Dear FBI Alien Cokehead Alcoholic Bloodsucker Satanists:

Do you think there's a link between your undercover agents who keep getting shot, blown up, and beaten to death and my civil rights??? I understand the FBI doesn't have as many employees working for them as they did on September 10, 2001 (by about 3,000). Gee, why do you suppose that is Mr. Undercover FBI Cokehead? I also understand that ALL of the DC Sniper's vicitms were undercover FBI Cokeheads and that at no point in time were any civilians ever in any danger, despite what the FBI controlled mainstream media was saying at that time, weren't they Mr. Undercover FBI Cokehead? I was also wondering if you could tell me why is it that the black man who gets caught with a gram of rock cocaine receives 5 years in prison, and yet, every single female FBI agent in America is physically addicted to cocaine? Why is that Mr. Undercover FBI Cokehead?

If you want to know how the FBI REALLY feels about America's veterans, watch the movie "House of Games!" If you're thinking about joining the US military, you need to know that you WILL be GANGFUCKED by the FBI upon your release from active duty for retention purposes. It's a SURE THING, and they've been doing it to me NON-STOP for the last 28 years!

To the best of my knowledge, EVERY FBI Agent in America outside of New York City is a Dinosaur, Vampire, or Clone. Treat them, their spouces, and their children accordingly.