Green Zone Follies

March 3, 2008

“ I guess the race for the White House has pushed the Iraqi and Afghanistani wars off the front pages, to the relief of the DoD and the White House. Bush’s infamous ‘surge’ is certainly working…that is if you don’t understand the rigged statistics. We have flooded Baghdad with troops and we shoot at anything that even looks like making trouble. Motorized patrols are far fewer and take much safer road routes than before. This has resulted in a drop in casualties here in Baghdad . On the other hand, the resistance people have just moved out into the boonies and are wreaking their havoc there. Of course when the DoD puts out its figures about lowered casualties, they are right but only in Baghdad . Death tolls from the provinces are never included in this so it makes the brass look good. Of course, at this point, the American public has another circus to watch and they are breathing much easier. Of course, if the nut McCain get in, we will be here forever and you will see mutinies everywhere. What will Crazy John do then, assuming the American public is stupid enough to elect him? Send over the Salvation Army to shoot the mutineers? And the Taliban is coming back strong in Afghanistan now that it is obvious that our favorite dictator is powerless to at least make a pretense of fighting them. The military, by Bush’s orders, are bombing the Taliban from Pakistani territory but the public is getting very angry with this and it will probably cause a major political break with us if we don’t stop. I doubt this would have any effect on the idiot Bush so we are in for more fun for the troops and much more work for the censors who will try to smooth over the coming mess. You ask? What are the casualties now? My answer is that I don’t know but they are for sure higher than the official versions. How much higher I don’t know because there are all very much censored and it is not wise to ask about them. I do know that the medical evacuation planes are very busy flying badly wounded men out of the country but the number and destinations of these around the clock flights are strictly controlled. Why? Because no one has the need to know, especially the American public in an election year. And who cares how many Iraqi civilians are gunned down? No one here and little of that ever leaves the country. And speaking of leaving the country, very little oil is getting out because the Bad Boys have been blowing up pipelines on a regular basis. I have seen some of the stories about the amount of oil going out but they are all lies. We do get CNN here but it is censored in that we get one story here from the same idiot news readers you see Stateside but they have a completely different message for us. You get the lies and we get the propaganda. The idea here, folks, is not to believe anything you see on television or read in the papers. Go to the internet. If you dig around, you’ll find more truth than you ever will anywhere else.”