Iraqi Resistance Operations Early & Mid September 2007
(Witness the failing of the US Operation Arrowhead Ripper in Diyala)

ISI Liberating Diyala Province

ISI Ambush on puppet police convoy + aftermath in Diyala 18-9-2007

ISI implementation of God'S rule on 5 ING collaborateurs 22-9-2007 (Diyala prov.)

Large Z-2 rocket launching operation 15 pieces on US base in Taji 20-9-2007

ISI shows it has the body of US pilot Troy L. Gilbert

The Martyrdom Of Abu Maria (one Of IsI Fighters)

ISI Fallojah - The Entrance and Spirit - preview

J A I S H A N S A R A L - S U N N A H

Ansar Al-Sunnah interviewing the people of Diyala enabling their screams and suffering being heard by the world


- Ansar Al Sunnah Special 07 - + Samarra… Combat and Stories of Heroism ****

101 MB

Another new Ansar Al_sunnah IED with aftermath (north of Baghdad)

Ansar Al Sunnah Classics ( 3 + 1 different Parts ) P1 P2 P3 P4

Ansar Al-Sunnah Large Special Ramadan Release 550 MB

Ansar Al Sunnah Implementation of God s rule on 2 apostates (Ansar Al Sunnah releases a video of the confessions of Ali Athim Abdul Aziz who was a counter terrorism agent working for the Iraqi Government and Rahim Abdul Reza an Iraqi Defense Ministry worker. In the video the two confess to working for the Iraqi government in combating the Resistance. After the two make their statements God's rule is implemented on them.)

Jaish Abu Bakr al-Salafi IED on US soldiers (Baghdad) rel. 20-9-2007

Asaeb al-Iraq al-Jihadiyah Compilation 5th / rel. Sept. 2007 (Iraqi Jihadi League 5th Comp) -> 5th Major Release - Jihad Factions of Iraq: "We Break Through!"

Al Madina Al Manourra Brigades compilation


Reform and Jihad Front (RJF) Jaish Islami fil Iraq (Islamic Army in Iraq) IAI Special Edition Release " In Credit to the Martyrs "

Reform and Jihad Front (RJF) Jaish Al Fatiheen (Army of Conquerors) Jaish Al Fatiheen IED damaging enemy vehicle wo Baghdad rel. 2-9-2007

Jaish Al Fatiheen IED on enemy RG-31 wo Baghdad (date unknown)

Jaish Al Fatiheen IED on US hummer in Ramadi rel. 9-9-2007

Reform and Jihad Front (RJF) Jaish al-Mujahideen (Army of the Mujahideen) Jaish al-Mujahideen: IEDs Meerkat al-Madain, Babil province rel. 7-9-2007 (password rfedw1)

Jaish al Mujahideen IED on U.S footpatrol wo Baghdad rel. 15-9-2007

Jaish al-Mujahideen heavy IED lifts Humvee in Anbar province 17-9-2007

Jaish al-Mujaheedeen IED on contractor convoy Abu Ghraib 18-9-2007

Jaish al-Mujahideen IED against Zil truck west of Baghdad 22-9-2007

Front for Jihad and Change Jaish al-Rashideen (Army of the Rightly-Guided) Jaish Al Rashideen small arms ambush on 1-9-2007

Jaish Al Rashideen IED vs 4-9-2007

Jaish Al Rashideen IED vs 8-9-2007

Jaish Al Rashideen Night IED on 14-9-2007

Jaish Al Rashideen IED on bradley 15-9-2007

Jaish Al Rashideen IED direct hit on hummer 17-9-2007

Jaish Al Rashideen IED ambush aftermath shows burning SUV 18-9-2007

Jaish Al Rashedeen rocket hits US armoured Stryker vehicle 20-9-2007

JaR IED targeting an American M1 Abrams in north-western Baghdad 24-9-2007

JaR 5 indirect fire attacks on US positions (mainly US base Taji)

Front for Jihad and Change Jaish al-Muslimeen (Army of the Muslims) Jaish Al Muslimeen rockets US position near Baghdad

Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance (JAAMI) Salah al-Din al-Ayoubi Brigades Jaami SMS 2 US - Inviting the invaders to keep on dying

Jaami IED on US armoured vehicle + aftermath (298)

Jaami presents the remains of enemy vehicle (299)

Jaami IED direct hit on US vehicle passing under bridge (304)

Jaami 4 indirect fire attacks on US positions

1 9 2 0 Revolution Brigades: M e s s a ge to th e Wo r l d (a must download !) 1920 Revolution Brigades rel. - The Hidden Facts - (8-9-2007)

1920 Revolution Brigades IEDs APC in Al-Youssifiyah 18-9-2007

1920 Revolution Brigades - HAMAS Iraq faction Hamas Iraq IED fiery destruction of enemy fuel tanker 9-2007

Hamas Iraq portable rocket attack on US minesweeper 15-9-2007

Allahu Ekbar, Allahu Ekbar , Alllaahu Ekbar !!!! Shia Iraqi resistance : Abu Abbas Al Fadl Brigades IED attack on US stryker rel. 19-9-2007 (location see video)

Abu Abbas Al Fadl Brigades marksman snipes coalition soldier rel. 19-9-2007 (location see video)

Abu Abbas Al Fadl Brigades IED strikes US humvee rel. 19-9-2007 (location see video)

US Videos & other : Insulting the Prophet (Dumb US trooper imitates muslim call to prayer )

Breaking into mosque and abuse it for fun

Marine happy cause 'just killed somebody'

US shooting to death an innocent passer-by on a motorcycle

Blackwater sniper says shooting "these guys (Iraqis) is like a fucking turkey shoot"

consequences -> Getting rocked out by the liberated people ( translate: ME Rock n Roll )

Getting ieded in Iraq