Iraqi Resistance Video Reports for October, 20007
Iraqi Resistance Video Reports for October, 20007

ISI Fighting Against Ing Check Point In Baghdad rel. 27-9-2007

MARTYRDOM OPERATION IN TALAFAR- group UnKnown/likely ISI (rel. 30-9-2007)

Wonderful Alfurqan: Downing An Apache in Southern Baghdad rel. 01-10-2007

(btw: And this is how the US decribes the incident: )

Al Furqan: ISI wipes out 2 vehicle ING patrol in Diyala rel. 5-10-2007 51.2 MB

Islamic State of Iraq Martyrdom Operation vs ING Base in Diyala rel. 6-10-2007 38mb avi

ISI Martyrdom Operations - Expedition of Dr. Fathi (rel. early oct 2007)

ISI Jihad Media Battalion: "They were plotting, and Allah too was plotting"

Islamic State of Iraq - Losses of the cross worshippers Http:// Http:// Http://

Jama'at Ansar al-Sunnah (Group of the Supporters of the Sunnah) Ansar Al Sunnah - Resistance in Defense of Mankind -

Ansar Al Sunnah Special Release : Ambushing the Enemy

Ansar al-Sunnah: IED ING vehicle Diyala IED targeting an Iraqi National Guard (ING) vehicle in Diyala province

AAS Sharia Commitee IED on Humvee Oct 2007 (Baghdad)

Jaish Ansar Al sunnah bombs US APC rel. 12-10-2007

Jaish Ansar Al sunnah bombs puppet police patrol (date and location see video)

Jaish Abi Bakr Al Salafi - Execution Of Two Apostates 30-9-2007

Names of apostates:




IAI 9th Release

Islamic Army special issue-Brigades of al-MuŻtassim

IED Fatiheen Army vs. US military truck, south of Baghdad (rel. 8th oct 2007)

IED, Fatiheen Army vs Humvee in Latifiyah, Babil province (rel. 8th oct 2007)

Reform and Jihad Front (RJF) Jaish al-Mujahideen (Army of the Mujahideen) JaM sniping a US soldier in Abu graib 24-9-2007 (passw:gtrfe)

JaM pounds US stronghold near Baghdad with C5K rockets 27-9-2007

Jaish Al Mujahedeen of Iraq - The Doors of Victory (this group is split-group of Jaish Al Mujahedeen)

Jaish Al Mujahedeen of Iraq 2nd Release

Jaish Al Mujahedeen of Iraq IED strikes truck

Jaish Al Mujahedeen of Iraq IED knocks on Bradley tank

Jaish Al Mujahedeen of Iraq IED on humvee and truck

Kataeb Thawrat al-Ishreen (1920 Revolution Brigades) IED targeting a supply trailer in al-Mosul, Ninawa province and IED targeting a fuel tanker during nighttime in Abu Ghraib, al-Anbar province

1920 RB rockets al-Bakr Airbase Balad (Camp Anaconda) Salah al-Deen province rel. 29-9-2007

1920 RB 82mm mortars vs US base ( Falcon Base ) near Youssifiyah rel. 5-10-2007

1920 RB IED attack on US armour in Hilla rel. 8-10-2007

1920 RB IED destroys a US hummer in Beji (US GI runs away burning!) rel. 10-10-2007

1920 RB mortar shells US base near Al-Yussifiyah (south of Baghdad) rel. 15-10-2007

Http:// /

Change and Jihad Front Jaish al-Rashideen (Army of the Rightly-Guided)

Shelling an American base with 82 mm mortars in Yathrib, Salah al-Deen province 28-9-2007

Shelling American forces with 120 mm mortars in al-Ishaqi, Salah al-Deen province 30-9-2007

Jaish Al Muslimeen IED attack on road between Tekrit and Samarra 21-9-2007

Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance (JAAMI) Salah al-Din al-Ayoubi Brigades Firing 82 mm mortars at enemy outpost (date etc. see video)

Firing 120 mm mortars at US base (date etc. see video)

IED vs military truck (date etc. see video)

Firing more 82 mm mortars at invader HQ (date etc. see video)

Jaami shooting 2 rockets against US base (date etc. see video)

Jaami more 82 mm mortars ... (date etc. see video)

Firing 60 mm mortars on invaders (date etc. see video)

Jaami IED on minesweeper in Al-Ishaqi rel. 14-10-2007 (319)

Jaami IED on US minesweeper in Yathreb rel. 14-10-2007 (321)

"Era of Champions" rmvb, 38.1 MB, 23:18 TRT

Hamas Iraq: Six IR Factions Declare Unified Political Resistance

Hamas Iraq firing a Katyusha rocket against an American base in Kirkuk, al-Tameem province 2-10-2007

HAMAS Iraq IED on minesweeper near Ishaqi rel. 15-10-2007

HAMAS Iraq firing rockets on US position in Mosul rel. 15-10-2007

Asaeb Iraq al-Jihadiyah IEDs hummer in Diyala province

Asaeb IaJ sniper hits enemy footsoldier in Baghdad Al-Doura district

Fedayeen Saddam mortar US occupation forces late 2003

Short but still impressive EFP IED Dokumentation (7.5MB)

Direct Combat picture gallery of IED attack which killed US soldier ( rare pictures of US dead and wounded )

'Death of A Soldier'

For quick view + text see: