Green Zone Follies

November 10, 2007

“’Happy, happy, joy, joy’ is the word around here. They ought to issue the military PR people rubber boots because of the enormous, deep lakes of stinking bull shit that floats all over the Green Zone.

The butt-sucking American media is now telling you people about how peaceful Iraq is now, how little children are laughing and dancing in the streets because George Bush has brought Real Peace and Democracy to their smashed country. And we learn that almost no GIs are getting offed these days because of the stunning success of the Great Surge. All crap, kids, all crap. We lost too many grunts so they don’t go out on patrol anymore. No patrols, no IEDs to tear their legs off and, best of all, kids, no more dead to read about on the net.

Oh yes, peace has come down upon us all. Sure it has. The Green Zone is still being mortared regularly, the few patrols that dare to patrol the streets are still being blown into fragments but you never hear about it.


‘Victory’ is the key word here. Our troops have beaten the evil enemy! Bush has been proven right, kids! The surge has worked. Of course they won’t be bringing anyone home soon because they are needed as Permanent Party here to set up a huge forward base, like forward base Falcon that was wiped out.

We are here now for two reasons and two reasons only: To help guarantee a nice flow of oil to the States and to help our dear friends in Israel to fight their wars. No other reason at all. Think of all the glass eyes, metal legs and arms and homeless vets camping out in parks that have gone to pay for Israel’s security.

On the dismal subject of oil, most of the pumping stations and much of the pipelines have been blown up but we never talk about that.

The Brits wised up and left Basra. We don’t talk about this. What coalition? A few Poles, some Germans, one or two Tongans, three Georgians and a dozen or so others are our Unified Coalition! What a huge joke! They don’t talk about this one anymore.

Opium is flowering all over Afghanistan and since the CIA gets a cut of the profits, nothing is done about it. The real enemy, the Taliban, is wandering around Pakistan unmolested while our nasty hand puppet , the President of Pakistan, is declaring martial law and giving everyone the finger and the bull whip.

They are scared here that the Taliban will do a coup and get some of the A-bombs Pakistan has. Drop them on India and Tel Aviv? Sure, why not? India and Israel have their own bombs so it will be ‘Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy’ in the highly radioactive Persian Gulf.

They busted some grunts last week, pasting Bush’s picture up on the target butts. Poor George looked like a Swiss cheese. Sacrilege!

And What Would Jesus Do?