Green Zone Follies

October 16, 2007

Baghdad: “Because it has been ordered from the Pentagon, the death tolls here are being deliberately underreported. The official DoD casualty site shows a total of 32 dead between the first of the month and the 17th while the real total, according to lists I managed to Xerox, are more like 105 dead. As a public service, I will scan these lists and send them on so that the American public can see for themselves how they are being lied to and how many of our young soldiers are being murdered. Also, I am trying to get a list of the seriously wounded. This is never released and runs to the many tens of thousands. I have no idea how this can be published but someone Stateside can find a way. The most important idea is to get them out before someone knocks on my door at night and I become another mysteriously vanished GI. Oh, and also, drug wars are raging here and it wouldn’t surprise me if some units mutinied. Marines were threatening to do this so they want to isolate them from a relatively public Baghdad with its many foreign diplomats and reporters, and ship them off to the safer and less public Afghanistan.”