney), who has already gone out of her way to sabotage Plaintiff's car, is now in the office of Downtown LA Law right after they agree to represent Plaintiff for a car wreck he was in on April 11, 2019? Plaintiff formally charges Francesca Grea with the above listed Title 18 U.S. Code violations. Did I mention that Francesca's father, Rick Grea, came up behind me and pushed me over a third story railing at Dodger Stadium in 1993, shattering my left wrist and I can no longer do pushups or serve in the military because of this? Mark Cuzzacrea and his father Stephen Cuzzacrea are CLONES. Don't believe me? Show a picture of the TomDispatch.com website owner & operator to the people of Lockport, New York and then ask them who that is? Next, let's talk about Plaintiff's mother's death. In 1968 she was standing outside near the curb with a group of friends talking. Plaintiff's stepmother (Paula Marie Cuzzacrea Kettenburg Parks) was standing right next to her when a large black sedan pulled up, a window was rolled down, the barrel of a gun emerged from the window and they shot Plaintiff's mother right in front of him. Plaintiff's step-mother pushed Plaintiff's mother forward when this happened and when she fell down, the people that shot her ran her over. She died in surgery. All this time Plaintiff thought his step-mother panicked and that it was an accident. But looking back through time after the life I just lived (hindsight is ALWAYS 20-20) I can say with 100% certainty that my step-mother, who was Jewish and incapable of having kids, INTENTIONALLY pushed my mother forward after she was shot, murdering her right in front of me in 1968. She then used to LOVE to parade me around to the world telling everyone that she gave birth to me and even had my last name legally changed to her husband's when she adopted me, never telling me the truth! And yes, I'm GLAD she and her husband are dead... Paula's father, Bernie Cuzzacrea of Lockport, New York, who is/was the BROTHER of Francesca Grea's grandfather, Frank Grea, was PRESENT when Plaintiff's father was murdered in 1968.

  • Christina Cervantes is an UNDERCOVER JEWISH Counter Intelligence Agent VAMPIRE COP who is GUILTY of the above Title 18 U.S. Code violations.

  • Why don't you show a picture of Christina Cervantes to Plaintiff's English 101 Professor at The Univeristy of Louisville in 1990 'Mary Welp' and ask her if she knows who that is and what's she's doing in Rob's class dumping trash all over him?

  • A U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Ruling clearly states that employers are responsible for their employees' actions. (see: law.com)

  • Congratulations to your law firm on collecting $350,000,000.00 in settlements for your clients, but I wonder how many clients you'll have after they figure out that your law firm sticks SPY WARE in their text messages so they can SPY on their clients? Or that you cut them off from financial help with ZERO notice after promising to help their clients all the way through until the end? I agreed to your 2 surgeries and we settled for $90K out of Court after this law firm promised me $300-$400,000.00 NO LATER THAN the first week of March, 2020. This law firm NOW HAS MY $90,000.00 (a third is theirs) and they REFUSE to give me my $60,000.00 or ANY MONEY until ALL of my medical bills are paid off (ANOTHER 2 MONTHS). Meanwhile, I'm homeless with no money, car or food.

    I certify that all of the information contained within this complaint is true to the best of my knowledge.


    I certify that a copy of this civil complaint with accompanying civil cover sheet and motion to proceed informa pauperous were sent to the defendants using normal mail delivery on