Green Zone Follies

September 15, 2007

Baghdad: Finally, Bushs very own SS units, the Blackwater Butchers, are about to get the pink slip in their pay checks. Even the bloody-minded Iraqi Quislings here have had enough of the senseless and happy slaughter by Bushs bully boys. The Blackwater thugs have made many millions of dollars by doing what we in the Army cannot: butchering (and often raping) civilians. They are not subject to military law and Bush personally put them here to do just what they have been doing: terrorizing and killing anyone whom they personally feel might be an enemy. Some six year old terrorist might have run into that house? Fine, get out the flamethrowers boys and we will have a barbeque! The Army, of course, is getting the blame for these perverts and sadists and the damage they have done, and been paid for, will come back to haunt the American people years from now. I personally feel, as do many of my buddies here, that these weight-lifting, tattooed, thick-necked and tiny-brained assholes should be lined up and shot in their fat guts in batches of fifty and left for the flies and the local dogs. When the locals grabbed a vehicle full of these swine some time back, shot all of them, cut them up like the pigs they are, poured gas on the bits and pieces, set them on fire and hung the smoking remains on a local bridge, many of us, including my superior officer, quietly cheered. Oh, yes, the safest place to laugh or cheer here is in the heads where pictures of our Beloved Leader keep getting pasted up in the backs of urinals (only to be torn off by daily patrols of MPs designated solely for that purpose). Early each and every morning, when I go into the head, (and before the morning visits by the MPs) I really enjoy splashing the Head Chimpanzee with nice, warm piss. Bush is now called Captain Pissgums around here.