Best of the Net Archive: Amerika

"If we cannot resolve our differences without resorting to violence, then we are less than human." - Frank Herbert, Dune


Year Zero

The Oligarchic Empire is Actually Simple & Easy to Understand

Fighting Wars to WIN or to MAKE MONEY?

How Corporations Won the War on Terror

Messianic Failure: Pursuing the Global War On Terror Jabberwock

How Much Money have American Military Contractors Made since 9/11?

As the Empire Burns

Do American Wars Cause Opiate Epidemics?

The Evil We Do is the Evil We Get

Miserere for the Land of the Free

Native Land of the Hypocrite

The State Version of a Psychopathic Serial Murderer?

Homeless Veterans: The Next Generation

The Other America

The Instant Addiction - Part II - Part III - Part IV

The Ten Dollar Death Trip

The American Holocaust

The Situation in America - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII

Weaponizing Blockchain: Profiting on the Growth of Inequality

The Diabolic False Flag Empire

The Worldwide Genocidal Killing Machine

The Smiley-Faced Serial Killer

Does Sadism Define Nearly Every Cultural, Social and Political Experience in the United States?

Bandaging the Corpse

The Unraveling of the American Empire

Do America's Richest Pay Taxes?

Dead Empire Walking

Is America a Nation or a Collective Psychotic Episode? - Part II

Has America been at War 227 Out of the Last 244 Years?

Understanding the U.S. War Industry

Sharpening the Dragon's Teeth

Playing with Fire

The National Security State Racket

We Are the Terrorists

The War Hungry Drunk

The Future of War, American Style

The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror

Countering the American Way of War: Proof of Concept

Is a Little Learning a Dangerous Thing?

Five Fake Countries for a False World View

America's Forgotten Bullshit Bombing of Serbia - Part II

Is Corruption America's Top Export?

Bye Bye American Pie

2020: The Year We Lost Our Common Sense, Courage and Civil Liberties

Is the (Secret) FISA Court ILLEGAL? - See: The 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Capital Punishment

The Unaccountable Nation

The United States of War

Meet the New Great Vampire Squid

American Wars Don't End, They Evolve

Has America NOT been at War with Somebody for 21 Years Since 1776?

What Dead GIs Would Say to the World on Memorial Day about being Praised as Heroes

Return of the Ghost Soldiers

The Perpetual Business of War

Is there a Government within a Government within the United States?

The Criminal Racket Writ Large

Full Spectrum Fubar

To Hell in a Hand Basket

Is the Fed Evil?

The Pentagon vs. the Economy

Welcome to Williamson, West Virginia where 2 Pharmacies 4 Blocks Apart Dispensed 20,800,000 Prescription Painkillers to 3,191 Residents

Opioid Nation - Part II - Part III

Oligarchy or Autocracy?

The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs

An American Oligarch's Dirty Tale of Corruption

Do America's Real Drug Dealers Work in the Military-Industrial Complex?

Making a Killing from Killing

American Terror Syndicate

Of Premature Withdrawals, Forever Wars, and the U.S. Military

Drug Dealers, Polluters and Sex Traffickers: Welcome to Oligarch Cloud Cuckoo Land

The Most Privileged and Promoted Class in America

Does American Exceptionalism Scar both Victim and Victimizer?

The Nation on Suicide Watch

America Unmasked

How Deep is the Rot in America's Institutions?

In Wars and Weapons We Trust

Why Washington Can't Reduce its Global Military Footprint

This is the Turning Point

Where Sexual Harrassment & Groping are Part of the Job

Making America Great through Exploitation, Servitude and Abuse

Can Afghanistan War Spending in 2018 Alone End Homelessness in America Twice?

Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity

Where the Military Calls the Shots

Our Invisible Government

Coup University

America's Push for Relentless War

War Profiteers and the Demise of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex

The American Way of Life

Myths and Lies about Poverty in America

What Fuels Terrorism?

The Pentagon as a Parasitic Cowbird

American Nuclear Weapons Stationed Abroad

Memorialize That

Does the CIA Meddle in Foreign Elections?

What Happened to Muhammad Ali when He Tried to Eat in Downtown Louisville after He Won a Gold Medal in the 1960 Olympics?

Deep History and the Global Drug Connection - Part II: Murder on the Streets of Washington - Part III: A Deadly Bureaucracy - Part IV: Enter Al Qaeda - Part V: The CIA in Latin America

Authoritarian Control and Mass Murder in America the Hegelian Dialectic Way

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Bridge to Nowhere

Within the Belly of America's Star-Spangled Leviathan

The Bow-Wave Strategy

The Alien Nature of US Military Interventions

The Only Vector to Justice

Three Administrations, One Standard Playbook

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Shithole Countries: Made in the USA

Did the U.S. Military Massacre Unarmed Civilians in Somalia, Africa? - Part II - Part III

Do U.S. Navy Officers Compromise American National Security for Sex Parties, Cocaine, and Money?

Is Congress in Search of a Bordello? - Part II - Part III

Record Income Inequality in America?

The United States of Inequality?

The Quickening

Drowning in the Money River

Is Democracy a Guardian of Cultural Insanity?

Government Debts as Class Swindles

How to be Famous

Just Another Day in America

Old Men Start Wars, Young Men Die in Them

Endless American Wars

Are Americans More Likely to be Struck by Lightning than Killed in a Terrorist Attack?

Overcoming the Nihilism of the Oligarchs

Who Rules America? The Power Elite in the Time of Trump

The CIA as Organized Crime

Who are the Leading State Sponsors of Terrorism?

Who's Arming ISIS? - Part II

Kinetics of Empire

The Matrix of Lies and Deceit

How US Wars Breed Terrorism

At the Hands of a Shadow Government

Investing in Death

Are Banks Evil?

The Goldman Sachs Effect

The Age of Disintegration: Our Endless Cycle of Indecisive Wars - Part II

Fifteen Years of Crime - Part II

War, Other Organized Violence and Human Nature

How to Sell a War

Some Lessons from History

Did They Kill Dr. King for the Same Reason They Killed JFK?

The Slow-Motion Collapse of the American Empire

Down for the Count

How Corrupt is the American Government?

The Dead Giveaways of Imperial Decline

Journalism, History and War: Sit, Type and Bleed

Deplorables, Delusionals and Demagogues United by a Flawed Foreign Policy

Washington's Global Economic Wars

The Destroyer of Nations

252 Ways President Obama has Systematically Destroyed America

A Dictionary of Euphemisms for Imperial Decline

Do the 20 Richest Americans have More Wealth than the Poorest 152 Million Americans Combined?

Do the 62 Richest People Alive Control More Wealth than Half the World's Population?

Behind the Duck

The Criminalization of Poverty - Part II

Twelve People Charged with a Misdemeanor for Feeding Homeless in California

Giving Those in Need the Finger

Anonymous Reveals Full List Of Alleged KKK Members

Empire of Disaster

The Rising Tide of Militarism in the 21st Century

Has America been at War 93% of the Time since 1776?

Do America's Endless Wars Persist Because for Most Americans they Don't Exist?

Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts that Rocked the World

The Rise and Fall of the American Empire - Part II

The Mad Violence of Casino Capitalism

The Death Merchant of the World

The Forever War We Never Question

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The Fallacy of 'Humanitarian' War

On the Road to Permanent War - Part II


Neverending War

The Sentinel Signal

Virginia School Bus Delivers Kids for Two Days with Explosives Under the Hood when CIA Forgets to Remove Bomb after Training Exercise

Do the Majority of America's Public Schoolchildren Live in Poverty?

Eight New Reports Show a Handful of Deep-Pocketed Donors Determines Who Runs for Office, What Issues Make the Agenda, and Who Wins

What Country Is This? - Part II

Oligarchs Succeed: Only the People Suffer

175 US Military Service Members Committed Suicide in the First Six Months of 2015

Trapped in a Poison Fog

The Drone Papers - Part II

My Brother's Bomber, Parts I-III

The Art of the False Flag

Full Transparency

Confessions of a Public Servant

The Useful and the Useless

Eleven Deeply Alarming Facts about America's Crumbling Infrastructure

Nothing to Worry About?

A Short History of America Bombing Civilian Facilities

The Definition of American Foreign Policy?

Shedding Light on American Foreign Policy

The Greatest Crime since World War II?

What Else Will They Learn in the Military?

Has the Number of Americans on Food Stamps Risen by Over 50% since 2008?

Things Fall Apart

How Things Fall Apart

In a Routinely Delusional World, What is the Most Dangerous Delusion?

Citadels of Paranoia: An Occupation by Phantoms

Twelve Signs America has become a Politically-Correct Madhouse

The Death of Democracy - Part II

Illegitimate Democracies

The Tragedy of the American Military

Have 238,000 US Veterans Died Waiting for Health Care?

The Lawless Society

Global Peace, War and Christmas: The Killing Goes On

Do They Lynch Black Men in North Carolina for Dating White Women?

The Fiery Cage and the Lynching Tree

Sacrifice Zones

The Meth Epidemic - Part II - Part III

Zombie Tax Fraud

How Billionaires Become Billionaires

Do Half of America's Public School Students Live in Poverty?

Vampires, Zombies, and Hooking Up: 37 Examples of Real College Courses that are Almost too Crazy to Believe - The University of Louisville used to have a 'Sociology of Murder' class right up until they discovered that the guy teaching the class was the one committing all the murders...

Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle - Part II

War Revisionism, Fascism, and the CIA

How to Make a Presidential Candidate Disappear

The War on Our Intuition

Voting, Cognitive Dissonance and Fear of the Unknown

Interpretation and the Allegory of the Cave

Are 700,000 Americans on a US Federal Government Watch List?

Publicity of the Unspeakable

Do You Live in a Free Country?


The Illusion of Freedom in America

33 Strange Facts about America that Most Americans would be Shocked to Learn

Do the Six Largest Banks in America have Exposure to Derivatives that is More than 28 Times Greater than their Total Assets ($278 Trillion)?

Bizarro World: 19 Signs You Live in a Country that is Completely Insane

Do Government Employees in America Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 2 to 1?

The Mask of Sanity - Part II

Memory Scars

Harvey Weinstein's Army of Spies

Harvey Weinstein's Complicity Machine

Salma Hayek Lights Up Her Monster - In Spanish

Will You Choose Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery?

The Unbearable Lightness of American Being

Debating Prevaricators

Why America is in Decline

The Death of America's Middle Class

The True State of the American Middle Class

Twenty Examples of How America is Rapidly Going Down the Toilet

Ten Examples of Extreme Incompetence that Pervade the US Federal Government

Two Sides of the Same Coin

How Far has America Fallen?

Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History Leaves 59 Dead and 527 Injured in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 1, 2017

Death of America's Common Man

Dominos Pizza Delivery Driver Stabs Customer over Late Pizza Argument

The Future is Uncertain and the End is Always Near

Eleven Signs that America has Already Gone Down the Toilet

Six Degrees of Separation

Tent City USA

The Dire State of Our Nation (What You Won't Hear from the Politicians)

Inequality at its Ugliest?

The Resurrection of America's Slums

Under the Bridge

Ten Reasons Washington has War Fever

Thank You for Your Killing

America, Minus the Mask: First and Foremost, a Nation of Killers

On the Nobility of Motives

The State's War on Life

Earth's Carcinoma

America's New Military Mystique

Postcards from the End of America

When the Trucks Stop Delivering

The Coming Retail Apocalypse

Assessing the Terrorist Risk to America (And What Americans Really Need to Fear)

Do Government Statistics Distort Reality?

This is How Empires Collapse

The Meritocracy Myth

On the Passing of the Working Class

Rent-A-Legislator: A Buyer's Guide

A Traitorous Collection of Thugs

A Glass House Built by Stone Throwers

12 Signs that the Decay of American Society is Accelerating

Has Government Dependence Reached Epidemic Levels?

The True State of the U.S. Economy

Reality May Be Optional

It's Not a Wonderful Life for Many

The Unhappiest People Alive?

Our Protected, Predatory Oligarchy: Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies

Alleged Classlessness in a Class Society

Americans are So Broke...

Do the Wealthiest 1% Own 50% of the World's Wealth?

Five Ways American Policies and Attitudes Make Us Lonely, Anxious, and Antisocial

American Dystopia: Wealth Inequality and its Implications

Beyond Dystopian Visions in the Age of Neoliberal Authoritarianism

Twelve Signs of Extreme Social Decay in America

Is Underground Commerce the Real Economy?

83 Numbers from 2013 that are Almost too Crazy to Believe

50 Numbers from 2014 that Sound Fake but are actually Real

Bonfire of the Liberties

Debtors' Prison

Ten Reasons America is No Longer the Land of the Free

Perpetual War - Part II - Part III

Voting for Death

Trials Without Crimes or Evidence

A Form of Concentrated Human Tragedy - Part II

America's Time Capsule

Dead Enough: The Reality of the 'Lesser Evil'

25 Fast Federal Reserve Facts

Five Ugly Examples of Inequality in America

Outrageous Ways the U.S. Government is Wasting Your Money

One Terrorist, a Million Psychopaths, Eight Million Sociopaths

Are Our Rulers Insane as Well as Evil?

The 86 Million Invisible Unemployed

Has the State of Law Become a Lawless State?

The Rich and the Rest of Us

Tax their Sinful Ways

An Orgy of Thieves

27 Things that Every American Should Know About the National Debt

Will Interest on the National Debt Quadruple Over the Next Decade?

Creating a Historical Legacy of Shame and Dishonor

Even if the Whole Planet were Offered as Collateral, it would Not Cover Wall Street's Bets

Ignoring the Obvious

The Ascendence of Sociopaths in American Governance

A Marvelous Illustration of the Human Capacity for Self-Deception

The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld

Donald Trump and the Deep State - Part II

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

When Corruption Becomes Rampant

The Pentagon's $125 Billion Cover-Up

Who Rules America?

The Oligarchs Rule

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Are You Worth More Dead than Alive?

A Hologram for the King

Measuring Wars by a Loss of Principles

25 Signs that America is in a State of Moral Decay

25 Signs of Extreme Social Decay

75 Economic Numbers from 2012 that are Almost too Crazy to Believe

The Hollowing Out of America, Up Close and Personal

More than a Dream

21 Facts About America's Decaying Infrastructure

21 Explosive American Poverty Statistics

21 Things a Burglar Won't Tell You

Welcome to Oz

The Hidden History of Halloween

The Two Faces of America

The Dead Rhetoric of War

When Fascism Masquerades as Populism

Hypocrisy Democracy - Part II - Part III

Democracy Lost?

Yes Virginia, There is a Deep State and its Feeding the Anti-Trump Mob

Is the Rule of Law Vacated in America?

Religion as a Tool of Repression

The Latter Day Roman Empire

Steering from the Abyss

Election March of the Trolls

US Human Rights' Record for 2009

US Human Rights' Record for 2014

A Long History of America's Dark Side

Our Government's One-Way Mirror

Saving the Rich and Losing the Economy

24 Outrageous Facts About Taxes in the United States that will Blow Your Mind

The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody

19 Signs American Families are being Economically Destroyed

Our Invisible Revolution

Have Things Gotten Worse in America?

Why Austerity Kills

Poverty Rate for Women and Children in America Hits 17 Year Record High

The World Doesn't Need Killer Mothers

The Lull Before the Social Storm

Do the Peasants Need Pitchforks?

The Nature of Political Violence - Part II - Part III - Part IV

Will a Culture of Violence Trigger a Collapse of the American Empire?

How Big Can One Election Get?

Capitalism, Market Fundamentalism, and the Duplicitous Meanings of Democracy

The Rogue Nation

Under the Shadow of a Deadly State

How Our Understanding of History is Manipulated

Retribution for a World Lost in Screens

The Few that Remain

The Cost of Turning Away from War's Horrific Realities

Democracy and Violence

April and Death in America

The President who Signed Indefinite Detention Without Charge or Trial Into Law

The Road to Armageddon

American Nightmare

Waiting to be Saved: The Sad Case of the Unconnected Dots

Bringing Down the Empire

What Collapsing Empire Looks Like

America For Sale

Tracking Our Downward Spiral

Are Almost All the Camping Grounds Within 100 Miles of Los Angeles Filled with People Living in Them?

The United Tent Cities of America

Death by Foreclosure

Are a Record Number of Americans Currently Living in Poverty?

We're No. 1!

A Government of Waste

Our Banana Republic

28 Signs that U.S. Public Schools are Rapidly being Turned into Indoctrination Centers and Prison Camps

Trapped by False Narratives

We the People

The Hollowing Out of America

Does the Federal Government Pose a Threat to Citizens' Rights?

Year of the Assassin

The Stupefaction of a Nation

20 Signs the Economic Collapse has Already Begun

Chaos, Collapse, and Survival

The Single Biggest Threat to America's National Security Is...

Our Imaginary Economic Recovery

Despite All Our Rage, We are Still Just Debt Slaves in a Mental Cage

The Invention of Modern Slavery Called Democracy

Corporate Malfeasance - And Why it Corrupts

America Wakes Up

The Haymarket Martyrs and Occupy Wall Street

Are 40 Million Americans Living in Poverty?

A Colorful Way to Avoid Home Foreclosure

Self-Inflicted Misery

Tricked on the Fourth of July

A Slumber Party in Hell

The Cause and Effect of a Violent Society

The Real Grand Chessboard: Those Profiting from Enduring Violence - Part II

Do American Judges Send Innocent Kids to Prison for Money? - Part II

Do they Sterilize Poor African Americans in North Carolina?

The Perfect Tool for Enslavement

Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Finance

Washington Murdered Privacy at Home and Abroad

Addicted to War

Beloved Enemy

Is America Slipping into Third World Status?

Welcome to the Third World: From Economic Superpower to Economic Basket Case

The Pauperization of America


Tent City USA

17 Surprizing Facts about Working in America

Risky Business

Confronting Corporate Greed

Billionaire Self-Pity and the Koch Brothers

America's False Consciousness

Al Qaeda and Human Consciousness

An All-American Nightmare

Wake Up, America! - Part II

Is America actually a Jewish Colony?

Does Pentagon War Spending Exceed All State Governments Combined?

America's Chief Industry

What Kind of Top-Secret Assassination Tech does $58 Billion Buy?

The Economic Black Hole

A War Against Money?

They Still Don't Get It

The Betrayal of the Commons

400 US Surface to Air Missles Stolen in Benghazi, Libya Now in Hands of Al Qaeda

UPS Jet Crashed in Birmingham, Alabama on August 14, 2013

United We Fall

And Then We Will Die

The Evils Done in Our Name

The Lowest Common Denominator - Part II

At What Point is a Traitor a Patriot?

The Ghosts of Misplaced Conscience

America’s Tomorrow

Wide Awake in America

Under a Blood Red Sky

The Real State of the US Economy

Overcoming the Great Dismal

Are Black Men being Targeted for Genocide?

Flying the Unfriendly Skies

True Colors - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII - Part VIII - Part IX - Part X - Part XI - Part XII - Part XIII - Part XIV - Part XV - Part XVI - Part XVII - Part XVIII - Part XIX - Part XX

Pain and Conscience

The $53 Trillion Asteroid

Are 41% of American Adults Unemployed?

Looking at America

President Bush Denies Health Care to Millions of Poor American Children

The Strange Language of Capitalism

Surviving the Fourth of July

Enter the Empire

Welcome to America! - Part II

37 Million Poor Hidden in the Land of Plenty?

The Calling of Our Time

The Political Culture of Lies and War

The Empire Without Clothes

The Dumbing Down of America

The Assassins of Truth

How Democracy Dies

Henry Thoreau and the Patrons of Virtue

The Downward Spiral

Money for Nothing

An American Story

The System - Part II - Part III

Paying from the Grave

Was Army General Byrnes Fired for Organizing a Coup Against President Bush? - Part II - Part III

Was Bush Booed at The Pope's Funeral?

The 25 Things We Now Know Three Years After 9/11

Do Top Bush Administration Officials Hold Fake Degrees?

Houston Woman who Filed Sexual Assault Charges Against George W. Bush Turns Up DEAD

While Poverty Persists, There is no Freedom

Are 1 Out of Every 8 Americans Living in Poverty? - Part II

Is the War in Iraq Costing American Taxpayers' $2 Billion a Week?

Is a Whole New Kind of Struggle Emerging? - Part II

Red Bull Capitalism

Are 50% of the Children in New York City Born into Poverty?

Some Outrageous Facts about Inequality in America

The Elimination of America's Middle Class - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII

The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America's Middle Class

America's Eroding Middle Class

Why Bush Will Become the Textbooks' Worst President

Did ESPN Play Faked Stadium Cheers for Bush Sr. During a Monday Night Football Game?

Alone, Isolated, and Universally Hated - Part II

Making It Up as They Went Along - Part II

Is There a Link Between Mental Illness and Support for President Bush?

The Bush Assassination

The Dying American Empire - Part II - Part III

American Capitalism and the Moral Poverty of Nations

Bush to Poor: Drop Dead - Part II - Part III - Part IV

Has Hunger Risen in America by 43 Percent Over the Last Five Years? - Part II

Does the White House Want to Eliminate Food Stamps for 340,000 Poor Americans?

Layoffs Under Bush Administration Among Highest in U.S. History

Too Illegit to Quit

The Merchants of Death

The Single Greatest Threat to World Peace is...

Does the Military Receive Half of Your Tax Dollars?


Has Greater Government Spending Enhanced Our National Security? - Part II

Red Tape Rising

Department of Homeland Insecurity?

Bush Cuts Pell Grants for 1.4 Million College Students

Has the Percentage of Black Men that have Graduated from College Quadrupled since JFK's 1964 Civil Rights Act became Law?

Poverty Continues to Rise Under Bush - Part II

The Joke is Always on Us

The Daily Show with George W. Bush

White House Sees Record Budget Deficit for 2004

Commerce Department Reports Record US Trade Deficit for 2004

Victim of Group Think

Blind Loyalty to an Empire of Greed

The Worm That Turned

Town Halls Gone Wild - Part II

Is America Losing the War on Terrorism?

Are Worldwide Terrorism-Related Deaths on the Rise?

Is the War in Iraq Creating More Terrorists?

The Traffic Light of Death - Part II - Part III - Part IV

Does Bush's Political Survival Depends on Terror Threats?

Empire of Chaos Logic in Action

America: After the Fall

Do Important Historical Events have Hidden Causes?

Is Debased Currency a Sign of Moral Decay?

Does Economic Stagnation Haunt America?

How Much Longer Can They Get Away With It?

The Three Ds of Doom

Purple Hearts on Death Row

Iraq Me

The Nose Knows

We're All Addicted

The Strangest Law in All 50 States

Benny and the Jets

The Last Supper

Bread and Circuses - Part II - Part III - Part IV

Starry Eyes

What Happens to Aircraft that Approach Russia's Borders with their Transponders Turned Off

More Bad News for the West Coast

The Divorce Trap

What's In Your Wallet?

Why is What was Once Affordable to Many Now Only Affordable to the Wealthy?

Now On Sale at Wal Mart!

Pennsylvania Mom Arrested for Creating & Distributing Naked Deepfake Videos of Daughter's Cheerleading Rivals

The Age of Abuse

Could America Survive a Truth Commission?

America the Corrupt

Your Fourth Branch of Government?

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