Green Zone Follies

September 9, 2007

Baghdad: “We all know inside the headquarters complex that the official story is that we are winning here. This is a bloody lie. Like the reduced (by at least half) casualty reports, stories about great victories over the Resistance movement (we are not allowed to call it that, ever) are pure crap. What happens is that we select an area with believed rebels resident (not always proven) clobber it with rockets, use tanks and anything else needed and clean out everything living, men, women and kids. Then we proclaim that this or that area is “fully pacified” for the Bush-friendly American press. However, as soon as our men pull out, the area is at once reoccupied but we are off liquidating another trouble area. When the Head Monkey arrived here recently, I note that he landed in a totally safe area, was very heavily guarded, and had an army of photographers with him. The area was pacified, not because of our brave troops using flamethrowers on the evil natives but because the local politicos had agreed to help us (for big bucks, of course, what else?) and so Bush got to have his brave photo ops which the Stateside press gobbled up. When we first came in here, many of the locals were happy we came; now they hate and fear us and whenever a truck full of young soldiers is blown into bits, they go out into the streets and piss on the mangled remains, screaming terrible things (I guess because I don’t speak Arabic) Of course there is a huge increase in rapes of nice young Muslim girls and some boys, but this, too, never gets a word anywhere. Oh yes, our ‘embedded’ reporters know all about this but they tell me there is a strong blackout on such unfortunate news. About ten days ago, after a “really successful pacification” operation, one of my friends here went into the area and saw some very old lady hanging from a tree with her guts spilled out onto the ground when one of her “liberators” had done a job with a Kbar. There are lots of wonderful things like that and if I weren’t afraid of being shot on the spot by one of the Special Goon Units, I would snap a few pixs for the people back home. Well, folks, you voted for the shit and you are getting what you paid for.”