Iraqi Resistance Video Reports for November, 2007

SI shelling crusader base ( location see video ) rel. 31-10-2007

Ansar Al Sunnah 4 Ramadan IEDs against crusaders ( Oct 2007 )

Ansar Al Sunnah eliminating the apostates in Kirkuk rel. 20-10-2007

Ansar Al Sunnah IED striking US armoured vehicle in Diyala province rel. 4-11-2007

Ansar Al Sunnah implements god's rule on 3 traitor apostates (date unknown)

Ansar Al Sunnah shoots the spies and traitors open street (date unknown)

Jaish Abi Bakr al-Salafi destruction of American mine sweeper in Baghdad rel. 17-10-2007

Jaish Abi Bakr al-Salafi: Storming the headquarters of the apostates rel. 21-10-2007 (the communique says: HQ of interior commandos in one of Baghdad neighborhood)

Jaish Abu Bakr al-Salafi: Clashing with the apostates rel. 26-10-2007

Jaish Abi Bakr al-Salafi destruction of a HUMMER in Baghdad rel. 28-10-2007

Jaish Abu Bakr As-Salafi: Firing Katyusha at crusader HQ west of Baghdad rel 3-11-2007

IAI IED targeting an American Humvee in al-Latifiyah, Babil province


IAI IED on Humvee in Mosul rel. 31-10-2007

Reform and Jihad Front - Jaish Al-Mujahedeen ( Mujahedeen Army ) Jaish al-Mujahedeen 9th Release 360MB

Jaish al-Mujahideen fi al-Iraq (Army of the Mujahideen in Iraq) Firing mortars against enemy positions in Mahmoudiyah rel. 28-10-2007

Jaish al-Mujahideen fi al-Iraq (Army of the Mujahideen in Iraq) IED targeting a vehicle belonging to the Badr Brigades in southern Iraq

Jaish al-Mujahideen fi al-Iraq (Army of the Mujahideen in Iraq) IED on US army military truck and payload in Salah al din prov 14-9-2007 ( rel 22-10-07)

Jaish al-Mujahideen al-Murabiteen ( another group affiliated to JAM )

Jaish al-Fatiheen : IED hits enemy truck in Abu Ghraib , Baghdad rel. 21-10-2007

Jaish al Fatiheen: Mortars for US in Samarra rel. 31-10-2007

Jaish al-Fatiheen Firing a rocket against al-Bakr Airbase (Camp Anaconda) near Balad, Salah al-Deen province]S4_new.Mpg.Zip

Hamas Iraq IED on Humvee in Baghdad rel. 17-10-2007

Hamas Iraq launch rocket at the American base in Salahuddin

Iraqi Hamas: IED Strikes US Truck in Samarra rel 5-11-2007

Iraqi Hamas: IED preparation and strike on US vehicle in Mosul rel. 6-11-2007

Iraqi Hamas: Firing 2 Katyusha rockets against US position near Fallujah rel. 8-11-2007

Iraqi Hamas: Roadside bombs targeting US tank in Salah Al-Deen province rel. 10-11-2007

Fires 2 Tariq rockets at Baghdad international airport 10-10-2007 (rel. 16-10-2007)

Jaish al Muslimeen Ababil rocket on US near Al Youssufiyah rel. 24-10-2007

IED against an american Humvee in Salahuddin province (date unknown)

1920 Saraya Al Saad bin Abi Waqqas - C5K rocket vs. US base

1920 Revolution Brigades: IED Destroys CIA Vehicle in Mosul rel. 7-11-2007

1920 Revolution Brigades: IED total destruction of US Humvee in Tikrit rel. 8-11-2007

1920 Revolution Brigades: Rock Campaign

Jaish al Rashideen ied on Meerkat minesweeper

Jaish al Rashideen night time ied on minesweeper, western baghdad 3-11-2007

Jaish al Rashideen shell Bakr Air Base 1-11-07

Jaish al Rashideen: IED Attack Damages Humvee 5-11-2007

Jaish al-Rashideen (Army of the Rightly-Guided) Powerful IED rips through American fuel convoy, south-western Baghdad 9-11-2007

Jaish al-Rashideen: Audio statement from Emir of Jaish Al-Rashideen

Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance (JAAMI) Salah al-Din al-Ayoubi Brigades Jaami IED on US Stryker vehicle ( location & date see video)

Jaami small IED on M1 Abrams tank

Jaami IED on US minesweeper vehicle

Jaami one more IED on a US minewseeper (location & date see video)

Al Madina Brigades, Saraya al-Madinah al-Munawarah (City of Light Battalions) IED targeting an American Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) near Tharthar, al-Anbar province

Jaish Al Naqshabandiyah ( Iraqi Sufi Army )

Information Report from the high command of jihad and liberation Jaish Al Naqshabandiyah Rafidain Harvest for days October 1 - 10

Jaish Muhammad al-Fatih (Army of Muhammad the Conqueror)

Jaish Al-Mohammed: Firing a Tariq rocket against American forces in al-Yusufiyah, Babil province rel. 22-10-2007

Jaish Al-Mohammed: IED rocks US Hummer, in Al-Anbar province rel. 2-11-2007

Jaish Al-Mohammed: Nighttime IED on humvee in al-Fallujah, al-Anbar province rel. 11-11-2007

Jaish Al-Mohammed: IED direct hit rips apart enemy humvee in Fallujah rel. 12-11-2007

Jaish Al-Mohammed: IED on armoured US vehicle in Samarra rel. 12-11-2007

Shelling American forces with 82 mm mortars in al-Fallujah, al-Anbar province

Asaeb Ahl Al Haqq : New Release " Revenge of Al Waretheen (The Inheritors) "

Jaish al Mujahideens al Murabitin splits from JAM

IED rips through fast going car, which is monitored by US air surveilance (not clear who is inside, maybe someone or collaborateur who needed US air cover ? )

Classic from Saddam Hussein time: