Controlling the News

September 8, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
Poor Obama and his red line! He is copying Bush and his merry band of garden slugs and trying to convince everyone that he has to blast Syria to Save the World for Justice, Peace, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches. That no one believes him and, worse for him, no one cares, will prove to be a bitter dose of reality. Obama is trying to help Israel get rid of a perceived enemy while at the same time, sticking out his tongue at Vladimir Putin. The Russian President showed him up by refusing his strident demands to ship whistleblower Ed Snowden back to America in a body-bag. And note that Obama, who authorized the widespread snooping into your personal life, refuses to back down. He simply ignores the issue and hopes his good friends at The New York Times will find other topics of more immediate interest to distract the public with. And it is now very strongly believed inside the Beltway that Syria is planning to use Biological Weapons in the event of a US attack. It is known that she has smallpox virus that was stolen from a Swiss vaccine lab some time ago. If the intelligence community is correct, this would be a disaster. One of my Army friends told me yesterday that all it would take is a single person carrying a foreign passport getting off an international flight at Dulles, take a shuttle into downtown Washington and drop a thin glass vial of a virus into a crowded shopping mall or at a place like Union Station at commute time. Even DHS could not stop this, whereas a missile could be interdicted by the US military. A missile, unless it had an atomic warhead, could never kill as many people as an outbreak of smallpox. The old vaccines have worn off and need to be re-upped, but vaccines available would only be enough for the President, his family, and the Really Important DC figures. We all know why Kerry wants to attack Syria. He is Jewish and fully supports his co-religionists in Israel.