U. S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Robert Christopher Kettenburg, Plaintiff
280 Nahant Road #10
Nahant, MA 01908
e-mail: robkettenburg@hotmail.com


Dan Droukis, Defendant
280 Nahant Road #1
Nahant, MA 01908


The purpose of this Motion for Waiver of Service is to bring the following Title 18 US Code violations to this Court's attention. Plaintiff formally charges "Juan Carlos" of 280 Nahant Road #12, Nahant, MA 01908, who drives a red VW 4 door with Massachusetts plate 81KJ26 with Title 18 of the US Code, Sections 241, 242, 373, and 2340A, as defined in Section 2340. For starters, Juan Carlos likes to slam the shower door into the wall which is on the other side of my apartmnent as hard as he can at 5AM almost every morning while I'm trying to sleep. This falls under the legal definition of torture. A few hours ago Juan Carlos tried to pick a fight with me for leaving a mess in the bathroom sink "after I shaved this morning," while I was staring at him in the face with a beard. I couldn't help but notice that the person listed below came out of his aprtment as soon as Juan Carlos started yelling at me. Both of these men have made unwanted homosexual advances at me, and Juan Carlos has even offered me cocaine for sex. Since I don't do cocaine and I'm not gay or bisexual, I turned them both down. I believe Juan Carlos, who is also a liar, tried to pick a fight with me for cocaine and/or money. All I could do was yell back and try to explain: "Do I look like I shaved this morning?"
Plaintiff would like to formally charge the Caucasian male (name unknown) who lives at 280 Nahant Road #11, Nahant, Massachusetts 01908 with Title 18 of the US Code, Sections 241 (Conspiracy against rights), 242 (Deprivation of rights under color of law), and 373 (Solicitation to commit an act of violence). He drives a beige Toyota Camry with Massachusetts plate 3767ZX (which was probably given to him by Defendant's organization as Plaintiff has seen other people driving said car before he showed up) and he showed up in Plaintiff's building shortly after Plaintiff did. Plaintiff maintains that the only read said person is here is to protect Defendant in the event Plaintiff retaliates against him in the form of physical violence for blatantly violating his civil rights, including torture, as defined in Section 2340 of the US Code (Title 18).

I certify that all of the information contained within this Motion for Waiver of Service is true to the best of my knowledge.