Green Zone Follies

November 26, 2007

Baghdad: “Recently, Congressman Jack Murtha said that the Pentagon lies. They do but Murtha neglected to say that the Pentagon does so on Bush’s orders. They lie about the casualties, about the successes of the Resistance, about our vanished allies, about the total lack of Iraqi oil leaving the country.

  • They neglect to discuss that our putative allies, the Saudis, who actively supported the 9/11 people, are still shipping explosives into Iraq.

  • They do round up large numbers of terrified Iraqi civilians, give them paper U.S. flags and let their good chums on the New York Times take pictures of them laughing and dancing in the streets because the brilliant Bush “surge” has been a stunning success.

  • It has been a failure.

  • Patrols have been cut back to keep men from being slaughtered during the Christmas season.

  • The Turks have been killing off large numbers of Kurds in Northern Iraq and we won’t ever talk about it.

  • We have no allies.

  • There is no oil coming out of Iraq because most of the pipelines and pumping stations have been damaged or destroyed.

  • The Green Zone is shelled on a daily basis and we are pulling troops back to Baghdad from outlying posts that, in one case at least, were in danger of being overrun and exterminated.

  • The Iraqi government, so-called, fights among itself and is useless. They hate each other and they hate us.

    Before I was given a job justifying murder, I was a newspaper man. The American print media, and television now too, is a dying, very dying, industry. Why? The Internet is one reason but the obvious lies you see in formerly respectable papers like the New York Times or the Washington Post is another. Their obvious craven obedience to the government renders them useless as independent sources of information. And of course with the surge of viewers of the Internet, the advertisers have taken over, jamming their ads for substandard and overpriced merchandise down your throat. And nothing you write to others or order on line escapes the internet services. They gather information on everyone and pass it on immediately to advertisers so they can jam up your email box with more worthless ads for more junk. And worse, we here all know that Google, AOL, SBC, AT&T and other systems pour reams of your personal information into the government on a daily basis. If, for example, you order a nice bra for your wife or girlfriend from Victoria’s Secret, know that within nanoseconds, this is at once reported to interested advertisers and if you visit Google and try to look up any kind of a subject the lunatic government people deem to be “subversive” or “dangerous” that Google automatically informs the FBI and the DHS about your visit. And if you are dumb enough to look at a government-friendly Wikipedia, and you click on a subject of interest to special groups, you will be flooded with email ads. Look up ‘abortion’ and you get reams of idiot ‘Right-to-Life’ garbage poured into your mailbox for example. What can you do about all of this? Nothing. I heard a Colonel say this morning that if Cheney had the Big One, they could give him an enema and bury him in a shoebox. I assume that if it were Bush whom God took to His bosom, it would be a matchbox. Happy Holidays, friends!”