Green Zone Follies

December 17, 2007

Baghdad: ”We have had a number of small units mutiny and refuse to make street patrols but nothing has been said in our press because they are told to keep it quiet. Fragging of officers and NCOs have happened, but no one in the states ever hears about them. Drug use is worse than in the ghettos, and every day, men get killed during turf wars. The man blames the deaths on “enemy action.” The death tolls have dropped for the soldiers because we don’t patrol much any more. The Brits have gone, laughing all the way, and the Iranian-supported Shiites are taking over the port of Basra. Of course there is little or no oil getting out (in spite of the propaganda in the American press) because the resistance people have targeted the system and we don’t have the troops to guard the pipelines or the pumping stations. We aren’t allowed to talk about this, however. We can’t talk about the daily shelling of the Green Zone either. Another Christmas in Hell this year!”