Green Zone Follies

October 25, 2007

Baghdad: ďAs I wrote you last week, the big scam here is to cut the death toll by at least half. The Pentagon has ordered us to continue compiling the figures, names, ranks and units, of the dead and with a separate listing for those wounded badly enough to have to be evacuated out of the theater. In other words, we were running to 3+ casualties per diem and we have been specifically ordered to release figures indicating this figure, which has been steady for years, be reduced to 2 per diem or less. This, they are doing. However for their filthy tricks, one of my co-workers thinks Bush is a walking piece of shit and has been making clandestine copies and has passed them to me. He has no idea that I am passing them on but wants to prove to me what assholes are running us over here. Getting these lists out is not easy because the censorship is worse that Stalinís Russia but it can be done. I have a thick file of names and I will get them back Stateside either tonight or tomorrow for sure. I hope you publish them. Put the official names in red and the unofficial (but still very dead) ones in regular black. Let the American people decide if theyíve had enough of this murderous asshole and his Nazi thugs. Oh, and donít believe a word of all the lies coming out of the Pig Farm there about attacking Iran. We could certainly bomb them and do terrible damage but at this point our troops are so tied up and so rebellious that any kind of a land operation is dead out. Also, from another chum down the hall, the Bush people are scared shitless that the Turks will actually invade northern Iraq to stop the growing Kurdish terror attacks. There is a lot of diplomatic back and forth but the long and short of it is that the Turks have told us, and our generals here, that if we donít stop this guerrilla incursion into their country, they will for sure invade and lay waste to everything in sight. Turks are famous for slaughtering anyone who gets in their way, women and children included, so donít bank on the Head Chimpster having any real effect. The Turks have given us deadlines which have come and gone and old Condi runs around like a hamster in a cage trying to convince Ankara that we will do something. I read a Turkish intercept this morning which shows that the Turks (like about everyone else) thinks Bush and Cheney are sickos and not to be believed. Bush visits a burn zone and hugs stupid locals. And promises everything. The poor deluded idiots will get nothing. The brass here thinks it is about time that Bush be arrested and removed. And this is from the top, not the grunts.Ē