I am writing to let you know that Houston Attorney Richard Burr (Timothy McVeigh's former attorney) of Burr and Welch, 1630 Castle Ct., Suite A, Houston, Texas 77006 - phone (713) 523-2299 - has committed FRAUD against ME in a VERY BIG WAY.

It is a long and complicated story to be sure, but I'll try to summarize it with a series of highlights the best I can. Seven months after I got out of the Army I was in a horrible car wreck which ruptured my spleen and sent me to surgery at The University of Louisville hospital, in Louisville, Kentucky - July 26th, 1988. From that date forward, as incredible as it may sound, I set off alarms everywhere I go, and, people follow me around, slander and pick fights with me, no matter where I live, work, or attend school. You also need to know up front that I have never been arrested nor read any rights (no due process). In April of 1995, right after Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building, I remember watching Connie Chung on CBS Evening News saying, "McVeigh is so crazy, he said the government created an accident so they could place him in surgery and stick a microchip inside him from tracking purposes..." or words to that effect. I made a mental note of it thinking, naw... they wouldn't do that to me... I haven't done anything wrong. But as time went on, bad situations in every aspect of my life turned worse until 1999, when I looked up McVeigh's lawyer on the internet, Houston Attorney Richard Burr, who incidentally, was also Garry Graham's attorney, but not at that time. I called Houston information, got his phone number, called him on the phone, and asked him: "Why did Timothy McVeigh blow up the Oklahoma City Federal Building?" He said: "I can't tell you that." I told him everything that had been going on in my life since the wreck, as I just told you, and he said: "Rob, have you ever had any surgery performed on you?" I told him about the car wreck right after I got out of the Army. He said I may have a microchip inside me. I wanted to know how to find out for sure. He said he could get one of his chiropracter buddies to authorize a CAT scan for me (Computer Axial Tomography) and then we'd know for certain. On January 5th, 2000, I flew round trip to Houston ($500.00) and had the CAT scan performed ($1,200.00). The medical doctor who signed the CAT scan said there is a metalic object buried in my chest, right behind the foot long scar up the middle of my chest.

It was at this point in time that Richard Burr became involved in the high profile Los Angeles Gary Graham case - there were videos of him on MSNBC.COM talking about Gary Graham, who has since been executed, just like Richard Burr's OTHER client, Timothy McVeigh. Might I also say that Richard Burr formally agreed to be my counsel with my case over the phone. On April 26th, 2000, I filed Title 18 Charges of the U.S. Code, Part I, Chapter 13, Sections 241, 242, and 244, against The University of Louisville, in the Louisville, Kentucky, Federal Court House, which is what Richard Burr and myself agreed upon. It came back to me saying "The technology I've described (human implantable microchips) is altogether FANCIFUL."

Here is where the FRAUD comes in. When I was in Houston, Texas, on January 5th, 2000, we made a verbal in-person agreement that our phone conversations and e-mail were being monitored by the federal government due to the nature of the case, and that I was to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he instructed me to do over the phone. Since I worked for NSA in the 1980s (The National Security Agency) at the height of the Cold War 110 miles behind enemy lines, I can tell you that NSA is 7 times larger than the CIA and has 7 times the budget, not to mention 7 times the people. The CIA's budget is $5 billion a year. NSA's Budget, which is based out of Fort Meade, Maryland, is $36 billion a year - and all they do is listen in to other people's conversations, justified by National Security. I have not devulged any classified material here as it is all pretty much common knowledge, but believe me, I'd LIKE TO. Because if you knew what they did to me after what I did for them, it would make you SICK.

FRAUD COUNT #1: When the Louisville District Court decision came back at me denied, Richard Burr offered me $450,000.00 over the phone NOT TO FILE AN APPEAL with the 6th Circuit Court in Cincinnati. Since we agreed our conversations were being monitored beforehand, I believed he wanted me to file the appeal. I was also hoping at this time to go class action, as this is something I wanted to do on behalf of all the soldiers who have not committed any crimes and had acts of violence made to look like an accident committed against us, so they could place us in surgery and stick microchips inside us. I did my Master's thesis/directed research project at The University of Louisville on the nature and evolution of the criminal penal justice system, and I can tell you right now that they (the federal government/law enforcement) use this technology to recreate the prison environment. I've been a federal prisoner for 15 years and I've never even been arrested nor had any due process. So, with class action status in mind on behalf of my fellow soldiers, and a verbal in-person agreement with Richard Burr telling me to do the exact opposite of whatever he instructed me to do over the phone, I waited about ten days for the money which never arrived (he told me he always used federal express) and then I went ahead and filed an appeal to the 6th Circuit Court in Cincinnati - also denied. You can read all about it on the internet at: Kettenburg vs. U.S. Federal Government

FRAUD COUNT #2: Richard Burr, verbally agreeing to be my legal counsel over the phone, knew FULL WELL that medical malrpactice charges have a one year expiration date from the time of discovery. He has a lawyer buddy in Louisville by the name of Oliver Barber and I believe Richard Burr attended law school at The University of Kentucky, but I'm not 100% sure. He KNEW that I could have EASILY received the $450,000.00 from The University of Louisville simply by filing medical malpractice against them On January 6th, 2000. But those charges were NEVER filed. He LET them get away with it - and now I've got nothing. I believe it's possible this was his intentions all along, on behalf of the federal government, so as to sway legal attention away from the government and the University of Louisville, and on to himself.

So there's my story, and I will certify for you right now that it's all true. I'm writing to see if we can file fraud charges against Richard Burr?

Robert Christopher Kettenburg
PO Box 661678
Los Angeles, CA 90066
e-mail: robkettenburg@outlook.com