Green Zone Follies

November 21, 2007

Baghdad: “My God, I love to read the online New York Times! What unadulterated shit! They claim that all is becoming peaceful and quiet here with joyful Iraqis opening markets, holding weddings in the street to the sound of laughing children. Oh, and we are told that the death tolls have dropped dramatically! The truth is that we send out fewer patrols so we have fewer casualties. The bad people are regularly shelling the Green Zone and killing people every day. The actual death tolls are as high as ever and I have some lovely pictures which I will send on for your readers. Believe me, all of this talk about the “pacification of Iraq” is very simplistic crude lies. The foreign press knows better as do the Iraqis, but Bush-friendly papers like the Times are spewing stupid propaganda out like shit out of a goose. No wonder the American media is losing viewers and readers by the gross on a daily basis. I noticed Curious George the Ape didn’t come here this Thanksgiving with an army of bodyguards for his plastic turkey, photo ops and fast, fast trip back. We ought to strap the asshole to a truck and drive around Baghdad with a big sign proclaiming his presence on the front. Five will get you ten he would look like Swiss cheese before they got a half a block. God Bless America and now send Cheney over for a similar show and tell!”