Controlling the News

December 9, 2007

New York City: “The most pressing Forbidden Topic in newsrooms across America now is Vladimir Putin’s huge electoral victory in the latest elections. Putin is on the official blacklist here because Bush can’t push him around, because he took control of Russian natural resources away from U.S. firms and won’t give it back and because he is enormously popular in Russia, especially with younger people. Our mandated theme is to tell Americans that Putin has to leave very soon and we hope someone interested in establishing Real Civil Rights will come into power, someone who will love to cooperate with the United States and do its bidding.

Putin is depicted as a nascent dictator ‘with no regard for human rights.’ Given that the U.S. eagerly supported Pinochet after our Navy special units murdered Allende and have supported many real dictators much worse than Putin ever could be and, not to forget, our Franklin Roosevelt loved Josef Stalin and let him have anything he wanted and turned a very blind eye to his massive slaughters, this hypocritical war is a huge joke with anyone with a better than community college education. Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice always pays to virtue!

And there is Putin, as popular as Bush is loathed, sitting on all that oil we need so badly and a man who told Bush, in public no less, to keep his “snotty nose out of Russian affairs.”

Now we have to keep up with the New York Times and maintain a constant drumfire on the “evil dictator Putin.” The Times is pissed off because Putin clipped the wings (and took the cash away from) the Oligarchs with whom, the Times ownership shares a common religious and ethnic background.

And we are supposed to support the official Israeli view that evil Iran needs to be bombed by the U.S. Airforce because of their fear of an attack on them. That subject is too sensitive even for us.

And our Russian bureau chief tells us that Putin is generally immensely popular in his own country, Times reporting to the contrary. The press could get away with such officially-instigated propaganda years ago but with the advent of the Internet, they are SOL and are losing subscribers at a terrifying rate.

No one but drunks in bars and sports fans watch the tube anymore and most American youth are too interested in trying to get laid on MyFace or YouTube to worry about anything other than their genitals.”