Robert Christopher Kettenburg Pro Se, Appellant

P.O. Box 88042

Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 USA





Donatos Pizza, Appellee

4010 W. 106th St.

Carmel/Indianapolis, IN 46208

(317) 873-8708





Appellant Robert Christopher Kettenburg formally charges the residents who live at 2185 White Street, Indianapolis, Indiana & drive a late model white 4 door Buick LaSabre with Indiana plate QI4449 with Title 18 of the US Code, Sections 241, 242, 373, 247, 1117, 2236, 373, and 2340A, as defined in Section 2340. When Appellant logs off the internet every night and turns off his computer right before he goes to sleep, Brighthouse cable signals the above listed “people” to bang on the walls of Appellant’s home for political and retention purposes. They also keep Appellant’s residence under illegal video surveillance so every time he leaves, people try to run him off the road in his car. I’m 99% certain they have also broken and entered into my home and stolen/damaged Appellant’s personal belongings. For example, a number of Appellant’s sox are missing after he was walking outside handing out coupons for his boss all day, every other day, and now Appellant has a fractured right ankle. This reminds Appellant of the time he was living in Los Angeles back in the early 1990s and someone broke and entered into Appellant’s dwelling while he was at work and stole his wrist-watch that he almost always wore religiously. Shortly thereafter, someone came up behind Appellant while he was at Dodger Stadium taking in a ballgame and pushed Appellant over a 3 story balcony and onto the concrete, breaking his left wrist (Appellant is right handed). I can virtually guarantee you this is how they broke Appellant’s right ankle. Not only that, they were wringing Appellant’s phone after they broke his ankle to brag about how they practiced witchcraft on him. Shouldn’t be too hard to prove. They have also used Appellant’s Army dog tags and boots to carry out further acts of violence against him in the past, as difficult as some of you may find this to believe. Those of you in the KNOW, know I’m telling the truth.


I certify that all of the information contained within this Motion is true to the best of my knowledge.