US District Court for the Southern District of Indiana



Robert Christopher Kettenburg Pro Se, Plaintiff

2178 Gent Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46202





Indianapolis, Indiana Police Force, Defendants
50 North Alabama Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

(317) 327-3811



Plaintiff Robert Christopher Kettenburg formally charges the Indianapolis, Indiana Police Force with the following Title 18 US Code Violations:

COMPLAINT Under Title 18 of The U.S. Civil Statue Code, Part I, Chapter 13:

Section 241: Conspiracy Against Rights

Section 242: Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Section 247: Damage to religious property; obstruction of persons in the free exercise of religious beliefs

Section 373: Solicitation to Commit a Crime of Violence

Section 2340A: Torture, as defined in Section 2340

Section 1117: Conspiracy to Murder

Section 1113: Attempt to Commit Murder or Manslaughter

Section 2236: Searches Without Warrant

This action is brought in pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1331.


The Indianapolis, Indiana Police Force is nothing more than a bunch of criminals, thugs, and gangsters. They steal “no parking signs” from empty lots near big social events, wait for the lots to fill up, then re-install the signs as soon as the lot fills up so they can tow people’s cars, presumably in exchange for money to support the alchohlic and cocaine monkeys on their backs, all the while leaving scores of innocent men, women, and children stranded in the freezing cold. They also steal money from motorists they pull over. Both of these statements are common knowledge in Indianapolis.


For starters, the Indianapolis, Indiana Police Farce specifically recruited Crackhead Bob at 2173 Gent Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana to carry out the above listed Title 18 US Code violations against Plaintiff. Also, the DINOSAURS at 2185 White Street, Indianapolis, Indiana (who drive a dark blue/black Chevy Blazer SUV with Indiana plate D187JM and a late model white Buick 4 door with Indiana plate QI4449) are UNDERCOVER COPS who carry out the above listed Title 18 US Code violations against Plaintiff as they keep Plaintiff’s dwelling under ILLEGAL video surveillance at all times; so they know when he leaves and when it’s safe to break & enter into his dwelling to steal from him, not to mention when he sleeps, so they can torture him. The same is true of the person who owns 2182 Gent Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana: they are GUILTY of ALL the above listed Title 18 US Code violations.


Indianapolis, Indiana racist white alchoholic Counter Intelligence Agent REPTILE chief of police Paul Ciesielski (here’s his picture: uses his employees to track, torture, break & enter into his home without warrant, conspire and attempt to murder, harass, and steal from Plaintiff every time Plaintiff leaves his dwelling. As Plaintiff has explained to the Courts in the past, he went out for groceries one morning around 2:30AM and as he was driving down 10th Street, an Indianapolis, Indiana police car with NO LIGHTS ON went right through a red light at the corner of Sherman. Plaintiff’s light was green and had he not slammed his brakes on, he would be in the hospital right now. Plaintiff wants The Courts and The World to know that cops follow and harass him EVERYWHERE HE GOES. This is a clear violation of Plaintiff’s civil rights.


I certify that all of the information contained within this complaint is true to the best of my knowledge.