Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers of 20,000 Undercover FBI Agents

Abruzzino, Wendy SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7190 US Absher, Carol r INTERN Abusuneima, Nehad TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 646-696-2486 2486 US Abusuneima, Nizar CONTRACTOR 646-696-2405 US Abusway, Eyad A TASK FORCE OFFICER 859-426-3355 US Acayan, Justina A FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 Accardo, Matthew W SPECIAL AGENT 415-558-1148 US Accardo, Paula J EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 623-466-1999 1265 Ace, Brian K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8357 US Acedillo, Dori B OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 415-553-7400 2702 US Acee, Bryan M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1663 US Aceituno, Roberto A FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-9830 49830 US Aceto, Elyse A 202-233-1249 US Acevedo, Carlos A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 787-997-2600 US Acevedo, Harry FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-3999 4047 Acevedo, Jason M TASK FORCE OFFICER 512-345-1111 Acevedo, Javier TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Acevedo, Jesse U INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH 713-936-8352 8352 US Acevedo, Manuel TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-495-7200 Acevedo, Marco SPECIAL AGENT 928-226-2614 US Acevedo, Maria FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 202-436-7925 7925 US Aceves, Maria G FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-7773 47773 US Achin, Scott A CONTRACTOR 304-625-5344 0 Achreja, Ratandeep S CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Acker, Derrick K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8745 US Acker, Karl L TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-679-6927 Acker, Matthew RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2262 2262 US Ackerman, Adam J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 415-553-7400 7303 US Ackerman, Caryn J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-566-4300 2855 US Ackerman, Devon P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 919-380-4574 US Ackerman, Fawn TASK FORCE OFFICER 856-701-1924 Ackerman, Gerard M FIELD SUPERVISOR 303-630-6620 US Ackerman, Jeremy SPECIAL AGENT 817-989-3329 3329 US Ackerman, Preston S FIELD SUPERVISOR 405-290-3680 US Ackerman, Rebecca T MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8386 48386 US Ackermann, Anita L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4176 4176 US Ackerrothwell, Wanda E CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 48198 Ackland, Aaron M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2737 US Ackles, Jason T TASK FORCE 402-493-8688 Ackley, Nicolle C CONTRACTOR 703-632-8043 US Ackley, Russell S TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 7798 US Acklin, Attie H INTERN Ackman, Scott M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-7770 US Acocella, Thomas D DETAILEE Acord, Christopher A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2646 Acors, Robert M CONTRACTOR 703-632-7961 US Acosta, Armelio SUPVY ITSPEC 754-703-2290 US Acosta, Ashley L CONTRACTOR 202-324-0960 US Acosta, Carlos O RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8760 8760 US Acosta, Danny M CONTRACTOR 703-985-2544 US Acosta, Heidi ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 754-703-2008 US Acosta, Joe L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-526-2351 US Acosta, Mario R TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1700 US Acosta, Miguel TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 US Acosta, Veronica M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 713-936-7203 US Acquarola, Theresa M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 215-418-4031 4031 US Acquavella, David F SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 518-465-7551 4884 US Acquavella, Laura M TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 518-431-7250 7250 US Acquaviva, Anthony SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 617-742-5533 6351 US Acree, Marcus D CONTRACTOR 571-350-4474 Acree, Michael R TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO Acrey, Maricelly INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 251-415-3223 3223 US Acton, Kristen V INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-287-6885 US Adachi, Karla K PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 818-902-4527 US Adair, Andrew J TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Adair, Austin W CONTRACTOR 703-985-1229 Adair, Gregory W CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-985-4130 US Adair, Jacqueline C SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-1623 31623 US Adair, Kevin A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 502-216-2010 US Adakai, Gwendolyn K TASK FORCE OFFICER 602-663-4567 US Adam, Chance J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2859 US Adam, Charles E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-998-7864 US Adam, Joy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4147 US Adamcewicz, Lisa M OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 203-503-5066 US Adamczyk, Leslie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8316 US Adame, Alisen M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 951-248-6569 US Adames, Joshua UNIT CHIEF 571-280-3661 US Adami, Peter S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4329 US Adamo, Joseph B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-361-2450 US Adamo, Rachel MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7403 47403 Adamowski, Carrie PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 215-418-4000 4135 US Adams, Amanda ITSPEC 202-233-9007 39007 US Adams, Anna R GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-790-3144 3144 US Adams, Anthony ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO US Adams, Ariel B INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 310-477-6565 Adams, Arnold B COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST Adams, Ashley N INTERN 502-263-6000 Adams, Bonnie K UNIT CHIEF 202-203-3675 3675 US Adams, Brenda J CONTRACTOR 202-233-9215 US Adams, Charles A SPECIAL AGENT 301-251-7311 US Adams, Chip J CONTRACTOR 703-985-1589 US Adams, Christopher L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Adams, Cynthia D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4570 4570 US Adams, Danny R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 503-460-8602 US Adams, Darlene A CONTRACTOR 202-203-1849 Adams, David J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-573-5663 US Adams, David V. CONTRACTOR 202-324-6179 46179 US Adams, Deshonne L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7438 47438 US Adams, Douglas C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-3629 US Adams, Earl TASK FORCE OFFICER 251-415-3273 US Adams, Eric C CONTRACTOR 202-651-8924 Adams, Frederick R TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-860-5000 Adams, Gary E TASK FORCE OFFICER 501-228-8543 0 Adams, Gordon E SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4352 4352 US Adams, Gregory D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 901-747-4300 US Adams, Herbert M TASK FORCE OFFICER 423-483-0218 US Adams, Jackie SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 716-843-5272 US Adams, Jakob A CONTRACTOR 703-985-1603 US Adams, James T FIELD SUPERVISOR 501-228-8410 8207 US Adams, Jasmine M BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-5291 45291 US Adams, Jennifer ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 503-460-8032 US Adams, Jennifer L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5712 5712 US Adams, Jill P MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6241 46241 US Adams, John S SAC 757-609-2600 US Adams, Karen S GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4596 4596 US Adams, Kathryn G ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 502-263-6028 6028 US Adams, Kevin R TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 716-843-1783 US Adams, Kimberly M CONTRACTOR 703-253-5127 US Adams, Lara BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-8284 US Adams, Latrice PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5953 US Adams, Linda C OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 248-879-6090 4073 US Adams, Mark B ITSPEC 208-238-5106 Adams, Mark E TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 US Adams, Mark S TASK FORCE OFFICER 402-493-8688 Adams, Mark W RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4826 4826 US Adams, Melanie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-369-8900 1069 US Adams, Melissa COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 801-579-1400 6015 US Adams, Melissa E SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 704-672-6767 US Adams, Melissa. H H CRYPTANALYST - FE 703-632-7360 US Adams, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 201-388-7565 US Adams, Michael SPECIAL AGENT Adams, Michael M. RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-242-1340 US Adams, Nancy K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3451 US Adams, Nichole W SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3203 US Adams, Nicole M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 310-996-5222 Adams, Nora C CONTRACTOR 97-379-2764985- US Adams, Patricia M CONTRACTOR 202-203-1824 US Adams, Raymond L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-527-2896 US Adams, Ryan G SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4146 2041 US Adams, Steven ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 505-889-1300 1555 US Adams, Steven S TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-454-4030 Adams, Sunshine C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1300 US Adams, Tanyetta M ACCOUNTANT 202-324-2304 42304 US Adams, Thomas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 804-261-1044 US Adams, Timothy SPECIAL AGENT 904-248-7028 US Adams, Timothy A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 904-248-7017 US Adams, Toya M TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-436-8800 Adams, Troy L CONTRACTOR 208-238-4708 US Adams, Valencia BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-2958 42958 US Adams, William C CONTRACTOR 202-651-3019 US Adams, William D UNIT CHIEF 703-872-5208 US Adams, Zachary S CONTRACTOR 540-658-8200 Adamson, Allegra L Adamson, Clay J DETAILEE 512-506-4113 US Adamson, Colby R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8525 US Adamson, Melissa W PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 503-460-8052 US Adamson, William A TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7106 US Adamz, Grant INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-0083 40083 US Adan, Amina A CONTRACTOR 763-569-8000 Adcock, Amy E SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2974 2974 US Adcock, Melissa INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 313-237-4015 US Addai, Isaac B CONTRACTOR 202-324-1809 41809 Addelston, Adam INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-3037 3037 US Addington, Geoffrey L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-583-5313 US Addington, Trevor A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Addison, Antoine L CONTRACTOR 301-618-8500 Addison, Gail M CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 Addison, Jacqueline M CONTRACTOR 202-324-2441 44519 US Addison, Kenneth A TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-481-9110 Addison, Vernon I RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 7306 US Addonizio, B J TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-3092 US Adduci, Peter F SPECIAL AGENT 415-559-9303 US Addy, Jason L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 505-889-1721 US Ade, Brian B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 2471 US Adefiyiju, Oladotun B CONTRACTOR 202-324-6689 46689 US Adelantar, Mary Ann A SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 7445 US Adelsberg, Samuel S INTERN 212-384-1000 Adenwalla, Zahabiyah S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3438 43438 US Adeoye, Abimbola CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Aderhold, Belinda M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 205-279-1438 1438 US Aderoba, Temitayo A UNIT CHIEF 202-324-7111 47111 US Adessa, Allegra M SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 973-792-3000 3042 US Adewuyi, Aderonke O CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Adeyiga, Adeniyi A. CONTRACTOR 202-323-9882 39882 Adeyokunnu, Adedotun O CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Adger, Katherine L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 504-816-3134 US Adib, Babak PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3563 US Adimari, Rebecca R ITSPEC-FE (FO) 858-638-7426 US Adish, Honishka J CONTRACTOR 202-278-2000 Adkins, Allysha INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-686-6223 Adkins, Amos M TASK FORCE OFFICER 606-432-1226 US Adkins, Brian C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4248 5525 US Adkins, Jeanne M FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-5688 US Adkins, Jonathan T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4363 US Adkins, Kara D MISSION SUPPORT ANALYST 804-627-4418 Adkins, Lydia D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-6547 US Adkins, Mary F STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 505-241-5100 US Adkins, Michael T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6226 6226 US Adkins, Patricia A HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-8513 48513 US Adkins, Regina W TASK FORCE OFFICER 318-676-3711 US Adkison, Christopher P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-558-1195 US Adle, Jenna N FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 410-277-6769 Adler, Gary C FIELD SUPERVISOR 503-460-8278 US Adler, Judy C HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 410-277-6741 US Adler, Nathaniel STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Administrator, BigFix Web Console 202-324-3873 Adolph, Chad S DETAILEE 513-421-4310 Adonay, Maricress B OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 202-324-1744 41744 Adorno, Olvin R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 787-754-6000 US Adra, Mohamed A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4373 US Adrian, A SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2869 2869 US Aduna, Deborah J LEAD DOCUMENT ANALYST 703-632-7308 7308 US Aejaz, Saaira TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8589 US Aerts, Sara A SPECIAL AGENT 303-630-6772 US Afan, Angelie A AUDITOR-FO 858-320-8328 8328 US Afdal, Brenda K TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 916-977-2310 US Afeiche, Bassam D CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 5027 Affairs, WFO Public WFO Public Affairs Afrassiabian, Kourosh CONTRACTOR 973-792-3042 US Afridi, Azam K TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2303 US Afshari, Khater S SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-212-5200 5200 US AFU.Miami US Agar, James R UNIT CHIEF 202-324-4953 4953 Agarwal, Rajev CONTRACTOR 703-633-5641 Agbeko, Christian K INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 8030 US Agent, K N SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-4093 US Aggarwal, Ashok P CONTRACTOR Aggarwal, Rajesh CONTRACTOR 571-350-4463 Aggison, Veatrice SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA Aghamalian, Barbara A Agner, Christina A MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-545-4103 US Agnew, Dorita A SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 703-212-4536 US Agnew, Howland J CONTRACTOR 202-324-0781 40781 US Agnew, Julien RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6418 US Agnew, Rachel L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 312-829-4232 US Agnihotri, Kamal CONTRACTOR 202-324-9781 49781 Agopsowicz, Samantha A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 509-892-9945 US Agostini, Amy D CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Agosto, Noelia A ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 787-754-6000 1523 US Agosto, Raymond J SUPVY POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6032 US Agrait, Ashley STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 754-703-3400 US Agrait, Thomas INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 954-547-2489 US Agrait, Thomas ITSPEC-FE (FO) 305-230-5718 US Aguado, Nicolas RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-2162 US Aguayo Padilla, Renee I STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 915-832-5000 5106 US Aguayza, Dyanna L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 562-345-1159 Aguilar, A Randy STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 330-456-6200 US Aguilar, Andrew M TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-541-5100 US Aguilar, Francisco H ITSPEC 304-625-5565 US Aguilar, Joseph PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7365 US Aguilar, Mario S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8177 US Aguilar, Nancy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6000 7650 US Aguilar, Pedro T ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 011-52-55-5080-2177 US Aguilar, Ramon B CONTRACTOR 703-686-7610 US Aguilar, Tia CONTRACTOR 703-632-7492 US Aguilar, Tiburcio RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4326 4326 US Aguilera, Carlos H INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4434 4434 US Aguilera, Juan J TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-8301 Aguirre, Andreas T SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8590 US Aguirre, Jaime SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4948 Aguirre, Javier TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Aguirre, Ronald R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 713-936-8128 US Agyemang, Daniel O ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 313-965-3582 US Ahalt, Kaitlin O CONTRACTOR 571-350-0000 Ahearn, Peter J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 919-380-4548 US Ahern, Joseph A FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 973-792-3000 3028 US Ahern, Kim F CONTRACTOR 202-324-4736 44736 Ahern, Timothy M TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Ahl, Meghan E SPECIAL AGENT 718-286-7100 7427 US Ahlberg, Brian D TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-597-5105 US Ahlberg, Nicole SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-3891 US Ahlers, Brian A SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4335 US Ahlert, Laura SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6292 US Ahlgren, David B CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Ahlman, Lauri M SPECIAL AGENT 510-808-8489 US Ahmad, Catherine B MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-482-2897 US Ahmad, Isaam MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0287 40287 US Ahmadcarroll, Maheen CONTRACTOR 754-703-2231 US Ahmadzai, Ozma S CONTRACTOR 703-686-6947 US Ahmed, Ali M CONTRACTOR 301-586-4564 US Ahmed, Aniket S CONTRACTOR 202-324-9698 49698 Ahmed, Fazal CONTRACTOR 301-586-4474 US Ahmed, Holly LEGAT OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 011-233-30-274-1395 Ahmed, Joseph S TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-856-7800 US Ahmed, Mashruf S SPECIAL AGENT 562-409-1499 US Ahmed, Sumaia S CONTRACTOR 202-651-4249 US Ahmed, Syed CONTRACTOR 202-324-2533 US Ahmed, Syed A CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US Ahmetaj, Denis OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Ahn, Davis Y CONTRACTOR 703-565-6783 Ahquin, Derek K DETAILEE 808-566-4300 Ahrens, Derrick J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-2419 2419 US Ahuja, Akshay A LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 971-2-414-2688 US Ahumada, Yvette TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-4257 Aichele, Adam D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-5381 35381 US Aiello, Cynthia E INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 510-808-8322 US Aiken, Eugene E FACILITIES MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 208-238-5000 5102 US Aiken, Jill J FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 205-279-1020 US Aiken, Matthew T DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Aikens, Jacqueline C GENERAL CLERICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE 202-324-3000 42773 Aikens, Kevin J CONTRACTOR 703-632-1538 US Ailey, Charles SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 601-713-7419 US Aiman, Norman R DETAILEE 703-632-1603 US Aimaro, Frank J SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4177 4177 US Aime, James B TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3209 US Ainger, Timothy STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 703-632-4207 Ainora, Thomas SENIOR NATIONAL INTEL OFFICER 202-324-0000 40911 US Ainsley, Daniel R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 312-421-6700 US Ainsworth, Steven M SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-545-7869 US Ainsworth, Thomas GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4166 4166 Airhart, Gail M SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 504-816-3000 US Airhart, Theron A TELECOMMUN MANAGER 202-324-0250 40250 US Aisenberg, Michael A CONTRACTOR 202-203-1786 Aitbelhaj, Driss MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7926 7926 US Ajayi, Brian INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Akagha, Ikedinachi SPECIAL AGENT 314-589-2500 Akai, Imeyen A CONTRACTOR 202-651-2152 Akal-Strader, Ayca CONTRACTOR 865-712-2350 Akbar, Amreen ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 212-374-1000 2049 Akberzie, Nadia B MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-686-6251 US Aken, Jenifer A CONTRACTOR 703-633-4657 Aken, Matthew W ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 613-688-5375 US Aker, Dean F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 719-329-7382 US Akers, Andrew A FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4134 US Akers, Joann U OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 804-261-1044 804-627-4497 US Akers, John TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-481-9110 Akers, Justin A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3844 US Akers, Matthew D DETAILEE 703-961-2060 US Akers, Michelle A FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-5773 US Akhbari, Abdolghani TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 916-977-2480 2480 US Akhunzadah, Ahmad CONTRACTOR 202-324-9518 49518 US Akin, Catherine M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 602-377-9108 US Akin, Larry D LAW ENFORCEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1744 1744 US Akina, Scott A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 805-986-7074 US Akinkoye, Olakanmi A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-323-1352 41352 Akinosho, Kitan MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9467 49467 Akins, Timmy K PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 479-573-0702 US Akioye, Akin A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Akkam, Najah LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 313-965-2323 4428 US Akley, Hiam TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 404-417-3836 US Akman, Paul ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-2774 42774 US Akocs, Karoly CONTRACTOR 202-324-1529 41529 Akopyan, Ana SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-3923 3923 US Akoto, Yolanda N CONTRACTOR 202-323-0086 Akronowitz, Liad SIGN LANG INTRPRTR/READING SPEC 202-324-3348 43348 US Aksan, Cengiz A CONTRACTOR 973-792-7638 US Aku, Loretta CONTRACTOR 202-324-9062 49062 Al-Ali, Barbra R TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 915-832-5065 US Al-Hadidi, Rhonda L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5872 US Alabi, Timothy B CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Alade, Adebowale B SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6060 US Alafa, Alicia E CONTRACTOR 956-984-63496 US Alafogiannis, Areti TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-4499 US Alam, Mumtaz M CONTRACTOR 571-296-4039 Alam, Syed A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 312-829-7957 7957 US Alameda, Michelle M COLLECTIONS OPERATIONS ANALYST 202-278-4094 54094 US Alamo, Wilberto ITSPEC-FE (FO) 787-754-6000 5699 US Alamo-Landrau, Ramphis TELECOMMUN MANAGER Alan, Ara H CONTRACTOR 703-553-6100 Alani, Tarek R FIELD SUPERVISOR 951-248-6503 US Alaniz, Alan ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 713-936-8127 US Alaniz, Kimberly SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6377 US Alaniz, Osvaldo ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 210-650-6290 US Alario, Terry J TASK FORCE OFFICER Alas, Hussein O CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 US Alastanos, Christopher D PAINTER SUPVR 304-625-3819 US Alawie, Bushra M COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 313-965-3567 US Alayu, Thomas A CONTRACTOR 703-965-0437 Alba, Rosalina STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 512-506-2160 US Albanez, Claudia CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US Albani, James J ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 412-432-4182 US Albano, Alexis M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-7309 7309 US Albany US Albany, Outreach Albarado, Enrique TASK FORCE 713-693-5000 Albasheir, Towanda OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 4437 US Albaugh, David R. CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 5329 US Albayalde, Jomar TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4200 Alberico, Giovanni TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4690 Albers, Barbara V MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5248 US Albers, David M TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 Albers, Lyudmila CONTRACTOR 703-983-9566 US Albert, James M TASK FORCE OFFICER 413-736-0301 US Albert, Jeffrey P SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST Albert, Joyce M TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-409-1400 Albert, Kyle RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 6274 US Alberti, Matthew DETAILEE 703-633-4079 Alberti, Robert J TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Alberts, Jason P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3125 US Alberts, Shanneece SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3117 43117 US Albertson, Brian INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT US Albertson, Jennifer L DEPUTY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 202-278-3501 3501 US Albites, Kymberleigh STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 410-277-6358 6358 Alblinger, Patrick K TASK FORCE OFFICER 217-522-9675 Albohm, Blake C DETAILEE 646-696-2000 Albowicz, Nikole A TASK FORCE OFFICER US Albrecht, Madeline SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3453 US Albrechtsen, Justin S CONTRACTOR 319-290-9891 US Albrethsen, Michael CONTRACTOR 412-268-4252 Albretsen, Jule RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-818-1242 US Albright, Tina LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER Albritton, Martha J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 601-713-7627 7627 US Albritton, Nakita K CONTRACTOR 703-985-6277 Albury, Terry J SPECIAL AGENT 763-569-8782 US Alcala-Pascualli, Hector F TASK FORCE OFFICER 859-229-9676 Alcantara, Jason INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-8849 48612 US Alcantara, Kristen STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-320-8590 US Alcantara, Luis P CONTRACTOR Alcantara, Rachelle STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-320-8594 US Alcaraz, Lisa M INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 815-720-4621 US Alcidor, Joffrey S MGMT&PROG ASST 202-323-8016 48016 US Alcoke, Matthew R ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 703-553-7223 US Alcones, Christopher N CONTRACTOR 703-672-2031 US Alcorn, Daniel R CONTRACTOR 202-324-1564 41564 ALDAPE, MICHELLE L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Alden, Charles E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 303-629-7171 US Aldenberg, William B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5200 US Alder, Jacob E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Alder, Jason K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 219-769-9846 US Alderete, George TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-8896 US Alderete, Jeannette Y INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 505-889-1507 US Alderman, Logan A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Alderman, Robert E TASK FORCE OFFICER 330-456-6200 US Alderman, Sherri L FIELD SUPERVISOR 813-253-1262 US Alderson, Deborah H CONTRACTOR 202-323-9680 Alderson, Harry D SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 415-575-2727 Alderucci, Marc A TASK FORCE OFFICER 203-238-0505 US Aldrich, Christopher W TASK FORCE OFFICER 906-226-2058 Aldrich, Mark R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4460 4460 US Aldrich, Mark R PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 540-368-8516 US Aldrich, Mark. W W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 916-486-5561 US Aldrich, Timothy A ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 904-248-7063 7063 US Aldridge, Bradley P INTERN 662-234-1713 US Aldridge, Fredrick D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 304-624-6200 0308 US Fredrick.Aldridge@IC.FBI.GOV Aldridge, Melanie K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 423-282-8090 7820 US Aldridge, Thomas G GENERAL ATTORNEY 304-625-3620 53620 US Alduende, Ivonne SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3470 US Ale, Marietta A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 845-220-4250 US Ale, Ricardo RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-984-6435 US Alegre, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-558-1067 US Aleksandrov, Serge M DETAILEE 540-899-1207 Aleman, Antonio TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5151 US Aleman, Arthur A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8204 48204 US Aleman, Luis POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Alerassool, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 9737923000 3413 US Alesi, Donald V INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Alessandri, Nalini INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 407-838-8482 US Alessi, Michael J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-541-6956 US Alex, Constantine A SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-3976 US Alex, Matthew RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3138 US Alex, Peter MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5019 US Alexander, Adam MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1546 41546 US Alexander, Alisha T CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Alexander, Alisia M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-233-9344 US Alexander, B. S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-629-7171 US Alexander, Brian R MGMT&PROG ANAL 208-238-5221 US Alexander, Cindy M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-713-4075 4075 US Alexander, D D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-638-7685 US Alexander, Elizabeth A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 501-228-8438 US Alexander, Elizabeth C SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4937 US Alexander, Franklin J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-7770 3698 US Alexander, George RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3210 US Alexander, Gregory A CONTRACTOR 571-350-4167 4167 Alexander, Jason M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5130 US Alexander, John Bruce C SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-323-9088 39088 US Alexander, Kyle A GENERAL CLERICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE 202-324-3000 Alexander, Lance W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1449 US Alexander, Lanesha HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-4589 4589 Alexander, Lawrence R FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-5220 35220 US Alexander, Mark PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6245 US Alexander, Marstin N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2729 US Alexander, Matthew G SPECIAL AGENT 256-885-3601 US Alexander, Michael INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-7417 US Alexander, Michael R FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1543 US Alexander, Nicholas F TASK FORCE OFFICER 715-835-3761 US Alexander, Nizam H SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 501-221-8210 US Alexander, Owen R PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5864 US Alexander, Richard RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3464 US Alexander, Ryan SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3324 US Alexander, Sandra R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-233-1397 US Alexander, Tatyana V INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 408-558-1066 1066 US Alexander, Wesley SPECIAL AGENT Alexandri, Remo CONTRACTOR 763-569-8000 Alfano, Margaret E MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-7392 7392 US Alfaro, Luisa ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2000 3451 US Alfaro, Virginia D CONTRACTOR 571-350-4095 Alfayed, Nadia CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Alferez, Emidio TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-541-5167 Alfieri, Michael K ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 813-253-1118 1118 US Alfin, Daniel I RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-981-8695 US Alfonsi, Dawn M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 US Alfonso, Francisco TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-525-3198 US Alfonso, Paula V CONTRACTOR 202-324-9553 49553 Alfonso, Rick PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US Alford, Brian C SPECIAL AGENT 228-938-2626 2626 US Alford, Jeffrey W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 802-773-6455 US Alford, Joshua RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-279-1447 US Alford, Manley ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-6488 US Alford, Mark W SPECIAL AGENT 603-472-2224 US Alford, Michael PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-4610 US Alford, Thurmond MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-8727 US Alfredo, Bryan T STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 330-258-4138 US Algee, John B CONTRACTOR 304-625-5762 US Alhamarneh, Banan CONTRACTOR 202-324-5612 45612 Alhambra, Alina D LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 312-829-7946 US Alhariri, Tara S MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4020 US Alhat, Ganesh CONTRACTOR 540-868-2369 Alhusen, Philipp W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-981-8771 8730 US Alhussaini, Hashim INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-686-6266 6266 US Ali, Aisha D FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-9253 49253 US Ali, Ali H UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2296 42296 US Ali, Asghar TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4416 US Ali, David I CTOC SPECIALIST 813-253-1000 1478 US Ali, Elijah A CONTRACTOR 202-207-4192 US Ali, Faduma Y CONTRACTOR 202-962-9469 Ali, Mustafa J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS US Ali, Rania O CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-322-5973 5973 Ali, Sherine PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7000 7999 US Ali, Steven T CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Aliaga, Jorge A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 US Alicea, Angel L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-0096 40096 US ALICEA, HECTOR M TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-856-7800 Alicea, Ivette FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 754-703-3049 US Alicea, Waldemar R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US Alim, Amara TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8592 US Alimenti, Anthony PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 501-228-8577 0577 US Alinaya, Abelardo R TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-3310 Alioto, Victoria B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-684-5779 US Alipio, Cyril C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 915-832-5000 5342 US Alix, Kathryn CONTRACT SPECIALIST 304-625-4080 US Alix, Richard C LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7907 US AlKarbouli, Wafa TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 313-965-2323 1684 US Alker, Michael E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 213-621-6808 US Alkhazaji, Abdul K CONTRACTOR 865-602-6912 US Alkire, Charles TASK FORCE OFFICER 651-686-0335 Alkire, Jerry A TASK FORCE OFFICER 318-861-1890 US Allan, Aaron E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-1407 US Allan, Janet L CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9581 US Allan, Jonathan P CONTRACTOR 202-203-5986 US Allan, Keith E SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5208 US Allan, William N SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-3886 US Allard, Cynthia L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 229-434-1489 US Allbritton, Justin PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6307 US Allbritton, Terry SUPVY EQUAL EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-7381 47381 US Alldredge, Steven J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-565-1255 US Allebach, Jeffrey INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-2506 42506 US Allebach, Lisa M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-0985 40985 US Allee, Scott D STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 973-792-3350 US Allegra, Karic J CONTRACTOR 304-625-5208 Allen, Andrew ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN Allen, Annalisa INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Allen, Antoinette L ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 804-627-4407 804-627-4494 US Allen, Barbara C FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 915-832-5000 5223 US Allen, Belinda R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 703-686-6741 US Allen, Benjamin N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 609-677-6400 6423 US Allen, Bernadette K SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8103 US Allen, Betina L CRIMINAL HISTORY CHALLENGE ANALYST 304-625-9230 US Allen, Beverly A DETAILEE 703-633-0000 Allen, Bryan J TASK FORCE OFFICER 330-456-6200 US Allen, Carol TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 202-324-6932 46932 US Allen, Carrie J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 408-558-1024 1024 US Allen, Cassandra R INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 713-936-8729 US Allen, Charles J ITSPEC 202-324-2655 42655 US Allen, Christopher M CONTRACTOR 304-625-4937 Allen, Christopher M PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-5681 45681 US Allen, Crystal J MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-280-5039 15637 US Allen, Danny R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 901-626-4894 US Allen, David W CONTRACTOR 202-324-3452 Allen, Dennis A AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 216-622-8241 US Allen, Dorian V TASK FORCE OFFICER 601-713-7180 US Allen, Eric T CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Allen, Eunice A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-633-5253 US Allen, Evelyn S FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-5714 US Allen, Finita L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-2163 2163 US Allen, Francine T MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3282 3282 US Allen, Frederick J SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2847 2847 US Allen, Harlan CONTRACTOR 202-324-2803 42803 US Allen, J C SPECIAL AGENT 520-452-3809 Allen, J Ryan R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 318-864-2633 2633 US Allen, Jacqueline TECHNCL INF SPEC 757-609-2586 US Allen, James S INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 973-792-3000 US Allen, James M UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2056 42056 US Allen, James S SENIOR ITSPEC 703-872-5376 5376 Allen, Jason D CONTRACTOR 202-436-7445 67445 Allen, Jeffrey M EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 912-790-3103 US Allen, Jeffrey R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 5548 US Allen, Jennifer K DETAILEE 202-324-7733 Allen, Jimmy D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 713-702-9077 US Allen, John L ITSPEC 202-324-4861 44861 US Allen, Joshua C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 5529 US Allen, Joshua D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 423-755-5565 US Allen, Judi CONTRACTOR 703-983-9608 US Allen, Julia INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-1411 41411 US Allen, Keri STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 617-742-5533 US Allen, Kevin L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4314 44314 US Allen, Kristen C CONTRACTOR 202-324-9865 Allen, Kristen M INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-9331 39331 US Allen, Kyle E TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-630-6740 US Allen, Laurie A SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3000 3316 US Allen, Lawson B SPECIAL AGENT 334-466-5041 US Allen, Leon O CONTRACTOR 202-383-9661 US Allen, Lori S ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 478-744-0540 US Allen, Lynne N MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4316 US Allen, Marcus O STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 704-672-6404 Allen, Marjorie STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 314-589-2552 US Allen, Mark L SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4512 US Allen, Matthew M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 585-279-0245 US Allen, Mavis B OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST 703-632-4577 4577 US Allen, Megan K LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 801-579-6229 6229 US Allen, Melissa FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8134 Allen, Melvinia L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4115 4115 US Allen, Michelle C CONTRACTOR 703-632-8479 US Allen, Morris INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 3014 US Allen, Palmer E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 318-387-0773 US Allen, Paul E SPECIAL AGENT 574-233-4488 US Allen, Paul G STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 561-822-5952 US Allen, Paul M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4000 4108 US Allen, Randall D UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2201 42201 US Allen, Reginald TASK FORCE OFFICER 804-261-1044 Allen, Robert SPECIAL AGENT 479-573-0702 US Allen, Robert E DETAILEE 571-350-7201 Allen, Ron K CONTRACTOR 202-324-5972 45972 Allen, Ronald L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 763-569-8000 US Allen, Russell E CONTRACTOR 202-233-2242 32242 US Allen, Ryan L TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-701-1924 Allen, Sarah M REALTY SPECIALIST 202-651-8936 US Allen, Scott J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-5226 15307 US Allen, Season D TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 205-279-1171 1171 US Allen, Shanna INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 303-629-7171 Allen, Shiloh A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 406-453-9619 US Allen, Steven H CONTRACTOR 570-350-4421 Allen, Sunny L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 864-232-3807 0203 US Allen, Suzanne RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1221 US Allen, Teresa L CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 54930 Allen, Teresa M PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST-DO 202-324-5624 45624 US Allen, Travis ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 901-747-9592 US Allen, Zina SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4399 US Allen-Mercer, Denise N PHOTOGRAPHER (FORENSIC) 703-632-8122 US Allender, John C GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-436-8175 John.Allender@ic.FBI.GOV Alley, Adam D. CONTRACTOR Alley, Olivia A SPECIAL AGENT 318-561-6066 US Alleyne, Andy E ITSPEC 202-324-9870 49870 US Alleyne, Carl CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Alleyne, Darren G CONTRACTOR 415-553-7581 Alliprandine, Christopher M TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-649-7902 Allison, Ariel E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 405-290-3747 3747 US Allison, Daryl RELIEF SUPERVISOR 907-265-8130 US Allison, Freddie A EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST (GUNSMITH) 703-632-1814 1814 US Allison, James R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Allison, Jeff 202-324-6007 46007 US Allison, Jeffery E INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1447 1447 US Allison, Joseph M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 52507 US Allison, Krista M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Allison, Lesley C DETAILEE 202-324-1390 41390 US Allison, Matthew F SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3148 US Allison, Mercede N INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 803-551-4200 4376 US Allison, Paula L DETAILEE 202-324-0452 40452 Allison, Ralph M CONTRACTOR 703-335-1587 Allison, Sandrice RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4467 4467 US Allman, Jeremy P TASK FORCE OFFICER 423-265-3601 US Allman, Julie A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8050 US Allman, Kara L STATISTICAL ASSISTANT 304-625-7744 US Allman, Marcia V FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-4294 US Allnutt, John C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-5494 US Allovio, Jeffrey M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 2106506238 US Allport, Jared E CONTRACTOR 202-323-1150 31150 Allred, Aaron INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST US Allred, Brent M Allred, Laura INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 858-320-5767 US Allred, Matthew S TASK FORCE OFFICER 336-855-7770 US Allred, Nathan B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 801-374-5332 US Allred, Samantha OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Allums, Robert A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 512-506-2674 US Almady, Robert E ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 216-622-6881 6881 US Almanza, Jose A TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4933 Almanzor, Lauren A SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4000 4155 US Almario, Jamie A TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3411 US Almasov, Olga SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 202-278-4441 US Almasy, Christine STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 216-622-3887 US Almasy, R. Scott S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 916-977-2512 US Almazan, Winlove OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 808-673-2704 2704 US Almeda, Gregory RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3966 US Almeda, Kristin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 208-526-5566 US Almeida, Marissa E TASK FORCE OFFICER 915-832-5000 US Almendarez, Mary D SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 312-829-5171 5171 US Almissouri, Fajat M CONTRACTOR 202-962-9432 Almodovar, Barbara R TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-4639 4639 US Almodovar, Bienvenido FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 203-630-5910 US Almodovar, Hector L CONTRACTOR 646-696-2000 2444 US Almodovar, Javier FIELD SUPERVISOR 505-889-1300 1530 US Almodovar, Jody A TASK FORCE OFFICER 631-501-8600 US Almodovar-Burgos, Roberto L TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Almon, Eugene T CONTRACTOR 202-324-2216 42216 US Almquest, Collin T CONTRACTOR 910-580-1125 Almquist, Daniel ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 713-936-7337 US Almy, Griffin T CONTRACTOR 703-994-9194 US Alnemri, Eyad J TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-8394 US Aloma, Regla OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 754-703-2080 US Alon, Paul G CONTRACTOR 202-324-4224 44224 US Alon, Timothy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 562-590-6670 US Alonge, Helena D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-403-7105 US Alonge, Pamela A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2831 Alonso, Brandy A ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 210-650-6409 US Alonso, Christopher M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 210-650-6281 US Alonso, Maria E SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 754-703-2026 US Alonzo, Heidi B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 562-254-6980 US Aloys, Jenny B CONTRACTOR 202-651-4253 Alpe, Bruce D CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER 713-936-7677 US Alperi, Julia R CONTRACTOR 703-488-9734 US Alperovich, Margarita CONTRACTOR 203-777-6311 US Alpert, David A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Alrubaiej, Ammar A DETAILEE 202-278-2000 Alsakka, Mark TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 313-237-4087 4087 US Alsop, Brian J OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 310-570-6776 US Alston, Anna D PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-1029 41029 US Alston, Anthony D SPECIAL AGENT 714-939-8699 3282 US Alston, Michael CONTRACTOR 202-324-2350 Alston, Vincent A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST US Alston, Yolanda A SECURITY ASSISTANT (COMSEC) 212-451-6300 6367 US Alsup, James D SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4648 4648 US Alt, Ashley M CONTRACTOR 412-432-4445 Alt, Lacey L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 410-636-9362 US Alt, Lindsey INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Altamirano, Luis SPECIAL AGENT 714-939-8699 3351 US Altenburg, David C 202-278-2117 2117 US Altenburg, Joanne M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6213 US Alteri, Richard J TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8000 Althen, John W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-7487 US Altier, Jessica A SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-545-4944 US Altieri, Derek E SPECIAL AGENT 609-677-6400 US Altieri, Gerald SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2191 2191 US Altieri, Karen SPECIAL AGENT 914-989-6000 6027 US Altimari, Joseph M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 914-989-6000 6042 US Altman, Joseph H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 6200 US Altmann, Hannah L CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Alto, Debra L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 561-822-5977 US Altomare, Timothy J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-2035 2035 US Altounian, Jilber TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1742 US Altringer, Christina FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 623-466-1697 US Altshuler, Natalie CONTRACTOR 646-696-2691 US Alvarado, Candi L CONTRACTOR 703-632-7517 Alvarado, Chad A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 303-597-5105 US Alvarado, Christopher TASK FORCE OFFICER Alvarado, Felix H FIELD SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 2184 US Alvarado, Francisco A CONTRACTOR 202-220-9278 US Alvarado, Isaac J Alvarado, Michael C TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Alvarado, Orlando QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST-AIRCR 202-497-7623 US Alvarado, Zulma D CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Alvarado-Miranda, Osvaldo TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 Alvarez, Ana E TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST Alvarez, Beth F PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-2600 8624 US Alvarez, Brian D SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2208 2208 US Alvarez, Enrique M STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 510-808-8490 US Alvarez, Gian CONTRACTOR UNK Alvarez, Hugo V ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 310-477-6565 3725 US Alvarez, Ida Y OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 956-984-6357 US Alvarez, Jose STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Alvarez, Juan P TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Alvarez, Julie R MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4453 US Alvarez, Kevin A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 5658 US Alvarez, Leslie T MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3734 Alvarez, Luis A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8678 US Alvarez, Manuel ASAC 916-977-2202 US Alvarez, Monica SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 404-679-6157 US Alvarez, Nancy D INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 915-832-5000 5206 US Alvarez, Osbaldo DETAILEE Alvarez, Oscar A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 973-792-3000 3377 US Alvarez, Oscar M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 916-956-9939 US Alvarez, Ramses EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 703-632-7292 US Alvarez, Raymond INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Alvarez, Rossana CONTRACTOR 202-203-5889 Alvarez Tostado, Joaquin TASK FORCE OFFICER Alvarez-Drier, Jennifer M TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-589-2500 US Alvarez-Karnes, Lynnette RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-553-8125 US Alvarez-Luna, Celines INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 562-982-1982 US Alvarez-Rodriguez, Julio C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 2218 US Alverson, Phillip M CONTRACTOR 513-881-3438 Alves, Elizabeth L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 617-223-6159 US Alves, Rachael M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 617-223-6386 US Alvey, Jessie N TASK FORCE OFFICER 928-679-0727 US Alviani, Gwendolyn C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-6452 3000 US Alvis, Benjamin A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6497 US Alviso, Aaron INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 210-792-6799 US Alvord, Daniel M CONTRACTOR 202-324-8779 48779 US Alvord, Timothy M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 330-491-5104 US Alway, B R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 601-713-7760 US Alway, Donald SAC 601-713-7111 US Alwine, David W MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-8100 38100 US Alwine, Ricky SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-6080 6080 US Alwine, Sarah E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6000 6675 US Aly, Mohamed N CONTRACTOR 415-553-5772 US Alyadinov, Mansur TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 703-686-6951 6951 US Alyounes, Abdallah M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 011-966-11-488-3800 US Alzaga, Jorge F TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-594-2227 Alzayat, Mlyard CONTRACTOR 202-651-4244 Alznauer, Gregory T FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-4028 US Alzner, Richard K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 269-349-9607 US Amacker, Paul L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5469 5469 US Amadi, Sharon M IDENTIFICATION RECORDS SUPVR 304-625-9604 US Amador, Ruben ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 623-466-1117 US Amaizo, Adeline A CONTRACTOR 202-436-7718 7718 US Amaker, Camisha CONTRACTOR 202-323-4543 US Aman, Thomas N DETAILEE 561-402-4501 Amann, Robert A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 773-686-7706 US Amarillo US Amato, Frank E CONTRACTOR 901-747-9645 US Amato, Gregory L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 503-460-8527 US Amato, James G MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATING 212-384-1000 4680 US Amato, Jamie L CONTRACTOR 703-632-8508 Amato, Joseph ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8343 US Amato, Julie A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Amato, Steven L MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-651-3009 US Amaya, Oscar O CONTRACTOR 414-213-9078 Ambery, William P TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2660 US Ambrisco, Janet E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-553-8224 3505 US Ambriz, Mary F SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 915-832-5214 US Ambrogio, Joseph S TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5223 US Ambrogio, Paul RELIEF SUPERVISOR 413-205-1711 US Ambrose, Lea A INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 816-512-8746 US Ambrose, Orrin J SPECIAL AGENT 502-263-6342 6342 US Ambrosini, Jenna INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 858-320-5710 5710 US Ambrosini, Robert J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4258 US Ambrosio, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 366-855-7770 US Ambrozaitis, Donna PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 609-689-7955 US Amburn, Robin L SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 804-627-4416 804-627-4495 US Amdall, Jonathan INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 318-619-2301 US Amerena, Rosemary FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 915-842-7631 US Ameri, Amir H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2349 US Americo, Karen OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 646-696-3010 3010 US Amerling, Joseph TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Amerson, Sarah STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 757-609-2608 US Ames, Andrew C PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-278-3049 US Ames, Brett C CONTRACTOR 703-335-2761 Ames, Donald L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-1543 US Ames, Erica M BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-8380 US Ames, Glenn G CONTRACTOR 202-324-9518 49518 US Ames, Karen G DETAILEE 202-324-8459 48459 AMF.Miami US Amick, Robert A TASK FORCE OFFICER 812-948-8002 US Amigo, John C STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST US Amigo, Maritess B STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-4813 4813 US Amin, Azrin CIVIL ENGINEER 202-323-4675 34675 US Amin, Mouloda MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-1000 1224 US Aminian, Fatameh TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 503-460-8075 US Amiotte, Tucker TASK FORCE OFFICER 605-224-1331 Amirneni, Prasad CONTRACTOR 571-350-4453 Amirrezvani, John A CONTRACTOR 703-985-3739 Amman, Molly A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4196 US Ammerman, Elizabeth A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5590 45590 US Ammerman, Wade W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 859-341-3901 US Ammons, James E UNIT CHIEF 703-632-4352 US Ammons, Melissa A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-772-2126 US Amo, Jennifer J SPECIAL AGENT 716-843-5241 US Amoah, Yolanda P CONTRACTOR 540-361-4622 Amoakoatta, Martin N CONTRACTOR 703-632-3026 US Amodio, Britney J CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 52318 Amon, Timothy J TELECOMMUN MANAGER 202-323-3838 33838 US Amor, Kellie CONTRACTOR 202-324-1249 Amore, Dolore A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 518-431-7200 US Amoriell, W. J SPECIAL AGENT 518-563-4680 US Amoroso Jr, Michael E LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7285 Amos, Danny K BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5627 US Amos, Jason M ITSPEC (SEC) 202-324-3463 43463 US Amos, Katrina J FIELD SUPERVISOR 801-579-6526 Amos, Tyler R CONTRACTOR 571-350-4714 Amoyaw, Aurelia CONSTRUCTION ANALYST 202-323-8128 38128 Amrhein, Deborah S STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 408-558-1050 US Amsel, Annette TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 904-248-7194 6132 US Amsen, Jennifer M Amsler, Clayton W SPECIAL AGENT 847-734-9861 US Amstone, Ryan T DETAILEE tbd Amundsen, Margery E SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 763-569-8765 US Amundson, J T SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 419-254-8963 US Amundson, Mark T TASK FORCE OFFICER 702-385-1281 An, Dennis C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4304 US An, Johanna S STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 858-320-1860 An, Seok H CONTRACTOR 703-322-5602 US An, Tao LEGAT OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 011-34-91-587-2349 2 An, Yoon ITSPEC (SEC) 202-203-1828 US Anacker, Steven FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 256-213-2402 US Anandappa, Christina M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 623-466-1756 US Ananthakrishnan, Heidi E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5119 US Anastasas, Aris FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-5148 45148 US Anastasio, Anthony L CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Anastasio, Helyn W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8582 US Anastasiou, George J DETAILEE 212-384-5000 Anaya, Amy A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-268-2835 US Anaya, Angelina A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 858-320-8585 US Anaya, Michael F SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6210 US Ancherani, Christine OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 570-344-2404 US Anchondo, Carlos G INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 210-792-6795 5441 US Anchondo, Carlos R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 210-995-0514 US Ancin, Martin S TASK FORCE OFFICER 914-989-6064 Ancowitz, Keith B DETAILEE 703-727-5791 Andampour, Arash SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Andampour, Daniel OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 973-792-7151 US Anders, Douglas L UNIT CHIEF 703-632-7919 7919 US Anders, Joe R SPECIAL AGENT 972-689-1802 Anders, Thomas J PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 713-936-7645 US Andersen, Brett R TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-3289 Andersen, Chris O SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 435-628-7499 US Andersen, Christopher M CONTRACTOR 703-594-1649 US Andersen, Denise F TASK FORCE OFFICER 907-276-4441 US Andersen, Holly A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6548 US Andersen, Janis M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 858-320-8335 US Andersen, Kimberly B TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-3000 Andersen, Ronald L TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-262-2039 US Andersen, Sean R SPECIAL AGENT 321-757-6057 US Anderson, Alisha A SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6314 6314 US Anderson, Amy E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2732 US Anderson, Amy K INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3896 16215 US Anderson, Andrew W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-3093 43093 US Anderson, Angela R FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-5616 US Anderson, Angelia D CONTRACTOR 202-203-3768 Anderson, Annette M EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 206-262-2301 2301 US Anderson, Anthony C CONTRACTOR tbd Anderson, Anthony L ITSPEC 202-233-9134 9134 US Anderson, Blake SPECIAL AGENT 801-514-6561 US Anderson, Bobby H TASK FORCE OFFICER 409-283-1559 US Anderson, Bradley H CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Anderson, Brenda K CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9422 US Anderson, Brian CONTRACTOR Anderson, Carl J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2219 2219 US Anderson, Carolyn J Anderson, Cathy L CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7293 US Anderson, Chad J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4419 4419 US Anderson, Chanell L INTERN 858-565-1255 US Anderson, Chasity S SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4192 US Anderson, Christopher J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3667 16324 US Anderson, Christopher J TASK FORCE 402-493-8688 Anderson, Christopher L WAREHOUSEMAN 304-625-5642 US Anderson, Clay M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 865-602-7021 US Anderson, Dale E TASK FORCE OFFICER 608-829-4187 US Anderson, Daniel P DOCUMENT ANALYST - FE 703-632-1264 US Anderson, Daniel W Anderson, Darrell L CONTRACTOR 703-632-3803 US Anderson, Daryl L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2396 US Anderson, David M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4114 US Anderson, David S TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 210-650-6455 US Anderson, David. B B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-907-7664 US Anderson, Deborah SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3098 US Anderson, Debra INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-6680 14953 US Anderson, Derek S DETAILEE 973-901-2240 US Anderson, Don M SPECIAL AGENT 787-706-8415 US Anderson, Doran C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 775-328-4022 US Anderson, Earle D PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3570 3570 US Anderson, Emilyn K INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Anderson, Erich SUPVY ITSPEC (SEC/SYSADMN) 202-324-8091 48091 US Anderson, Erik G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5032 5032 US Anderson, Erik S SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-6054 US Anderson, Evelyn M MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4365 US Anderson, Frank N SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4267 44267 US Anderson, Garrett V SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1860 1860 US Anderson, Hal P ASSOCIATE DIVISION COUNSEL 754-703-3056 US Anderson, Ian P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-530-3789 US Anderson, James SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 713-936-8599 US Anderson, James A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 828-225-4713 0113 US Anderson, James E CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Anderson, James L DETAILEE 202-324-7978 US Anderson, Jason R DETAILEE 202-324-0888 0888 US Anderson, Jeanne E CRYPTANALYST - FE 703-632-7345 7345 US Anderson, Jediah CONTRACTOR 509-458-8100 US Anderson, Jeffrey L FINANCIAL ANALYST 816-512-8637 US Anderson, Jeffrey DETAILEE 608-833-4600 US Anderson, Jeffrey N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7830 US Anderson, Jeffrey S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 215-440-2179 US Anderson, Jessica T SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8429 US Anderson, Joel T SPECIAL AGENT 951-248-6596 6596 US Anderson, John D FIELD SUPERVISOR 251-415-3228 US Anderson, John S CONTRACTOR Anderson, John W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 254-741-2787 US Anderson, John. J J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4067 US Anderson, John. L L CONTRACTOR 703-672-2106 US Anderson, Joshua INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 206-439-2964 US Anderson, Julie A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8837 8837 US Anderson, Justin B OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 916-977-2318 2318 US Anderson, Justin C TASK FORCE OFFICER 904-248-7000 Anderson, Karen L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-324-4631 44631 US Anderson, Kathleen B FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 713-936-8709 US Anderson, Kathy PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2123 US Anderson, Keli N STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 916-486-5572 US Anderson, Kimberlee A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7126 US Anderson, Kimberly C SPECIAL AGENT 310-882-8170 US Anderson, Ladawn NAME CHECK TECHNICIAN 208-238-5035 US Anderson, Lafayette R SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-3447 US Anderson, Lidia L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6098 6098 US Anderson, Lisa M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 317-595-4000 US Anderson, Mark TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Anderson, Mark E AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 303-630-7118 US Anderson, Mark Anderson, Mark. F F MAINTENANCE WORKER-FO 313-965-2323 5317 US Anderson, Mary C MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-324-2053 42053 US Anderson, Matthew E CONTRACTOR 801-456-4831 Anderson, Matthew J SUPVY PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - RC 703-632-8813 8813 US Anderson, Michael E ASAC 713-936-7601 US Anderson, Michael J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT-SAC 312-829-5170 5170 US Anderson, Michael J DETAILEE 646-696-2000 Anderson, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-541-5150 Anderson, Michael B. B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-818-1253 US Anderson, Monique C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-9853 49853 US Anderson, Nicholas SPECIAL AGENT 718-286-7820 7820 US Anderson, Nicholas J CONTRACTOR 703-985-6639 Anderson, Preston W SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2232 2232 Anderson, Rebekah CRIME ANALYST 703-632-4319 US Anderson, Richard A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3809 US Anderson, Richard G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 US Anderson, Richard. N N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 513-979-8385 US Anderson, Ricky N CONTRACTOR 703-424-6687 Anderson, Robert EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-4180 44180 US Anderson, Robert E SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 303-829-7171 US Anderson, Robert. A CONTRACTOR 304-625-4889 Anderson, Robyn A MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4791 4791 US Anderson, Sara RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8523 US Anderson, Sarah J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6542 US Anderson, Scott K 703-632-1548 US Anderson, Shelley M CONTRACTOR 757-455-0100 US Anderson, Spencer D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1485 41485 Anderson, Stacey M CONTRACTOR 304-625-4177 Anderson, Stanley L CONTRACTOR 304-625-4943 Anderson, Stephanie N FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 703-686-6294 US Anderson, Steven S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 614-849-1788 US Anderson, Susan A INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 724-483-3122 0302 US Anderson, Susan L ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-203-1746 US Anderson, Susan M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 317-595-4000 7135 US Anderson, Tamika N SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 973-792-3000 7541 973-792-7552 US Anderson, Tari M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 701-223-4875 US Anderson, Tasha M HR SPEC (IS) 202-233-9351 US Anderson, Theodore C TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-420-7682 US Anderson, Therese L CONTRACTOR 540-361-4656 US Anderson, Tiffany FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-4078 4078 US Anderson, Tiffany F Anderson, Timothy J CONTRACTOR 703-632-4309 Anderson, Todd J CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Anderson, Trisha B SUPVY GENERAL ATTORNEY - DAD 202-324-0328 40328 Anderson, Twanna C CONTRACTOR 202-324-8595 48595 US Anderson, Valyncia M SPECIAL AGENT 561-822-5107 5107 US Anderson, Vicki D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-522-1400 6760 US Anderson, W D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-0407 40407 US Anderson, William D SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-7805 7805 US Andes, Deborah CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 US Andino, Carlos J CONTRACTOR 202-233-9145 Andino, Elizabeth A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 754-703-2000 US Andino, Lazaro E FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-6042 Andish, Daudshah S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-438-3879 US Andkhoie, Samra CONTRACTOR 202-651-4300 Andolina, Mario PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2487 US Andoni, Luljeta TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-3437 3437 US Andor, Adrian A CONTRACTOR 202-3242-032 US Andrada, Darlene S PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 505-241-5090 5150 US Andrade, Agustin CONTRACTOR 571-350-4666 Andrade, Cathy C OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 915-832-5203 5203 US Andrade, Edwin PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2206 Andraos, Chadia CONTRACTOR 713-936-8599 US Andrathy, Brandon S Andrea, Jeffrey W TASK FORCE OFFICER US Andrea, Victor L TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5472 14676 US Andreev, Jeanette TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-2264 2264 US Andrekovic, Nelson R SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-8399 8399 US Andren Reyes, Erica K CONTRACTOR 999-999-9999 Andreoni, Julianna K FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 414-291-2405 2405 US Andreoni, Marc M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Andreoni, Steven L SPECIAL AGENT 414-291-4235 4235 US Andres, Dylan STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-8729 48729 Andres, Lisa L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-4116 US Andres, Ricky A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6829 US Andresen, Jeffrey J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 806-337-1226 US Andretta, Michael J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2327 2327 US Andrew, Pamela R LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8056 US Andrew, Philip J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-4740 4740 US Andrew, William A CONTRACTOR 571-350-4107 US Andrews, Aaron R CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 3179 Andrews, Brenda M CONTRACTOR 703-483-4104 Andrews, Christine D CONTRACTOR 202-324-8741 48741 Andrews, Edna G CONTRACTOR 202-203-5921 Andrews, Gabriel F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4148 US Andrews, James B CONTRACTOR 205-326-6166 US Andrews, John R TASK FORCE OFFICER 203-333-3512 US Andrews, Jonathan K TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6000 US Andrews, Jonathan P CONTRACTOR 202-436-8211 68211 Andrews, Joseph Q DETAILEE 914-989-6159 US Andrews, Josiah H TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-542-8825 Andrews, Katherine ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1473 Andrews, Katherine L FIELD SUPERVISOR 757-609-2353 Andrews, Lisa M CONTRACTOR 415-553-5782 US Andrews, Matt L TASK FORCE OFFICER 432-688-5111 Andrews, Michelle H OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 757-609-2557 US Andrews, Patrick S FORENSIC OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-927-3083 US Andrews, Robert TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2610 US Andrews, Robert V ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 004903083052400 AT Andrews, Sadia SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 301-586-4613 US Andrews, Scott M CONTRACTOR 304-625-0000 US Andrews, Stuart C CONTRACTOR 703-985-3269 Andrews, Tasha A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST Andrews, Timothy W CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Andrews, Vincent P FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4000 4453 US Andrich, Austin R SUPPLY TECHNICIAN Andrich, Kiara L LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 011-39-06-4674-2711 US Andrick, James W SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7448 US Andrick, Paula K TRAINING INSTRUCTOR-CJIS 304-625-4816 US Andripalli, Parinitha IT SPEC (NETWRK/DATAMGMT) 703-633-4693 US Andrus, Jennifer L SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-1857 US Andueza, Jose INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 787-759-5628 US Andujar, Cesar A POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6035 US Andujar, Daisy M CONTRACTOR 212-384-8500 US Anemoduris, Fallon OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 617-223-6439 US Anes, Edwin TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-2874 US Ang, Stephanie MGMT&PROG ANAL (SPEC ADVR) 202-324-9353 49353 Angel, Frank Q TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1829 US Angel, Marilyn D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 713-693-5000 Angel, Miguel TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-7217 US Angeles, Carlos M COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 858-320-8376 US Angeles, Fe A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 858-320-8529 US Angeles, Lisa INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 206-262-2334 US Angeles, Ryan N CONTRACTOR 571-350-4403 US Angelides, Joanna P DETAILEE 571-280-5548 Angelini, Peter M ASAC 312-829-5390 8183 Angelino, Milagros DETAILEE 212-384-8261 8261 US Angell, Michael A CONTRACTOR 202-324-5403 US Angell, Peter C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 561-822-5950 5950 US Angelo, Christopher A Angelopoulos, Dimitri Y CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US Angelucci, Kathy S LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7026 US Angert, Alexander SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-1953 41953 US Anglada, Miguel A EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE COUNSELOR 713-936-7363 US Angle, Kristofer INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8449 US Anglin, A C. RELIEF SUPERVISOR 309-669-2322 US Anglin, Dawson FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 623-466-1458 US Anglin, Zachary L CONTRACTOR 304-625-5111 US Angrimson, Larry E CONTRACTOR 703-633-5207 Angry, David CONTRACTOR 754-703-2027 Angst, Adam L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1537 US Angulo, Katherine STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-2078 2078 Angus, Michael D TASK FORCE OFFICER 810-239-5775 US Anicette, Waldo INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-5000 3777 US Anjaria, Jalpa K CONTRACTOR 202-324-1047 41047 US Anjutgi, Seema N CONTRACTOR 703-633-5629 Ankenman, Travis TASK FORCE OFFICER Ankeny, April M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1751 41751 US Ankeny, Lisa A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 505-889-1336 US Ankrum, Kylie E VOUCHER EXAMINER 208-238-5232 Ankrum, T Scott CONTRACTOR 202-651-8673 Annunziata, Robin G TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 US Anozie, Mary-Margaret A TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-265-8080 US Ansah, Osei-Kofi O CONTRACTOR 540-565-6783 Ansari, Sam TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 916-977-2469 2469 US Ansary, Omar CONTRACTOR 202-651-4303 US Anschuetz, Carol L TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4438 US Anselmo, Dominic A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 951-248-6537 US Ansinelli, Michael H CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Ansinelli, Michael CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Ansman, Deborah J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6326 46326 US Anspacher, Donald G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2167 US Anspacher, Jessica L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 4369 Ansted, Sean INTERN 212-384-1000 US Anta, Martha TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 956-984-6459 US Antes, Alexander A DETAILEE 646-696-2937 2937 US Antes, David R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-223-6235 6235 US Anthon, Anthony M SPECIAL AGENT 858-320-5714 US Anthony, Jonathan M CONTRACTOR 703-985-3749 US Anthony, Joshua A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Anthony, Michael D CONTRACTOR Anthony, Michael S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1379 US Anthony, Robert L CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Anthony, Sharon DETAILEE 202-324-3189 US Anthony, Stephen D SAC 216-522-1400 6601 US Anticev, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6413 US Antich, Christine M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 562-409-1306 US Antignano, Vincent TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-3130 US Antill, Brett W SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7129 US Antill, Eleanor E MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7537 US Antley, Diann PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 4856 US Antley, Gregory H TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4200 Antman, John S TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Antoine, Shalonda CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 310-720-4215 US Antol, Brian A UNIT CHIEF 571-280-6192 15268 US Antolik, Mark AUTOMOTIVE WORKER 713-869-1518 US Anton, Alexandra M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2936 42936 Antonacci, Claudia M CONTRACTOR 202-324-5060 45060 US Antone-Ford, Diane H MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7592 47592 US Antoniades, Christos RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-313-2740 2740 US Antonietti, Patrick M TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-9252 Antonio, Paul INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 763-569-8343 US Antonios, Vincent G CONTRACTOR 623-466-1586 US Antonitis, Kyle D SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Antonucci, Phillip SUPVY AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORDIN 215-418-4560 4560 US Antony, Christopher S CONTRACTOR 703-985-3624 US Antoon, Robert TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 313-965-1732 1732 US Antos, Douglas W CONTRACTOR 703-565-6783 Antoune, Glenn E COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 907-265-8341 US Anttila, Brian E CONTRACTOR Antwi-Meridius, Hilbert RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2455 2455 US Anyikude, Kenny C CONTRACTOR TBD Anzelmo, Thomas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2278 US Aoyagi, Timothy M SPECIAL AGENT 408-558-8900 1039 US Apanowicz, Shauna R ITSPEC 304-625-5141 US Aparicio, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-615-1700 1731 US Apaza, Jessie SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Apgar, Sondra OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 512-506-2676 US Apicella, Frank M SPECIAL AGENT 717-461-6863 2328 US Apodaca, Roberto TASK FORCE OFFICER Apolinar, Tyrone INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 503-643-5070 US Apollony, Barbara A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-488-4369 US Aponte, Deyanira PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 754-703-3073 US Aponte, Joseph TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-792-7138 US Aponte, Milton TASK FORCE OFFICER 631-501-8771 US Aponte, William E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US Aponte-Lyles, Marilyn FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-278-2000 3441 US Apostolou, Despina J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 646-696-2000 2000 Appawu, Richard STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST Appel, Christopher W Appel, Craig J TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 US Appel, Pamela M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 925-229-8412 US Appel, Sherrie A MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4345 US Appelbaum, James R CONTRACTOR 314-589-2720 US Applebaum, Erin R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3823 US Applebaum, Mark C SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5699 US Appleby, J. A SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 904-248-7020 US Applegate, Aaron R. CONTRACTOR Applegate, William A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8168 US Appleton, Elizabeth A VICTIM SPECIALIST 865-602-6931 Appleton, Katherine M TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 623-466-1088 1103 US Appleton, T J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2025 US Applewhite, Ronnie CONTRACTOR 202-324-1644 41644 Applicant.KX US Applicants, A3 Applicants.Albany US Applicants.Birmingham 205-326-6166 US Applicants.Boston US Applicants.Buffalo 716-856-7800 US Applicants.Charlotte US Applicants.Columbia US Applicants.Dallas US Applicants.ElPaso US Applicants.Honolulu US Applicants.Houston US Applicants.Jackson US Applicants.Jacksonville US Applicants.Knoxville US Applicants.Memphis US Applicants.Miami US Applicants.Mobile US Applicants.NewHaven US Applicants.Philadelphia 215-418-4000 US Applicants.Pittsburgh 412-432-4000 US Applicants.Richmond Applicants.Sacramento 916-481-9110 US Applicants.SanDiego 858-565-1255 US Applicants.Tampa 813-253-1000 US Applin, Bruce M STATIONARY SSRA 928-774-2647 US Appling, Thomas L POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Aprea, Andrea M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 813-253-1000 US Aprea, Philip RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 1508 US AQ_NMCIWG Aquiline, Alexander STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Aquilino, Christopher T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-220-4257 US Aquino, Katherine M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 858-320-8357 8357 US Aragon, Arthur R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-984-6320 US Aragon, Dianna N TASK FORCE OFFICER 505-889-1300 US Aragon, Juliana MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-1092 31092 Aragon, Patricia M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 505-889-1300 1577 US Aragone, Maria F CONTRACTOR 202-233-1100 Araiza, Arnulfo FIELD SUPERVISOR 623-466-1021 US Arana, Amber D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-4752 44752 US Arana-Ortega, Rosalva FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 915-832-5243 5243 US Aranaga, Ambar C STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-8480 US Aranda, Francisco J TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-715-7706 US Arandia, Jose-Benjie D CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Arandia, Luis A Aranow, Irene S FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8125 US Arante, Gerry OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 702-584-5848 5848 Aranyosi, Daniel SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-2133 2133 US Arasim, Paul E PHOTOGRAPHER 804-261-1044 4417 804-627-4494 US Arasz, Paul R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 907-265-8504 US Arata, Zuzana TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4419 US Araujo, Carla MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4004 US Arbaugh, Ernest C CONTRACTOR 304-841-1713 Arbaugh, Sheila K CONTRACTOR 304-625-2827 Arbelo, Daisy M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 754-703-3013 3013 Arbelo, David STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 855-292-3937 US Arbittier, Michael INTERN 646-696-2000 US Arbogast, Tamie MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7925 US Arbogast, Vanessa K FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-7382 US Arbuthnot, Erik D SPECIAL AGENT 626-931-1298 US Arbuthnot-Stohl, Ingrid RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2049 US Arce, Adam ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 915-832-5000 US Arcelay, Yvette M CONTRACTOR 314-589-2604 US Archambaud, Sherina F CONTRACTOR 702-584-5753 US Archambault, Candace R SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 601-713-7113 US Archambault, Sheila G MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5124 45124 US Archambault, Sherry M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Archer, Charles A TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 Archer, Jacob B SPECIAL AGENT 856-795-9556 2510 US Archer, Shiloh A SPECIAL AGENT 812-434-8251 US Archer, Winiferd L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-462-3538 US Archey, David W SECTION CHIEF 202-324-9005 49005 US Archibeque, Frank PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 505-889-1300 1401 US Archibeque, Mae A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Architzel, Erin E FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-5339 45339 Archuleta, Joseph SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5345 5345 US Archuleta, Yvonne OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 575-541-7633 US Archut, Andrew N SPECIAL AGENT 202-233-1297 US Arcularius, John F EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST (GUNSMITH) 703-632-1000 US Ard, David DETAILEE 501-221-9100 0719 Ard, Jennifer Y CONTRACTOR 703-983-7631 US Ardalan, Christopher INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 617-223-6369 US Arden, Deborah L INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 215-418-4239 4239 US Arden, Katherine E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1447 US Ardohain, Rachel I INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-2360 42360 US Arellano, Gerardo INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 915-832-5000 5092 US Arellano, Manuel A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 915-832-5000 5250 US Arena, Caroline V INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4086 US Arena, Joseph A CONTRACTOR 202-436-8152 Arena, Wayne L CONTRACTOR 304-625-2655 Arender, Heather L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Arens, Jason A Arentzen, James W TASK FORCE OFFICER US Arevalo, Jaime FIELD SUPERVISOR 626-931-5506 US Arfele, Timothy G TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-7244 US Argabrite, Natalie A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5382 US Argabrite, Timothy M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4774 US Argall, Dennis J PROGRAM MANAGER - ASC 540-868-4516 US Argall, Marianne RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4740 4740 Argaman, Amichay TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4396 US Argent, Karen INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 718-286-7142 7142 US Arghandiwal, Laila CONTRACTOR 646-696-2407 US Arghandiwal, Omar INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Argiro, Scott D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 412-432-4000 4380 US Argo, Rochy E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 765-423-5619 US Arguelles, Antonio A TASK FORCE OFFICER 209-543-7846 Arguelles, Daniel TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 754-703-2252 US Arguello, Louis F PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5910 Argueta, Nicolas A DETAILEE 910-860-5000 Argyle, Todd J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-579-6017 US Arhagba, Enajite R MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9199 39199 US Arias, Claudia S ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 011052-55-5080-2177 US Arias, Edward SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-7303 US Arias, Luis A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 575-541-7613 US Arias, Roberto A TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Arico, Nicholas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8381 US Arico, York H TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-4937 US Arida, Manal G CONTRACTOR 312-829-8143 US Aridi, Mary C CONTRACTOR 202-651-2108 Arizmendi, Aaron A TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 Ark, Anna G TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 202-324-8655 48655 US Arlati, Ornello RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6273 US Armandt, Kristen J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 617-223-6392 6392 US Armbrust, Julienne A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-3534 43534 US Armbruster, Bruce V AUDITOR-HQ 202-324-5314 45314 US Armel, Marsha C ITSPEC 703-985-1825 US Armel-Sanchez, Jessica GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4873 4873 US Armendariz, Cynthia STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST US Armendariz, Tomas COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS Armendariz, Yvonne H SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 505-889-1315 US Armentrout, Elizabeth G PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 972-559-5022 5022 US Armentrout, Timothy D SPECIAL AGENT 229-434-1489 US Armfield, Kirk D PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-324-8828 48828 US Armfield, Thomas G COMPUTER ASSISTANT 304-625-2195 US Armijo, Anthony C SPECIAL AGENT 575-526-2351 US Armor, Patrick D SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4000 US Armour, Arliss D TASK FORCE OFFICER 615-232-7500 US Armsby, Anthony W AUTO MAINTENANCE PROGRAM MANAGER 314-589-2695 2695 US Armstrong, Amy GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-7296 47296 US Armstrong, Andrew B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2728 2728 US Armstrong, Angela Y MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1881 1881 US Armstrong, Christopher J Armstrong, Drew M SPECIAL AGENT 308-532-5116 US Armstrong, Edward G INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 334-832-2006 US Armstrong, Gertie M HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 513-979-8637 8637 US Armstrong, Grace S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 803-551-4292 US Armstrong, Heather N SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 301-586-4565 US Armstrong, Joseph C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 352-367-6706 US Armstrong, Katherine D SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8312 Armstrong, Kevin R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3370 US Armstrong, Kimberlee J PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 915-832-5000 5063 US Armstrong, Kyle C SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1571 US Armstrong, Lorelei L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 518-431-7200 7231 US Armstrong, Matthew J TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-641-6523 US Armstrong, Rachel STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Armstrong, Scott A SPECIAL AGENT 816-512-8721 US Armstrong, Shalanda R CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Armstrong, William M UTILITY SYS REPAIRER-OPERATOR 703-632-1254 1254 Armstrong-Hardy, Sheri L ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 210-650-6020 6020 US Arnaud, Medora L PHOTOGRAPHER 713-936-7597 US Arndt, Jeffrey P SPECIAL AGENT 408-558-1018 US Arndt, Joshua B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 928-226-2618 2618 US Arneson, Buie D TASK FORCE OFFICER 253-332-4212 Arnet, Markus L SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-651-3450 US Arnett, Alexander H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6254 US Arnett, Andrew J CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7233 US Arnett, Brian E SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-9606 US Arnett, David C TELECOMMUN MANAGER 703-965-5148 4183 US Arnett, Deeann L FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 205-279-1517 US Arney, Craig S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-6168 US Arno, C E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 704-672-6100 6349 US Arnold, Aaron M CONTRACTOR 202-324-6791 US Arnold, Adam J TASK FORCE OFFICER 217-778-9396 Arnold, Benjamin L TASK FORCE OFFICER 671-472-7465 Arnold, Charles R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6300 Arnold, Cheryl D FINANCIAL ANALYST 310-996-3578 3578 US Arnold, David L CONTRACTOR Arnold, Jamie S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 760-602-3944 US Arnold, Janine T WRITER-EDITOR (PRINTED MEDIA) 304-625-4915 US Arnold, Justin AUSA Arnold, Katelin SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5336 US Arnold, Michael R LEAD POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Arnold, Natalie M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8512 US Arnold, Ruth W TECHNCL INF SPEC 757-609-2450 US Arnold, Ryan PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Arnold, Samuel A TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-4438 US Arnold, Sanjay ITSPEC 202-324-8620 48620 US Arnold, Tyrone C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-2717 2717 US Arnwine, James J ITSPEC-FE (FO) 972-559-5000 5846 US Arnwine, Joshua E BUDGET ANALYST Arnwine, Tressa OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 972-559-5687 5687 US Arocho, Lourdes PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 310-996-4402 US Arocho, Ricardo R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-997-2600 2548 US Arocho, Victor A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5332 5332 US Arocho-Stephen, Lizette CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US Aron, John K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 510-808-8406 8406 US Aronson, David W TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-787-6454 US Arora, Norma MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5203 45203 US Arpin, Joseph A CONTRACTOR 703-632-1511 US Arrambide, Megan E REPORTS OFFICER-CRIMINAL 816-512-8658 US Arredondo, Angela E TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5000 Arredondo, Marlo RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-7659 US Arriaga, Daniel SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5000 5217 US Arriaza, Elvia ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 714-385-6270 US Arrington, King TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 202-278-4082 US Arrington, Mindi ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 202-278-3117 3117 US Arrington, Stanley E SPECIAL AGENT 337-433-6353 0224 US Arriola, Gilbert M CONTRACTOR 202-203-5808 Arriz, Constance OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-8349 US Arrol, Lawrence G SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 313-965-2323 4161 US Arroyo, Alexander R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-1813 41813 US Arroyo, Annalisa M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 213-533-4677 Arroyo, Candido TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Arroyo, Cristina G INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 405-290-3686 US Arroyo, Fidel TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-8024 Arroyo, Hermelinda N CONTRACTOR 858-320-8553 US Arroyo, James I TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-590-6662 US Arroyo, Jesus E TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 Arruda, Stacy M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1313 US Arrugueta, Daniel TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Arsala, Ahmad F CONTRACTOR 202-651-4275 US Arsenault, Timothy C TASK FORCE OFFICER 479-443-3181 US Arseneault, Joseph CONTRACTOR 202-323-9117 39117 US Arseneaux, Scott D TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3383 Arseni, Giulio J SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6180 US Arshad, Amad CONTRACTOR 310-996-4822 US Arshenovitz, Jennifer TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 216-522-1400 6816 US Arteaga, Jeanette EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN Arteta, Paul TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1700 US Arthur, Antonio M CONTRACTOR 202-203-3578 Arthur, Christina E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3768 0004 US Arthur, Duncan S INTELLIGENCE ANALYST US Arthur, Ewura E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-2000 2878 US Arthur, Joeanna DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Arthur, Kirk B RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4945 US Arthurs, Jennifer L MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-2131 US Artis, Adrian CONTRACTOR 703-985-6351 US Artis, Andre A PRINTING SERVICES SPECIALIST 202-324-4202 44202 US Artis, Danielle D HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-233-9255 US Artis, Jeffery RELIEF SUPERVISOR 601-948-5000 7565 US Artis, Lynette R PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-0841 40841 US Artley, Paul S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-481-9110 2232 US Arton, Ryan E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 901-747-4300 US Artrip, Chad W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-484-7085 US Artusa, Francesco S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8655 US Arurang, Hillary L STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Arustamyan, Vadim R CONTRACTOR 617-742-5533 Aruwayo, Adeniran T Arvanitopoulos, Mary INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 3692 US Arvelo, Martha I ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-3120 US Arvin, Thomas J TASK FORCE OFFICER 317-595-4000 US Arvizu, Francisco J TASK FORCE OFFICER Arzate, Helvia S BIOLOGIST 703-632-7793 US Asai, Jon T TRAINING LIAISON&CHNG MGMT SPEC 703-872-5088 US Asamoah, Renee STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Asante, Kofi O CONTRACTOR 202-324-5891 US Asato, Earl K PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-7333 US Asbury, Anne E FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-287-6893 US Asbury, Kenneth R CONTRACTOR 202-323-2656 32656 Aschbrenner, Nicholas STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 763-569-8285 US Ascher, Stephen G DETAILEE 646-696-2606 US Ascoli, Fabian MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9052 49052 US Ascosi, Paul INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 423-755-5592 US Asekun, Ayoade J CONTRACTOR 703-632-1113 Asencio, Jeremy TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-277-7005 US Asgari, Darius H TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4173 Ash, Aaron INTERN Ash, Annette L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7159 US Ash, Bobby L ITSPEC 304-625-4458 US Ash, Kelly R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4713 US Ash, Rebecca Y CRIMINAL HISTORY CHALLENGE ANALYST 304-625-9232 US Ash, Roberta A FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 304-625-4372 US Ash, Sherrie A WRITER 304-625-7469 US Ash, Stephen W SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8235 US Ashanti, Charles INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 3014 US Ashburn, Carmen M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-0845 40845 US Ashburn, Joseph M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-1825 41825 US Ashby, Albert R TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 US Ashby, Kimberly S MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4911 US Ashby, Kristen K SPECIAL AGENT 757-609-2632 US Ashby, Victoria A CONTRACTOR 202-324-7454 US Ashcraft, Cole S TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-248-2110 Ashcraft, Jane J MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4278 US Ashcraft, Laura N MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7141 US Ashcraft, Roy G SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 304-625-4731 US Ashcraft, Rusanna CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9255 US Ashcroft, Jeremy PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 517-336-8367 6121 US Ashe, Amber SPECIAL AGENT 580-924-4382 US Ashe, Andre J SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3836 US Ashe, Sean T CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 US Ashenden, Russell LEGAL ATTACHE 011-40-21-200-3336 US Ashenfelter, Steven A. SUPVY RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4963 4963 US Asher, Amy SAFETY & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SPEC-FO 414-291-4252 US Asher, James N SPECIAL AGENT 605-224-1331 US Asher, Michael R FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-4177 US Ashford, Millie S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 501-228-8510 0510 US Ashford, Russell P CONTRACTOR 202-324-9462 49462 US Ashier, Gaurang D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Ashinhurst, Jennifer E MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3462 US Ashiru, Olanrewaju A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3124 Ashmore, Larry J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 918-879-2571 US Ashooh, Peter W CONTRACTOR 540-632-3628 US Ashton, Crystal A BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-9777 49777 US Ashton, Tracey D SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2255 US Ashworth, Lance A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-220-4321 US Asiedu, William K CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Aske, John D FIELD SUPERVISOR 216-522-1400 6865 US Askelson, Rodney A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4310 US Askew, Corrine E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-3326 US Askew, Courtney J PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - EA 703-632-7995 US Askey, Stacey COMPUTER SCIENTIST-CYBER 703-633-6082 US Aslan, Elmoetaz A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4372 4372 US Aslanyan, Evelina RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4060 US Asmond, William C CONTRACTOR 202-430-6035 US Asmussen, John G TASK FORCE OFFICER 318-387-0773 US Asomugha, Udodirim K SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA Asper, Charles CONTRACTOR 703-633-5507 US Asper, Donald W PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4583 US Aspuria, Resty L DETAILEE 703-553-7287 42361 US Assal, Adel S CONTRACTOR 646-696-2441 US Assefa, Takele T TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-436-7759 7759 US Assefi, Omar CONTRACTOR 202-324-8460 Assel, Christopher G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-579-6516 US Associate Deputy Director 202-324-3000 Asta, Karen J CONTRACTOR 202-203-1808 US Astarita, W J OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 703-632-1683 US Aston, Eileen J SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 216-335-9121 US Astralaga, Douglas H CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 251-415-3279 3279 US Asuagbor, Greg O INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 540-678-3414 US Asuncion, Marjorie AT_Complaints AT_MSU AT_OPS US Atakuzi, Aziz CONTRACTOR 202-278-3489 US Atchison, Daniel W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 513-979-8354 US Atchley, James R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2118 US Atdjian, Lillian LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 904-248-7190 US Aten, Mary K STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-9000 Ates, Keven L COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 972-559-5000 5145 US Athanasiou, P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-3525 US Athavale, Anand S CONTRACTOR 202-651-3012 49972 US Atherley, Eric SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Atherton, Peter F CONTRACTOR 540-868-4421 US Athnos, Thomas L SUPVY SECURITY SPECIALIST-TEDAC 703-232-2464 US Atienza, John RELIEF SUPERVISOR 626-919-3434 5596 US Atkenson, Stacy M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 313-496-4633 US Atkin, Melissa S DETAILEE 718-286-7100 Atkins, Amber G INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 314-307-2343 Atkins, Deborah A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 304-346-2416 US Atkins, Denese J MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4830 US Atkins, John C CONTRACTOR 202-324-4401 44401 US Atkins, L B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-2891 US Atkins, Reubin C DETAILEE 703-414-8567 US Atkins, Tawada L CONTRACTOR 202-324-3441 43441 Atkins, Tonya MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6183 46183 US Atkins, William C VISUAL INF SPEC (EXHIBITS) 703-632-8253 8253 US Atkinson, Andre L CONTRACTOR 202-324-0556 40556 US Atkinson, Andrew M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 2465 US Atkinson, Brenda M CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 415-553-7629 7629 US Atkinson, Heather D CONTRACTOR Atkinson, Jennifer A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 609-569-7246 US Atkocius, Laura A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Atluri, Srinivas CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Atneosen, Alyssa H SPECIAL AGENT 415-553-7459 US Atneosen, Joseph O RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7534 US Atsatsang, Tenzin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5153 US Attard, Michael SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 571-280-3750 US Atterberry, Deborah SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 405-290-3675 US Attori, Luz E Attridge, Andrew RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-584-5821 US Atwater, Eunice INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-2114 2114 US Atwater, James SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 1701 US Atwell, Jason P DETAILEE 703-686-6706 Atwood, Barry CONTRACTOR Atwood, Jeffrey W PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 417-890-2455 US Atwood, Scott H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-984-6339 6339 US Atwood, Scott S TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-7238 US Au, Grace SPECIAL AGENT 626-931-5592 US AU, S L ACCOUNTANT 202-324-0447 40447 US Aubermann, Anthony V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 269-982-0390 6215 US Aubourg, Sheila DETAILEE 212-384-1000 3600 US Aubrey, Fred L SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6499 US Aubright, Bryn H SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 907-265-8120 US Auckerman, Matthew P FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 515-327-3414 US Aucremanne, William K CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Audia, Deanna LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7937 US Augenbaum, Scott E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 615-232-7500 7616 US Auger, Cherie M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 310-996-5201 5201 US Augson, Truda F CONTRACTOR 202-651-4080 US Augustine, Curtis L CONTRACTOR 703-632-4733 US Augustine, Ellen D ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 510-808-2600 8304 US Augustine, John M SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4104 4104 US Augustine, Tony CONTRACTOR 703-633-5637 US Augustyniak, Timothy A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Aukerman, William M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-8820 US Auldridge, Dawn PARALEGAL SPECIALIST - FINANCE DIV 202-436-8114 US Ault, Rustin M CONTRACTOR 304-625-4636 Aung, Khin S TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-436-7829 7829 US Aurelia, Elazabeth Lee CONTRACTOR 202-942-3918 Ausanio, Vincent C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 561-822-3939 US Austensen, Lauritz A TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-495-7200 US Austera, Holly INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Austin, Almeta PROGRAM MANAGER - ASC 202-324-0566 40566 US Austin, Andrew V TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 US Austin, Blakely K CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Austin, Carlena UNIT CHIEF 540-868-4983 US Austin, Charles J ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1006 1006 US Austin, Dawn CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9235 US Austin, Gregory L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5127 US Austin, Jamie M CONTRACTOR 571-215-0520 US Austin, Lorraine L SUPVY ACCOUNTING ANAL-CJIS 304-625-4071 US Austin, Lynette SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4260 US Austin, Mark D TASK FORCE OFFICER 540-344-5561 US Austin, Matthew A ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1834 US Austin, Michael W Austin, Morris CONTRACTOR 202-203-1927 Austin, Noy 202-324-3000 Austin, Patricia E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7921 7921 US Austin, Patrick P SPECIAL AGENT 503-566-3302 US Austin, Paul GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4550 4550 US Austin, Philip J CONTRACTOR 304-625-5299 Austin, Phoungeun N SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 202-324-7537 47537 US Austin, Roger MGMT&PROG ANAL (SPEC ADVR) 202-324-2989 42989 US Austin, Ryan R SPECIAL AGENT 414-291-2432 US Austin, Sandra K MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-5989 US Austin, Sara K INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 816-512-8326 Austin, Scott POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Austin, Sidney M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-622-6721 US Austin, Susan M DETAILEE 614-224-1183 US Austin, Tanina L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5824 US Autelli, Edward P TASK FORCE OFFICER 702-385-1281 US Auten, Brian J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-7117 47117 US Auther, Joseph E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/SRA 719-329-7366 US Autin, Jude N TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3000 US Autin, Matthew P CONTRACTOR 304-625-2655 Auton, Katrina D ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 907-265-8161 US Autrey, David R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6797 US Autry, William T TASK FORCE OFFICER 754-703-2600 Auvil, Carla D BUDGET ANALYST 304-625-3929 US Auvil, Jeffrey ITSPEC 304-625-3136 US Auvil, Stacy L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7176 US Auvil, William E LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8042 US Auwen, David J. TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-965-2323 US Auwers, Elisabeth A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 504-816-3291 US Auyeung, W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-2931 2931 US Avalostarira, Jessenia J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 415-553-7572 US Avato, Steven J DETAILEE 202-323-9726 Avedician, Rolland FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-1694 41694 US Avedisian, Arman INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-5655 US Avelino, Demetrio RELIEF SUPERVISOR 409-730-0440 US Avella, Michael P TASK FORCE OFFICER 610-975-5158 US Avellina, James A CONTRACTOR 703-553-5082 Averette, Joseph W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 912-790-3104 US Averill, Wallace E CONTRACTOR 703-632-3593 US Averitt, Charles J INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 713-702-6095 US Averitt, Derrick A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 713-936-8123 US Averitt, Jonathin M SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 202-760-1510 US Averitt, Kacey L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-3805 Averitt, Rosa INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 281-703-6329 US Aversano, Anthony TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 US Avery, Christopher R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6736 US Avery, Linda M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 858-320-8331 US Avery, Lisa F MGMT&PROG ANAL 301-586-4423 US Avery, Michael D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3883 16282 US Avery, Randall J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3849 US Averyt, Bryant W CONTRACTOR 703-633-5728 US Avey, Thomas G CONTRACTOR 703-633-6990 US Avila, Amy L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8888 US Avila, Jennifer A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Avila, Lindsay L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 904-248-7487 Avila, Maria G LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 2578 US Avila, Nora CONTRACTOR 415-553-7400 US Avila, Ronnel V CONTRACTOR 202-324-3920 43920 US Aviles, Emily OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 813-253-1189 Aviles, Richard D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 813-253-1000 US Aviles-Arocho, Edgar A TASK FORCE OFFICER US Awad, Aekeam D CONTRACTOR 410-963-6889 36889 Awada, Aida S TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 754-703-2213 US Awan, Akhtar TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-436-7843 7843 US Awan, Muhammad Z CONTRACTOR 202-278-2000 Awan, Safdar CONTRACTOR 919-380-5004 Awan, Zubair S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Awanis, Jinsen TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 313-965-2323 1672 US Aweis, Abdirahman F CONTRACTOR 763-569-8000 Awender, Christine E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-7508 US Axelsson, Julia TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-495-7200 US Axline, Brent D SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 817-989-8259 US Axtell, Keith M TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Axton, Pamela S CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9397 US Ayala, Apollo INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-2442 2442 US Ayala, Jorge L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 713-936-8131 US Ayala, Joseph M INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 505-889-1300 1549 US Ayala, Luis R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 813-253-1101 US Ayala, Ricardo E ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 202-278-3094 US Ayala, Sherley OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Ayala, yala AUDITOR-FO 713-936-8670 US Ayala, Yanaira FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 787-754-6000 US Ayala-Bush, Mary T CONTRACTOR 703-872-5357 Ayala-Nieves, Anthony Ayars, Alan E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8391 US Ayaz, Akhtar RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-579-1400 6611 US Aycock, Kenneth R TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4200 US Aycocke, Rusty S TASK FORCE OFFICER 865-544-0751 Aycoth, Alice N CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Aycoth, Edward K CONTRACTOR 304-625-4563 Aydelott, Andrew OPERATIONS MANAGER 714-939-3584 3584 US Aydelott, Dana L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 850-429-1319 US Aydt, Brandon M CONTRACTOR 540-868-0000 Aye, Matthew MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6688 46688 US Ayeni, Monica O INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-204-1718 41718 US Ayer, Adam T SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 504-816-3131 US Ayer, Henry TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 212-384-1000 2961 US Ayerbe, Ana I CONTRACTOR 202-323-9560 39560 Ayers, Bradley A SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-8538 US Ayers, Brenda K SECURITY ASSISTANT 304-625-2000 2358 US Ayers, Christopher A POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6035 Ayers, Debra L TRAINING INSTRUCTOR-CJIS 304-625-5876 US Ayers, James C TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-277-6493 US Aylesworth, Michelle D INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 US Aylor, Robin B SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6421 14897 US Ayoob, Brian L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7320 US Ayoob, Carrie A CONTRACTOR 304-625-4937 Ayoob, Kelly S SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-9293 US Ayorinde, Samuel O CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Aysta, Mark M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6565 US Ayyoub, Manhal I LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 646-696-2439 2439 US Azad, Farbod RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2972 2972 US Azam, Saif A CONTRACTOR 202-651-3130 Azarian, James TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 310-996-4858 4858 US Azcona, Arturo TASK FORCE OFFICER 219-885-1055 US Azema, Dominique R CONTRACTOR 713-936-8530 US Azer, Angela A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 310-477-6565 US Azer, Mona M CONTRACTOR 202-278-3489 US Azevedo, Antony TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4512 US Azimi, Mina S CONTRACTOR 202-278-4308 US Aziz, Alexandra S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 2880 Aziz, Mack TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 562-409-1303 US Aziz, Nevine W PROGRAM MANAGER 212-384-2179 2179 US Aziz, Raouf I CONTRACTOR 202-278-2669 US Azizi, Rebecca CONTRACTOR 407-875-9976 US Azoury, Candice R CONTRACTOR 202-324-6708 46708 Azouz, Antoine E CONTRACTOR 310-996-4855 US Azzata, Joseph J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7322 US BA_C-3 BA_C-8 410-365-7610 US Baab, Jeffrey A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 216-522-1400 6642 US Baah-Kissi, Richard Baar, Debra SECRETARY OA 703-632-1108 US Baas, James M SPECIAL AGENT 605-355-5124 US Baas, Michael L STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-996-4685 4619 US Baaske-Rodriguez, Anna TECHNCL INF SPEC-NY 212-384-1000 1354 US Babb, Meafua L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 907-265-8552 US Babbidge, Marian A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 510-808-8591 Babbitt, Jennifer STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 763-569-8361 US Babbitt, Robert B CONTRACTOR 763-569-8717 US Babcock, Ernest J SUPVY GENERAL ATTORNEY - DAD 202-324-5634 45634 Babcock, Richard S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-530-3704 US Baber, Scott RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-341-4181 7526 US Babiak, Charles SUPVY ITSPEC 202-324-5837 45837 US Babiak, Katelyn DETAILEE 646-696-2761 Babin, Brian M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 671-888-0139 US Babisha, Samuel A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 704-672-6664 US Bable, Linda J LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7275 US Babler, James P ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 704-672-6691 6691 US Babuchna, Todd K SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 504-816-3000 3461 US Babuscio, Justin M CONTRACTOR 202-651-3054 45579 US Baca, Jacob J STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Baca, Janet A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 505-889-1567 US Baca, Rudolph D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1357 1357 US Baca, Susanne R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 505-889-1686 US Bacak, Mary D UNIT CHIEF 202-323-4903 34903 US Bacarella, Kevin M STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Baccam, Darasouk D CONTRACTOR 202-203-5898 Baccary, James C CONTRACTOR 703-985-3739 Bacchus, Badrudeen R ITSPEC 202-233-9052 9052 US Bach, Erick T SPECIAL AGENT 661-852-2443 US Bach, Jennifer L SPECIAL AGENT 757-609-2665 US Bach, Lori A SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 972-559-5000 5453 US Bacha, Timothy E SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-5787 5787 US Bache, Helen M INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 713-936-8720 US Bache, James MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1844 US Bachman, Diane L INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 610-433-6488 US Bachman, Sandra V SPECIAL AGENT 334-466-5041 US Bachman, Thomas C TASK FORCE OFFICER 570-961-7777 US Bachmann, Erin M SPECIAL AGENT 408-558-1085 US Bacic, David J TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Bacile, Robert J TASK FORCE OFFICER 479-973-7265 US Baciocco, Frank TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC (TACTICAL COM 703-985-4189 US Back, Gregory T CONTRACTOR 202-324-3460 43460 US Back, Ruth V MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-436-7611 US Back, William H RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4913 4868 US Backes, Kevin TASK FORCE OFFICER 701-772-0812 Backes, Leonard A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-686-6680 US Backlund, David J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1578 1575 US Backlund, Elizabeth M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 505-889-1542 1542 US Backschies, Leslie R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-0272 40272 US Backus, Glen J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3202 3202 US Bacon, Andrew INTERN 703-632-1976 US Bacon, Andrew D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 855-292-3937 Bacon, Esther A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-3525 3525 US Bacon, Jennifer N SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1271 US Bacon, John F Bacon, Waine D GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST 202-323-5224 35224 US Bacot, John H CONTRACTOR 540-899-1207 US Bacote, Lindsay R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4607 US Bacungan, David V CONTRACTOR 202-203-1740 US Badalucco, Kellie STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 702-539-8894 US Badalucco, Peter A TASK FORCE OFFICER 631-501-8600 Badasch, Joshuah L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 225-291-1060 US Badat, Kamila INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 3197 US Baden, Crystal M CONTRACTOR 301-586-4560 Badger, Benjamin S CONTRACTOR 304-625-2544 Badger, Justin K PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 661-852-2448 US Badger, Susan TASK FORCE OFFICER Badgett, Kelly R CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Badgley, Cheryl E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6344 16370 US Badgley, Garth R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 2074 US Badillo, Elisa I HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-8602 48602 US Badillo, Jackelyn STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 361-883-8671 Badillo, Salvador A CONTRACTOR 813-240-2118 Badolato, Michael J SPECIAL AGENT 314-589-3216 3216 US Badolato, Nikki M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2714 2714 US Bady, Cherron M TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4701 Baehner, Lisa M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 609-677-6400 US Baehre, Bruce A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-4703 4703 US Baer, Andrew L CONTRACTOR 304-625-4994 Baer, Carolyn W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Baer, James R CONTRACTOR 703-343-3263 Baer, Joshua MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2225 US Baer, Matthew N CONTRACTOR 703-985-1378 US Baer, Richard M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-7966 37966 US Baesa, A SPECIAL AGENT 956-984-6300 6463 US Baez, Jisenia INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 609-689-7999 7985 US Baez-Jaramillo, Yolanda ITSPEC 703-633-4330 US Baeza, Michelle M SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3460 US Baffour, Eric CONTRACTOR 202-220-9250 US Bagby, Sara K CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Bagchi, Ken S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 7491 US Bagdon, Karin K FACILITY OPERATIONS SPECIALIST-TERM 415-553-7400 7568 US Baggett, Stephen C TASK FORCE OFFICER 903-592-4301 US Baggott, Michael S TASK FORCE OFFICER 817-989-3330 US Bagley, David A CONTRACTOR 202-324-8574 48574 US Bagley, Nicole M PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-8129 8129 US Bague, Roberto J CONTRACTOR 202-651-4028 Bagwell, David M SPECIAL AGENT 202-570-9870 US Bagwell, Richard S SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-4161 34161 US Bagwell, Virginia S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 703-686-6324 US Bahadri, Akram J TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 312-421-6700 US Bahar, Abdul A CONTRACTOR 202-436-7844 7844 US Bahar, Ali TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 210-650-6592 US Bahe, Brocklyn D OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 703-632-1661 US Bahr, Daniel S INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6543 46543 US Bahr, Dechantel L TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6227 0 Bahr, Louise M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 414-291-4298 US Baicar, Kenneth B UNIT CHIEF 202-324-8617 48617 US Baiers, Phillip J CONTRACTOR 540-361-2150 US Baik, Jacobus W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2034 US Bailey, Alexandre DETAILEE 202-324-9614 49614 US Bailey, Amina K CONTRACTOR 202-651-4350 Bailey, Andrea T FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-5719 US Bailey, Angela HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-3258 43258 US Bailey, Ben D TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-309-9088 Bailey, Brandon T Bailey, Brooke SPECIAL AGENT 714-245-5139 US Bailey, Craig dcb SPECIAL AGENT 229-219-6511 US Bailey, Crystal L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6995 46995 US Bailey, Derek J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1572 1572 US Bailey, Dolvenia MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6423 46423 US Bailey, Eric RELIEF SUPERVISOR 570-961-7770 US Bailey, Eric S FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 203-503-5242 US Bailey, Felische INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 US Bailey, Fred S DETAILEE 571-350-4742 US Bailey, Jacalyn M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Bailey, Jacob M TASK FORCE OFFICER 304-525-4741 Bailey, James W ELECTRICIAN 304-625-0350 US Bailey, James. B B TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-223-6322 US Bailey, Joanna L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3603 US Bailey, Jonathan D TASK FORCE OFFICER 614-849-1834 Bailey, Joshua MGMT&PROG ANAL (SPEC ADVR) 202-324-8460 48460 Bailey, Kristin SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-2622 US Bailey, Lillian BUDGET ANALYST 202-323-9463 39463 US Bailey, Lisa G VISUAL INF SPEC 703-632-8200 US Bailey, Lori N CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9432 US Bailey, Matthew TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-3624 US Matthew.Bailey@ic.FBI.GOV Bailey, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8749 US Bailey, Michael W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 856-857-2524 US Bailey, Morgan J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 858-320-8598 US Bailey, Nancy D GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-790-3145 3145 US Bailey, Patrick A ITSPEC 304-625-2575 US Bailey, Rebecca A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3037 US Bailey, Robert D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 618-394-5631 5631 US Bailey, Robert K CONTRACTOR 571-350-4059 Bailey, Sandra A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 713-936-7632 US Bailey, Scott C TASK FORCE OFFICER 419-254-8942 Bailey, Scott S SPECIAL AGENT 603-472-2224 US Bailey, Stacey M CONTRACTOR 703-633-5514 Bailey, Terry E CONTRACTOR 703-633-5716 US Bailey, Thelma R LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7003 US Bailey, Tina L MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-2639 US BAILEY, TODD W CONTRACTOR Baileytownsend, Stacey J CONTRACTOR Bailie, Erin P SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-1562 41562 US Baillargeon, Lise N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Baillergeau, Estella CONTRACTOR 915-832-5000 US Baillie, Christopher H TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 313-965-2323 US Baillie, Jacob E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2149 US Bailliet, Maria S TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8096 US Bain, Bianca C OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 205-314-9117 1506 US Bain, Donald E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4087 US Baines, Eileen M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 313-965-6124 US Bains, Balwinder K CONTRACTOR 646-696-2463 US Bains, Bejoy T CONTRACTOR 571-350-4380 Bains, Ranjit K FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 209-955-5782 Bains, Rijinder K TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 916-977-2467 2467 US Bains, Surrinder K CONTRACTOR 916-977-2468 US Bair, Bethany PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7000 US Baird, Beth A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 215-418-4000 US Baird, Gary B CONTRACTOR 703-632-7251 Baird, Kenneth E TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-920-3010 US Baird, Mark P SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Baird, Robert M SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3043 US Bairstow, Robin T SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2516 US Bajcar, Edward D PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 808-673-2905 2905 US Bajus, James D TASK FORCE OFFICER Bajus, John R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2835 US Bajus, Megan E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 404-679-1475 1475 US Bajus, Sandra J MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-3516 US Bajus, Thomas G CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7734 US Bajwa, Luqman A CONTRACTOR Bajwa, Mahwish FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 202-436-8302 8302 US Bak, Lisa M SUPVY ISTRUCTNL SYS SPEC 703-632-3602 3602 US Bak, Michael T PHYS SECUR SPEC (NUCLEAR) 703-632-7941 7941 US Baker, Adam S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Baker, Alicia J ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-2529 3279 US Baker, Arthur R SPECIAL COUNSEL 202-324-3073 43073 US Baker, Audrey TRAINING LIAISON&CHNG MGMT SPEC 202-324-3259 43259 US Baker, Bradley T CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 5557 US Baker, Brannon M CONTRACTOR 202-324-1500 41500 Baker, Breeana P CONTRACTOR 703-632-7044 Baker, Bryan H STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 904-248-7288 Baker, Bryan J SPECIAL AGENT 215-521-7576 US Baker, Bryan M SPECIAL AGENT 608-829-4160 4160 US Baker, Cari L CONTRACTOR Baker, Cayla E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Baker, Chad M NON-EMPLOYEE 562-345-1147 US Baker, Charlette L SUPVY ITSPEC-FE 410-684-2342 US Baker, Chase R ITSPEC 703-633-5702 US Baker, Clara L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4423 US Baker, Clinton D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-279-1030 1030 US Baker, Curtis E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-1402 US Baker, Daniel F SPECIAL AGENT 956-984-6486 6486 Baker, Darryl CONTRACTOR 202-203-1821 US Baker, Darwin E FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 541-685-6277 US Baker, David C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8712 US Baker, Efrem J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-2011 2011 Baker, Golden A DETAILEE 212-384-1000 Baker, Gregory PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 212-384-1000 3035 US Baker, Guy A TASK FORCE OFFICER 496-396-3217 US Baker, James A ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 2023246829 46829 Baker, Jason L Baker, Jennifer RELIEF SUPERVISOR 214-705-7033 US Baker, Jeremy N ASAC 901-747-9557 9557 US Baker, Joel D TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Baker, John S CONTRACTOR 202-324-8910 US Baker, Jon-Todd SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1999 1316 US Baker, Joseph INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4000 US Baker, Joseph M SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5897 US Baker, Julius B AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 312-829-4073 US Baker, Justin A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2364 Baker, K. Kim K SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 757-609-2693 US Baker, Kenneth R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 575-202-0486 US Baker, Kimberly E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 805-477-2006 US Baker, Larry SPECIAL AGENT 210-650-6239 US Baker, Larry H ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 251-415-3260 3260 US Baker, Lisa A 703-632-3137 US Baker, Lynda L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 317-845-4772 US Baker, Margaret J PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 801-579-1400 6822 US Baker, Margy C TECHNCL INF SPEC 757-609-2597 US Baker, Maria A SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 757-609-2521 US Baker, Maria I STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST US Baker, Mark E TASK FORCE OFFICER 717-467-1480 Baker, Matthew S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 757-609-2558 US Baker, Melinda B INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 813-529-9360 US Baker, Michael H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-629-1916 US Baker, Miranda M TASK FORCE OFFICER 505-889-1300 Baker, Pennie R CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9586 US Baker, Rachel STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 702-584-5679 US Baker, Richard K USRO-CJIS 304-625-5785 US Baker, Ronald J CONTRACTOR 623-466-1560 US Baker, Russell F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5422 US Baker, S B SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 402-493-8688 US Baker, Sara INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 904-248-7248 US Baker, Scott D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-3031 3031 US Baker, Shannon M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 716-843-5219 0219 Baker, Shawn C CONTRACTOR 202-203-5800 Baker, Sherre Y NICS LIAISON SPECIALIST 304-625-7348 US Baker, Stephen R TASK FORCE OFFICER 501-472-9777 US Baker, Stephen W CONTRACTOR 703633.4011 Baker, Steven C STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 215-418-4360 4360 US Baker, Steven. L L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 602-478-1412 US Baker, Tiffany A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-0563 40563 US Baker, Tiffany S CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Baker, Timothy J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 410-277-6539 US Baker, Timothy M SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2140 US Baker, Tonya C Baker, Wende S VICTIM SPECIALIST 816-512-8614 US Baker, William J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 504-816-3000 3191 US Baker-Nichols, Susan RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4786 4786 US Bakke, Spencer D DETAILEE 463-569-8000 Bakken, Kory J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5658 US Bakken, Scott. A A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8517 US Bakken, Todd R SPECIAL AGENT 253-280-2621 US Bakker, Amanda N BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-8412 US Bakula, Linda A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 916-977-2324 US Bakus, Emmanuel LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 312-829-7927 7927 US Bal, Joshua M DETAILEE 202-347-1213 1213 Bal, Simranjit FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-320-8315 Balaguer, Joaquin SPECIAL AGENT 302-594-4332 US Balajadia, Tanya R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 671-645-1813 1813 US Balanay, Claire A VICTIM SPECIALIST 714-939-8699 3286 US Balascio, Ryan M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Balatan, Joseph SUPVY AUDITOR-FO 202-278-4246 US Baldaino, Jenamarie Balderas, Nicholas TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-276-4684 US Balderrama, Adrian A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 210-650-6291 US Baldino, Michael L SPECIAL AGENT 206-262-2290 2290 US Baldocchi, Robert L TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-575-2792 US Baldonado, Ambrocio P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 915-832-5103 US Baldree, Patrick P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3249 US Baldree, Willie E CONTRACTOR 202-962-9444 29444 US Baldridge, Parisa J TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 312-829-8162 US Baldwin, Alexandria J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 504-816-3354 US Baldwin, Diane L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 313-496-4648 US Baldwin, Donna F CONTRACTOR 703-632-7044 Baldwin, Ethan M CONTRACTOR 202-651-3013 48580 US Baldwin, Jeremy K TASK FORCE OFFICER 808-566-4300 US Baldwin, Jerrod CONTRACTOR 202-203-1838 US Baldwin, Kevin T CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Baldwin, Lisa R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7266 US Baldwin, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 910-483-5163 US Baldwin, Monica L SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1919 US Baldwin, Peter RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-2866 US Baldwin, Robert E CONTRACTOR 703-985-6854 US Baldwin, Robert. W W INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 313-965-2323 4015 US Baldwin, Sandra L BUILDING MGMT SPEC-CJIS 304-625-2332 US Baldwin, Thomas E CONTRACTOR 202-324-9553 US Baldwin, Timothy E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Baldwin, Vernita L Baldwin, Zacharia H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8702 US Baldwin-Rash, Sherri E UNIT CHIEF 202-323-7201 37201 US Balemezi, Jude CONTRACTOR 202-324-5891 Balenger, Victoria J EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE COUNSELOR 202-324-5299 45299 US Baler, Ruben D CONTRACTOR 202-278-2000 US Bales, Brittany ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN US Bales, Gary D CONTRACTOR 703-985-1673 US Bales, James L CONTRACTOR 916-973-4137 Bales, Jane V ITSPEC-FE (FO) 505-241-5146 US Bales, Shaun R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Bales, Will SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-6071 US Balestrieri, Joseph H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4391 US Balhara, Rahul CONTRACTOR 212-384-2590 Balias, Panagiotis PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3614 US Balinao, Jeffrey R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 312-829-7904 US Balinao, Judy L SPECIAL AGENT 818-992-4724 US Balinao, Tracy L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 708-364-6158 US Balingit, Joseph G OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 858-320-8346 US Balino, Allison M TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-920-3010 US Balinski, Debra AUDITOR-FO 212-384-1000 3078 US Balint, David J SPECIAL AGENT 914-989-6000 6152 US Balkin, Andrew W DETAILEE 571-280-5436 Balko, Robert SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 716-843-5217 US Ball, Agretta J CONDUCT REVIEW ASSISTANT 202-324-2490 42490 US Ball, Andrew E CONTRACTOR Ball, Christon E PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 973-792-7297 US Ball, Christopher A CONTRACTOR 907-276-4441 US Ball, Christopher K CONTRACTOR 304-625-4605 US Ball, Gaylen L ITSPEC 202-324-2760 42760 US Ball, Jon INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6012 US Ball, Julio CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 305-787-6297 6297 US Ball, Michelle SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Ball, Randall K PHOTOGRAPHER 713-936-7599 US Ball, Rodney CARPENTER 304-625-3820 US Ball, Shane A SPECIAL AGENT 612-376-3261 US Ball, Sheila C SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-1995 US Ball, Susan A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 505-889-1685 US Ball, Susan E FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 512-506-2138 US Ball, Timothy D SPECIAL AGENT 218-722-3341 US Ball, Timothy J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5187 5187 US Ball, Timothy L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 704-672-6695 US Balla, Alba 617-742-5533 Ballance, Eric J CONTRACTOR 202-651-3225 Ballance, May CONTRACTOR 703-898-1746 Ballantine, Thomas T TASK FORCE OFFICER Ballard, Alicia B MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2224 US Ballard, Gina M OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST 703-632-4120 4120 US Ballard, Henry C SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1999 US Ballard, Patrick C CONTRACTOR 703-633-5535 Ballard, Thomas MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-7643 7643 US Ballard, Vivian W TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 901-747-4300 US BallardMiears, Jennifer N INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-0825 40825 US Ballesteros, Paul J CONTRACTOR 703-632-3095 US Ballesteros, Robert P ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 703-686-7107 US Ballesteros, Sharon K FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-686-6944 US Ballew, Kathryn D PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-3277 43277 US Balli, Gilberto STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 972-559-5775 5775 US Ballinger, Tracey L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-3457 3457 US Ballinger-Brotman, E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6747 US Ballner, Gerd J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6568 US Ballock, Scott T SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 304-625-5058 US Balmaseda, Philip B INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 317-845-4813 US Balmer, Darren R. CONTRACTOR Balmforth, Brittney K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 801-591-6305 Balog, Jacob W INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 210-563-4849 Baloga, Ashley M PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7740 7740 US Baloh, Kelly L SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 412-432-4165 4165 US Balsamo, Chad J DETAILEE tbd Balsamo, Rodney C TASK FORCE OFFICER 409-832-8571 US Baltes, Joanna P DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Balthrop, Milinda CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Baltimore, Lareia M TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 410-265-8080 6377 US Baltimore, MFTF US Baltimore, Montague T CONTRACTOR 202-651-3035 Baltimore.Front.Office US Baltimore.MJTTF US BaltimoreFBI.Media US BaltimorePersonnelOffice US Baltzersen, Richard A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8541 US Baltzersen, Samantha L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8524 US Baluch, James R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 312-829-8392 8392 US Balutch, Belquis H CONTRACTOR 858-320-1800 Balutch, Najib CONTRACTOR 202-962-9090 US Banach, David A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 734-995-3180 US Banach, Michael W TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-5355 US Banapour, Babak CONTRACTOR 415-553-5757 US Banaszak, Craig D SPECIAL AGENT 517-336-8367 6121 US Banat, Dania CONTRACTOR 202-436-7762 7762 US Band, Stephen R CONTRACTOR 540-846-5429 US Bandhu, Chade C SPECIAL AGENT 310-477-6565 US Bandy, John E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-8590 48590 US Bandy, Philip B GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-8124 48124 US Bang, Dong S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2511 US Bangaroo, Lydia O LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 011-49-30-8305-2400 Bangas, Ryan R UNIT CHIEF 202-323-5394 35394 US Bangert, Drew R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-6676 US Bangert, John L SPECIAL AGENT 205-326-6166 US Bangerter, Leslie K PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 801-579-1400 6819 US Bangston, Matthew J SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4000 4114 US Banick, Regina L CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9583 US Banievicz, Alexander TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-2067 2067 US Banihani, Mazen O LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 716-843-1607 US Banis, Gregory A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPV/SRA 215-629-1916 US Banish, Jason POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Banko, Jamie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-7393 7393 US Bankrobbery.Houston US BankRobbery.Portland Banks, Alelia T INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 2763 Banks, Calvin STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Banks, Calvin ITSPEC 202-323-5382 35382 US Banks, Cheryl L TASK FORCE OFFICER 503-460-8387 US Banks, Daniel L CONTRACTOR 202-203-3519 Banks, Danielle OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Banks, Doris A OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST 703-632-3044 3044 US Banks, Dorshell B FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-417-3681 US Banks, Forest T SPECIAL AGENT 817-989-3392 US Banks, Jennifer I FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-4862 4862 US Banks, Jeremiah C CONTRACTOR 202-324-6659 46659 Banks, Regina R UNIT CHIEF 703-872-5129 US Banks, Stacy R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 573-636-1806 US Banks, Sylvia DETAILEE 212-384-1000 US Banks, Timothy E TASK FORCE OFFICER US Banks, Troy T TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1301 US Banks, Vanessa W EQUAL EMPLOYMENT MANAGER 202-324-5374 45374 US Banks, Walter ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 212-384-1000 4315 US Bannan, Jason D SENIOR BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES PROG ADVR 703-632-7000 7954 US Banner, Brett E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4340 4340 414-291-2491 US Banner, Jennifer INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-275-2691 804-627-4787 US Bannerman, Shansherett PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2136 2136 US Bannish, Jennifer E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 512-506-2156 US Bannister A ITSPEC 202-323-2971 32971 US Bannon, Christopher F CONTRACTOR 703-633-4657 Banta, Angela M TASK FORCE OFFICER 225-291-5159 Bantner, Michael K PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-641-8910 US Banuelos, Joshua RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-984-6342 US Baoerjin, Bill B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-278-3786 US Baptiste, Jaron ITSPEC 703-985-4164 US Bara, Natalie B SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-7884 US Barabasz, Aaron INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3716 3716 US Barahona, Seigen INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 310-892-2089 US Barahona, Vicky R CONTRACTOR 703-872-5130 Barajas, Jaime RELIEF SUPERVISOR 213-621-6912 US Barakoti, Thapliya J CONTRACTOR 703-633-5769 Baranishyn, Nicholas CONTRACTOR 562-345-1100 Barany, Jonathan P CONTRACTOR 703-872-5266 Barba, Phillip A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-742-5533 6243 US Barba, Phillip Barbadoro, Anthony T INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 856-795-9556 0320 US Barbee, Adriana L ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 754-703-2296 Barbee, Jeremy A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3048 Barbeito, Alejandro RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3430 US Barber, Christopher SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Barber, Darren A Barber, Drew R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 972-559-5000 US Barber, Eve Y CONTRACTOR tbd US Barber, James W BUDGET ANALYST 202-323-6991 36991 US Barber, Lewis MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2273 US Barber, Lois M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 303-630-6505 US Barber, Margo ASSOCIATE DIVISION COUNSEL 754-703-3057 3057 US Barber, Matthew J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 937-904-2898 US Barber, Michael J CONTRACTOR 571-350-4311 US Barber, Stacy D ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 251-219-3529 3529 US Barber, Stephanie R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Barber, Tara STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 816-512-8200 8368 US Barber-Brooks, Monica R CONTRACTOR 202-203-1817 Barber-Chase, Aretha J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-6330 36330 US Barbera, Kevin J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Barberena, Isabel FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 956-984-6380 US Barberena, Jessica L CONTRACTOR 855-314-3343 Barberena, Luis A ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 956-984-6419 6419 US Barbieri, Christina M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 301-618-4445 US Barbieri, Robert FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-7769 US Barbosa, Aaron M DETAILEE 713-693-5000 US Barbosa, Alexis R ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 816-512-8351 Barbosa, Charlae N ITSPEC 703-985-2693 2693 Barbosa, Clifford M EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 4654 US Barbosa, Eduardo J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6100 US Barbosa, Nallely A CONTRACTOR 915-832-5000 Barbosa-Quinones, Miguel TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 Barbour, Cathy A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-1632 US Barboza, Andreas C CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 Barboza, Jason L AUTOMOTIVE WORKER 972-559-5000 5456 US Barclay, Kelley M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2324 42324 US Barclay, Kristina E TASK FORCE OFFICER US Bard, Terry J CONTRACTOR 703-985-6604 Bardecki, Alison E CONTRACTOR 703-983-2294 US Barden, Thomas P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-275-2707 US Bardfeld, Wende E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 561-822-5922 US Bardney-Boose, Alice F MANAGEMENT LIAISON SPECIALIST - DFO 540-361-2330 US Bardos, Mariska CONTRACTOR 202-233-9357 US Bardsley, Richard J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-422-7289 US Bardwell, Kacey R CONTRACTOR 202-324-7150 47150 US Bare, Tracy A CONTRACTOR 703-872-5127 Barefoot, Brigham J SPECIAL AGENT 501-228-8411 0411 US Barefoot, Clinton W SPECIAL AGENT 206-262-2323 US Barela, Kathryn E GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1664 Barfield, Charmaine E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-595-4000 4815 US Barfield, Mark L SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4396 44396 US Barger, Jermain J TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 Barghouty, Ammar Y FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-5279 US Bargo, James E MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-5556 US Bargojordan, Malette CONTRACTOR Bargota, Paul PROGRAM MANAGER 202-436-7702 7702 US Bargoti, Ajey CONTRACTOR 202-324-8298 48298 Bargovic, Nicholas CONTRACTOR 703-633-5760 Barham, Milton FINANCIAL ANALYST 215-418-4353 4353 US Baringer, Alison H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 404-417-3863 US Baringer, Daniel F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 541-330-7903 US Barish, Amy R CONTRACTOR Barkas, David C SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Barker, Brain A LEGAL ADMIN SPEC-CJIS 304-625-7346 US Barker, Brian W CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Barker, Brig RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8558 US Barker, David TASK FORCE OFFICER Barker, Eric J SPECIAL AGENT 509-458-8105 US Barker, F. G SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3521 3521 US Barker, Jerry W TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1828 US Barker, Linda L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8060 US Barker, Michael A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 708-364-6168 US Barker, R S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 423-265-3601 US Barker, Susan M LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8114 US Barker, Terry L SUPVY RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4981 4981 US Barker, Yolanda J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 907-265-8215 US Barkhausen, Kimberly S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-2829 US Barkhausen, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-2861 US Barkley, Nicole D SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 314-589-2500 US Barkley, Phebe MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5026 US Barkoukis, Demetrius E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-446-2028 2028 US Barks, Brandon RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 4591 US Barksdale, Janetra M CONTRACTOR 202-203-3674 Barksdale, Janice TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5435 US Barksdale, Shierrie M CONTRACTOR 202-436-8165 US Barlas, Alex GENERAL ENGINEER (PROJECT MANAGER) 703-632-1245 1245 US Barlow, Jennifer L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3877 16354 US Barlow, Pamela A EQUAL EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-2314 42314 US Barlow, Scott C HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4157 US Barlow, Thomas L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 901-308-1123 US Barman, Glen E CONTRACTOR 202-323-3897 US Barna, Aline M CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 5986 Barnaby, Neel G BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-8406 8406 US Barnacle, James C SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-6336 46336 US Barnard, Aubrey E INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 US Barnard, Jennifer C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 609-677-6464 US Barnard, Karen S 703-985-6470 Barnard, Karna TASK FORCE OFFICER 503-224-4181 US Barnard, Kurt M SPECIAL AGENT 703-330-8710 US Barnard, Richard C Barnard, Steven G INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 317-509-3638 US Barnell, Travis E TASK FORCE OFFICER 678-614-5579 Barner, Jeffrey G TASK FORCE OFFICER Barnes, AnnMarie INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-651-3227 US Barnes, Anthony G INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-9527 39527 US Barnes, Calvin W TASK FORCE OFFICER 910-342-2999 US Barnes, Caroline SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-7813 US Barnes, Choice R TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Barnes, Christopher S LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7098 US Barnes, Clift R TASK FORCE OFFICER 915-832-5023 US Barnes, Danielle G STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 478-744-0548 US Barnes, Darren J TASK FORCE OFFICER 615-232-7507 US Barnes, Dena MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4297 US Barnes, Dimitri J CONTRACTOR 703-632-8530 Barnes, Erin STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE US Barnes, George R LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 011-7-71-72-70-2294 US Barnes, Glenn D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 207-947-6670 0029 US Barnes, Gregory S CTOC SPECIALIST 972-559-5000 5725 US Barnes, Hannah G MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4096 44096 Barnes, Jacqueline M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2156 2156 US Barnes, Jeffery G SUPVY PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7178 US Barnes, Jeffrey D Barnes, Jeremy R POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Barnes, Jeremy. C C LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7915 US Barnes, Jerome L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 202-834-1313 US Barnes, Jessica A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Barnes, Kate E CONTRACTOR 202-436-8256 US Barnes, Kathryn M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 510-808-2600 8457 US Barnes, Kerwin INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 713-702-0641 US Barnes, Kimberly S POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Barnes, Kisha L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5248 45248 US Barnes, Lance W SPECIAL AGENT 414-291-4292 4292 US Barnes, Latasha Y CONTRACTOR 202-324-8761 48761 Barnes, Laura J SUPVY BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-5848 45848 US Barnes, Matthew J TASK FORCE OFFICER 619-823-6145 Barnes, Mia MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7605 US Barnes, Michael A SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-6955 US Barnes, Michael R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Barnes, Michael. K K OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 518-477-0786 US Barnes, Michael. T T ITSPEC 202-324-0668 40668 US Barnes, Nicholas L CONTRACTOR 540-868-000 Barnes, Nicole D MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-7413 US Barnes, Rosemarie SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 916-977-2311 US Barnes, Sharon L TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-409-9560 Barnes, Skylar D POLICE OFFICER Barnes, Steven B ASAC 614-849-1801 1801 US Barnes, Steven R TASK FORCE OFFICER 302-602-0302 Barnes, Theresa V SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 US Barnes, Thomas A SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8030 US Barnes, Tonya M SUPVY TECHNCL INF SPEC (UCR) 304-625-7321 US Barnes, Trayvon SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Barnett, Bennett L CONTRACTOR 571-350-4433 Barnett, Beth E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3719 US Barnett, Carmita S SUPVY ITSPEC 202-324-7055 47055 US Barnett, Charles S CONTRACTOR 540-361-2431 US Barnett, David STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 646-696-2952 2952 Barnett, David O RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1386 1386 US Barnett, David T SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-1938 1938 US Barnett, James D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-4056 US Barnett, Jennifer R SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 208-238-5070 US Barnett, Jessica B STUDENT TRAINEE (GENERAL) 0 Barnett, Judy A INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1780 1780 US Barnett, Louis INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-350-7452 US Barnett, Quincy R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-3758 43758 US Barnett, Robert L FACILITY OPERATIONS SPECIALIST-HQ 571-388-8820 Barnett, William J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3864 US Barnett-Ryan, Cynthia SURVEY STATISTICIAN 304-625-3576 US Barnette, Christina M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4736 US Barnette, Michael J SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4740 US Barnette, Rachelle MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-367-3718 US Barney, Christopher S RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4987 4987 US Barney, Delana STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 754-703-3714 US Barney, Troy D SPECIAL AGENT 907-265-4441 US Barnhart, Eric K SAC 801-579-6801 US Barnhart, Gregory D ITSPEC 304-625-4920 US Barnhart, James C ITSPEC 304-625-4225 US Barnhart, Whitney N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5492 45492 US Barnick, James J CONTRACTOR 202-651-8626 Barnickle, David A SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 202-233-1412 US Barnot, Edward M TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 Barnum, Jon Z MGMT&PROG ANAL 502-263-6550 US Barnwanijakul, Jesse TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-233-1237 Baroco, Patrick E CONTRACTOR 202-324-4614 44614 US Barodi, Said INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-686-7641 7641 US Barofsky, Matthew R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6715 14958 US Baron, Nick J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-348-7287 0288 US Baron, Samantha PROJECT MANAGER 703-872-5259 US Barone, Angelo S TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-5000 US Barone, Diane D SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 702-584-5522 5522 US Barone, Marisa S INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-5081 45081 US Barone, Timothy M CONTRACTOR 202-203-1765 US Barone, Virginia A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 818-902-4530 US Baroni, Guy E CONTRACTOR 304-625-5166 US Baroni, Linda K CONTRACTOR Baroud, John ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 973-792-3047 US Barr, Jason T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6672 US Barr, Jeremiah R CONTRACTOR 304-625-4527 Barr, Kimberly FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 916-977-2339 US Barr, Matthew W MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-553-7902 US Barr, Stanley J CONTRACTOR 617-742-5533 Barraza, Yvonne G SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 915-832-5000 5024 US Barreiro, Alfonso OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Barreiro, Carlos E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 US Barreiro, Fernando L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Barrera, Cassi STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 972-559-5571 US Barrera, Elizabeth OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 956-984-6535 US Barrera, Macarena TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 210-650-6463 US Barresse, Elizabeth D SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-6062 46062 US Barreto, Gian-Carlo STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Barrett, Ann K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6381 US Barrett, Christopher T PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-594-2240 US Barrett, Dana S TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Barrett, Gary SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 865-602-7050 US Barrett, James A PRODUCER-DIRECTOR 703-632-1000 1000 US Barrett, James M TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Barrett, Jamie L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 425-267-2137 US Barrett, John H STATIONARY SSRA 801-818-1240 US Barrett, Marcia A SUPVY RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4962 US Barrett, Reynette L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8292 8292 US Barrett, Richard I TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-432-4000 US Barrett, Ryan B SPECIAL AGENT 317-639-3310 US Barrett, Sean F DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Barrett, Terra R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-436-7341 US Barrett, Thomas STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-4350 4350 Barrett, Waverly C FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 216-522-1400 6845 US Barrette, Jeffrey A SPECIAL AGENT 518-431-4834 US Barrette, Meghan STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 414-276-4684 Barrick, Julie A SUPVY HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 304-625-4785 US Barrile, Holly M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-421-6700 4705 US Barringer, Anna L INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 316-660-6413 US Barringer, Raymond ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-3113 3113 US Barrio, Sergio PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5066 US Barrios, Brian T CONTRACTOR 703-835-3912 US Barrios, Jennifer M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1712 US Barrios, John A ASAC 513-979-8402 US Barrios, Vivian M SPECIAL AGENT 2023243000 US Barro, Mikealo E CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Barrois, Cindy H SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-2131 US Barron, Benjamin O SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-9653 39653 US Barron, Bruce UNIT CHIEF 703-633-5276 US Barron, Carlos J ASAC 713-936-7600 US Barron, Dennis D UNIT CHIEF 540-868-4717 US Barron, Gary S PROGRAM MANAGER 304-625-2803 US Barron, Heidi INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-3801 16412 US Barron, Jonathan INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 480-353-0428 US Barron, Marissa N MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5347 US Barron, Nick L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4411 US Barron, Paula A SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2749 US Barroso, Nuris TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 754-703-2208 2208 US Barrow, Brian M SPECIAL AGENT 213-533-4788 US Barrow, Clyde A TASK FORCE OFFICER 910-342-2999 Barrow, Jason A PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7859 US Barrow, Soo J SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 304-625-7681 US Barrow, Tangela M CONTRACTOR 202-324-2753 42753 US Barrows, Edward A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Barrows, Mark A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-233-1373 US Barrs, Spencer CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Barrus, Thunhi D CONTRACTOR 713-936-8069 US Barry, Ivette RELIEF SUPERVISOR 941-362-8112 US Barry, James T FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-7901 MP Barry, Michael T TASK FORCE OFFICER 409-935-7327 US Barsamian, Lucy A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 617-223-6189 US Barsanti, Lori A 540-868-4710 US Barshinger, Adria L SECRETARY S/OA 540-868-4402 4402 US Barsoom, Nicole L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 408-558-1021 US Barsoum, Adib H CONTRACTOR 412-432-4000 US Barsoum, Ibrahim S CONTRACTOR 202-278-3594 US Barstow, Callie STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-5155 Bart, Todd WAREHOUSEMAN 304-625-5470 US Barta, Curt E DETAILEE 571-350-5313 Barta, Frances A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-9663 US Barta, Justin STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Bartek, Mark J SECTION CHIEF 202-324-7596 47596 US Bartel, Ira RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2610 US Bartel, Jeffrey M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4802 US Bartel, Richard INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 314-589-2640 2640 US Bartels, Gregory INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Bartelson, Travis A SPECIAL AGENT 317-321-6268 6268 US Bartenfeld, Charles M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4177 US Bartenschlag, Matthew W CONTRACTOR 304-625-4287 US Barth, Norman A ITSPEC 202-324-0377 40377 US Barthel, Matthew R TELECOMMUN MANAGER 703-632-1360 1360 US Bartholet, Russell T SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL Bartholf, Michael D CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 47288 Bartholomew, Aaron F SPECIAL AGENT 616-456-5489 US Bartholomew, Charlene TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-622-0460 US Bartholomew, Jay A UNIT CHIEF 202-324-5714 45714 US Bartholomew, Thomas R OCCUPTL SAFETY&ENVRNMTL PROG MGR 801-395-2000 US Bartholow, Carolyn M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7377 US Bartiromo, Michael UNIT CHIEF 202-324-9279 49279 US Bartko, Betsy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 907-265-8222 US Bartlett, Amy J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6142 US Bartlett, Brianna J CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9282 US Bartlett, Forrest E TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-680-0799 US Bartlett, Grant M CONTRACTOR 202-436-8020 68020 Bartlett, Joshua W CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Bartlett, Julie A LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 540-868-4554 Bartlett, Leanne M CRIMINAL HISTORY REQUEST EXAMINER 304-625-9776 US Bartlett, Shirley A SUPVY GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIS 540-868-4542 4542 US Bartlow, Nicholas D CONTRACTOR 304-625-5482 US Bartnik, Sean J SPECIAL AGENT 718-286-7100 7158 US Bartolich, Allan G INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 3014 US Bartolik, Ashleigh S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2289 US Bartolo, Chris A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-6236 US Bartolomei, Glen RELIEF SUPERVISOR 650-246-2088 US Bartolomucci, John A TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-673-1230 US Barton, Brad M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2452 US Barton, Christine H CONTRACTOR 703-985-3430 Barton, David S TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Barton, James Z SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8229 US Barton, Jerry D ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 313-965-2323 3945 US Barton, Kyle D SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3445 US Barton, Marni A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 805-346-3322 US Barton, Robert J CONTRACTOR 304-625-2462 Barton, Stephanie R CONTRACTOR 304-625-2893 Barton, Taranja C TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 202-278-2976 US Barton-Steelman, Joni J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 941-316-6427 US Bartonicek, Regina SPECIAL AGENT 415-553-5755 US Bartow, Jermaine SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8030 Bartram, Steven ITSPEC (CUSTSPT/NETWRKSRV) 304-625-3030 US Barts, Kathryn S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6028 46028 US Bartusik, Robert COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 212-384-1000 3024 US Barutio, Michael S TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Barzegar, Jenny M CONTRACTOR 703-449-6859 Bas, James F PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4956 4956 US Bas, Maury F STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 562-345-1117 US Basanez, Robert C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8647 US Baseheart, David A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-0228 40228 US Basham, Eddie W TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5000 Basham, Gregory DETAILEE 858-449-9137 Basham, Jesse H ITSPEC-FE (FO) 972-559-5816 5816 US Bashara, Charles G MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-307-3959 41682 US Bashaw, Jennifer M GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-2311 2311 US Bashaw, Nancy J CONTRACTOR 301-586-1661 US Basil, Latisha A CONTRACTOR 202-203-3578 US Basile, Adrianna INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 973-792-7147 US Basile, Chad N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 805-559 6979 US Basile, Joseph M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5307 US Basinger, John E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-607-3869 15587 US Baska, Samantha R CONTRACTOR 571-350-4804 Baskett, Brenda J LEGAL ASSISTANT (GENERAL) 202-324-5490 45490 US Baskfield, Cassandra Y CONTRACTOR 202-324-8580 48580 US Baskin, Kevin D TASK FORCE OFFICER Basler, Charles H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-413-2451 US Basquin, Pierre M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 754-703-2065 US Bass, Anthony R TASK FORCE OFFICER 503-460-8539 US Bass, Christopher INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 804-627-4563 US Bass, David E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 608-782-6030 US Bass, Erik RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 US Bass, Hilda CONTRACTOR 801-579-6243 US Bass, John DETAILEE 571-280-5246 Bass, Katherine R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 314-589-2600 2600 US Bass, Ryan E CONTRACTOR 703-985-1085 US Bass, Timothy M TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4150 Bassard, Torrance V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 843-626-7476 US Basse, Joshua MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8718 48718 US Basse, Kimberly CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bassert, David E CONTRACTOR 703-449-6847 46847 Bassett, Andrew T CONTRACTOR 703-872-5237 Bassett, Carl W DETAILEE 313-965-2323 Bassett, James S CONTRACTOR 703-889-1701 US Bassett, Michael D CONTRACTOR 518-465-7551 7441 US Bassett, Vanessa A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1571 US Bassford, Rachel SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 703-633-4306 US Basso, John Basso INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 2618 Bast, Kevin P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 8130 US Bastarache, Christopher V EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN US Basteris, Roberto STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-996-4349 US Bastin, Fahimeh CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Basting, Richard L SUPVY ITSPEC 703-633-5500 US Bastress, Kimberly E CONTRACTOR 703-985-1240 US Basurto, Barbara RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5000 5058 US Basznianyn, Rebecca E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 520-594-2322 US Bataillon, Caitlin M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-633-6041 US Batalla, Anna N TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Batanero, Danny TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Batchelder, Christopher R CONTRACTOR 202-436-8014 US Batchelder, Kelly A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-4078 US Batchelor, Cheryl L UNIT CHIEF 202-436-7812 US Batchelor, Daniel R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 517-336-8367 6121 US Batchelor, Travis CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Bateman, Matthew B CONTRACTOR 703-632-7044 Batenga, Ernest F GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-1722 41722 US Bates, B. L. L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-834-5760 US Bates, Brian D SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 314-589-2650 2650 US Bates, Coleman PHOTOGRAPHER 412-432-4000 4260 US Bates, Connie G SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-359-5339 US Bates, Eugenia L CONTRACTOR 513-979-8427 US Bates, Jason C TASK FORCE OFFICER 208-446-1300 Bates, John SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-2293 42293 US Bates, Karl K ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 801-287-8831 US Bates, Phillip E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-6938 46938 US Bates, Rachel PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 314-589-2500 2569 US Bates, Ronald S REGIONAL EEO INVESTIGATOR 907-265-8167 US Bates, Timothy L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/ASSRA 317-845-2317 US Bates, Tiphanie J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-2351 US Bateshansky, Stewart L DETAILEE 202-324-7934 47934 Batish, Jennifer D SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4332 4332 US Batista, Damaris INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 3685 US Batsch, Shawn E TASK FORCE OFFICER 904-248-7000 Batson, Richard SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2270 2270 US Batson, Virginia L IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9240 US Batt, Kathryn RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2657 US Battaglia, Gregory T STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 855-292-3937 US Battaglia, Joseph SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2243 US Battaglia, Joseph CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Battah, Athir Y CONTRACTOR 248-320-9008 Battah, Haifa CONTRACTOR 313-965-2323 US Battah, Nabil LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 313-965-1742 1742 US Battah, Nidhal CONTRACTOR 313-965-2323 Batten, Chrystal D FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-4332 US Batten, Johnna J SUPVY IDENTITY RESEARCH SPEC 304-625-4296 US Batten, Margaret FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3109 Batterman, Sherri A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4599 44599 US Battista, Gary C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2467 2467 US Battista, Stephen A CONTRACTOR 703-633-6977 US Battiste, Jacques S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-5569 45569 US Battisti, Quentin W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5342 US Battistoni, David R MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-280-5225 US Battistoni, Linda OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-8025 8025 US Battle, Eric E GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST 202-436-8171 Battle, Glendora HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 518-465-7551 7468 US Battle, Kevin C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-6331 US Battle, Mark T CONTRACTOR 202-323-9427 US Battle, Pamela M Battle, Pauline A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 845-220-4259 4259 US Battle, Summer S INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 410-981-8716 US Battles, Gail OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-8074 8074 US Batts, J M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2187 US Batts, Maria C CONTRACTOR 202-278-4400 US Batty, Elizabeth SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 310-996-4278 US Batty, Nathan C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-5591 2146 US Batyrshin, Sergey SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 202-278-4442 US Batz, Robert F TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4568 US Batze, Joanne M SECRETARY OA 202-324-5686 45686 US BAU-3-JPP Baucom, Kenneth H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 732-323-3302 3302 US Baucom, Kevin G SPECIAL AGENT 225-291-1055 US Baucom, W S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6411 US Baucum, Van G SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Baudoindajoux, Thierry R TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Bauer, Amy L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-6355 US Bauer, Andrew A DETAILEE 212-384-1000 1000 Bauer, August SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-7812 7812 US Bauer, Brandon INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 256-326-6166 US Bauer, Brandon L CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Bauer, Christopher M SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3000 3491 US Bauer, Christopher P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2874 US Bauer, Don E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Bauer, J. C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8743 US Bauer, James. B B TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Bauer, Jay J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 847-734-9860 US Bauer, Jeremy R SPECIAL AGENT 815-245-7753 US Bauer, Richard J SPECIAL AGENT 443-827-3815 US Bauer, Robert W INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Bauer, Ronald W POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Bauer, Scott F SA 409-832-8571 Bauer, Scott M TELECOMMUN MANAGER 716-843-4347 US Bauerlein, Jeff A SENIOR ITSPEC 202-324-4507 44507 US Bauers, Lucas L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4120 US Baugh, Cassandra L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8564 US Baugh, Gayle F OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 307-632-6224 US Baugh, Helen CONTRACTOR 503-460-8109 US Baugh, Summer A SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6614 6614 US Baugher, Lamar A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 925-228-0300 US Baugher, Roxanne R SECRETARY OA 202-324-3000 43444 Baugher, Thomas R FIELD SUPERVISOR 941-316-6459 US Baughman, Brad N INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 210-569-4787 Baughman, Brenda L COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 703-686-6676 US Baughman, C S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-870-4301 US Baughman, Lee A ITSPEC 202-324-8736 48736 US Baughman, Lisa A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 505-889-1397 US Baughman, Mary J 304-625-2000 57043 US Baughn, Matthew SPECIAL AGENT 314-589-2797 US Bauk, Vedran EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 415-558-7327 US Bauland, Nora E GENERAL ATTORNEY 703-556-5537 US Baum, Kym M DETAILEE 703-632-4416 Baum, William D ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 503-460-8034 US Bauman, Frank A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 703-686-6862 Bauman, Jonathan H SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3879 US Bauman, Justin TASK FORCE OFFICER 515-991-9504 Bauman, Mark D CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Bauman, Sharon M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3391 US Baumgardner, Corey SPECIAL AGENT 608-829-4180 4180 Baumgardner, Michael T FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 US Baumgart, Anthony TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-409-1499 US Baumgartner, Christopher H CONTRACTOR 703-985-1340 Baumle, Colette N SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Baumrind, Paul S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-204-1705 US Baumstark, Anne BIOLOGIST - DNA PROGRAM SPEC 703-632-7478 US Baur, Karen PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 513-979-8428 US Bausemer, Christopher D HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4166 US Bautista, Eric F UTILITY SYSTEMS REPAIR 304-625-3922 US Bautista, Henry A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 503-460-8309 US Bautista, Michele L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 561-650-6950 US Bauza, Carlos SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 787-754-6000 US Bavol, Paul A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 313-965-3263 US Bavosa, Jenna OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 203-503-5454 5454 Bawlson, Jeffrey E SPECIAL AGENT 713-936-7718 US Baxavaneos, George TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 Baxley, James B INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6040 US Baxter, Brannon PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 352-367-6702 US Baxter, Elizabeth STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 813-253-1000 Baxter, Gregory P TASK FORCE OFFICER US Baxter, John G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-359-9185 US Baxter, Judy H CONTRACTOR 503-460-8071 Baxter, Kim OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 251-219-3512 3512 US Baxter, Scott INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 816-500-5959 US Baxter, Steven A SPECIAL AGENT 702-654-5808 US Baxter Anthony, Lori A CONTACT REPR 304-625-7733 US Bay, Lori R LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 816-584-4334 US Bayag, Deborah TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-715-7712 US Bayan, Melissa RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8850 US Bayati, Amir G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6416 US Bayles, Talibah M SUPVY RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4925 US Bayless, Lee ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 206-262-2018 2018 US Bayless, Linda L CONTRACTOR 571-252-4225 US Bayliss, Celia E ITSPEC (SYSANALYSIS) 202-324-0584 40584 Bayliss, Gracie MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5196 45196 Bayliss, Richard ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 303-630-6352 US Baylor, Christopher S SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1569 US Baylor, Elmer TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2383 US Baylor, Karen MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2222 US Bayly, Trevor A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-9032 39032 US Baynar, Chad ITSPEC-FE (HQ) 410-684-2343 US Bayne, Jason ITSPEC-FE (FO) 210-650-6205 US Bayne, Leonna D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-3453 33453 US Bayrooty, James M SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 3033 US Bays, Evan ITSPEC 304-625-3597 US Baytop, Marilyn L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 410-277-6482 US Baytops, Tanya R CONTRACTOR 202-324-7446 47087 US Bazala, Matthew B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 608-829-4154 4154 US Baze, Joshua J CONTRACTOR 202-324-4774 US Bazemore, Darryl FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-686-6165 US Bazin, Karl H FIELD SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6344 US Bazoalto, Jessica R CONTRACTOR 202-962-9084 US Bazydlo, Jeffrey W CONTRACTOR 202-324-5509 5509 Bazzell, Jennifer L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-9000 8190 US Beach, Ashleigh SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 202-278-2000 US Beach, Justin T SPECIAL AGENT 501-217-2772 US Beach, Wade W SPECIAL AGENT 314-589-2635 2635 US Beachboard, David B AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION SPECIALIST 703-632-3434 US Beachem, Constance J PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5828 US Beachy, Jason J ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 703-633-4621 US Beachy, Rebecca M SPECIAL AGENT 011-31-70-310-2369 US Beadle, Andrew D WRITER-EDITOR 202-324-6060 46060 US Beafore, Kelly L STATISTICAL ASSISTANT 304-625-3561 US Beagan, Anne C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4355 US Beal, Erik W TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-977-2503 Beal, William C CONTRACTOR 202-324-9252 Bealefeld, Charles E TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-986-5561 US Beall, Alethea VICTIM SPECIALIST 505-326-5584 US Beall, Cameron H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 615-232-7500 7526 US Beall, Cherie L FINANCIAL ANALYST 410-265-8080 6521 US Beall, Christopher F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2970 2970 US Beall, David N UNIT CHIEF 202-324-6344 46344 US Beall, Philip L CONTRACTOR 703-632-1270 Beals, Eric E DETAILEE US Beam, Ralph H RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4979 Beam, Ryan W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-622-6887 US Beam, Timothy STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 502-263-6037 US Beaman, Corrie E DETAILEE 501-221-9100 US Bean, Christopher M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 717-232-8686 US Bean, John K RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4780 US Bean, Johnathan D AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 415-826-8562 US Bean, Melissa B CONTRACTOR 540-868-4578 US Bean, Patricia A INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 713-936-7455 US Bean, Scott L SAC-ADMINISTRATION 202-278-3402 US Beane, Ina L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 410-277-6486 US Beane, James P SPECIAL AGENT 301-586-4607 US Beane, James. E E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 513-979-8242 (859) 261-1835 US Beanland, Christopher P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6562 US Beans, Contessa S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 479-443-3181 US Beanum, Sybrina R LEAD TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-4032 44032 US Bear, Britney L CONTRACTOR 202-324-9031 US Beard, Christopher C CONTRACTOR 350-571-4454 Beard, Douglas TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 US Beard, James D FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 205-279-1531 1531 US Beard, Leslie A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 305-787-6607 US Beard, Mitchell S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Beard, Robert P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-409-1575 US Beard, Scott INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 402-530-1221 1221 US Bearden, Rebecca L CONTRACTOR 813-253-1000 US Beardsley, Kristine A STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 312-829-8844 8844 US Beardsley, Sean R CONTRACTOR Beasley, Brittnei S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 301-618-4458 Beasley, Bryce S TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC (TACTICAL COM 703-898-4855 US Beasley, Christopher ITSPEC 202-233-9093 US Beasley, Chrystie R CONTRACTOR 540-868-4774 US Beasley, Duane POLICE OFFICER US Beasley, Gail G SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 901-747-9778 US Beasley, Jae C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-584-5597 US Beasley, Richard L CONTRACTOR 301-856-4538 US Beaton, Ariana STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Beaton, Aristides ASAC 787-759-1503 1503 US Beaton, Doris A SPECIAL AGENT 787-994-0131 US Beaton, Kathleen N SPECIAL AGENT 410-266-2458 US Beatty, John A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-5681 US Beatty, Scott A FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5956 US Beaty, Natalie N INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8447 US Beauchamp, Adrienne A SPECIAL AGENT 713-862-4253 0236 US Beauchamp, David J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Beauchamp, Fernando J INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 281-387-4896 US Beauchemin, Marc H FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-350-7340 US Beauchene, Catherine J UNIT CHIEF 202-324-8265 48265 US Beaudin, Michael J COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 703-985-1476 US Beaudin, Heather (OTD)(FBI), Heather K MATHEMATICIAN 703-985-3466 US Beauford, Andre H SPECIAL AGENT 520-594-2343 US Beauford, Brenda H SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 803-551-4200 4305 US Beaulieu, Shanna L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5000 5287 US Beaupain, Matthew S SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 415-553-7400 7422 US Beausang, Christopher E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8364 3942 US Beauvoir, Christopher P STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-9102 49102 US Beaver, Mike RELIEF SUPERVISOR 918-687-7500 US Beaver, William P TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-672-6432 US Beavers, Karen M INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-504-3616 US Bebbe-Ramish, Marcelle A SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-2729 42729 US Beccaccio, Abbigail SPECIAL AGENT 904-248-7056 7056 US Becerra, Angela INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 858-320-1800 US Becerra, David C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-541-5159 US Becerra, Jose M TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Becerril, Edward TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-951-2768 US Becherer, Jeffery L TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-790-7035 Becht, Theresa C ITSPEC 202-324-1314 41314 US Bechtel, Randall J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 615-232-7500 7505 US Bechtold, Joseph K CONTRACTOR 202-324-9363 49363 US Beck, Charles A DETAILEE 907-265-8129 US Beck, Christopher O CONTRACTOR 540-868-0000 Beck, Dawn M SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 617-223-6126 US Beck, Duane E CONTRACTOR 703-985-3519 Beck, Gideon M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-2352 US Beck, Jason RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-1475 US Beck, Kelley C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9424 39424 US Beck, Madison S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-2000 Beck, Merthan W INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 208-238-5040 US Beck, Michael E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2729 US Beck, Michele A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4401 4401 US Beck, Nancy J CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-2947 42947 US Beck, Natalie M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-8528 8528 US Beck, Randi RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-7618 US Beck, Richard C MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-5518 US Beck, Richard S INTERN 304-625-2000 Beck, Ryan SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2726 US Beck, Sean W TASK FORCE OFFICER 702-385-1281 Beck, Suzanne SPECIAL AGENT 609-689-7943 US Beck, Tauschia N INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 417-882-3303 US Beck, Terence A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Becker, Amanda E SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-5910 US Becker, Elizabeth H PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 858-320-8317 8317 US Becker, Frederick E SUPVY ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 703-985-1962 US Becker, Jason T SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 206-262-2142 2142 US Becker, Jeff A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 402-493-8688 1278 US Becker, Jonathan H TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8000 US Becker, Karen L TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 Becker, Lisa A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-6055 Becker, Molly SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 314-589-2726 2726 US Becker, Oksana I CONTRACTOR 202-203-5865 Becker, Paul N TASK FORCE OFFICER 715-842-2666 US Becker, Raymond J ITSPEC 304-367-3853 US Becker, Tad J Becker, Thomas TASK FORCE 502-583-3941 Beckerman, Suzanne L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-1604 US Beckett, Megan K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-584-5634 US Beckett, Michele M GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-790-3146 US Beckett, Mischa A CONTRACTOR 703-686-6706 Becklean, Ryan E INTERN Beckman, Daniela INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 714-939-3372 US Beckman, Kurt M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 571-921-8911 US Beckman, Paul G SPECIAL AGENT 219-769-3719 US Beckman, Sirena S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 317-595-4000 Beckman, William M SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-8527 US Beckmeyer, Charles R TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5422 Beckner, Debby J SUPVY ITSPEC 202-962-9151 US Beckner, Michael A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2174 US Beckner, Miles SPECIAL AGENT 404-683-2749 Beckstrom, Christopher STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 217-757-3585 Beckum, Joseph C CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Beckwith, Charles E SPECIAL AGENT 941-316-6420 US Beckwith, Howard B CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Beckwith, Matthew FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 216-622-6746 US Beckwith, Peter H Beckwith, Sheri L CONTRACTOR Becraft, Jaimie D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-1253 41253 US Beddo, Harry M CONTRACTOR 703-985-1584 Bedell, Alyssa RELIEF SUPERVISOR 301-618-4456 US Bedell, Andrew FIELD SUPERVISOR 858-495-8557 US Bedell, Sheila MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9838 49838 US Bedford, Barbara RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2000 US Bedford, Christina M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2754 US Bedford, Jeffrey C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3516 US Bedish, George M MUSEUM CURATOR 202-324-8916 48916 US Bednarz, James M TASK FORCE OFFICER 217-522-9675 Beebe, Eric N CONTRACTOR 703-985-3343 Beebe, Lucas A SSRA 831-763-5492 Beech, Christine A CONTRACTOR 540-374-4158 US Beecher, Douglas J PROGRAM MANAGER 703-632-7924 7924 US Beechum, William C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2631 US Beeckman, Robert F SPECIAL AGENT 313-965-2323 6300 US Beecroft, Mary C CONTRACTOR 202-203-3578 US Beede, Nicholas B CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 Beeghley, Mardi A MGMT&PROG ANAL 412-618-3122 US Beegle, Chipper L ITSPEC-FE (FO) 972-559-5847 US Beeler, William C MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-1408 US Beels, Kendall R DETAILEE 410-981-8727 Beem, Scott J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 217-757-3678 US Beeman, Jane M SECRETARY OA 202-324-4840 44840 US Been, Karla E SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 501-228-8442 US Beer, Stephanie L SECRETARY OA 304-625-2707 US Beerman, Ling-Ling L CONTRACTOR 713-693-5000 Beers, Elizabeth R SECTION CHIEF 202-324-4510 44510 US Beers, Staci A VICTIM SERVICES MANAGER 202-324-5577 45577 US Beersdorf, William W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3058 US Beery, Avis C TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-874-6325 Beeson, Christopher J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 650-289-3000 3045 US Beetstra, Richard P., Richard P CONTRACTOR 212-384-1000 Beezley, Jeffrey C TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-874-5524 US Befekadu, Alem S CONTRACTOR 571-350-1234 Begeman, Theodore R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 313-965-6112 US Beggs, Aaron SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4554 4554 US Beggs, Bryan S SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Beggs, Shelley C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6326 US Begley, Donald CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 US Bego, Alba STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 617-223-6264 6264 US Begonia, Roberto G ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 808-673-2922 2922 US Begor, Jonathan J TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-220-4329 4329 Beh, Jeremy SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4317 Behan, Neil J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 410-277-6711 US Behbehani, Khadijeh CONTRACTOR 503-460-8000 Behenna, Scott W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 405-290-3809 US Behling, Bridget K DETAILEE 0 US Behling, Ruth FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-7172 47172 US Behlmann, Laura M SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-7416 7416 US Behm, Brian W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8388 8388 US Behnam, Maged SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4907 US Behnam, Sherin F STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-3579 US Behncke, Ted J CONTRACTOR 202-347-1213 2013 Behning, Roy T UNIT CHIEF 703-985-1849 US Behr, Nicole T CONTRACTOR 202-324-9242 US Behr-Szustakowski, Katie M SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-278-3356 US Behrend, Brian TASK FORCE OFFICER 248-879-6090 Behrens, James G SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 703-530-3705 US Behrens, James R TASK FORCE OFFICER 512-506-2148 US Behrens, Penny V FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-488-4568 US Behrens, Roberta D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-6912 36912 US Behrens, Timothy J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 414-768-0220 17320 1.414.570.5339 US Behun, John J SECTION CHIEF 703-632-8280 US Beidleman, Cornelius M CONTRACTOR 571-280-0693 16731 US Beidler, Douglas S FIELD SUPERVISOR 702-584-5825 5825 US Beidler, Michael CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 Beigh, Jill M SPECIAL AGENT 805-477-2014 US Beining, Cara F INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-278-2014 US Beining, Christine RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8786 US Beining, Steven J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-693-5000 US Beiriger, Matthew J CONTRACTOR 703-985-3420 Beiro, Jose L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-9439 39439 US Beisheim, Gary D FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 253-280-2608 US Beith, Danielle N Beith, Danielle N TASK FORCE OFFICER 601-948-5000 US Bejarano, Edward G CONTRACTOR 011-5255-5080-2458 Bejarano, Josephine O CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Bejarano, Michael H INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 813-253-1000 US Bejarano, Richard PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 973-792-7136 7136 US Bekerian, Grigor ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 310-477-6565 3530 US Belan, Christopher ITSPEC 208-238-5030 5030 US Belardogaray, Michael DETAILEE Belcastro Jr., Peter J DOCUMENT ANALYST - FE 703-632-7300 US Belcher, Adam L TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Belcher, Sarah E SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 502-263-6005 6005 US Belew, Brittany N CONTRACTOR 571-350-4153 Belin, Philippa K CONTRACTOR 703-985-6078 3626 US Beliveau, Joshua SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 202-278-2000 Belka, Sarah STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-495-8516 US Belknap, James P TASK FORCE OFFICER 915-485-4700 US Bell, A. Karlyn K SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 412-432-4114 4114 US Bell, Agnes H SECRETARY OA 703-872-5056 25056 US Bell, Amy C STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 920-432-2074 US Bell, Angela D PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-8782 48782 US Bell, Arthur K ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 801-579-6926 US Bell, Ashlee D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT US Bell, Brad L FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 303-630-6503 US Bell, Brendan R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-324-5850 45850 US Bell, Brian D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-460-2109 US Bell, Brian P CONTRACTOR 202-324-6152 US Bell, Carol S LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7229 US Bell, Charles A TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Bell, Corey J CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Bell, Curlene TASK FORCE OFFICER 601-948-5000 Bell, Daniel M DETAILEE 571-280-6416 Bell, David S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6217 6217 US Bell, Demetria ITSPEC 202-436-7241 US Bell, Donald L CONTRACTOR 703-983-1380 US Bell, Earl W INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3912 3912 US Bell, Earnest L SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 404-679-6587 6587 US Bell, Eric M CONTRACTOR 202-436-8000 68000 Bell, Garrick B INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 410-636-9362 US Bell, Gerald D CONTRACTOR 402-493-8688 US Bell, Glenn S CONTRACTOR 202-323-4987 Bell, Ieshewayne STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Bell, Jacqueline M ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 617-223-6154 US Bell, James N TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC 304-625-3146 US Bell, Janai L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 215-521-7511 4000 US Bell, Jasmine MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5808 45808 Bell, Jeffrey O TASK FORCE OFFICER 907-276-4441 US Bell, Jeffrey T PHOTOGR (SCIENTIFIC&TECHNL) 703-632-8138 8138 US Bell, Jeremy A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 716-843-1613 US Bell, John J INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 865-330-9944 US Bell, Jonathan D TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 Bell, Joshua T DETAILEE 512-345-1111 Bell, Kathryn M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 973-792-7601 7601 US Bell, Kelly M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6082 US Bell, Kimberly D CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Bell, Kristin SPECIAL AGENT 763-569-8783 US Bell, Lori M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 0 Bell, Lynwood SPECIAL AGENT 904-248-7303 US Bell, Melissa L TASK FORCE OFFICER 302-594-4301 US Bell, Michael R CONTRACTOR 202-324-0089 40089 US Bell, Naydja M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7521 47521 US Bell, Nileah S FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-0025 40025 US Bell, Richard E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-859-4563 US Bell, Richard E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 904-248-7299 US Bell, Rita E MGMT&PROG ASST 202-651-3005 US Bell, Russell E ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 973-792-3000 7566 973-792.7552 US Bell, Ryan J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Bell, Ryan M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bell, Samantha PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4386 4386 US Bell, Sharon D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 410-277-6709 US Bell, Stuart W CONTRACTOR 202-651-8159 US Bell, Terrance J CONTRACTOR 202-324-1422 Bell, Thomas G TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-495-7200 US Bell, Timothy P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-5436 US Bellamy, Aquarius OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 202-324-1934 41934 US Bellard, Darrell J SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 281-387-4895 US Belle, James T DETAILEE 571-350-4722 Belli, Brian R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-518-1253 US Bellinger, Lyza L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 5533 US Bellini, Edmundo F DETAILEE 202-233-9251 US Bellissimo, S INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 313-965-2323 4015 US Bellita, Christina M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-9272 49272 US Bellizzi, Petrina INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2507 US Bellmer, Arnold R UNIT CHIEF 703-632-7896 US Bello, Thomas A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3203 US Bellovary, Andrea INTERN 414-276-4684 Bellows, Bradley C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6234 6234 US Belluomini, Eric K CONTRACTOR 703-633-5742 Belluzzi, Michele L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3240 US Belongia, Stephen A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8198 48198 US Belote, Carolyn D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-8627 48627 US Belsterling, Stephen RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6639 US Belt, Angela Y MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3000 41158 US Belt, Anita INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 816-512-8756 US Beltgens, Shannon MGMT&PROG ANAL 203-630-5945 US Belton, Jade STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-6577 46577 Beltran, Leticia R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 713-693-5000 US Beltran, Martha C SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8594 US Beltz, Eric R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8641 US Beltz, Samantha INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-4086 4086 US Belue, David R TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-313-6800 US Belvin, Robert S CONTRACTOR 202-651-4332 US Belyeu, Vance TASK FORCE OFFICER Beman, Bradley R SPECIAL AGENT 512-506-4108 US Bembry, Sandra S TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 404-679-6520 US Bemish, Alexander A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Ben, Chad M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 314-589-3206 US Benack, Marilyn DETAILEE 703-961-2060 US Benamor, Habib TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4374 US Benard, Matthew J SUPVY PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7173 7173 US Benavides, Bradley S FIELD SUPERVISOR 312-829-8073 US Benavides, Fernando FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 940-766-4441 US Benca, Thomas PRODUCER-DIRECTOR 703-632-1996 US Bench, Brad E DETAILEE 202-278-4848 4848 US Bencivenga, Angelo R DETAILEE 703-961-7679 Bencken, Christopher M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 530-722-6743 US Bend, Spencer B CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Benda, Virginia SPECIAL AGENT Bender, Alicia S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5895 45895 US Bender, Billie SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Bender, Crystal J SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3000 3482 US Bender, General P TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-8024 Bender, Jason C SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6357 US Bender, Joseph E UNIT CHIEF 202-324-8532 48532 US Bender, Joshua A SPECIAL AGENT 801-579-6468 US Bender, Keith E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-878-9003 US Bender, Kelly D SPECIAL AGENT 202-345-7502 US Bender, Marisa PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-8439 US Bender, Michael D ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 314-589-2688 2688 US Bender, Sarah P 202-324-3000 Bender, Scott S FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-4328 US Benderlevy, Ardith D DETAILEE 571-280-6758 Benderoth, Keith A TASK FORCE OFFICER Bendewald, Gregory CONTRACTOR 571-280-5524 US Benedetti, Jason E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 509-458-8134 US Benedict, Lorenzo D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3441 3441 US Benedict, Michael T TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 Benedicto, Alexandra STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Benedicto, Lincoln A SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4297 44297 US Beneducci, Gary S STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 7350 US Beneli, Tamar TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 916-481-9110 2429 US Beneski, Mark W FIELD SUPERVISOR 412-432-4159 US Benevage, Randall K INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 601-874-5834 US Benevides, Nina L CONTRACTOR 703-689-5211 Bengelink, Jonathan L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 206-439-2964 US Benghazi Tips Benham, Forrest A SPECIAL AGENT 870-863-3466 US Benham, John L TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4404 US Beninato, Gregory FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3871 3871 US Benincosa, Lois J MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-3851 US Benincosa, Natalie J CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Benites, Victor E TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4054 Benitez, Maria P MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8403 48403 US Benitez, Richard J HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4100 US Benitez, Stephanie D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6924 US Benjamin, Andrew M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-928-1606 US Benjamin, Cedric L CONTRACTOR US Benjamin, Diane M CONTRACTOR 703-872-5195 US Benjamin, Lesa N ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 704-672-6434 US Benjamin, Lisa S CONTRACTOR TBD Benjamin, Sharon ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 404-679-6270 US Benjamin, Thomas M TASK FORCE OFFICER 406-633-0787 Benke, Keith P SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 703-985-6160 US Benke, Rodney S COMPLIANCE OPERATIONS MANAGER 703-872-5043 US Benn, Jamie B MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2288 US Benn, Tijuana MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7901 4000 US Bennawit, Michael J CONTRACTOR 304-625-4644 US Benner, Kerri A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-0832 40832 US Benner, Melissa A CONTRACTOR 703-985-3249 Benner, Steve D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-6238 6238 US Bennett, Adam D SPECIAL AGENT 541-608-1564 US Bennett, Andrew D SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 1727 US Bennett, Bill C SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-985-2519 2519 US Bennett, Bradley Q ITSPEC 304-625-2309 US Bennett, Bruce SPECIAL AGENT 701-852-5071 US Bennett, Carissa STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 405-290-3750 US Bennett, Carlos E SPECIAL AGENT 210-650-6128 US Bennett, Cathy L CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9662 US Bennett, Charles SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Bennett, Christopher C POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Bennett, Daniel E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2295 US Bennett, Daniel P TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5417 Bennett, Darren COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 858-320-8372 US Bennett, David SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-8171 US Bennett, David C INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 304-625-2107 US Bennett, David. A A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Bennett, Debra S SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-7240 48285 US Bennett, Dow D CONTRACTOR 304-625-4191 Bennett, Ethan C INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Bennett, Gary H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 011-361-475-4209 US Bennett, Ginger K SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 304-625-4261 US Bennett, Jamie K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 801-579-6354 US Bennett, Jason C TASK FORCE OFFICER 501-221-9100 US Bennett, Jeffrey R SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3967 US Bennett, John F SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT-SECTION CHIEF 703-985-6319 US Bennett, Joshua C CONTRACTOR 703-632-1872 Bennett, Joyce S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 850-216-3320 US Bennett, Julie K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 805-477-2027 US Bennett, Kenneth J ITSPEC 703-872-5421 US Bennett, Kimberly M FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 312-829-4234 4234 US Bennett, Linda C OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-421-6700 6234 US Bennett, Lindsay OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 617-742-5533 Bennett, Maren A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 702-584-5605 5605 US Bennett, Maria A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 626-931-5574 US Bennett, Mark A LSU SUPVR 304-625-5919 US Bennett, Megan P SPECIAL AGENT 701-852-5071 US Bennett, Melissa INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-2735 2735 US Bennett, Michael SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 3310 US Bennett, Michelle R TASK FORCE 402-493-8688 Bennett, Patrick INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 713-936-7841 US Bennett, Patrick R SPECIAL AGENT Bennett, Robert A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 605-343-9632 US Bennett, Robert W ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 520-594-2403 US Bennett, Roberta M CONTRACTOR 703-872-5222 Bennett, Scott A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 919-466-1373 1373 US Bennett, Sharon ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8107 US Bennett, Sonya F MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-5886 US Bennett, Steve B UNIT CHIEF 571-350-5301 US Bennett, Steven L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-3068 US Bennett, Susan MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8013 8013 US Bennett, Timothy M CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9562 US Bennett, William L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8188 US Bennett, Yolanda L DETAILEE 865-544-0751 Bennice, Matthew F CONTRACTOR Benninger, Eric D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-629-7171 US Bennington, Eric R SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 310-996-4028 4028 US Bennington, Gloria STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 714-939-3263 US Bennington, Timothy T STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 951-248-6532 6532 US Bennis, Loubna CONTRACTOR 754-703-2219 US Beno, Benjamin FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-3666 US Benoit, Carl A UNIT CHIEF 703-632-3134 Benoit, Lauren INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 203-503-5035 US Benozich, John R TASK FORCE OFFICER 484-390-0808 US Bensadon, Joseph M CONTRACTOR 202-278-4460 US Bensman, Elizabeth H SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-1022 US Benson, Brionia J POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 Benson, Chad J TASK FORCE OFFICER US Benson, Christopher L TASK FORCE OFFICER 218-751-0610 Benson, Christopher Q INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 215-418-4000 US Benson, Denise L Benson, Diane L AUDITOR-HQ 202-324-4461 44461 US Benson, Edward M DETAILEE 202-324-8465 48465 Benson, Elizabeth L SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 310-477-6565 3336 US Benson, Eric S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1651 US Benson, Guy INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8215 US Benson, Holly L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4564 US Benson, Jennifer STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 816-512-8646 US Benson, JoAnn R FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 203-503-5270 US Benson, Jordan L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-7389 US Benson, Karla A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-4158 US Benson, Karshina M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 310-477-6565 4396 US Benson, Kenneth R US Benson, Kevin N PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-HQ 703-872-5112 US Benson, Lee C LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 310-996-3724 3724 US Benson, Linda T OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-2768 3018 US Benson, Marlene R ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 202-324-3000 40000 US Benson, Ronald E SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 520-594-2327 US Benson, Samuel SPECIAL AGENT 907-265-8105 US Bent, Jonathan L SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3779 3779 US Bentham, Christina R SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 0 Bentley, James E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 865-602-7145 US Bentley, Jo Ann A SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 915-832-5000 5025 US Benton, Christopher L TASK FORCE OFFICER 610-433-6488 Benton, Erica D ACCOUNTING ANALYST 304-367-3754 US Benton, Kenneth J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 508-947-0625 US Benton, Mary L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 412-432-4105 4105 US Benton, Monica C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5320 45320 US Benton, Raymond D CONTRACTOR 703-632-1861 Benton, Robert L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5014 US Benton, Scott D MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-367-3791 US Benton, Yaphet D ITSPEC 703-632-8202 US Bents, James J SSRA 541-389-1202 US Benttinen, Jane E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 508-947-0625 0226 US Benvenuto, Hening LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 415-553-5753 US Benway, Brian RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2484 2484 US Benyard, Mesya A ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 404-679-6329 US Benz, Karen M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-323-9141 39141 US Benz, Laurel D TASK FORCE OFFICER 702-385-1281 Berchanskiy, Vlad CONTRACTOR 414-276-4684 US Berchtold, Sandra R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-837-6272 US Berckmiller, Patrick S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 919-380-4523 US Berdin, Ronald D TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Berdote, Martha M SPECIAL AGENT 718-286-7100 7143 US Beresford, Annette DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Beresford, Melissa R SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Berg, Daniel A DETAILEE 571-280-5951 US Berg, Derwyn V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-579-6521 US Berg, Megan E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8559 US Berg, Valerie Z TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-203-3389 Bergamini, Margaret J GENERAL ENGINEER (PROJECT MANAGER) 703-632-4621 4621 US Bergelevier, Steve TASK FORCE OFFICER US Bergeman, Stephen P SPECIAL AGENT 816-512-8733 US Bergemann, Michel T MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4707 US Berger, Anna J STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-4645 4645 Berger, Charles E ASAC 646-696-2020 2020 US Berger, Clem INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 313-965-6152 US Berger, Dianne E RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4959 US Berger, Douglas A DETAILEE 202-324-0008 0008 US Berger, Dustin J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8779 8779 US Berger, Elise T CONTRACTOR 202-324-9587 9587 US Berger, Joan 212-384-1000 8071 Berger, Kim DETAILEE 415-553-7400 US Berger, Michael R COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 212-384-1000 2755 US Berger, Robert M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 562-491-8038 US Bergeria, William J SUPVY LOGISTICS MGMT SPECLST 703-632-1679 US Bergeron, Elizabeth W INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 915-832-5000 5075 US Bergeron, Geoffrey A Bergeron, Russell A CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 US Bergey, Heather E STATIONARY SSRA 410-266-2401 US Bergh, Julie A CONTRACTOR Bergh, Mikael PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8644 US Berghoff, Christy J ITSPEC 202-324-9538 49538 US Bergida, Robert D GENERAL ATTORNEY 703-633-6379 US Bergin, George T TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8000 US Bergin, Patrick V ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 904-248-7064 US Bergin, Steven M ITSPEC-FE (FO) Bergloff, Rick D ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 816-512-8354 US Berglund, Barry E TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Berglund, Jill C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8503 US Bergman, Ashley J CONTRACTOR 314-589-2500 US Bergman, Rick J TASK FORCE OFFICER 513-421-4310 US Bergman, Stephanie J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 314-589-2500 Bergmeister, Francis X MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3798 US Bergner, Michael S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-1552 US Bergo, Alyson INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-8900 8900 US Bergo, Chance UNIT CHIEF 703-632-8017 US Bergquist, Jeremy J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 217-757-3645 US Bergren, Pamela S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 601-713-7712 US Bergstedt, Brandon R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 412-432-4000 4454 US Berhane, net FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 202-436-7709 7709 US Berhanu, Samuel UNIT CHIEF 304-625-3692 US Beringer, Robert D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1196 US Berke, Mantegbosh A ITSPEC 703-872-5093 5231 US Berkebile, Jeffrey A UNIT CHIEF 571-350-7312 US Berkeley, Sharon L SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 301-251-7300 US Berkland, Scott S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 671-645-1846 1846 US Berkley, Robert E CONTRACTOR 703-633-6906 Berkley, Timothy J SPECIAL AGENT 203-382-6671 US Berkowitz, Eric S CONTRACTOR 202-203-1840 US Berkowitz, Steven SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2020 Berlas, Abdul R. CONTRACTOR 202-323-1942 US Berlin, Linda TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-3765 3765 US Berlove, Marc DETAILEE 202-353-9699 US Berlowitz, Nicole L FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 310-996-3594 3594 US Berman, Jamie L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7847 47847 US Berman, Joseph I CONTRACTOR 301-586-1671 US Berman, Rachel STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-6010 0332 Bermejo, Rosaileen ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 312-829-4575 US Bermudez, Giraldo SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3438 3438 US Bermudez, Jennifer PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-786-9201 US Bermudez, Loan RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-3419 US Bermudez, Venus S INTERN 212-384-3243 3243 US Bernadas, Paul-David INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 504-816-3438 3438 US Bernal, Courtney SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 763-569-8255 US Bernal, Frank J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 714-939-3257 US Bernal, Gilbert V TASK FORCE OFFICER 512-506-2649 Bernal, Jaime CONTRACTOR 202-324-1821 41821 Bernal, Veronica C VICTIM SPECIALIST 956-984-6337 US Bernal, Williams T SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8030 Bernard, Arnold P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 814-262-9290 US Bernard, Christopher G CONTRACTOR 703-672-2122 Bernard, Gregory M TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-9252 Bernard, Matthew V DETAILEE US Bernard, Scott A SUPVY SECUR SPEC-ACSO 212-384-1000 4474 US Bernardi, Paul SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8186 US Bernardi, Stephanie M CONTRACTOR 202-651-3224 44009 Bernardino, Lee A 562-409-1400 US Bernardo, John J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 754-703-3513 US Bernardo, Kelly M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 754-703-3069 6224 US Bernardo, Rebecca A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 801-579-6562 4912 US Bernardoni, Anthony C SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-231-4324 2721 US Bernatowicz, Britne M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 714-939-3380 3380 Bernay, Kevin W CONTRACTOR 202-324-2031 42846 Bernazzani, Daniel A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3093 US Bernazzani, Elisa G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3140 US Bernazzoli, Scott J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 412-432-4000 4496 US Bernd, Steven L SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 206-262-2002 US Berndt, Douglas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 773-686-7706 US Berneaud, Susan S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 614-744-2185 US Bernhard, Justin B CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 Bernhardt, Lee J TASK FORCE OFFICER 773-225-5002 US Bernhardt, Steve INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 801-579-4404 4914 US Berni, James J SPECIAL AGENT 612-376-3200 3280 US Bernier, Jennifer L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 203-503-5328 US Berning, Brittney M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Bernoi, Marie E SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL (UC) 571-350-4444 4444 US Bernreuther, Paul D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6017 15248 US Bernsteen, Stanley A CONTRACTOR 703-633-4790 US Bernstein, Jessica S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5030 45030 US Bernstein, Louis E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 410-277-6533 US Bernstein, Matthew I RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8641 US Bernus-Kolarik, Vilma FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 414-291-2465 2465 US Bero, Roberta A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 4015 US Berookim, Yehudit M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-3946 3560 Berrick, Lawrence R CONTRACTOR 703-632-3317 US Berringer, Alexandra OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Berrios, Gladys M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 941-362-8131 US Berrios, Jacqueline M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 210-650-6356 US Berrios, Steve CONTRACTOR 703-985-1653 US Berry, Adam L SPECIAL AGENT 918-879-2544 US Berry, Amber M IDENTIFICATION RECORDS SUPVR 304-625-9430 US Berry, Benjamin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6300 US Berry, Betsalel M CONTRACTOR Berry, Charlene F CONTRACTOR 202-203-1902 Berry, Darlinda A CONTRACTOR 313-965-2323 US Berry, Daryl D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 918-681-6510 0510 US Berry, Devon P CONTRACTOR 202-324-6426 46426 US Berry, Frederick G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Berry, Jacqueline R SECURITY ASSISTANT 202-651-2138 US Berry, James M UNIT CHIEF 703-985-4052 US Berry, Janice V OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 202-278-3053 3053 US Berry, Jennifer A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-382-6613 US Berry, Jennifer L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-984-3033 US Berry, John C CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Berry, K M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 803-551-4317 US Berry, Kathleen A BIOLOGIST 703-632-7870 US Berry, Kelly E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 409-908-5287 US Berry, Patrick R SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-693-5000 7442 US Berry, Soretta D GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4510 US Berry, Steven D CONTRACTOR 202-324-0626 40626 US Berry, Todd A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 304-526-3962 US Berry, William J TASK FORCE OFFICER 904-248-7115 US Berryhill, Mary A CONTRACTOR 703-632-7163 Berryman, Heather R TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 763-569-8283 US Berryman, Lillian H TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 623-466-1607 US Berryman, Todd T FIELD SUPERVISOR 256-885-3649 US Berson, Caroline TASK FORCE OFFICER US Berstock, Avi J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3917 US Berthay, Christopher R TASK FORCE OFFICER 601-948-5000 US Berthold, Bryant E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 571-280-4084 US Bertling, Robert E TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 Bertoldi, Joseph A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4175 US Bertolini, Angela C UNIT CHIEF 202-324-9708 49708 US Bertone, Holly J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9473 49473 US Bertram, Karen M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 402-530-1284 1284 US Bertram, William T TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-985-4185 Bertrand, E P REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER/EAP 703-686-6000 US Bertrand, Meghan E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6005 US Bertrand, Michael C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2950 2950 US Bertrand, Timothy INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 617-620-5299 US Bertron, Matthew J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-3519 3519 US Bertucci, Giorgio FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 313-965-5371 5371 US Berube, Karen INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 630-577-1615 US Berube, Peter INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 312-829-2174 US Beruk, Jennifer E CONTRACTOR 301-586-1657 Berumen, Eric M SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2279 US Berumen, Maria D CONTRACTOR 562-929-9222 US Besana, Gilbert B TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1704 Beshara, Christian M CONTRACTOR 202-233-9092 Besko, Jonathan E TASK FORCE OFFICER US Bespaly, Val SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 713-936-8580 US Bess, Bryan P MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3729 3729 US Bess, Elizabeth FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 314-589-2732 US Bess, Mardi C CONTRACTOR 202-324-8311 US Bessee, Cecilia O UNIT CHIEF 202-324-6618 46618 US Bessellieu-Brady, Caroline OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 754-703-2311 US Bessemer, Jeffery A Bessette, Douglas R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 413-205-1705 1130 US Bessette, Gerald R SECTION CHIEF 703-633-5575 US Bessette, Michael S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Best, David COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS Best, David L LOCKSMITH 202-324-5980 5980 US Best, Janelle CONTRACTOR US Best, Larry TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-233-1253 US Best, Pete TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-8044 US Best, Sonja L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2221 US Best-Billington, Rosa I LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 646-696-2284 US Beswick, Dinneen M SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 202-651-4385 US Betance, Gabriela RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-874-6486 US Betance, Joaquin I MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9636 39636 US Betancourt, Lauren E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 813-417-3995 US Betancourt, Maria E CONTRACTOR 713-936-8062 US Betancourt, Mario TASK FORCE OFFICER 956-717-6471 US Betancourt, Michael P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2633 US Betbeze, Craig C PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 504-816-3274 US Betdaniel, Diba TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 312-829-7952 US Bethancourt, Ireon FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 713-936-7172 US Bethards, Leonard T DETAILEE 703-275-2350 Bethards, William G INSTRUCTOR-QUANTICO 703-632-1000 1841 US Bethas, Luke R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 717-213-2304 US Bethea, Glenda MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2489 42489 US Bethel, Errington J CONTRACTOR 202-220-9183 US Bethke, Keith H LEGAL ATTACHE 7-495-728-5333 US Betler, Sara C CONTRACTOR 202-233-9266 Betley, Ronald W TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-276-4684 US Betson, Emily N INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-4903 4903 US Betten, Mark E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 515-223-4278 US Betthauser, Donna R SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-5997 US Bettine, Michael L SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-4811 US Bettis, Jacqueline R ITSPEC - FITC BRAC 212-384-1000 2614 US Betts, Raymond E TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6542 US Betts, Sheila M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 901-747-9606 US Betts, William E UNIT CHIEF 703-985-1703 US Bettum, Theresa R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 937-222-7485 US Betz, Bianca N SPECIAL AGENT 650-251-8603 1000 US Betz, Daniel E ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 616-456-5489 6120 US Betz, Jason INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-4613 US Betz, Michael W Betz, Robin L SPECIAL AGENT 509-458-8115 US Beuch, Ashley ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 763-569-8316 8316 US Beuchert, Mary C ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-3280 US Beulke, Kurt SPECIAL AGENT 617-204-1722 US Beuschlein, Amy SPECIAL AGENT 970-461-4012 US Beutelschies, Jon E SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-7672 47672 US Beutler, Kristen M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 847-670-2995 US Bevan, Jason FIELD SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 3172 US Bevan, Nicole B MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-7206 US Bevan-Lee, James P OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Beverley, Johnnie N TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 501-228-8439 0439 US Beverly, Marcella M ITSPEC 703-632-7076 US Beverly-Claiborne, La Monica B ITSPEC (SEC) 202-203-1822 Bevilacqua, Joseph ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 212-384-2742 4534 US Bewley, Mark NAME CHECK TECHNICIAN 208-238-5036 5036 US Beyai, Candice A TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 571-350-5200 5214 US Beydoun, Noelle OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 623-466-1052 US Beyene, Amezenetch A CONTRACTOR 202-278-4408 US Beyer, Bradford J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 US Beyer, Catherine P CONTRACTOR US Beyss, Derek RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2717 US Bezak, William M SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4458 US Bezdikian, Veh SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8607 US Bezet, Malcolm J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3000 3059 US Bezick, Timothy CONTRACTOR 571-280-3805 14737 US Bezovics, Ivett RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3388 US Bezzant, Megan E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 510-808-8409 8409 US Bhagwandin, Khaimraj Y ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 246-227-4034 Bhakta, Jagruti INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 646-696-2207 2207 US Bhakta, Zeena MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7177 47177 Bhalla, Rashmi CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bhandari, Saurav B CONTRACTOR TBA Bhardwaj, Amit NET DEVELOPER Bhat, Prakash CONTRACTOR 202-324-3084 Bhatia, Rajeev S DETAILEE 212-384-1000 US Bhatia, Raju S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-3301 43301 US Bhatnagar, Chhavi SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 210-650-6444 US Bhatt, Jawaher IT SPEC (NETWRK/DATAMGMT) 571-350-4033 US Bhatt, Manan DETAILEE 202-324-8383 US Bhatt, Sujeeta DETAILEE 571-350-7246 US Bhattacharya, Nilanjan CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Bhatti, Pamas R TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 916-481-9110 2453 US Bhole, Yogesh R CONTRACTOR 703-633-5701 Biafore, Lisa A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2460 55965 US Biales, Douglas N CONTRACTOR 202-203-5944 US Biamon, Brendan P SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-7855 3973 US Biamonte, Michael F WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION SPEC 703-632-1517 US Bian, Max C ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 713-936-7334 US Bianchini, Amber D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 256-885-3623 3623 US Bianco, Robert D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 803-214-5638 5638 US Bibbens, Margaret A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5985 US Bibbins, Andrew DETAILEE 571-280-3729 Bibbins, Donna M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 954-392-7843 US Bibbs, Nicholas A CONTRACTOR 703-633-5720 US Bibbs, Sarah L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8507 US Bibee, Cara EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 775-328-4002 4002 US Bibik, Jon E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-472-4737 US Bice, Aaron R CONTRACTOR 703-633-4813 US Bice, Brandon W IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-0430 US Bice, Robert P MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7546 US Bicehouse, Craig M INTERN 412-432-4000 Bichali, Rajani CONTRACTOR 301-586-4671 US Bickel, Edith M LEAD SECURITY ASSISTANT 304-625-2000 52296 US Bickham, Joseph F TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-8039 US Bickings, James E CONTRACTOR 703-633-5638 Bickings, Michael R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2272 US Bickle, Kyle INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 716-574-3621 US Bicocchi, Andrew C CONTRACTOR 202-324-3982 43982 US Biddiscombe, David P CONTRACTOR 212-384-5000 US Biddle, Randolph CONTRACTOR 571-280-5000 US Biddlecomb, Alfred M WRITER-EDITOR 202-324-3313 43313 US Biddlecomb, Terri R SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 703-632-1706 US Bidwell, Beth A CONTRACTOR 304-625-5081 US Bieber, Christopher K CONTRACTOR 202-324-1608 US Biebesheimer, Kyle R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8686 US Biecker, Michael S HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4033 4033 US Biedenbender, James P EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 312-829-3807 US Biegalski, Beth E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 609-677-6471 US Biegalski, Michael J SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-5254 US Biehl, Evan A ITSPEC 202-324-2988 42988 US Biehn, Denise E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8219 US Bielanski, Dennis J ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 703-985-1838 US Biello, Christopher J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Bielski, Adalbert J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 312-829-8849 US Bieniek, Shannon M SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-3086 3086 US Bienkowski, John V UNIT CHIEF 703-905-3918 US Bierfeldt, Troy A PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 310-996-4122 4122 US Bierman, Gary D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 314-589-2500 2600 US Bierman, Pamela M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5988 US Biernacki, Susan FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 609-677-6400 6429 US Bieshelt, Joseph M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 907-265-8226 US Bifano, Christopher P UNIT CHIEF 304-625-4468 US Bifano, Stephanie M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 716-843-1413 US Bigelow, David P SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 310-996-3326 3326 US Bigelow, Scott L CONFIGURATION MGMT SPEC 304-625-5127 US Bigelow, Teresa R STATISTICAL ASSISTANT 304-625-5118 US Biggart, Rick E TASK FORCE OFFICER 269-982-0390 Bigger, Aaron M INTERN US Biggett, S. E FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-6007 46007 US Biggs, James W CONTRACTOR 703-632-3047 Biggs, Stephen B TASK FORCE OFFICER 808-566-4300 Biggs, Taylor M SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1282 US Biggs-Knight, Sonia S OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST 703-632-1106 US Bigham, Clinton D FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 618-997-6847 0228 US Bigham, Rocky TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Bigler, Kimberly A CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9770 US Bigler, Mark A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7547 US Bignall, Mark SUPVY AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORDIN 313-965-2323 4025 US Bigsby, Linda A MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4369 US Bigsby, R.D. D MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-7627 US Bilak, Jason R TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-417-3655 US Bilderback, BJ J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 775-586-2884 US Bilko, Lynn M TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 Bill, Edward C SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 206-262-2449 US Bill, Robert D ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1785 US Billie, Geneva L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6211 46211 US Billings, Lynn M RELIEF SUPV/SRA 941-955-3325 0226 US Billings, Matthew R SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8186 Billings, Scott A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-372-1645 0013 US Bills, Joshua C SPECIAL AGENT 787-277-7000 US Bills, Rebekah L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-874-6459 US Bills, Shane N TASK FORCE OFFICER 304-525-4741 US Billstone, Amy L SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 915-832-5220 US Billups, James F DETAILEE 571-350-5308 Bilnoski, Jason SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-6038 US Bilotta, Gabriella N STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-280-6521 15370 Bilotta, Linda S IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9367 US Bilson, Richard H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4387 4387 US Bilyeu, John M CONTRACTOR Bilyeu, Tanya D TASK FORCE OFFICER Bina, Todd C SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3381 US Binckes, Lianne S DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Binder, Farrell A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-5763 35763 US Binegar, Joshua P CONTRACTOR 304-625-5314 Binette, Elijah M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-632-1000 1203 US Bing, Marcus R ITSPEC 202-324-5471 45471 US Bingaman, Joel D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2542 US Bingel, Christopher EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COORD 202-203-3600 US Binger, Benjamen M OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 703-632-3756 3756 US Bingham, Paul L LEGAL ATTACHE 801-818-1240 US Bingham, Rachael FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 703-686-6536 Bingham, Robert B TASK FORCE OFFICER 205-326-6166 US Bingham, Samantha E CONTRACTOR 703-985-6252 US Binney, Brian F GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-1750 41750 US Binney, Steven J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 804-627-4475 US Binns, Jodie L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 972-559-5000 5458 US Binns-Grayton, Christopher A Bintz, Thomas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 513-421-4310 6383 US Bio, Ernest A CONTRACTOR 202-324-9850 49850 US BiologicalCountermeasuresUnit-Cal Biondo, Michael SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-7423 US Bioux, Gerald L SUPVY AUDITOR-HQ 202-324-0576 40576 US Bir, Barbara J RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4751 US Birch, Michael P CRYPTANALYST 703-965-2735 Birchfield, Jessica B CONTRACTOR 202-324-0846 40846 US Bird, Jonathan D CONTRACTOR 703-686-6000 Bird, Mitchel K TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5225 US Bird, William M CONTRACTOR 703-632-1164 US Birdsall, Barbara S MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-1594 US Birdsong, Sandra M SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0492 40492 US Birdwell, Lynda G CONTRACTOR US Birkett, Jordan INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 314-589-2600 2600 Birkett, Kandie L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 608-829-4157 4157 US Birkland, Katherine E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 845-220-4200 4322 US Birkland, Scott G SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-5474 45474 US Birks, James STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Birley, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7815 US Birmingham, Alice M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 704-681-4212 US Birn, Ryan C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 760-335-5618 US Birnbaum, Darby OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Birnbaum, Eric S SAC 858-320-8300 US Birrell, Toni R Birringer, David E SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-3601 US Birzer, Jason W CONTRACTOR 703-632-3323 US Biscardi, Michael F SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-4796 44796 US Biscotti, John A UNIT CHIEF 703-872-5083 US Bishea, Gregory A FIELD SUPERVISOR 310-996-4339 US Bishop, Alfred E TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 202-278-4075 4075 US Bishop, Brian W GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-9654 49654 US Bishop, Christopher A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 513-979-8253 US Bishop, Christopher G DETAILEE 571-280-5476 Bishop, David B CONTRACTOR 212-384-1000 Bishop, David D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 423-282-7827 US Bishop, Ellen L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 313-965-5339 US Bishop, Esedra V SUPVY BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-6420 46420 US Bishop, Heather A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bishop, James A CONTRACTOR 202-324-2097 42097 US Bishop, Jesse B SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5151 US Bishop, John R DETAILEE 703-275-5852 US Bishop, Kimberly WRITER-EDITOR (PRINTED MEDIA) 202-324-8289 48289 US Bishop, Kristina V ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 315-424-2413 2413 US Bishop, Larry A TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-432-4000 US Bishop, Laura A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-8222 48222 US Bishop, Liela M ITSPEC 202-324-5930 45930 US Bishop, Michael P PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3921 US Bishop, Michele A INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 215-418-4406 4000 US Bishop, Richard L SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 502-263-6000 6367 US Bishop, Robert V SPECIAL AGENT 407-875-9976 US Bishop, Scott A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 518-465-7551 US Bishop, Thomas R UNIT CHIEF 703-287-6831 6831 US Bishop Jr, Ervin E AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC Bisogno, Jason V POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Bissell, Drew A CONTRACTOR 202-324-5632 US Bissett, Traci RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6564 US Bisswurm, Timothy J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4265 4265 US Biswas, Sunil K CONTRACTOR 202-233-9216 Bitko, Gordon D PROGRAM MGMT OFFICER- SC 202-324-7713 47713 US Bitsie, Solomon FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-1841 US Bitterman, Matthew E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Bitton, Joshua J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6786 US Bitzel, Julie M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 803-214-5673 US Bivens, Andrew B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-6364 46364 US Bivens, George L TASK FORCE OFFICER 717-232-8686 Bivins, Cedric MAINTENANCE WORKER-FO 202-278-2897 US Bivona, Anthony STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3870 US Bivona, John A FIELD SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4892 US Biwer, Eric HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4126 4126 US Bixby, Kenneth C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5320 1000 US Bixler, Angela M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 910-342-2923 US Bizub, Jeff P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-9697 49697 US Bizub, Mathew SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST Bizub, Michelle L SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4804 4804 US Bizzano, Christopher RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8545 US Bizzaro, William J LOCKSMITH 212-384-1000 2648 US Bizzarro, Joseph R DETAILEE 718-286-7100 Bjornstad, Christopher M TASK FORCE OFFICER Bjornstad, Jane F COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 623-466-1845 US Black, Andrew P ASAC 520-594-2000 US Black, Barry T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-3615 US Black, Bonnie J CONTRACTOR 202-323-9797 39797 US Black, Brody C COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 215-418-4514 Black, Bryan M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO US Black, Charles D TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-6458 US Black, Christopher INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-4071 4071 US Black, Dixie J CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9318 US Black, Eric J ITSPEC-FE (FO) 303-649-7936 US Black, Freddie K SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4851 US Black, Henry A MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4734 US Black, India A CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Black, James R Agent 623-466-1399 Black, Jeffrey F INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3647 43647 US Black, Joseph M TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-288-7513 Black, Katherine FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 501-228-8517 US Black, Kevin R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 585-279-3918 US Black, Mark W FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4710 Black, Mary E LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7031 US Black, Nicole N SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4361 4361 US Black, Patricia A SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 513-979-8413 8413 US Black, Reginald A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1356 US Black, Renate D LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7434 US Black, Robin INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 916-977-2335 2335 US Black, Rochelle L SPECIAL AGENT 412-432-4145 US Black, Stephanie ITSPEC 703-985-2477 US Black, Steven L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 256-885-3640 US Black, Takisha D PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5879 US Black, Thomas M DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Black, Tonya L SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 803-551-4200 4496 US Black, Virginia R BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5730 US Black, Wendi R EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 972-559-5228 5228 US Blackard, Kenneth L SENIOR ELECTRONICS ENGINEER - CTNIA 703-985-1282 1282 US BlackBerry Team Calendar Blackburn, Brandon INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Blackburn, Charles PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-994-0355 US Blackburn, Christopher S CONTRACTOR 703-985-1301 Blackburn, David G TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-865-5731 US Blackburn, Eric T TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 US Blackburn, Jonathan T CONTRACTOR 703-985-3752 US Blackburn, Olivia C CONTRACTOR 202-323-4737 US Blackburn, Randall D TASK FORCE OFFICER 586-709-0841 US Blackburn, Ronald A CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1658 US Blackhurst, Kyle S SPECIAL AGENT 520-573-5662 US Blackhurst, Nathan STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 717-213-2334 Blackhurst, Stacey L MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-5334 US Blacklaw, Jacqueline M FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 501-228-8534 0534 US Blackman, Adrien C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 702-584-5609 Blackman, Donnelle C STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 754-703-3339 US Blackmon, Candice INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 404-679-6540 US Blackmon, Clinton W TASK FORCE 205-326-6166 US Blackmon, Edward W TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 313-965-2323 4048 US Blackmon, Lecia A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 313-965-3376 3376 US Blackmon, Theodora R SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 404-679-6272 US Blackmore, Charles C TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Blackmore, Robert J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8378 US Blackmore, Robert W CONTRACTOR 703-633-0000 Blacknell, Taneka S RELIEF SUPV/SRA 225-291-1078 US Blackshear, David SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 US Blackstone, Michelle INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 312-829-8489 8489 US Blackwell, Anthony R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 US Blackwell, Karen R FORENSIC CHILD INTERVIEW SPECIALIST 303-630-6370 US Blackwell, Larry A CONTRACTOR 703-872-5193 Blackwell, Matthew TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4200 US Blackwell, Terrence LOGISTICS MGMT SPEC 256-842-1703 US Blackwood, Chad RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Blackwood, Kimberly V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 978-454-6972 0407 US Bladel, Louis E SAC 212-384-1000 2872 US Blades, Thomas L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2505 2505 US Blaine, Richard D COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 310-996-3542 US Blair, Christopher B SPECIAL AGENT 605-945-3351 US Blair, Christopher E TASK FORCE OFFICER 505-889-1300 Blair, Daniel C CONTRACTOR 571-350-5634 US Blair, Danielle J GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-8057 48057 US Blair, Edsel V TASK FORCE OFFICER 606-878-8922 US Blair, Eileen M CONTRACTOR 202-324-1228 43330 US Blair, Germain O CONTRACTOR 202-324-9518 49518 US Blair, Jacob U PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-279-1445 US Blair, James R CONTRACTOR 202-324-1832 Blair, Jonathan M FIELD SUPERVISOR 312-829-8024 US Blair, Lauren E CONTRACTOR 703-633-5219 Blair, Mark D TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Blair, Matthew S DETAILEE 703-686-6706 Blair, Melissa EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 520-594-2275 US Blair, Racheal C CONTRACTOR 540-868-4758 US Blair, Ralph D USRO-CJIS 304-625-3920 US Blair, Richard L SPECIAL AGENT 716-843-1638 US Blair, Roger D DETAILEE 202-278-3532 US Blair, Ryan OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 801-579-1400 6839 US Blair, Saundra E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-3332 US Blair, Teakita M CONTRACTOR 202-436-8093 US Blaize, Renee RELIEF SUPERVISOR 561-650-6944 US Blake, Amy MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2369 US Blake, Andrea INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 334-832-2004 39856 US Blake, Brian P SPECIAL AGENT 510-808-8328 US Blake, Brian S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-553-3458 US Blake, Bridgett ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 973-792-3000 3096 US Blake, Cameron R Blake, Collin INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Blake, Jamaine S PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2134 US Blake, Jason K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4578 US Blake, Katelyn R CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7052 Blake, Kathleen M FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-7701 US Blake, Kelly R DETAILEE 97-032-752752172752 US Blake, Kerry N CONTRACTOR 703-985-1369 US Blake, Laila T SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 703-632-4184 4184 US Blake, Melissa J MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4738 US Blake, Melody FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5419 US Blake, Nicholas FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-4897 44897 US Blake, Robert T SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-3000 40962 US Blake, Robinson N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 434-244-7343 US Blake, Roger D PAINTER 304-625-3816 US Blake, Steven PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-1886 41886 US Blake, Valerie HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-3451 43451 US Blake, William ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-3101 3101 US Blakely, Elizabeth STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 763-569-8705 Blakely, Kandyce L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4231 34231 Blakely, Robert M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 865-602-7166 US Blakeman, Kevin B SPECIAL AGENT 301-618-4437 US Blaker, John ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 856-686-2004 US Blakley, Clarence STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-632-3686 Blakslee, Edward W PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3656 US Blalock, Andrea G SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 504-816-3455 US Blalock, Donna S CONTRACTOR 703-632-3349 US Blanchard, Brian J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6038 US Blanchard, Claudine A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 2111 US Blanchard, David L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 805-346-3309 US Blanchard, James R UNIT CHIEF 202-323-1435 31435 US Blanchard, Jenny PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6044 6044 US Blanchard, Joshua A SPECIAL AGENT 617-780-4448 6317 US Blanchard, Kevin SPECIAL AGENT 612-623-2645 US Blanchard, Sandra L MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-2386 US Blanchette, Joseph D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-262-2162 US Blanco, J L CONTRACTOR 304-625-7468 Blanco, Marcelo NON-EMPLOYEE 951-248-6520 0 Blanco, Maria M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 713-936-8311 8311 US Blanco, Miguel A LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 4016 US Blanco, Nancy CONTRACTOR Blanco, Pricilla OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Blanco, Richard R TASK FORCE OFFICER 904-248-7119 US Blanco-Rivera, Julian CONTRACTOR 202-324-6156 46156 Bland, Charles R EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 405-290-7770 3764 US Bland, Clifford D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 318-861-1890 US Bland, Gary S CONTRACTOR 304-625-5038 US Bland, Janis D MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4370 US Bland, Lester R ENGLISH MONITOR ANALYST 304-625-9661 US Bland, Mark BUDGET ANALYST 304-625-4190 US Bland, Sheryl L ACCOUNTING ANALYST 304-625-2000 52994 Bland, Thomas M LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 404-679-6222 US Blandford, Sue W CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Blane, Michael A DETAILEE 646-696-3088 US Blank, Adam CONTRACTOR 202-324-3122 US Blank, Paula S CONTRACTOR 703-983-9634 US Blankenship, James F PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - 703-632-7624 US Blankenship, Jill M SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 205-279-1554 1554 US Blankenship, Matt C SPECIAL AGENT 630-577-3466 US Blankenship, Rick L CRIME ANALYST 703-632-4488 US Blankenship, Robert L TASK FORCE OFFICER 513-979-8396 US Blankenship, Tony ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-1865 US Blankner, Christopher PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1212 US Blansfield, Patricia A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3533 43533 US Blanton, Erin TASK FORCE OFFICER 954-309-6943 Blanton, Jahnita L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 412-432-4000 4479 US Blanton, Janet B SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6430 US Blanton, Jeffery S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 423-282-7810 US Blanton, Mandisa A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 713-936-7583 US Blanton, Margaret E SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4323 4323 US Blanton, Ryan E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-496-4610 US Blanton, Sharon K CONTRACTOR 703-633-4340 Blasco, George L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 312-829-8436 US Blasdel, Earl S TASK FORCE OFFICER 405-493-8688 US Blasetti, Fredrick A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 818-734-5284 5284 US Blasey, Kimberly STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE US Blasher, Amy C PROGRAM MANAGER-CJIS 304-625-4840 US Blasher, Todd A CONFIGURATION MGMT SPEC 304-625-5126 US Blasic, John J MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-323-9073 39073 US Blasingame, Doncarlos J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4493 4493 US Blasnitz, Jeffrey S 402-575-2125 US Blass, Alexander J MGMT&PROG ANAL Blatt, Ryan M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3656 US Blattner, Mary K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 208-238-5000 5020 US Blattner, William CONTRACTOR 202-347-1213 Blau, Jody RELIEF SUPERVISOR 708-364-6179 US Blauert, Shelby A CONTRACTOR 571-350-5340 Blaum, Steven G SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 630-577-1635 US Blauser, Brian PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6550 US Blauser, Jeremy PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2166 US Blay, Ryan T SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-9383 49383 US Blaze, David M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6679 US Blazek, John K AUDITOR-FD 703-322-5942 US Blazer, Dave S TASK FORCE OFFICER 301-586-4606 US Blechman, Miriam M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-4054 4054 US Bledsoe, Andrew C STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 502-263-6438 6438 US Bledsoe, Carol L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7007 US Bledsoe, Chad A REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER/EAP 623-466-1192 US Bledsoe, Jennifer L CONTRACTOR 304-625-2508 Bledsoe, Kristi L CONTRACTOR 703-418-9129 Bledsoe, Lauren INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-3872 33872 US Bledsoe, Mark M PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 540-368-8523 US Bledsoe, Sarah OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-2000 Bledsoe, Travis B STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-4682 Blei, Renee R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4214 4214 US Bleier, Bradford A FIELD SUPERVISOR 505-889-1520 1250 US Bleigh-Bailey, Sondra MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-5452 US Blessing, Michael P SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-5696 US Blessing, Todd M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 214-705-7000 7140 US Blessington, Jon C SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 3310 US Blessington, Philip J RELIEF SUPV/SRA 609-689-7986 3160 US Bletsis, Caliope SPECIAL AGENT 410-981-8685 US Blevins, Gary R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 423-265-3601 US Blevins, Grant R SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 304-625-3994 US Blevins, Kacie L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-7640 US Blevins, Leane R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 423-265-3601 US Blevins, Robert DETAILEE 999-999-9999 Blevins, Todd M CONTRACTOR 202-324-8226 48226 Blick, Michelle SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 503-460-8007 US Bliefernich, Joyceann R OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 703-632-3479 3479 US Blight, Danielle N INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 011-53-99-9866 US Bliss, Anthony W MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0616 40616 US Bliss, Lauren J FORENSIC FINANCIAL RESEARCH SPECIALIST 202-203-1898 1898 US Bliss, R M ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-323-9196 39196 US Blitzer, James A SPECIAL AGENT 757-609-2335 US Blizzard, Daniel J. CONTRACTOR Blizzard, Heather A ACCOUNTING ANAL-CJIS 304-625-5255 US Blizzard, Kimberly D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-9765 39765 US Block, Christopher A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 313-237-4015 US Block, Stephanie M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 808-673-7396 US Blodgett, Karen OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Bloedorn, Eric E CONTRACTOR 703-633-5541 US Bloesch, Jeffery M TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 US Bloesch, Tara A FIELD SUPERVISOR 215-521-7506 US Bloeser, George J SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3000 7513 US Blohm, Charles R TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 Blome, Benjamin P SPECIAL AGENT 804-289-7258 US Blomer, Paul C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-786-9201 US Blomstrom, Heather OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 216-622-6938 Blond, Sara K SPECIAL AGENT 425-267-2129 US Blonde, Alexis INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 847-734-9876 US Bloniarz, Alan A SPECIAL AGENT 216-622-6655 US Blonski, Walter DETAILEE 212-384-1000 US Blood, Bryony K MGMT&PROG ASST 202-324-7936 47936 US Blood, Shannon STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 206-262-2155 2155 US Bloodgood, Richard F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 732-212-2911 US Bloom, David Z SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-3238 US Bloom, Gail K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 718-286-7181 7181 US Bloom, Karl W FORENSIC OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-632-1000 Bloomer, Paul J CONTRACTOR 703-633-4699 Bloomer, Shawna L ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 623-466-1651 US Bloomer, Vincent J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 623-466-1247 US Bloomfield, James N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-7329 37329 US Bloomfield, Stewart M SPECIAL AGENT 785-231-1703 US Bloomfield, Tammy C GENERAL ATTORNEY 310-996-3335 3335 US Bloomingdale, Jaclyn SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-7829 47829 US Blose, Taylor INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-253-5088 US Bloss, Dana RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-907-8623 US Blosser, Micahel R SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Blotzer, Brian E CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Blouin, Wendy F MGMT&PROG ANAL 410-684-2303 US Blount, Daniel C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6334 US Blount, Dustin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 662-234-1713 US Blount, Emily L CONTRACTOR 202-324-3571 43571 US Blount, Irma E TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-3000 Blount, Misty M SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 402-530-1280 US Blount, Paige H ITSPEC (SYSANALYSIS) 703-985-1118 US Blount, Phoebe A VICTIM SPECIALIST 406-228-3248 US Blount, Sonya R SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 202-324-4735 4735 US Blowe-Wyche, Shelbie FINANCIAL MNGT AND BUDGET OFFICER 202-324-0000 49719 US Bloxham, Elyse S INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Blubaugh, Raena D CONTRACTOR 703-633-4750 Blucher, Maria S LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 858-320-8573 8573 US Bludworth, Nicholas F PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-7279 7279 US Blue, Adrienne SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 212-384-1000 2011 US Blueford, Morris A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Blueian, Brenda Y INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 775-328-4000 4020 US Blum, Seth C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6270 US Blumberg, Paul PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-1659 41659 US Blumel, Emily R MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-6302 US Blumenfeld, Laura R GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-1425 41425 US Blumenschein, John M GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-2337 42337 Blumenthal, Daniel J TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-352-5720 US Blundon, Tammie L FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 304-346-3232 US Bluth, Derek A CONTRACTOR Bly, Amanda J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 217-757-3647 US Bly, Judith TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 217-522-9675 3682 US Blyler, Ethan M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Blythe, Molly M SPECIAL AGENT 601-713-7759 7759 US Blythe, Oscar D TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-748-0395 US Blythe, Robert W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3513 US Blyzniuk, Donna ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 215-521-7555 US Boady, Michael SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-6084 US Boan, Matthew S TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-345-0564 Board, Eric G FINANCIAL ANALYST 972-559-5000 5193 US Boardley, Zena Y HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-7920 47920 Boatman, Latanya C SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 205-279-1527 1527 US Boatner, Morris PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 817-989-3314 US Boaz, Kelly J TASK FORCE OFFICER 407-875-9976 US Boazzo, James FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 973-792-3399 US Bob, Molly M SPECIAL AGENT 719-329-7375 US Bobbitt, Michael W FIELD SUPERVISOR 303-630-6820 6820 Bobbitt, Ronnie Y RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-706-8378 US Bobe, Cynthia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 601-713-7576 US Bobe, Todd T FIELD SUPERVISOR 601-713-7606 US Bobeck, Gregory Z CONTRACTOR 571-350-4057 Bobke, Natascha A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT Bocardo, Michael R TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4701 Boccaccio, Brytne POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6032 US Bocek, Judith ITSPEC 208-238-5072 5072 US Bochenek, George R CONTRACTOR 703-506-9515 US Bochner, Joshua S INTERN 202-278-4750 US Bochniewicz, Amanda N INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 540-868-4357 Bochniewicz, Elaine M CONTRACTOR 202-962-9073 Bocian, Matthew B DETAILEE 443-654-3916 Bock, Jonathan ITSPEC 202-324-6792 46792 US Bock, Natalie E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 618-394-4735 US Bock, Paul C TASK FORCE OFFICER Bockey, Sue MGMT&PROG ASST 540-868-4417 US Bockhorn, Lee F WRITER (EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS) 202-324-0424 40424 US Boddy, Wayne C SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2153 US Bodge, Ryan A DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Bodger, Scott S INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 916-704-3326 US Bodie, Yoshiko S SPECIAL AGENT 817-989-3354 US Bodily, David G SPECIAL AGENT 208-238-5276 US Bodily, Holly A VOUCHER EXAMINER 208-238-5244 Bodily, Travis K SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1672 US Bodnar, Christopher J NON-EMPLOYEE 251-438-3674 US Bodnar, Cynthia L SPACE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1736 1736 US Bodo, Jodi L CONTRACTOR 202-324-2644 42644 US Bodony, Daniel A FIELD SUPERVISOR 562-982-1684 Boebinger, Lily W BIOLOGIST 703-632-7542 US Boeckers, Christopher J SPECIAL AGENT 763-569-8000 8318 US Boeckmann Jr., Peter A TASK FORCE OFFICER 631-501-8672 US Boedeker, Marcus L CONTRACTOR 540-868-2370 Boehlje, Darren S SPECIAL AGENT 314-589-2743 US Boehm, David A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 314-589-2581 2581 US Boehm, Erik C TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC (TACTICAL COM 703-985-4050 Boehm, Mathias M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-717-6482 US Boehm, Matthew T CONTRACTOR US Boehmer, Allen J TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4519 US Boehmer, Steven C CONTRACTOR 703-632-8383 Boehringer, Chris SECTION CHIEF 202-324-6801 46801 US Boertje, Thad A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8440 US Boesch, Michael R SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2640 2640 US Boese, Mary E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2061 2061 US Boetig, Allen K CONTRACTOR 202-324-2322 42322 Boetig, Brian P LEGAL ATTACHE 301-985-8641 2124 US Boettcher, Eileen M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Boettcher, Michael R DETAILEE 517-350-7227 Boffi, Nickolas C TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6188 US Bogacki, Jeffrey D SECTION CHIEF 202-324-8511 48511 US Bogart, Steven A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 513-979-8794 US Bogdan, Bernard P PROGRAM MANAGER 202-324-5460 45460 US Bogdan, Nicholas CONTRACTOR 703-553-7553 US Boggess, Beth A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 303-630-7020 US Boggess, Larry L TASK FORCE OFFICER 405-290-7770 Boggess, Regina A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-9525 US Boggio, Robin INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 304-625-3111 US Boggs, Jennell TASK FORCE OFFICER 810-239-5775 Boggs, Jesse W TASK FORCE OFFICER 671-472-7465 Boggs, Keland G TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1324 US Boggs, Leia R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 704-672-6541 Boggs, Nathan D GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4888 4888 US Boggs, Teresa D MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-367-3782 US Boggs, Timothy C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-522-1400 6922 US Bogle, Gary SPECIAL AGENT 479-251-7443 US Bogle, Gary K CONTRACTOR 703-633-4816 US Bognanno, Christopher J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Bognar, Steven M DETAILEE 313-965-2323 Bohanan, Stacie J OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST 256-313-8814 AU Bohannon, Cather J SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 571-350-4024 4024 US Bohler, Scott L CONTRACTOR 717-405-5148 US Bohling, Constance I RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4942 US Bohls, Robert J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-1800 US Bohn, Charles J CONTRACTOR 719-481-9640 US Bohn, James T SPECIAL AGENT 702-584-5566 US Bohna, Anthony S LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7495 US Bohna, Teresa A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7085 US Bohnert, Joseph L ITSPEC 304-625-4211 US Bohnhoff, Scott A SAFETY&OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH MGMR 202-436-7500 US Bohns, Racheal S CONTRACTOR 202-233-9133 Bohon, Michael H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 816-512-8748 US Bohon, Thara R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-686-6920 US Bohovic, John COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 816-584-6606 US Bohrer, Patrick K FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-347-1213 2051 US Boick, Jeffrey J TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-5245 US Boigegrain, Keith N CONTRACTOR 571-379-7546 US Boisselle, Rachel R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-236-2284 US Bokal, John P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPV/SRA 607-722-5321 US Bokelberg, George A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3358 US Bokey, Lori L PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 304-625-2863 52863 US Bokey, Stacy T ITSPEC 304-625-2671 US Boland, Bridget STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-436-8018 Boland, Joseph M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 863-687-1564 US Boland, Patrick D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 903-594-3506 US Bolander, Shana L CONTRACTOR 202-323-9403 0003 Bolanos, Elizabeth STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Bolden, James RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3398 US Bolden, Willie J ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1361 US Bolden, Zachary C CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bole, David F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 302-857-4461 US Bolelli, Randall L ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 702-584-5427 US Boles, Bradley B SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4892 44892 US Boles, John ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-5904 45904 US Boles, Kevin M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 951-248-6585 US Bolf, Michael G TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-965-2323 Bolin, Frank E SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 937-291-5390 US Bolin, Jason M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 904-248-7214 US Bolin, Jeffery S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 352-369-4802 US Bolinder, William T CONTRACTOR 212-384-1000 US Boling, Charles K CONTRACTOR 212-384-5000 US Boling, Charles. R R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 662-280-0717 US Bolle, Kevin M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2430 US Bolles, Dennis J 202-324-5362 45362 US Bollig, Elizabeth L SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 858-320-8552 US Bolling, Bryan N CONTRACTOR 202-324-8960 US Bollinger, Aric W INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 505-889-1300 US Bollinger, Jason D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 304-346-2363 2363 US Bollinger, Richard C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 757-609-2569 US Bolonka, Andrew V TASK FORCE OFFICER 772-201-1638 US Bolotok, Omar F DETAILEE 212-384-3478 US Bolton, Adelle L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8070 8070 US Bolton, Asha K INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Bolton, Julian US Bolton, Leonard F TASK FORCE OFFICER 207-774-9322 US Bolton, Robert W TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Bolton, William TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-787-6732 Bolyard, Anita M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-3080 US Bolyard, David INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-329-8842 0004 US Bolyard, Jay L ITSPEC 304-625-4982 US Bolyard, Kimberly D TRAINING INSTRUCTOR-CJIS 304-625-5692 US Bolyard, Marcelle A FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5684 US Bolyard, Melissa D MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-5223 US Bolyard, Nickolas ITSPEC 304-625-4921 US Bolyard, Patricia. J J SECURITY ASSISTANT 304-625-5928 55928 US Bolyard, Samantha CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9328 US Bolyard, Sharon L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-0359 US Bolyard, Shawn L FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-4154 US Boman, Betsy L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 502-263-6420 6420 US Bomann, Andrew B INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 206-439-2964 US Bomar, Erik C SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-6330 6330 US Bombard, Erica Bombard, Lynn INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 203-503-5329 US Bombard, Patricia M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 312-829-8238 8238 US Bombardi, Pamela RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6231 US Bomgardner, Joseph D TASK FORCE OFFICER 559-261-3177 US Bomgren, Eric RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5506 US Bonacarti, David TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 Bonacorsa, Michael J DETAILEE 202-324-5207 Bonafield, Buffy M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2752 US Bonah, Andrew C TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2000 Bonanno, John P INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 646-696-2923 2923 US Bonaparte, Monique Y ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-8465 8465 Bonarski, Kimberly A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-686-6238 US Bonarski, Melanie A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bonarski, Timothy D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6329 US Bonasso, Larry R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4282 US Bonavolonta, Joseph R ASAC 617-742-5533 US Bond, Charles M TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5000 US Bond, Clifford P CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Bond, Culver D PLUMBER 703-632-1250 1250 US Bond, Daniel P CONTRACTOR 202-324-7047 47047 US Bond, Deborah S SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8593 US Bond, Eric J TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-313-6800 US Bond, Jack R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Bond, Phillip T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3564 US Bond, Thomas K CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Bond, William E TASK FORCE OFFICER 217-299-9289 Bondar, Paul ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 380-44-521-5589 5589 US Bondarenko, Lauren A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2980 42980 Bondgren, Jennifer M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-686-6643 US Bonds, Aisha M INTERN 205-326-6166 Bonds, Howard CONTRACTOR 202-324-2754 42754 Bondurant, Brian SPECIAL AGENT 626-931-3434 5548 US Bondurant, William M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3248 US Bondy, Thomas M DEPUTY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-3870 43870 US Bone, Brian D CYBER ANALYST Bone, Jenny CONTRACTOR 571-280-6807 US Bone, Robert C ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 202-278-3418 US Boneparte, Lillian UNIT CHIEF 703-561-7466 US Bonetti, Marilena TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 39-0646742700 Boney, Robert A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Bongardt, Steven A SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-3825 US Bongcaras, Grace M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3228 US Bongiolatti, Courtney RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2362 2362 US Bonhage, John F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8000 8475 US Bonham, Alana INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 972-559-5754 US Bonich, James J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 307-733-7762 US Bonilla, Claudia I SPECIAL AGENT 206-402-9745 US Bonilla, Erika Y SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 310-996-3307 3307 US Bonilla, Irma D CONTRACTOR 505-889-1300 US Bonilla, Keylin CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Bonin, Paul L SPECIAL AGENT 714-939-3243 US Bonine, Brent A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 951-248-6610 US Bonjorni, Jessica L UNIT CHIEF 202-353-0254 US Bonn, Robin DETAILEE 210-225-6741 Bonnaffons, William DETAILEE 504-816-3000 US Bonnell, Richard B Bonner, Dovie D CTOC SPECIALIST 972-559-5000 US Bonner, Drew P CONTRACTOR 202-436-7382 Bonner, Kevin P CONTRACTOR 301-586-1619 US Bonner, Lamont C DETAILEE 202-278-2000 Bonner, Maury J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-3575 US Bonner, Nemmie L CTOC SPECIALIST 972-559-5000 US Bonner, Robin R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8984 48984 US Bonner, Ryan D TASK FORCE OFFICER 208-465-2257 US Bonner, Sharon L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 8019 US Bonnes, Chelsea R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 610-325-6675 US Bonney, David L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-1603 US Bonnomo, Brian J Bonomo, Brian J TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Bonsanti, Maria TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-2969 2969 US Bonser, Charles E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 828-253-1643 US Bonsiewich, Michael INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-0472 16158 US Bontkowski, Marina L INTERN 703-632-1148 US Bonura, Ryan W SPECIAL AGENT 702-584-5831 5831 US Bonvan, Hengameh LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 314-589-2546 2546 US Bonvan, Mehrdad LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 314-589-2754 2754 US Bonvicin, Linda INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3708 US Boodee, Bart W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 540-525-7032 540.510.3478 US Boogholt, Jason R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 616-233-0220 US Book, MK K PHYSICAL SCIENTIST 703-632-7195 US Booker, Barbara A CONTRACTOR Booker, Eric L INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-323-2530 32530 US Booker, Gregory D ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 410-277-6503 US Booker, Iva D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-477-6565 US Booker, Lisa J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3953 43953 US Booker, Nicole A TASK FORCE OFFICER 540-510-3460 US Booker, Paula B PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 865-602-7080 US Booker, Tamia S BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-2536 42536 US Books, Jason G PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 402-530-1543 1543 US Bookstein, Michael C SUPVY PARALEGAL SPECIALIST 202-324-1179 41179 US Bookstein, Monique A UNIT CHIEF 202-324-5933 45933 US Bookwalter, Bradley A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-4669 US Boone, Alvin J ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 804-627-4776 US Boone, Alvin L UNIT CHIEF 202-323-2380 32380 US Boone, Ashley ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 303-630-6308 US Boone, Carolyn M DETAILEE 703-414-8555 US Boone, Danny C SPECIAL AGENT 901-747-4300 9664 US Boone, David N PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 304-625-5961 55961 US Boone, Jennifer C ASAC 215-418-4007 US Boone, Kelly J TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-7418 US Boone, Minter G CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Boone, Patrick M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1753 US Boone, Sarah K ITSPEC 202-324-5930 45930 US Boone, Tammy L CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9436 US Boone, Victor N CONTRACTOR 703-985-6068 6068 US Boonstra, Henry J CONTRACTOR 312-235-9140 US Boonyasait, Veera INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-2764 US Boord, Rodney H ITSPEC 540-317-2200 US Boore, Kimberly A CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9520 US Boos, Daniel P CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 Boos, David P ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 613-688-5376 49806 US Boos, Mary A ITSPEC 202-324-7817 47817 US Booth, Brian S ITSPEC-FE (FO) 212-384-1000 3050 US Booth, Charles F CONTRACTOR 703-632-4495 Booth, Glenn G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 775-328-4012 US Booth, Jeremy R LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7042 US Booth, Kay M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 605-343-9632 US Booth, Melissa S FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-5760 US Booth, Michael INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 816-805-5809 US Booth, Robert B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6300 US Booth, Terry A CONTRACTOR 313-965-2323 Bootie, Robert E CONTRACTOR 540-868-4437 Bopp, Vanessa C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-7322 42491 US Borah, Utpal J CONTRACTOR 703-985-6157 Borak, Gary K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 US Borasky, Justin E Borchert, Christopher M FIELD SUPERVISOR 312-829-7050 AF Borchin, Kristina M SPECIAL AGENT 858-587-2478 US Bordbar, Damon CONTRACTOR 617-742-5533 Borden, Chris W TASK FORCE OFFICER 671-472-7465 Borders, Matthew ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-632-1207 1207 US Bordner, Brian D CONTRACTOR 703-632-4143 US Borella, Adam P CONTRACTOR 202-324-7471 47471 US Borey, Crystal M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Borgacz, Alexander R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 303-630-6186 US Borgan, Kimberly C AUDITOR-FO 907-265-8159 US Borgan, Natalie M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 626-931-5616 US Borge, Joshua M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 972-559-5000 5180 US Borghini, Larry P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 850-770-1619 US Borgia, Beverley A UNIT CHIEF 202-324-1395 41395 US Borgstadt, Peggy OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 816-512-8732 US Borhani, Roozbeh RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-961-2078 US Boris, John A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-9000 US Borja, Hernan A COMPUTER ENGINEER 202-233-9249 39249 US Bork, Stephanie INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 561-650-6936 6936 US Borkoski, Kevin C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 215-418-4184 US Bormann, Logan M AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 973-792-3445 3445 US Born, Brenda K SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-6357 US Born, Jennifer INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-9592 0004 US Born, Lance S SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8492 US Bornschein, Joseph S SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 804-627-4780 US Bornstein, Joshua A DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Bornstein, Robert E UNIT CHIEF 703-414-8509 US Boron, Ryan SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8207 Boroshok, Alan TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-250-6216 US Borrego, Sergio RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6256 US Borris, James R IDENTIFICATION RECORDS SUPVR 304-625-9534 US Borromeo, William C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6656 US Borror, Roger W IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-0420 US Borst, Daron W ASAC 858-320-8320 US Borsuk, Daniel G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6457 US Borsuk, Maria G SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6336 US Bortko, Daniel C FIELD SUPERVISOR 623-466-1033 US Bortz, Jenna E CONTRACTOR 703-553-6134 Bortz, Stephaine C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-7544 47544 US Bortzfield, Douglas RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8507 US Boruff, Timothy J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-850-6700 US Borum, Wylie G SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-2874 2874 US Borushko, David W SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6276 US Borzym, Alexander SPECIAL AGENT 313-965-2323 4015 US Bos, Robert J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 303-597-5101 US Bosch, Kevin M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4163 4163 US Bosch, Preston SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8919 48919 US Boschert, Jennifer M GENERAL ATTORNEY-HRD 202-324-7406 47406 US Boscolo, Giorgio A SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 520-594-2026 US Bose, Mitchell MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-553-6111 US Boseck, Alissa M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 410-277-6517 US Bosh, Paula VICTIM SPECIALIST 701-852-5071 US Boshears, Michael B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 501-228-8483 US Boshears, Nicholas B SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-2518 US Bosilovic, Trudy CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 55564 Bosley, Marc TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-4837 US Bosnich, Linsey F SPECIAL AGENT 804-627-4462 US Bosnjak, Darko TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-3352 3352 US Boss, Denzel R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 816-512-8412 8412 US Bossert, Gregory R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-5760 5760 US Bosset, Donald CONTRACTOR Bosslet, Lester C Bossone, Anthony G TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Bossu, Jimmy A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 313-965-6078 US Bostaph, Robert W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4732 4732 US Bostic, Donald L STATIONARY SSRA 337-264-8150 US Bostic, Gregory S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2655 2655 US Bostic, Kenyetta SECRETARY OA 202-324-7330 47330 US Bostick, Jeremiah J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-8118 38118 Bostick, Kourtney INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-7316 US Bostick, Lani N SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3220 43220 US Boston, Byron J TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5297 US Boston, Infragard US Boston, Paul J CONTRACTOR 703-632-7273 Boswell, Evan OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 510-808-2600 8511 US Boswell, Jennifer J FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 509-458-8113 US Boswell, Julie R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3000 49626 US Boswell, Kevin E Boswell, Noel SPECIAL AGENT 707-566-2705 US Boswell, Richard T SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1335 1335 US Bosworth, Mary T INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 907-265-8107 US Bosworth, Michael C TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1838 Bosworth, Michael S 202-324-1532 41532 Botcher, Tod R DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Botdorf, John M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-3658 3658 US Boteler, Janessa L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6915 US Boterobernal, Ingrid CONTRACTOR 202-324-5033 Bothwell, James INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 916-481-9110 US Bothwell, Joseph CONTRACTOR 703-217-2492 US Botkins, Mary H GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4529 4529 US Boton, Mark RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4955 US Botsch, Patricia A FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 414-291-4362 US Botsch, Robert J ASAC 414-291-4803 4803 US Botsford, Robert N CONTRACTOR 858-320-1800 Bott, Jason EQPMNT & FIREARMS RNG SPEC (HRT) 703-632-4682 4682 US Bott, John T CONTRACTOR 304-625-3980 Bott, Kathryn MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8426 8426 US Bott, Peter J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bott, Samuel R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 412-432-4443 Botten, Daria R DETAILEE 518-431-7200 Bottles, Richard A CONFIGURATION MGMT SPEC 304-625-2662 US Bottom, Brandan J TASK FORCE OFFICER 407-875-9976 Bottoms, Andre R TASK FORCE OFFICER US Bottrell, Maureen C GEOLOGIST - FE 703-632-7697 7697 US Botz, Christine A SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-3860 US Botzet, Thomas H ITSPEC 304-625-2736 US Botzum, Christopher D TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-431-1460 US Bouchard, Erik P ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 203-503-5333 US Bouchard, Joshua A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Bouchard, Michelle G STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 313-496-4333 US Boucher, Derek D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 717-213-2300 US Boucher, Jacqueline FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-556-5596 5596 US Boudaoud, Mo CONTRACTOR 703-985-3554 US Boudlauch, Ashley INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 504-816-3440 3440 US Boudreau, Patricia O INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 203-503-5350 5350 US Boudreaux, David J TASK FORCE OFFICER 318-560-5597 US Boudreaux, Jody STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 405-713-4073 US Boudreaux, Lon J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3007 3007 US Boudreaux, Matthew J Bouey, Vanessa INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 212-384-1000 8055 US Bouferrache, Inessa TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 703-686-6954 US Bouffard, William J MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4086 4086 US Boughton, Jennifer INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 513-313-7905 US Bouillerce, Milagros FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 754-703-3557 3557 US Bouillet, Max W INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 614-849-1719 1719 US Bould, Christopher J TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-680-7242 US Bouley, Joseph A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5306 US Boulio, Adam M CONTRACTOR 703-632-1462 Boulter, Deirdre A TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Boulter, Tiffany J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 269-349-9607 US Boulton, Maryann OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 212-384-1000 4417 Boulton, Thomas A TASK FORCE OFFICER Boulware, Thomas R SUPVY ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-OTD 703-985-6596 US Bouma, John R ARCHITECT 202-436-8058 US Bour, John R SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 8133 US Bourassa, Robert C PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3646 US Bouret, Marie S CONTRACTOR 202-278-4385 US Bourg, Wayne P TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-672-6100 US Bourgeois, Beau RELIEF SUPERVISOR 571-350-5404 US Bourgeois, Benedict B FIELD SUPERVISOR 505-889-1300 1512 US Bourgeois, Paul A TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3373 Bourke, Meredith INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-3751 16336 US Bourland, Jennifer E MGMT&PROG ASST 571-350-4118 4118 US Bourn, Robert B PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 516-739-9735 9735 US Bourne, Michelle MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3244 US Bourque, Ana L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2690 US Boursiquot, Robert CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Boushon, Stacy OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 414-276-4684 2496 US Boutchyard, Sherri MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6086 6086 US Boutchyard, Zachary INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1665 1665 US Boutte, Jade C Bouysset, Christina D PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 713-936-7642 US Bovaird, Andrew L Bovan, Julia E CONTRACTOR 703-307-9954 Bove, Korey S CONTRACTOR 703-985-1611 US Bowden, Kathleen B PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 901-747-9709 US Bowdich, David L ASSISTANT DIRECTOR IN CHARGE 310-996-3300 US Bowditch, Elizabeth L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 615-232-7520 7520 US Bowen, Casey J VOUCHER EXAMINER 208-238-5231 Bowen, Cliff K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6095 US Bowen, Crystal A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-633-4650 US Bowen, Daniel C. TASK FORCE OFFICER 209-648-0775 US Bowen, Jason M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 406-424-8411 US Bowen, Joseph M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 1398 US Bowen, Kennedy C CONTRACTOR 202-651-2197 Bowen, Thomas RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8479 US Bowen, Tyler H CONTRACTOR 202-324-6442 46442 Bowen, William DETAILEE 202-278-2763 Bowens, Patrick B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-1048 US Bower, Carrie J Bower, Christopher J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 706-272-7909 US Bower, Larry L TASK FORCE OFFICER 740-354-5645 Bower, Sandra S TASK FORCE OFFICER US Bowers, Andrew C TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 Bowers, Brendan A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2274 6457 US Bowers, Christopher A INTERN US Bowers, David L CONTRACTOR 540-868-4725 Bowers, Donna J CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7235 US Bowers, Earl M TASK FORCE OFFICER US Bowers, Eli SPECIAL AGENT 313-965-3914 Bowers, Erin N IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-5409 US Bowers, Justin M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 401-272-8310 1430 US Bowers, Lynn M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 503-460-8535 8535 US Bowers, Natalina M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-630-6001 1301 US Bowers, Sean STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Bowers, Serena M DETAILEE Bowersox, Wendy A SPECIAL AGENT 203-503-5345 US Bowery, Stacy G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-382-6644 6644 US Bowes, Chris T SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4943 US Bowhousen, Michelle L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2313 2313 US Bowie, Joshua A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 518-431-4844 US Bowlen, Roy S MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4984 US Bowler, Earl A ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1862 US Bowler, Lisa CONTRACTOR 202-324-7355 47355 US Bowles, Christopher A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-4123 US Bowles, Francis J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-3638 US Bowles, Stacey M CONTRACTOR Bowlin, Matthew M DETAILEE 703-632-4416 US Bowlin, Randall M TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Bowling, Barbara UNIT CHIEF 202-233-9257 US Bowling, Carissa K SPECIAL AGENT 630-577-1624 US Bowling, James H CONTRACTOR 703-483-4127 US Bowling, James P CONTRACTOR 502-852-4462 US Bowling, Randy W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2457 2457 US Bowling, Robin L ITSPEC 703-632-1878 1878 US Bowman, Amie D DETAILEE 571-280-5008 Bowman, Brandie STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 313-965-6074 US Bowman, Brent R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8446 US Bowman, Christopher D ENGINEERING TECH-CJIS 304-625-3847 US Bowman, Cyrus M PHOTOGR (SCIENTIFIC&TECHNL) 703-632-8115 8115 US Bowman, Daniel A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 210-650-6266 US Bowman, Godiva M RECORDS CONVERSION SPECIALIST 703-212-5220 5200 US Bowman, James R SPECIAL AGENT 760-602-2277 US Bowman, Jonathan N ASAC 808-673-4103 US Bowman, Joshua D TASK FORCE OFFICER Bowman, Kelly M CONTRACTOR 501-412-8059 Bowman, Mary A NURSE CONSULTANT 202-324-1937 41937 US Bowman, Matthew A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-522-1400 US Bowman, Michael V CONTRACTOR Bowman, Michael W SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4426 US Bowman, Miriam T CONTRACTOR 703-985-2511 US Bowman, Paul Z SUPVY POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2951 52951 US Bowman, Sandra J 414-291-4279 US Bowman, Sheila R BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-1124 41124 US Bowman, Susan OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 3559 US Bowman, William A CONTRACTOR 202-324-5204 Bowser, Sarah D TASK FORCE OFFICER 636-208-7407 US Bowser, Stephen W CONTRACTOR 304-625-5075 US Bowyer, Cindy TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 754-703-2214 US Bowyer, Claire E WRITER (EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS) 202-324-6275 46275 US Bowyer, Lisa OPERATIONS CONTROL CENTER SUPERVISOR 304-625-5454 US Bowyer, Michael P PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2015 US Box, Jessica M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Box, Richard SPECIAL AGENT 618-394-4720 US Boxell, Glenn CONTRACTOR Boxwell, Beth M SPECIAL AGENT 608-829-4162 US Boyce, Andrew D CONTRACTOR BOYCE, CHRISTOPHER L DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Boyce, Dustan A Boyce, Eric T SPECIAL AGENT 802-657-6631 16285 US Boyce, Justin M Boyce, Kennedy STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Boyce, Stephen C ITSPEC-FE (FO) 754-703-2000 2153 Boyd, Amy M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST - FINANCE DIV 202-436-8126 US Boyd, Anthony L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-622-6800 US Boyd, Britton C SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-6176 US Boyd, Chrisna A SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6369 46369 US Boyd, Danny K SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 816-512-8624 US Boyd, Daprena PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-323-3865 3865 US Boyd, David M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-374-4201 US Boyd, Desmond CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 41758 US Boyd, Germaine Y BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-5661 45661 US Boyd, Gregory INTELLIGENCE ANALYST INSTR 703-632-1927 1927 US Boyd, John M CONTRACTOR 404-679-9000 US Boyd, Justin D INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 804-839-7189 Boyd, Katherine DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Boyd, Krista N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6257 46257 US Boyd, Patrick W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-7311 US Boyd, Phillip M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 615-232-7552 US Boyd, Stephanie M CONTRACTOR 540-868-4876 US Boyd, Vivien S SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 310-996-3377 3377 US Boyd-James, Robin L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5033 5033 US Boyden, Matthew FIELD SUPERVISOR 623-466-1014 US Boydon, Sara T Boydston, David C CONTRACTOR 601-713-7542 US Boyer, Daniel I PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-860-4978 US Boyer, Douglas B TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-4075 US Boyer, Geoffrey M TASK FORCE OFFICER 810-239-5775 Boyer, Jennifer A SPECIAL AGENT 203-503-5010 US Boyer, Jonathan R SPECIAL AGENT 203-777-6311 5024 US Boyer, Laurie OGA Boyer, Mary P IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9363 US Boyer, Matthew W Boyers, Melinda W IDENTIFICATION RECORDS SUPVR 304-625-9371 US Boyersmith, Carrie A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3457 US Boyette, Yolanda R MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6052 6052 US Boyington, Kyle COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 317-595-4000 4603 US Boykin, Oswald IT PROJECT MANAGER 703-872-5268 25268 US Boykins, April ITSPEC 202-324-9590 49590 US Boykins, George RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3277 US Boyko, Konstantin V INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-5035 US Boyko, Richard W CONTRACTOR 703-985-3752 Boylan, Sean RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8000 US Boyle, Amberly FIELD SUPERVISOR 310-996-5139 US Boyle, Christopher TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-425-533 Boyle, Christopher T SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-279-1549 US Boyle, Erica H CONTRACTOR 304-625-7468 Boyle, John G TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-965-3376 Boyle, Martin J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 212-384-5521 US Boyle, Norma L GENERAL CLERICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE 858-499-7501 7501 US Boyle, Sean P CONTRACTOR 703-553-6100 Boyle, Sean P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-4141 US Boyle, Walter A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-472-4962 US Boyle, William F ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-2574 US Boyles, Cynthia R MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-233-9324 US Boyles, Holly M CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7106 Boyles, Patrick W TASK FORCE OFFICER 304-525-4741 US Boyles, Ryan P ITSPEC 304-625-2783 Boyles, Stephen M CONTRACTOR 703-632-3703 US Boynton, Adam B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 978-275-0411 US Boynton, Matthew ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 310-996-3723 3723 US Boys, Patricia A NURSE CONSULTANT 617-223-6501 US Boyst, Danika SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5428 US Bozeman, Mariann E SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 713-936-8663 US Bozman, Eric D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8458 8458 US Bozorth, Allan S COMPUTER SCIENTIST - GENERAL 703-633-5522 5522 US Bozulich, Matthew A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8508 US Bozzelli, Michael SPECIAL AGENT 206-262-2368 2368 BR.Dallas US Brabender, Andrew RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4343 US Brabson, Peter CONTRACTOR 202-323-3730 Bracco, Daniel P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8733 US Bracco, Elizabeth SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 4157 US Brace, Kirk R SPECIAL AGENT 814-874-5108 US Bracke, James C TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1381 US Bracken, Daniel INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 505-889-1509 1509 Bracken, Mark D SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 505-889-1313 US Bracken, Raymond N CONTRACTOR 703-633-5766 Bracken, Ryan M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6465 US Bracken, Scott M TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-590-6651 US Brackenridge, Andrew F SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6252 46252 US Brackett, Crosby SSRA 202-324-3820 43820 US Brackett, Patricia A CONTRACTOR 202-203-5859 Brackins, Randall P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8540 8540 US Brackman, Marcus RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-320-8132 US Braconi, Michael C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3299 US Bradbury, Christina A CONTRACTOR 571-350-4435 Bradby, Maurice C SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 703-632-7063 7063 US Braddell, Leon CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Braden, Andrew TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Braden, Birdella C COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 312-829-8263 8263 US Braden, James A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-461-2735 0219 US Braden, Johnny E CONTRACTOR 703-983-9610 US Braden, Nelson J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-632-1199 US Brader, Stephanie L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 206-768-2905 US Bradford, Christopher J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-742-5533 6084 US Bradford, Denise H ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 415-553-7400 7409 US Bradford, Dora MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5678 45678 US Bradford, Dusti N TASK FORCE OFFICER 512-345-1111 Bradford, Earl E SPECIAL AGENT 205-279-1180 US Bradford, Fred I RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-584-5792 5792 US Bradford, Karen L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 858-437-1418 6424 US Bradford, Kelly VICTIM SPECIALIST 435-587-2060 US Bradford, Krista C SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3000 3089 US Bradford, Scott E DETAILEE Bradford, Tracy M SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-3592 43592 US Bradin, Robert F INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 203-503-5177 US Bradle, Dean R TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 US Bradley, Benjamin L AUDITOR-FD 202-557-0731 US Bradley, Brenda C LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7313 US Bradley, Crystal A CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9656 US Bradley, Daniel M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-5236 US Bradley, G J UNIT CHIEF 202-203-1848 US Bradley, Gavin B CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-8982 US Bradley, James S DETAILEE 617-742-5533 US Bradley, Kayla INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Bradley, Kevin D SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3372 US Bradley, Martia S STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Bradley, Maureen J CHEMIST - FE 703-632-7417 US Bradley, Michael J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 727-712-5301 0226 US Bradley, Rozlon D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3000 45817 US Bradley, Sean P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-571-8850 US Bradley, Suzanne RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8312 US Bradshaw, Anne M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8004 US Bradshaw, Burton MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-1981 US Bradshaw, Houston R Bradshaw, J S TASK FORCE OFFICER 615-232-7500 Bradshaw, Jory A US Bradshaw, Scott E TASK FORCE OFFICER 870-774-7682 Bradshaw, Tracy M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Bradstock, D A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-3546 Brady, Anna CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Brady, Barry L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 3014 US Brady, Charles STATISTICAL ASSISTANT 304-625-7286 US Brady, Daniel K FIELD SUPERVISOR 801-579-6603 Brady, Dennis LEGAL ATTACHE 011254203636266 6265 US Brady, Janice M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 858-320-8341 8341 US Brady, Jean E OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 212-384-1000 3806 Brady, Kevin STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4321 4321 Brady, Laura L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 303-630-6616 US Brady, Lauren CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Brady, Leslie L SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 504-816-3000 3070 US Brady, Martin L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 858-320-5764 US Brady, Mary J TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5103 Brady, Michael C SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 1012 US Brady, Patti D SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 901-747-4300 9687 US Brady, Peter M SPECIAL AGENT 718-286-7100 7812 US Brady, Rose M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 914-989-6011 6011 US Brady, Shane INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-686-6211 US Brady, Shannon L SPECIAL AGENT 713-936-8713 US Braeuner, Bernhard C TASK FORCE OFFICER 865-544-0751 US Brafford, Patrick C CONTRACTOR 202-324-2067 42067 Braga, Christopher R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8170 US Bragado, Katrina S CONTRACTOR 703-985-1124 Bragado, Theodore A CONTRACTOR 703-664-2526 Brager, Dana F OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 754-703-3815 US Bragg, Adria J IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-0438 US Bragg, Amanda INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-5696 US Bragg, Barry CONTRACTOR 434-826-0065 Bragg, Frederick E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 315-422-0141 US Bragg, John E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-5701 US Bragg, Jonna R MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-5749 US Bragg, Karen L CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9257 US Bragg, Russell E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-5683 US Bragg, Timothy M SPECIAL AGENT 571-280-5573 US Braham, Samantha DETAILEE 571-350-4016 Brahim, Robert J TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-3195 3195 US Brahm, Anthony C TASK FORCE OFFICER 518-465-7551 US Brainard, Harold E ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 202-324-0824 40824 US Brainard, Karla R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5105 US Braine, Christopher D TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 US Braithwaite, Lewis A CONTRACTOR 202-383-9649 39649 US Brakat, Caroline L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 910-860-5000 US Brake, Jesse L CONTRACTOR Brake, Richard J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 1013 US Braker, Patrick J CONTRACTOR 719-930-6408 US Braley, Ryan S SPECIAL AGENT 757-609-2551 US Bramer, Charmaine CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-2000 Bramer, Marcus D MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4316 US Bramer, Sherri R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5750 US Brammer, Kelly S SPECIAL AGENT 505-220-6299 Bramsen, Alexander INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 212-384-4906 US Brana, Rafael STATIONARY SSRA 787-812-0040 1119 US Branaman, Joseph G TASK FORCE OFFICER 352-372-9600 US Branch, Emily SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5116 US Branch, Gregory A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4152 4152 US Branch, Jamal D Branch, Jeremy E SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-3198 804.627.4787 US Branch, Thomas F CONTRACTOR 918-879-2503 US Branch, Tracey H SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 901-747-4300 9590 US Branch-Johns, Camilla A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-553-7922 7922 US Branche, Robert L POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Brand, Batya CONTRACTOR 817-989-3350 US Brand, Jonathan A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-6084 US Brandenburg, Raymond A CONTRACTOR 202-324-8270 8270 Brandenburger, Kelly FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 303-630-6504 US Brandhagen, Michael D BIOLOGIST-TS 703-632-7596 7596 US Brandman, Steven B TASK FORCE OFFICER 517-336-8367 US Brandon, Chris TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Brandon, Joseph PROGRAM MGMT OFFICER- SC 202-324-9688 49688 US Brandon, Susan E DETAILEE 000-000-0000 US Brandt, Anahita S CONTRACTOR 305-787-6529 US Brandt, Andrew TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Brandt, Andrew C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8224 US Brandt, Catrina E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Brandt, Erin M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 7367 US Brandt, Randy ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 414-276-4684 US Brandt, Robert S TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-623-4306 Brandt, Robert TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-345-7284 0 Branham, Barbara L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-4753 US Branham, Michael B CONTRACTOR 703-633-4008 Branham, Tina M ITSPEC (SYSANALYSIS) 703-985-1168 1168 US Branham-Latney, Mary I MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5669 45669 US Branigan, Ian INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-5631 45631 US Brannan, Christopher A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 239-339-1120 US Brannan, Joseph B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 413-205-1717 1717 US Brannon, Jill A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 501-228-8583 0583 US Brannon, Monica Y ITSPEC 202-436-7216 US Branscome, Amy C CONTRACTOR 703-632-3454 US Branson, Rashida MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4418 4418 US Brant, Connor C STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 219-769-3719 Brant, Edgar A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Brant, Jennifer M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 216-522-1400 US Brant, Marion B CONTRACTOR 202-324-5243 45243 US Brantley, Ava A PHOTOGR (SCIENTIFIC&TECHNL) 703-632-8119 US Brantley, Charnise N FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-6037 46037 US Brantley, Eric T SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-5142 45142 US Brantley, Gina M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 8025 US Branton, Christopher G HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-0917 40917 US Brasco, Donald F SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-629-1916 US Braselton, Kurt M SPECIAL AGENT 585-279-0085 US Brashear, Casey TASK FORCE OFFICER 817-989-8259 Brashier, Raymond W TASK FORCE OFFICER 225-291-5159 Brasile-Stewart, Brandie R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 310-996-3981 3981 Brask, Thurston J CONTRACTOR 212-451-6357 US Brassanini, David UNIT CHIEF 202-324-5698 45698 US Brasseur, Tracie FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT Braszo, Cari M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-1861 US Bratcher, I. A. A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 618-997-6847 0237 US Bratcher, Kenneth L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-731-9710 US Bratton, Carl R TASK FORCE OFFICER 210-225-6741 Bratz, Todd W DETAILEE 202-278-2000 Brau, Maria M UNIT CHIEF 202-436-7706 7706 US Brau, Oswaldo M AUTOMOTIVE WORKER Braun, Andrew J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 623-466-1029 US Braun, Benjamin P CONTRACTOR 202-323-0091 Braun, Jonathan T. TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-359-3483 US Braun, Kimberly J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 414-291-4247 US Braun, Mary P TASK FORCE OFFICER 513-421-4310 Braun, Renee L CONTRACT SPECIALIST 540-868-4801 4801 US Braun, Scott M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 414-291-4226 US Braun, Suzann EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 313-965-2323 3461 US Braun, Tracy D CONTRACTOR 709-633-4699 Braunwarth, Heidi L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8394 1000 US Brausen, Joseph P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 703-530-3709 US Bravata, Charles A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 334-263-1691 US Braverman, Matthew I SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6774 6774 US Bravo, Normita C TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-9252 Brawley, Courtney A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-2136 42136 US Brawley, Cynthia A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 281-230-6896 US Brawley, Peter H INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-9345 49345 US Braxton, Donald POLICE OFFICER 212-384-3791 3791 US Braxton, Juan L CONTRACTOR 703-565-6783 Bray, Angela D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 217-522-9675 2338 US Bray, Christopher B TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7407 7407 US Bray, David D FIELD SUPERVISOR 630-577-1600 US Bray, Elli SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3272 US Bray, Jan M RELIEF SUPV/ASRA 843-629-3026 US Bray, John SPECIAL AGENT 713-936-8893 US Brazda, John T TASK FORCE OFFICER 402-493-8688 US Brazil, Jason E TASK FORCE OFFICER 707-399-4603 US Breault, Holly M ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1306 1306 US Breault, Sandra D PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 402-530-1582 3720 US Breaux, LaQuita INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 713-693-5000 US Brechbill, Lori E SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-2709 42709 US Breci, Scott W FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 864-232-3807 US Breckenridge, Randy ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-2722 2272 US Breda, Laurie N OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 203-630-5944 US Brede, B-A Uilani U SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 808-673-4104 US Bredesen, Paul E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Breed, Alexandra S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-320-5785 5785 Breeden, David P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Breeden, Randall E CONTRACTOR 202-324-6821 46821 Breeden, Thomas S SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4049 4049 US Breedlove, Justin S LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8040 US Breedlove, Tye M SPECIAL AGENT 601-713-7567 7567 US Breedlove, William A CONTRACTOR 202-324-7040 47040 Breem, Glenn R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 813-253-1351 US Breen, Christopher J TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Breen, Emilda L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 518-465-7551 7281 US Breen, James. J J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-3109 3109 US Breen, Jason M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-382-6651 US Breen, John C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6723 6723 US Breen, Tia M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-878-2601 US Breeze, T FIELD SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 6245 US Brehl, Rebecca INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-631-3530 45826 Breidenbach, Jason M CONTRACTOR 202-203-1781 Breidenbach, Susan A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 3894 US Breidert, Meagan T CONTRACTOR 703-656-6204 US Breit, Gilbert W TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-569-2546 US Breitenbach, Jennifer A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 3782 US Breitenbach, Nicole MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-6053 US Breitenbach, Ryan D GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-7470 47470 US Breitenbach, Troy A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 701-298-2424 US Breitkreitz, Christopher D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8443 8443 US Brekenfeld, Kathleen M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 617-223-6556 US Brekke, Bradley PROGRAM MGMT OFFICER -DAD 202-324-8866 48866 Brekke, Tron W CONTRACTOR 202-324-0337 40337 US Brelsford, Eric T SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-7045 7045 US Bremer, Daniel K FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-275-2762 72762 US Brenden, Katherine L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3091 43091 US Brenes, Victoria L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 504-816-3000 3387 US Brennan, Daniel P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8792 US Brennan, James TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Brennan, Jessica STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 803-551-4200 US Brennan, Jonathan L OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 623-466-1062 US Brennan, Katie M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-280-6498 14919 US Brennan, Kelly A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-4577 9352 US Brennan, Kenneth G PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 540-368-8519 US Brennan, Kerri-Anne RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6300 US Brennan, Kevin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-287-3627 US Brennan, Kevin M DETAILEE 973-792-3000 US Brennan, Melissa L CONTRACTOR 703-632-3476 Brennan, Michelle RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6342 US Brennan, Niall P LEGAL ATTACHE 011-33-143122400 229 Brennan, Sean G FIELD SUPERVISOR 202-651-3123 US Brennan, Timothy S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6425 US Brenneis, Thomas RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Brenneke, Amy S SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 615-232-7564 US Brenneke, Michael W ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 615-232-7522 US Brent, Brenda J EVIDENCE CONTROL TECHNICIAN 703-985-1283 US Brent, Robert K CONTRACTOR 202-324-9579 49579 US Brent, Yvette T LODGING SPECIALIST 703-632-4664 US Breon, Kent M CONTRACTOR 410-981-8647 US Brereton, Thomas J SPECIAL AGENT 336-855-2670 US Brescia, Carly A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 702-584-5788 US Breske, Thomas P DETAILEE 202-324-9252 Breslin, Michael T FIELD SUPERVISOR 215-418-4030 US Bresnahan, Mikki L HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-8614 48614 US Bressi, Anthony J CONTRACTOR 703-633-4647 US Bresson, Paul E UNIT CHIEF 202-324-8783 48783 US Brest, Christopher A SPECIAL AGENT 513-979-8229 US Bretsch, Cristina R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8380 US Brett, Diana P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3502 US Brettell, Patrick A DETAILEE 202-324-9252 Bretzing, Gregory T SAC 503-460-8001 US Bretzinger, Jason A CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-985-4058 4058 US Breuer, Jeffrey S TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Brew, Donald R CONTRACTOR 202-233-9249 US Brewer, Buffie R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-9526 US Brewer, Daniel M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Brewer, Dwayne A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 228-938-2633 US Brewer, Jacqueline N DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Brewer, Jane T PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST 313-965-3366 3366 US Brewer, Jason D PROGRAM MANAGER 703-632-7827 US Brewer, Jennifer G OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 336-855-7770 US Brewer, Joseph E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 518-431-7378 US Brewer, Joshua J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-2441 Brewer, Kacy L TASK FORCE OFFICER 217-558-7813 Brewer, Kathy R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-6207 US Brewer, Lara M INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 307-632-6224 US Brewer, M. A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-279-1245 US Brewer, Michael P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 402-530-1240 1240 US Brewer, Ray C CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 54782 US Brewer, Ronald W TELECOMMUN MANAGER 703-985-1117 US Brewer, Taryn A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Brewer, Timothy P SPECIAL AGENT 409-730-0447 US Brewer, Wavery L HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 216-522-1400 6838 US Brewer-Long, Yvonne INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-4444 34202 US Brewington, Phillip B Brewster, Darlene B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 8011 US Brewster, Kathi A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 317-845-7039 US Brewster, Mollie S FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 716-843-5221 US Brewster, Monica S CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Breyan, Jonathan M DETAILEE 202-324-4682 Brian, Garland L DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Brian, Michael P PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-2859 US Briatico, Laura N CONTRACTOR 202-324-4845 4845 Brice, Henry G SPECIAL AGENT 928-367-7106 US Brice, Montchell C SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-5810 5810 US Brice, Natosha E TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 571-350-5217 US Brice, Ryan A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-1671 41671 US Brice, Stuart F CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 US Briceno, Ralph TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 754-703-2184 2184 US Brichacek, Teresa L SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 816-512-8415 US Bricker, George E CONTRACTOR 202-324-8495 Bricker, Kimberly CONTRACTOR 703-633-5610 Brickman, Sara STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-280-3946 Brickner, Douglas A TASK FORCE OFFICER 309-764-9559 Bricko, Damian UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3143 43143 US Brideau, James STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-323-7206 37206 Brideau, Katherine MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9046 49046 US Bridge, Jeffrey C TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 Bridgeforth, Linwood FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-488-4271 US Bridgeman, Elizabeth A STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-3000 46541 Bridgeman, Patrick J 202-651-2809 2809 US Bridges, Allison A CONTRACTOR 703-632-8445 Bridges, Andrew J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Bridges, Brian C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-486-5554 3021 US Bridges, Cindi M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6979 46979 US Bridges, James R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5205 5205 US Bridges, Nicholas J CONTRACTOR 803-725-7279 Bridges, Tracey J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-2769 42769 US Bridgewater, Wendy R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-6605 15382 US Bridgham, Henry B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-1605 1605 US Brienza, James R SPECIAL AGENT 505-206-6023 US Brierley, Sarah K INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 206-462-8449 US Briganti, James D SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-0363 40363 US Brigati-Mongelli, Ann T STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 727-346-3651 US Briggeman, Jennifer L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 US Briggs, John T TASK FORCE OFFICER 413-736-0301 US Briggs, Robert P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-374-4177 US Briggs, Ryan SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Briggs, Stacey ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8571 US Briggs, Tess E CONTRACTOR US Brigham, Matthew SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2201 US Bright, Daniel LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER Bright, Matthew J FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-5611 US Bright, Melissa D IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-5643 Bright, Natalie E TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Bright, Richard D MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7327 US Bright, Sandra D BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5883 US Bright, Taushiana INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-414-8566 US Bright, Terrance INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-0404 40404 US Brightbill, Gary CONTRACTOR 703-632-1268 Brightwell, Kim B OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 404-679-6280 US Brignoni, Alexis RELIEF SUPERVISOR 407-838-8494 US Brignoni-Waliczek, Ana I CONTRACTOR 716-843-4345 US Brikho, Maisa LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 313-965-2323 1750 US Briles, Lisa M RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4752 4752 US Briley, Maria STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 626-931-5582 US Brill, Shannon E SPECIAL AGENT 757-609-2654 US Brillhart, Monique R PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-8397 8397 US Brim, Teresa A INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 215-521-7508 US Brimley, C D ITSPEC 202-436-7238 US Brimm, John C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-875-1699 US Brimmer, Howard F UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3894 43894 US Brinckhaus, Carlos E TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-977-2503 Brindel, Candice L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9067 49067 US Brindisi, Christopher M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2639 US Brindisi, Josette OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 215-418-4311 4311 US Brindza, Gregory J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 941-362-8149 US Brine, Kris SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-3637 3637 US Brine, Rose C EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 310-996-3301 US Brine II, Joseph P STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3426 US Bringuel, Andrew FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4135 US Bringuel, Jenelle C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1291 US Brink, Kelly C CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 US Brink, Thomas M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 503-643-5070 US Brinker, James CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Brinkley, Laura SSRA 910-860-5015 US Brinkmeier, Clara R FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 858-320-8351 Brinkopf, Anne M CONTRACTOR 312-829-8226 US Brinson, James A TASK FORCE OFFICER 601-713-7722 US Brinson, Rolean S TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 601-948-5000 7112 US Brinton, David L COMPUTER SCIENTIST - GENERAL 202-324-6782 46782 US Brinton, Erin L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-275-3730 US Briody, Patrick J TASK FORCE OFFICER 956-984-6550 US Brion, Kelly C FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 202-436-7803 7803 US Briones, Raymundo TASK FORCE OFFICER 951-686-0335 Briscoe, Jermica M CONTRACTOR 202-203-1870 US Briscoe, Latasha MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-553-6127 US Briscoe, Sharon P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-8073 48073 US Briscoe, Shevonne E PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-323-9108 49108 Briskie, Michael S PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 212-384-1000 3725 US Brissette, Heidi M GENERAL ATTORNEY 571-280-6204 14886 US Brissey, Jason S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-892-2392 US Brister, Patrick T OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Bristol, Deborah K TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-597-5106 Bristol, William TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 202-278-2979 US Bristol.RH Bristow, Jeffrey M Bristow, Marc J TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-362-8602 US Britegam, Jeffery L TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-313-6800 US Brito, Christina GENERAL ATTORNEY 571-280-6036 US Brito, Margarita C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1381 1381 US Brito, Stella MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7345 US Britt, Corey W TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 Britt, Leesta MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2916 42916 US Britt, Nathan STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Britt, Robert W SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 405-290-7770 US Britten, David M LEGAL ATTACHE 251111306490 US Brittenum, Brice E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Britting, John M Brittingham, Robert N DETAILEE 305-787-6284 US Britton, Brigitte Y ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 813-253-1015 US Britton, David L SPECIAL AGENT 614-224-1183 2141 US Britton, John E ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 804-627-4454 US Britton, Mandy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 925-363-2074 US Brlansky, Audrey D CONTRACTOR 540-374-4153 US Brletich, Samantha M DETAILEE 703-686-6706 US Brnic, Sandra A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-8826 8826 US Broach, Adrienne D TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 510-808-8544 8544 US Broad, James E CONTRACTOR 202-383-9655 US Broad, Jason M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8040 US Broadnax, Barbee G SECRETARY OA 202-324-5051 45051 US Broadstock, Joshua E LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7941 US Broadstock, Kristen LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER Broadus, J B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6203 US Broadus, Shannon E INFORMATION LIAISON SPECIALIST 703-504-0360 US Broadwater, Margery E MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2446 US Broadwell, Myron L CONTRACTOR 703-985-1778 US Broady, Erica M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Broccolo, Fredrick M PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 540-368-8527 8527 US Brock, Bridget G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6495 US Brock, Ian M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-905-0172 US Brock, James M DETAILEE 202-278-2000 Brock, Jonathan STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4522 4522 US Brock, Kenneth W ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 803-551-4539 4539 US Brock, Leah L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 937-222-7485 0233 US Brock, Robbie W TASK FORCE OFFICER 501-221-9100 US Brockhaus, Susan INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-5205 15304 US Brockington, Rodney LEAD GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST 202-324-4994 44994 US Brockly, Michael E CONTRACTOR 571-350-4808 Brockman, David M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 918-879-2615 US Brockman, Tera STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7518 US Brockman, Wendy L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 951-248-6504 US Brockway, Stephanie CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Brodack, Michael A ASAC 973-792-3015 US Broder, Moshe INTERN 202-324-4178 44178 US Broderick, Christopher J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 313-965-2323 4146 US Broderick, John L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-558-2559 2559 US Broderick, Timothy D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 617-223-6319 US Broderick, Victoria E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-651-3205 US Brodsky, Patrick G ASAC 702-584-5430 US Brody, Ayana G MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2286 US Brody, Maeve B INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3777 3777 Brody, Timothy M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4881 US Broecker, Doug D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 412-618-3136 US Broekhuizen, Daniel J TASK FORCE OFFICER 615-232-7500 Broenneke, Alyssa M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 206-262-2332 Broeske, Robin E TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-276-4684 US Brogan, Diana A INTERN US Brogan, Joseph CONTRACTOR 703-632-8280 US Brogan, Michael D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 251-455-5416 US Brogan, Michael S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6610 US Brogan, Robert T CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Brogan, Ryan G SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 732-302-2918 US Brogan, William E TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4933 US Brogdon, Joseph D TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-672-6100 US Brogdon, Latrice CONTRACTOR 202-203-5877 Brohl, Melissa ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 313-965-2323 6202 US Broihier, Mark C STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-996-4905 US Brokaw, Barry A CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 US Brokos, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4906 US Brokos, Shawn A STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 412-432-4171 US Broksas, Kurk DETAILEE 202-324-5401 Broll, Terri L CONTRACTOR 210-650-6163 US Brolly, John J TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-672-6100 US Bromenshenkel, Maggie MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6073 6073 US Bromenshenkel, Norbert PROGRAM MANAGER 703-985-1824 US Bromley, Renae E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Bronisz, Michael L SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3173 US Broniszewski, Zbigniew R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6086 46086 US Bronner, Alicia M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 7569 US Bronner, Troy D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-3476 3476 US Bronson, Angela M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 4419 US Bronson, Denaire E CONTRACTOR 202-651-8655 Bronson, Rebecca GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1695 US Bronstein, Louis G SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3086 Bronstein, Stuart M SPECIAL AGENT 614-849-1820 US Brooker, John P CONTRACTOR 321-727-4386 US Brooker, Robert G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6796 6796 US Brooker, Wess T SPECIAL AGENT 310-337-9138 Brookhiser, W T FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-1795 US Brooks, Abigail N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3815 43815 Brooks, Allison INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 202-233-1395 US Brooks, Andre K TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 US Brooks, Andrew K INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-3091 Brooks, April D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT-DAD 202-203-1712 US Brooks, Brian K DEPUTY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 703-985-6450 US Brooks, Camille CONTRACTOR 703-983-9564 US Brooks, Charlena S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2244 US Brooks, Cori R VICTIM SPECIALIST 518-431-7283 US Brooks, Dale C CONTRACTOR 202-324-7697 US Brooks, David SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 304-625-2182 Brooks, David A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4508 US Brooks, David M CONTRACTOR 202-324-0262 40262 US Brooks, Donna F INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-233-1381 1381 US Brooks, Elijah F CONTRACTOR US Brooks, H. Lamont L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-632-1222 1222 US Brooks, Howard L FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-278-4177 US Brooks, James S UNIT CHIEF 540-868-4364 US Brooks, Jeffrey M TASK FORCE OFFICER 828-225-4717 US Brooks, Jerome O MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2857 42857 US Brooks, John R CONTRACTOR 202-323-1531 31531 US Brooks, Julius J SECTION CHIEF 202-324-3519 43519 US Brooks, Keegan O CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Brooks, Kenneth E POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 Brooks, LaTisha RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8783 US Brooks, Leslie R SUPVY HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-233-9040 US Brooks, Lisa A QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST 304-625-5838 US Brooks, Lisa M SPECIAL AGENT 502-263-6446 US Brooks, Loren J TASK FORCE OFFICER 812-423-4486 US Brooks, Mark 310-477-6565 US Brooks, Melinda J BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-7937 US Brooks, Melissa J FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 304-625-4716 US Brooks, Nassmah M CONTRACTOR 703-686-6949 US Brooks, Nathan C CONTRACTOR 703-985-1369 Brooks, Nicoli C PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1372 1372 US Brooks, Pamela L DETAILEE 703-632-8474 US Brooks, Patricia R CONTRACTOR 202-436-8174 US Brooks, Rachel L LANGUAGE TESTING SPECIALIST 303-630-6114 US Brooks, Richard J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4320 44320 US Brooks, Richard P TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 617-742-5533 US Brooks, Robin T GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4164 US Brooks, Robyn R ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 757-609-2607 US Brooks, Ronald SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 901-747-9591 US Brooks, Samantha R SPECIAL AGENT 213-229-1009 US Brooks, Samuel P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 310-477-6565 US Brooks, Scott R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 814-452-4516 0105 US Brooks, Sean AUTOMOTIVE WORKER 202-635-8382 US Brooks, Spencer W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6147 US Brooks, Steven W SPECIAL AGENT 931-393-0335 US Brooks, Tamara E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 951-248-6579 US Brooks, Thomas W INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Brooks, Tracy L AUDITOR-HQ 202-324-4593 4593 US Brooks, William P PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 610-975-5126 US Brooks, William. B B PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1209 US Brooks Jr., Howard MATERIALS HANDLER 202-278-2878 US Brooks-Norman, Monica EMERGENCY ACTION SPECIALIST 202-323-2011 33300 US Brooksby, Nathan E TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 Brookshire, William B INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 210-607-9703 US Broomhead, Timothy E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Brophy, Kimberley P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 865-602-6940 US Brophy, Paul J CONTRACTOR 571-280-6757 US Brophy, Todd J ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 703-985-1701 US Brosas, Eulis M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-9000 US Brosious, James H INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 215-418-4000 US Brosler, Joseph STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-961-0163 US Brosnan, John J ASAC 215-521-7500 7500 US Brosnan, Patrick G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-485-4859 US Bross, Joseph S CONTRACTOR 202-203-3559 US Brostrom, Frank R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 910-342-2932 US Brotan, Garry E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 575-526-2351 0262 US Brotan, Larry G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 847-670-2995 US Brotan, Trisha D SPECIAL AGENT 847-734-6851 US Brothers, Nelson T DETAILEE 202-324-6820 46820 US Brothers, Ronald ITSPEC 202-323-9132 39132 US Brotherton, Blake SPECIAL AGENT 520-594-2321 US Brotherton, Robert J CONTRACTOR 703-632-8062 US Brotherton, Scott H CONTRACTOR 703-632-8061 US Broton, Michael S CONTRACTOR 703-633-5609 Broughton, Brian K TASK FORCE OFFICER 772-461-6142 Broughton, Dejuan S CONTRACTOR 202-323-1939 31939 Broughton, Reginald D TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-7820 Broughton, Shawn H CONTRACTOR 202-324-7547 47547 US Brouillette, Chad M COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS Broumand, Babak RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-575-2741 2741 US Brousil, Ben A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8791 US Broussard, Edward M GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-651-4022 US Broussard, Robert Dewitt TASK FORCE OFFICER US Brouwer, Robert D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 765-282-1905 US Brovey, Gerry L SUPVY INFORMATION LIAISON SPECIALIST 304-625-4320 US Brovey, Michael A ITSPEC 304-625-2844 US Brower, Southita S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-2446 32446 US Brown, Adam INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Brown, Adam M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-7895 US Brown, Addie C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7507 US Brown, Aja M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3661 US Brown, Alan L TASK FORCE OFFICER 302-574-4301 US Brown, Albert L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4482 US Brown, Albertina A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-6695 36695 US Brown, Aleigha MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1790 US Brown, Alexander M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3645 16251 US Brown, Alexis SPECIAL AGENT 202-573-4793 US Brown, Alfonso S CONTRACTOR 571-350-4318 Brown, Alice L BIOLOGIST-TS 703-632-7498 7498 US Brown, Althea D TECHNCL INF SPEC-NY 212-384-1000 2921 US Brown, Amy E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-1522 41522 US Brown, Andrea ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 713-936-8636 US Brown, Andrew P TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-565-1255 US Brown, Angela STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 314-589-2624 US Brown, Angela L RESEARCH ANALYST 703-632-4157 4157 US Brown, Anthony J CONTRACTOR Brown, Anthony S TASK FORCE OFFICER 518-465-7551 Brown, Apryl E ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 623-466-1268 US Brown, Audra M SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 2231 US Brown, Autumn SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6495 US Brown, Barrie S CONDUCT REVIEW ASSISTANT 202-324-9694 49694 US Brown, Barton L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-514-4236 US Brown, Bayard P INTERN Brown, Beatrice G FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-5000 US Brown, Belinda E CONTRACTOR 202-436-8173 US Brown, Blondell CUSTODIAN 202-324-3044 43044 US Brown, Brandy J ITSPEC (INFOSEC) 202-203-1729 US Brown, Brian D TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3103 Brown, Brittany MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6615 46615 US Brown, Bruce B ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 575-526-2351 0207 US Brown, Bryan M CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 Brown, Bryan R TASK FORCE OFFICER 812-434-8255 US Brown, Calvin INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 US Brown, Camille MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2128 42128 US Brown, Carolyn SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Brown, Casey R SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-3488 US Brown, Charisse M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 414-276-4684 4332 US Brown, Charles A CONTRACTOR 202-203-5905 Brown, Charles M CONTRACTOR 858-587-2490 Brown, Chris CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Brown, Christian M TASK FORCE OFFICER 302-594-4320 US Brown, Christopher A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8612 US Brown, Christopher C INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 763-569-8000 US Brown, Christopher D REALTY SPECIALIST 202-436-8257 US Brown, Christopher J TASK FORCE OFFICER 505-331-9770 Brown, Christopher K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 312-829-7012 7012 US Brown, Christopher P TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6706 US Brown, Christopher W TASK FORCE OFFICER 904-248-7000 US Brown, Christopher. S S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Brown, Clifford F LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7366 US Brown, Colleen C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 404-679-1486 US Brown, Connally B FIELD SUPERVISOR 754-703-2100 US Brown, Cory S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 6041 US Brown, Courtney N CONTRACTOR 703-985-3043 Brown, Cynthia J ITSPEC-FE (FO) 763-569-8000 8353 US Brown, Dana P CARPENTER 304-625-4302 US Brown, Daniel A CONTRACTOR 202-324-4643 Brown, Daniel T. TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-874-3082 Brown, Danielle J CONTRACTOR 703-872-5380 Brown, Danuel E. SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Brown, David C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 386-947-5333 US Brown, David M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-558-1002 US Brown, David W SPECIAL AGENT 510-808-8658 US Brown, David. E E ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 907-265-8502 US Brown, David. T T ITSPEC 304-625-4792 US Brown, Deborah L SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5695 US Brown, Deborah T SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6595 46595 US Brown, Debra A TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-255-9754 Brown, Debra CONTRACTOR 202-436-8139 68139 Brown, Dena L MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-4820 US Brown, Denise FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8126 US Brown, Denise D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 610-325-6661 6661 US Brown, Donald STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-686-6587 6587 US Brown, Dorothea B INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-1596 41596 US Brown, Dreddrick SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 202-324-6048 46048 US Brown, Eamonn S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Brown, Elaine R MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7487 47487 US Brown, Elizabeth M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-569-2574 Brown, Eric S FIELD SUPERVISOR 615-232-7554 7554 US Brown, Eric C Brown, Eric M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 503-680-0423 US Brown, Erin P OPERATIONS MANAGER 212-384-1000 8035 US Brown, Eugene PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-6484 46484 US Brown, Eva M FINANCIAL TECHNICIAN 304-625-9548 US Brown, Faith R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-233-1279 US Brown, Frederick L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Brown, Frederick W CONTRACTOR 703-632-7099 US Brown, Gaye OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 205-279-1453 US Brown, Glenda A SUPVY BUDGET ANALYST 202-436-8087 US Brown, Glenda B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-414-8584 US Brown, Gregory R SSRA 361-883-8671 US Brown, Gretchen A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 623-466-1044 US Brown, Harold A CONTRACTOR 703-985-3681 Brown, Herbert M TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-977-2999 US Brown, Hillary A PHOTOGRAPHER 212-384-1000 2095 US Brown, Ian SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 757-609-2638 US Brown, Issac Brown, J. Colleen ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 216-622-6614 US Brown, Jacqueline F UNIT CHIEF 571-350-4201 US Brown, Jamal POLICE OFFICER Brown, James D ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 48-22-504-2543 2543 PL Brown, James G MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2054 42054 US Brown, James K CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 Brown, James P TASK FORCE OFFICER 330-965-2940 Brown, James R ASAC-CRIMINAL DIVISION 803-551-4221 US Brown, James R TASK FORCE OFFICER 619-871-8499 Brown, James R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Brown, James W ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-6775 6775 US Brown, James M. M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/SRA 270-926-3441 US Brown, Jane S PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 614-849-1834 US Brown, Jared S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2336 US Brown, JaroD FIELD SUPERVISOR 310-996-4683 US Brown, Jarrett R SPECIAL AGENT Brown, Jason S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 251-219-3631 3631 US Brown, Jeffrey SUPVY BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-1242 41242 US Brown, Jeffrey J SPECIAL AGENT 269-982-0390 US Brown, Jeffrey S CONTRACTOR 571-350-4801 US Brown, Jeffrey W TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-8699 US Brown, Jennifer E CONTRACTOR 202-324-7081 US Brown, Jennifer L OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE Brown, Jennifer Y CONTRACTOR 703-872-5251 Brown, Jeremiah M DETAILEE 703-633-4831 Brown, Jessica OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 217-522-9675 Brown, Joan D MAIL ASSISTANT 202-324-4304 44304 US Brown, Johanna B FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-6156 US Brown, John A ASAC 312-829-5187 US Brown, John E DETAILEE 443-458-2141 Brown, John M BUDGET ANALYST 912-790-3183 3183 US Brown, John N SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Brown, Joseph P CONTRACTOR 703-632-7145 US Brown, Joseph R SPECIAL AGENT 608-829-4164 4164 US Brown, Joslyn V CONTRACTOR 205-279-1026 Brown, Joy B CONTRACTOR 703-632-1737 1737 US Brown, Judith M CONTRACTOR 202-324-9549 US Brown, Julie S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 914-989-6000 6193 US Brown, Kaitlin VOUCHER EXAMINER 304-625-2757 Brown, Karen N Brown, Karen C FINANCIAL ANALYST 972-559-5158 5158 US Brown, Karriem D CONTRACTOR 202-324-2031 US Brown, Kathleen M TASK FORCE OFFICER 612-623-2600 Brown, Keith HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-4934 44934 US Brown, Keith T SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6151 US Brown, Kenneth M AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 858-320-5374 US Brown, Kent C SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5123 Brown, Kevin PHOTOGR (SCIENTIFIC&TECHNL) 703-632-8112 8112 US Brown, Kevin J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 518-465-7551 7448 US Brown, Kevin M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6962 US Brown, Kim A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-HQ 202-324-1686 41686 US Brown, Kimberly J MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7012 US Brown, Kimla J SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 601-713-7738 US Brown, Kristen P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 804-627-4758 804.627.4695 US Brown, Kristin A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 205-279-1530 US Brown, Kyle S INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Brown, L. Suzanne S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-726-6001 US Brown, Larry A TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-630-6775 US Brown, Les H TASK FORCE OFFICER 334-223-7280 US Brown, Linda R MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4891 44891 US Brown, Lisa J TASK FORCE OFFICER 614-849-1834 Brown, Lisa M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Brown, Lisa. L L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 410-266-2489 US Brown, Lisa. S S CONTRACTOR 202-203-5826 US Brown, Logan OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Brown, Marcheta E INTELLIGENCE ASSISTANT 202-278-3309 US Brown, Marie A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-3704 33704 US Brown, Marisa OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Brown, Mark M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2962 US Brown, Markel CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Brown, Maurice C CONTRACTOR 301-586-4676 US Brown, Megan E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3748 US Brown, Michael D SPECIAL AGENT 202-233-1245 1245 US Brown, Michael E STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 312-421-6700 5772 US Brown, Michael J FIELD SUPERVISOR 919-466-1360 US Brown, Michael K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 951-248-6536 US Brown, Michael R TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4134 US Brown, Michael S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4181 US Brown, Michael T SPECIAL AGENT 301-251-7332 US Brown, Michael. D D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 253-280-2603 US Brown, Michael. L L CONTACT REPR 304-625-5898 US Brown, Michelle D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6916 46916 US Brown, Morris G MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-388-8826 US Brown, Nadine F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 406-254-8121 US Brown, Nancy S SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4905 US Brown, Naqueldon CONTRACTOR 202-324-7084 47084 US Brown, ONeil RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8381 3367 US Brown, Pamela S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 2939 US Brown, Patrice R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-2375 33739 US Brown, Patricia A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 202-278-3611 US Brown, Paul W STATIONARY SSRA 904-248-7037 US Brown, Pheovia K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 510-808-2600 8431 US Brown, Philip L CONTRACTOR 703-633-6989 Brown, Philip M POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Brown, Porsche E ITSPEC-FE (FO) 212-384-1000 3087 US Brown, Princessa M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 407-838-2644 US Brown, Radeesha T CONTRACTOR 703-872-5181 Brown, Raymond TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2417 US Brown, Rebecka E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2514 US Brown, Regina L OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 202-324-1932 41932 US Brown, Richard R GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-1018 41018 US Brown, Robert D TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-584-4315 US Brown, Ronald D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-2548 42548 US Brown, Roxanne ARCHIVES SPECIALIST 703-212-5219 US Brown, Russell B TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 US Brown, Russell H FIELD SUPERVISOR 617-223-6415 US Brown, Saleem A CONTRACTOR 646-621-7621 US Brown, Samone N SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Brown, Sandra A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2144 42144 US Brown, Sandra Y INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-233-1347 1347 US Brown, Scott F CONTRACTOR 202-278-2180 US Brown, Scott G INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-223-6486 US Brown, Selena G VOUCHER EXAMINER 304-625-7476 US Brown, Shameka M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3202 Brown, Shannon M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Brown, Shannon S. CONTRACTOR 202-323-0080 30080 Brown, Sharon M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9681 49681 US Brown, Shaun P ITSPEC (INFOSEC) 304-625-4886 US Brown, Shawn A TASK FORCE OFFICER 330-535-6156 Brown, Shawn R POLICE OFFICER 202-278-2000 US Brown, Sonya R UNIT CHIEF 202-324-5595 45595 US Brown, Stacey L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4634 US Brown, Stephan A ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 414-291-4345 4345 US Brown, Stephen R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 202-324-1376 41376 US Brown, Suzanne G VISUAL INF SPEC 703-632-8210 US Brown, Tammy P RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4711 US Brown, Tarah R BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-7469 US Brown, Terry L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1585 41585 US Brown, Thomas D USRO-CJIS 304-625-3922 Brown, Thomas M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-245-5280 US Brown, Tiffany N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7625 47625 US Brown, Timeka K CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Brown, Timothy D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6067 US Brown, Timothy R TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 Brown, Timothy R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 203-777-6311 5079 US Brown, Tina V SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 415-553-5778 US Brown, Todd J SPECIAL AGENT 812-948-8002 US Brown, Tora INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-2557 32557 US Brown, Tracy E CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Brown, Tracy M CONTRACTOR 202-651-3122 US Brown, Tyler F SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1724 1724 US Brown, Victor T AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION SPECIALIST 703-632-3417 3417 US Brown, Wadiya M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-3000 7169 US Brown, Wesley E CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 54735 Brown, William D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3576 US Brown, William D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2669 US Brown, William J INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST (AERIAL) 703-632-4024 US Brown, Yvette R CONTRACTOR 202-203-5871 US Brown II, Orlando A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Brown-Hooker, Shelly Y FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 202-436-7711 US Brown-Richards, Victoria OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Brown-Robinson, Teria A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2023 US Brownback, Douglas J SPECIAL AGENT 616-456-5489 US Browne, Charles ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 904-248-7095 Browne, Evan P STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 412-432-4366 US Browne, Olivia M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 212-384-1000 2071 US Browne, Richard INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Browne, Sarah R CONTRACTOR 202-324-3981 43981 Browning, Cristofer Browning, James M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 404-392-2939 US Browning, Keith CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Browning, Marrone M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 405-290-3625 US Browning, Pamela D CONTRACTOR 202-323-5484 35484 US Browning, Vincent L SPECIAL AGENT 570-961-7767 US Brownlie, Kyle T STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 973-792-3000 7803 US Broxterman, Justin G TASK FORCE OFFICER 785-231-1700 Broyles, Dorothy A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 208-433-3504 US Brozenick, Brittany E CONTRACTOR 304-625-5111 US Brozenick, Jacob T CONTRACTOR 304-625-4589 Brozenick, Timothy A UTILITY SYSTEMS REPAIR 304-625-5110 US Brozenick, Tobias J CONTRACTOR 304-625-2964 Brozick, Douglas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 248-828-7584 804-627-4496 US Brozycki, Thomas J TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1721 US Bruce, Afua MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-323-9859 39859 US Bruce, Andrew R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 617-742-5533 US Bruce, Angie INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 217-757-3780 3013 US Bruce, Brendan E SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 901-747-9521 9521 US Bruce, David J TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Bruce, Elaine L GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4525 4525 US Bruce, Eric STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-8018 48018 Bruce, James H ITSPEC 571-350-4385 4385 US Bruce, John D AUDITOR-FO 206-262-2242 US Bruce, Robert W CONTRACTOR 202-324-5835 US Bruchok, Bret R SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6705 US Bruck, Issie J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 623-466-1024 US Brucker, Laura L CONTRACTOR 0 US Brueckman, Angela R. 202-324-1730 Bruehs, Walter E SUPVY PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGIST 703-985-1323 1323 US Bruemmer, Russell J CONTRACTOR 202-324-8776 0 Bruenger, Ross INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Bruett, Ryan W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-287-3750 US Brugo, Sean OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 513-421-4310 US Brumbaugh, Anne INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 313-965-5215 US Brumberg, Jessica DETAILEE 804-627-4724 Brumby, Jerome A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Brumfield, Terry W TASK FORCE OFFICER 915-832-5000 Brumley, Paul J TASK FORCE OFFICER 810-239-5775 Brumley, William T SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 713-936-7113 US Brummett, William CONTRACTOR 703-985-1191 Brummund, Matthew P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2549 2549 US Brunais, Adrena L BUDGET ANALYST 703-632-7948 US Brunais, Michael A DETAILEE 571-280-3703 Brundage, Mark INTERN US Brunell, John A UNIT CHIEF 703-632-4302 US Brunell, Kimberly F FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4274 US Bruner, Adam D SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1596 1596 US Brunett, Stacy R IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-4017 US Brunetti, Frank J TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-594-2215 US Brunetti, Thomas A CONTRACTOR 703-686-6590 Brunetto, Joseph SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 973-792-7107 US Brunina, Richard T CONTRACTOR 571-280-5000 US Brunner, D S LEGAL ATTACHE 011-571-275-2724 US Brunner, Daniel B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 3359 US Bruno, Anthony V FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3145 US Bruno, Catherine S SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-1710 41710 US Bruno, Christopher E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3148 US Bruno, Dawn C ASSOCIATE DIVISION COUNSEL 212-384-1000 2358 US Bruno, Dawn M CONTRACTOR 202-324-2801 3268 Bruno, Joseph B SUPVY ITSPEC 312-829-4905 US Bruno, Katelyn DOCUMENT ANALYST - FE 703-632-7285 7285 US Bruno, Paul M TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-787-6796 US Bruno-Metzger, Angelina INTERN US Bruns, Catherine E CONTRACTOR 301-586-1655 Bruns, Melody A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 214-705-7001 7001 US Bruns, Nicole A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-8331 48331 US Bruns, Ralph L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1255 US Brunson, Ronald B TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 US Brunson, Toni R CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 US Brunstetter, Laura FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 301-586-4678 US Brunswick, Michael A REGIONAL OCDETF COORDINATOR 011-612-9373-9216 US Brunt, Nathaly K STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Brusacoram, Michael D SPECIAL AGENT 414-291-4222 4222 US Bruschi, Augusto DETAILEE 703-633-4766 Brush, Leonard M CONTRACTOR 123-123-1234 Brusokas, Brian C SPECIAL AGENT 708-364-6117 US Bruss, Larry E CONTRACTOR 703-985-6711 6711 US Brust, Daniel D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2134 US Brusuelas, Katherine RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1300 1543 US Bruton, Blair D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9149 49149 US Bruton, Lesia M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3545 US Bryan, Brian R SPECIAL AGENT 615-630-8741 US Bryan, Jason N ITSPEC 202-324-1847 41847 Bryan, Jennifer L FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-6212 US Bryan, Juanita M RECORDS CONVERSION SPECIALIST 703-212-5220 Bryan, Kenneth W FIELD SUPERVISOR 203-382-6601 US Bryan, Ronald S TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-787-6491 US Bryan, Stephanie FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 754-703-3558 US Bryan, Stephen C TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 Bryant, Amy E GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4895 US Bryant, Antron T HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-7492 47492 US Bryant, April D CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 Bryant, Aubrey Bryant, Bradley V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 662-280-0717 US Bryant, Christopher A CONTRACTOR 202-324-5452 45452 Bryant, Curtis J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 573-636-1805 US Bryant, Dandre C CONTRACTOR 703-672-2068 US Bryant, Daniel M STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 916-481-9110 2211 US Bryant, Deborah S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 317-595-4000 2503 US Bryant, Douglas INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-5644 US Bryant, Felicia R UNIT CHIEF 202-323-9585 39585 US Bryant, Gordon ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8093 US Bryant, Kenda E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 901-747-9779 US Bryant, Kenneth R TASK FORCE OFFICER 650-289-3000 US Bryant, Kevin MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4361 Bryant, Kyle G CONTRACTOR Bryant, Lindsey PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 916-977-2548 US Bryant, Mark R CONTRACTOR 972-559-5347 US Bryant, Matthew A SUPVY AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORDIN 972-559-5000 5421 US Bryant, Michael P SECURITY ASSISTANT - HQ 703-632-7011 27011 US Bryant, Michael T CONTRACTOR 703-985-6015 6015 US Bryant, Paul C DETAILEE 505-889-1300 US Bryant, Robert L CONTRACTOR 714-385-6100 6258 US Bryant, Robert R CONTRACTOR 703-632-3070 Bryant, Samuel UNIT CHIEF 571-280-6737 US Bryant, Tanya M SUPVY TECHNICAL INFORMATION SPEC-HQ 202-324-2031 42031 US Bryant, Yarva L CONTRACTOR 713-936-7413 US Bryant II, James K GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1696 Bryce, Kenneth S CONTRACTOR 206-287-3766 US Bryceland, Christopher RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-615-1700 1738 US Bryden, Charles M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2732 US Bryer, Amanda L TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 Bryngelson, Mark C TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Brzezinski, Carrie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 732-469-7986 0247 US Brzezinski, Edward L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 586-412-4844 US Brzowski, Eric P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 610-461-4415 US Brzozowski, Thomas E GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-9650 49650 US BS_CM&D_RFI US BS_CM& Buanjacomina, Ana L CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Buba, Melody A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-1287 1287 US Bubb, Christopher G GENERAL ATTORNEY 540-361-4639 Bublik, Irene TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 317-845-4680 US Bubniak, Alison R MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 703-632-7522 US Bucaj, Albulena CONTRACTOR 703-633-5651 Bucalo, Jeremy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6484 US Bucar, Jennifer A SPECIAL AGENT 617-742-5533 US Buccafurni, Michael TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 US Buccione, Charlene K SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 813-253-1000 1101 US Bucenell, James J SPECIAL AGENT 813-253-1549 US Bucenell, Susan B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 1191 US Buch, Hannah M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2538 US Buch, Jessica L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3533 US Buchalter, William R TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 US Buchan, Scott W CONTRACTOR Buchanan, Christian J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Buchanan, Kim RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-629-7171 US Buchanan, Melissa A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4756 43658 US Buchanan, Ronald M CONTRACTOR 304-625-5849 55849 US Buchanan, Sean RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3894 US Bucheit, Laura A SAC 702-584-5900 5410 US Buchhofer, Kathy A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9618 49618 US Buchina, Justin L CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Buchkovich, Brian CONTRACTOR 304-625-4439 US Buchner, Kirk INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 512-506-2637 US Buchner, Scott P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1284 US Buchwald, Shayne E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6775 US Buci, Albbesa CONTRACTOR UNK Bucinell, Nicholas TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC 202-323-3300 34057 US Buck, Earl C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 860-439-6107 US Buck, Matt POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Buck, Megan L TASK FORCE OFFICER 239-339-1110 Buck, Tia A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-8609 38609 US Buck, Velvetta O MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8221 48221 US Buckingham, David S CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Buckle, Freda INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-4659 4659 US Buckler, Jacqueline LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7127 US Buckler, Lesley J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 859-246-4733 US Buckles, Lesley A CRIME ANALYST 703-632-4179 US Buckles, Troy FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-6411 6411 US Bucklew, Brandi D PERSONNEL SEC SPEC-CJIS 304-625-4224 US Bucklew, William D USRO-CJIS 304-625-3922 US Buckley, Edward W CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Buckley, Gwen A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6689 US Buckley, James F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-595-4000 4723 US Buckley, Jason R TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-3319 Buckley, Joan A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-3740 3740 Buckley, Justin C IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-0431 US Buckley, Lawrence D ASAC 415-575-5082 5082 US Buckley, Leah J CONTRACTOR 202-323-9453 39453 Buckley, M S TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-649-7927 US Buckley, Margaret R SECTION CHIEF 202-323-9619 39619 US Buckley, Peter INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Buckley, Scott CONTRACTOR 703-983-9616 US Buckley, Sean P SUPVY PRINTING SERVICES SPECIALIST 202-324-1462 41462 US Buckley, Sean F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1210 1210 US Buckmiller, Elizabeth SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2237 US Buckner, Cord M TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-276-4684 US Buckner, Richard SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7324 US Buckner, Ryan S CONTRACTOR 202-324-1047 41047 US Buckner, Sabrina A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7134 US Buckout, Kyle J DETAILEE 703-632-4263 Buckreis, Jennifer MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8922 48922 US Buckwell, Kenneth W SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 704-672-6100 6662 US Buczek, David L TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-432-4000 US Budd, Shelley M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 703-686-6554 US Budday, Roseann MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0535 40535 US Buddle, Susan M FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 415-553-7485 US Budler, David A DETAILEE 304-625-2000 Budrow, James R ITSPEC 571-350-4456 US Budwick, Marisa R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-7377 US Budz, David RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-5223 US Buechel, Patricia A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 513-979-8424 US Buechner, Christopher L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-1819 US Buel, Andrew R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-654-5810 US Buel, Joseph E CONTRACTOR 703-632-1231 Buell, Bryce A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Buell, Mark P CONTRACTOR 304-625-4943 Buenaventura, Abelardo E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 916-508-6858 US Bueno, Monique D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4258 4258 US Buentello, Ronnie O SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5423 5423 US Buffington, Adam L CONTRACTOR 540-868-0000 Buffington, Matthew ITSPEC 304-625-2405 US Buffington, William RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-570-6327 6407 US Bugara, Paul A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 216-622-8054 US Bugera, Olga MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-233-9055 Bugni, Nicholas E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-657-5416 US Buhian, Catherine R CONTRACTOR 703-633-5717 Buhlig, Christina N STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 217-757-3657 3657 US Buhr, Bruce P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 815-720-4604 US Buhts, Kurt B Bui, Benson N ITSPEC 202-324-5324 45324 US Bui, Hien Q ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 703-872-5115 US Bui, Leon RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-3284 US Bui, Ngoc-Vy T OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Bui, Sonia COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 408-558-1065 Buie, Emmerson SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 703-235-8527 47770 US Buie, Evonne S PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 505-889-1351 US Buie, Joshua STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 1 Buie, Mark W FIELD SUPERVISOR 505-428-7006 US Bujanda, Raul SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 304-625-2852 US Bujnak, Lucy L LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 904-248-7193 US Bujnoch, Ashley 310-477-6565 US Bukovich, David J SECTION CHIEF 703-633-4300 4300 US Bukowski, David M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 865-602-7018 US Bulaon, Ben V FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-3651 3651 US Bulavko, Matthew N SPECIAL AGENT 814-278-7010 US Bulgarelli, Robert INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 313-967-4613 US Bulgin, George A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 503-643-5070 US Bulinda, Wayne P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2856 US Bulkley, Charles A MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-324-4238 44238 US Bull, Jeffery R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Bull, Patrick C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-530-3706 US Bull, Robert BIOLOGIST - FE 410-259-1285 US Bull, Sharon E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-4010 US Bullard, Amber A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3205 43205 Bullard, Bobbie D ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 478-745-1271 US Bullard, Brandy PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5939 US Bullard, Stephanie SPECIAL AGENT 318-864-2631 Bullaro, Thomas J TASK FORCE OFFICER 240-449-7153 Bulletin, SecD 202-324-3000 Bullett, David J TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-3722 US Bullington, Benjamin J SPECIAL AGENT 202-236-5869 2305 US Bullman, Jaclyn A FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-8094 48094 US Bullock, Clayton A CONTRACTOR 202-324-0399 40399 US Bullock, Felicia W OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 804-627-4586 4586 804.627.4494 US Bullock, Penn J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-279-1562 US Bullock, Rebecca A MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-368-8209 8209 US Bullock, Regina C SUPVY PARALEGAL SPECLST 202-436-8102 US Bullock, Roger A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 53945 US Bullock, Shadonna T CONTRACTOR 202-323-2185 32185 Bullock, Stanley E TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-9252 Bullock, Tara V MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7335 US Bulman, Julie M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-420-5144 US Bulnes, Calixto J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 845-615-1700 1844 US Buloushi, Adel TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-8699 Bultinck, Nicholas SPECIAL AGENT 804-836-6722 US Bulut, Bulent TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 801-579-6235 6235 US Bulzomi, Michael J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3135 3135 US Buma, Johnathan C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-3783 3783 US Bumgardner, Julie K GENERAL ATTORNEY 304-625-2000 52488 US Bumgardner, Richard V CONTRACTOR 304-625-3590 US Bun, Lour Bunce, Brian J TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-210-8450 US Bunce, Thomas J TASK FORCE OFFICER 240-695-2394 US Bunch, Clista D MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-4629 US Bunch, Johnnie B TASK FORCE OFFICER 225-291-5159 Bunch, Kevin G TASK FORCE OFFICER 239-339-1139 US Bunch, Robert T CONTRACTOR 703-633-5618 Bundens, Dennis P SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1530 US Bunderson, Richard W PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-579-1400 US Bundy, Kimberly A FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 704-672-6584 US Bunn, Jon D SSRA 732-741-0006 US Bunn, Raymond Bunt, Steven C TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1768 US Bunting, Martha L DRUG PROGRAM SPECIALIST 202-324-1898 41898 US Bunting, Michael L 703-275-8956 Bunting, William J CONTRACTOR 703-983-1919 US Buntman, Steven R DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Buoneto, Maureen E DETAILEE 212-384-5000 US Buono, Michael P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-276-4684 US Buono, Roberto J LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 787-759-1521 US Buonocore, Erica C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2020 US Buoye, Dennis P TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Buracker, Brad INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 206-439-2964 US Buranovsky, Jessica MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-6351 US Buras, Andrea S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 504-816-3000 US Buras, Caroline B CONTRACTOR 202-651-2854 US Burbridge, John M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2657 US Burch, Brian R CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Burch, Christa L CONTRACTOR 562-345-1730 US Burch, Eboni PERSONNEL PSYCHOLOGIST 202-369-7340 US Burch, Janice M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5253 US Burch, Kristi S MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-686-6409 US Burch, Morgan A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 215-418-4000 US Burch, Priscilla C CONTRACTOR 202-323-4851 Burch, Ralph I TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 US Burch, William T INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 479-443-7438 US Burcher, Russell S TASK FORCE OFFICER 570-323-3791 US Burchfield, Jeremy S SPECIAL AGENT 662-232-3325 US Burd, Mark L ITSPEC 304-625-4964 54964 US Burd, Medorie CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7689 US Burda, Robert E UNIT CHIEF 571-280-5688 14770 US Burden, Andrew C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6085 US Burden, Anthony C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2297 2297 US Burden, William M DETAILEE 202-324-3000 49701 Burdette, Tracey M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 301-644-3460 US Burdge, Matthew D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Burdi, Aldo J ITSPEC 304-625-5042 US Burdi, Brian J CONTRACTOR Burdick, Brad ITSPEC 703-985-3408 US Burdick, Jesse A DETAILEE 202-324-5504 45504 Burdick, Michael J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 011-571-275-2646 US Burdine, Aaron TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-589-2571 US Burdock, James B SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL (UC) 202-324-0964 40964 US Buretz, Victoria INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 858-320-1800 US Burfield, Jonah L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 US Burfield, Jordan SPECIAL AGENT 787-754-6000 1000 US Burgan, Keeley D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-981-8707 68707 US Burge, Beverly A FILE ASSISTANT-CJIS 304-625-2812 US Burge, Danielle M BUDGET ANALYST 703-632-8066 US Burge, Jeffrey L TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5266 Burge, Londra C TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 202-324-1958 41958 US Burge, Mara A FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5774 US Burge, Michael G DETAILEE 931-438-6 Burger, Brian A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 2763 Burger, Eva M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Burger, Gabrielle CONTRACTOR 202-220-9240 9240 US Burgess, Diane M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-4361 US Burgess, Doreen P CUSTODIAN 202-324-3044 43044 US Burgess, Fredrick AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORD 202-324-2881 42881 US Burgess, Jamal N CONTRACTOR 703-633-5737 Burgess, Jeffrey D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-2473 US Burgess, Judith E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-9000 1465 US Burgess, Lawrence E ITSPEC 202-324-4075 44075 US Burgess, Nicholas STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Burgess, Robert A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 757-609-2517 US Burgess, Sherese MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-7204 US Burgett, Scott R TASK FORCE OFFICER 540-548-4401 Burggraf, Indrek K TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4347 US Burghardt, Krista SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 2729 US Burgos, Marvin CONTRACTOR 202-233-9251 US Burgos, Milianette OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Burgos-Rodriguez, Jorge TASK FORCE OFFICER Burgwald, Michael A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-7639 US Buries, Janet E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-5378 14565 US Burise, Jamal D CONTRACTOR 202-324-9876 49876 US Burja, Frank SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST US Burk, Judah N STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-3965 US Burk, Michelle T CONTRACTOR 571-350-4655 US Burkart, Meredith MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5960 45960 US Burkart, Rebecca A CONTRACTOR 703-632-7517 Burkart, Todd H SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-561-7428 US Burke, Andrew SPECIAL AGENT 216-622-6727 6727 US Burke, Andrew F TASK FORCE OFFICER 203-630-5929 US Burke, April A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-367-3714 US Burke, Ashley M DETAILEE 703-686-6144 6144 US Burke, Brandon E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2674 2674 US Burke, Brian E TASK FORCE OFFICER 585-297-3900 Burke, Brian R SPECIAL AGENT 562-982-1715 US Burke, Charletta T PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 202-278-3433 3433 US Burke, Christopher J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6282 6282 US Burke, Cody D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 213-989-6551 US Burke, Coreen L ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 704-604-5903 6329 Burke, Dennis LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7017 Burke, Dennis TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2523 2523 US Burke, Dominick D SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 518-431-7262 US Burke, Donald E TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-409-1400 Burke, Gregory INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 904-239-0680 US Burke, Jason M SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3776 US Burke, Jeffrey G DETAILEE 408-569-1976 Burke, Jennifer D GENERAL ATTORNEY 571-280-6099 US Burke, John SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5623 US Burke, Kevin INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-3998 33998 US Burke, Larry T CTOC SPECIALIST 202-278-2384 US Burke, Lisa HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-9726 49726 US Burke, Meredith A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-337-9138 US Burke, Nolan SPECIAL AGENT 215-521-7614 7614 US Burke, Patrick A STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Burke, Rebecca A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 919-466-1381 US Burke, Richard P FINANCIAL ANALYST 763-569-8000 8338 US Burke, Ryan S SPECIAL AGENT 702-584-5529 US Burke, Sean D TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Burke, Sean J SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-5784 5784 US Burke, Terry L SUPVY ACCOUNTANT (FORENSIC) 972-559-5552 5552 US Burke, Timothy. J J SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6380 US Burke, Warren R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-668-7012 US Burkes, Robert A CONTRACTOR US Burkes, Ted M DOCUMENT ANALYST - FE 703-632-7313 7313 US Burkett, Lisa M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-553-7257 US Burkett, Stacey IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9504 US Burkett, Tammy L FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 561-822-5969 US Burkhalter, Matthew PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1377 US Burkhardt, Eric SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-9102 39102 US Burkhart, Joann L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-595-4000 US Burkhead, D R STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5314 US Burkholder, Jill PROGRAM MANAGER - ASC 202-324-2463 42463 US Burkin, Jerald R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-668-7024 US Burkins, Terri D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 901-747-4300 US Burks, Christian ITSPEC (SYSANALYSIS) 703-985-6537 6537 US Burks, Daniel TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 Burkwit, Sarah M GENERAL ATTORNEY 808-566-2900 US Burlar, Trillane CONTRACTOR 703-335-1587 Burlette, Jeffrey D DETAILEE 571-305-6211 Burley, Jennifer R CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7735 US Burlingame, Jonathan CONTRACTOR 703-985-3755 US Burmeister, Marsha L SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 402-530-1520 1520 US Burmester, Brent E DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Burnam, Heesuk C CONTRACTOR 202-324-0089 40089 Burnard, Rebecca E CONTRACTOR 703-633-4308 Burnell, Kaitlyn K INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6402 US Burner, David K MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5235 US Burner, Debra H SPECIAL ASSISTANT 540-868-4410 US Burner, Tamara L ITSPEC 304-625-4115 US Burnett, Alene INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 206-450-4814 Burnett, Brad E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 248-879-6090 US Burnett, Daniel J CONTRACTOR 703-872-5384 Burnett, Jeffrey H TASK FORCE OFFICER 417-882-3303 US Burnett, Jeffrey R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Burnett, Jennifer C REGIONAL COMPUTER FORENSIC LABORATORY 503-528-3330 US Burnett, Mark W SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Burnett, Michael R DETAILEE 703-633-4831 US Burnett, Patrick C TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 US Burnett, Ryan CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Burnett, Sybil L GENERAL ATTORNEY-HRD 202-323-1272 31272 US Burnette, Angel A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 540-510-3447 US Burney, Alfred F SPECIAL AGENT 502-263-6445 US Burney, Christopher J CONTRACTOR 888-334-4536 Burney, Rachel T Burnham, an G GENERAL ATTORNEY 703-633-6386 US Burnham, Charles W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8000 8364 US Burnham, Cindy R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8483 8483 US Burnham, Michael FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-5596 US Burnheimer, Benjamin I SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 2812 US Burniston, Anthony T MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5140 US Burnosky Jr., Norman G TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4624 US Burns, Arthur D LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7066 US Burns, Barry W TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 Burns, Brian A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-5268 US Burns, Christy L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7318 US Burns, Clarke G STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Burns, David P SPECIAL AGENT 406-228-3243 US Burns, Elizabeth A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3659 3659 US Burns, Eric R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4624 US Burns, Gerald E MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6307 6307 US Burns, Ian R SPECIAL AGENT 509-892-9943 US Burns, Jacqueline ITSPEC 703-682-4728 US Burns, Jacqueline R DETAILEE 212-384-5000 Burns, James SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 402-530-1585 1585 US Burns, James J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 916-977-2215 US Burns, Joel D SPECIAL AGENT 661-852-2454 7390 US Burns, John P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7389 US Burns, Jolene INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 916-874-5790 US Burns, Jonathan J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-4023 US Burns, Judith E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 256-549-6302 US Burns, Keith J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1218 US Burns, Kelli T INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 406-228-2533 US Burns, Kenneth Y CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Burns, Kimberly D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST INSTR 540-361-2144 12144 US Burns, Lara L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5177 US Burns, Martin D GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1649 1649 US Burns, Marty R Burns, Marty R Burns, Matthew H INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8531 US Burns, Michael C BUDGET ANALYST 304-625-5631 US Burns, Richard E INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 Burns, Robert L SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8848 48848 US Burns, Scott R CONTRACTOR 703-985-1319 Burns, Sean P STATIONARY SSRA 616-456-5489 6120 US Burns, Tiffany M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 405-290-3834 3834 Burns, Veronika L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 713-936-7842 US Burns, W. Todd T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-693-3543 US Burns, William E TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-237-4281 4281 US Burns, William P TASK FORCE OFFICER 407-875-9976 Burnside, Freddie A ITSPEC 304-625-4045 US Burnside, Jennifer S UNIT CHIEF 703-235-5027 US Burnside, Stephen D FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4657 US Burr, Cassy D LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7022 US Burr, David A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4174 US Burras, Corey S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-5059 US Burrell, Charles E LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 202-278-4238 4238 US Burrell, Chena N LEAD RECORDS CONVERSION SPECIALIST 703-212-5242 US Burrell, David R MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9260 49260 US Burrell, Gwendolyn T PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2188 US Burrell, James C DEPUTY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 703-985-6091 US Burrell, Mary L ITSPEC (SEC) 202-203-1773 US Burrell, Toni R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Burress, Christopher L TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC (TACTICAL COM 703-985-4183 US Burress, Ken A SPECIAL AGENT 731-664-4294 US Burri, Gregory W TASK FORCE OFFICER 614-849-1834 Burrier, Gretchen SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-1141 41141 US Burris, Christopher B CONTRACTOR 202-324-2753 42753 Burris, Regina K FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 304-367-3800 US Burris, Samaria T CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Burriss, Keith B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3000 3038 US Burros, Steven STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 904-248-7467 US Burroughs, Charles D TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 US Burroughs, Michelle N TASK FORCE OFFICER 804-261-1044 US Burroughs, Steve F SPECIAL AGENT 501-228-8582 0582 US Burroughs, Steven R ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 973-792-7567 US Burrowes, Bridgette L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-3643 43643 US Burrows, Jessica N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0318 40318 US Burrows, Mary S CONTRACTOR 540-361-2401 US Burrows, Travis M SSRA 406-254-8101 US Burruel, William E TASK FORCE OFFICER 719-329-7361 US Burruss, Heather L MGMT&PROG ANAL 256-213-2323 US Burruss, Xavier A CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 Burry, Martin SPECIAL AGENT 951-248-6613 6613 US Burs, Lee C CONTRACTOR 202-324-7771 US Bursenos, Demetrios CONTRACTOR 202-324-3548 US Burson, Patricia M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Burt, Andrew D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2567 Burt, Christina D FIELD SUPERVISOR 702-584-5770 US Burt, Jennifer T CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Burt, Michael E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Burt, Monty J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/SRA 318-864-2625 US Burt, Robert L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6100 6788 US Burtis, Haney G SPECIAL AGENT 303-629-7171 US Burton, Catherine R PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 317-845-7043 7043 US Burton, Clarence W CONTRACTOR 703-985-3606 US Burton, David P CONTRACTOR 703-633-5508 US Burton, Dawn MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-324-3000 46566 Burton, Heather D SPECIAL AGENT 702-668-7018 US Burton, James M SPECIAL AGENT 228-864-6131 US Burton, Jarrod L CONTRACTOR 202-324-1871 41871 US Burton, Joseph CONTRACTOR 202-324-3545 US Burton, Kevin C UNIT CHIEF 703-632-4416 US Burton, Louis POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 5850 US Burton, Michael V SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 251-415-3272 US Burton, Michelle N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1206 41206 US Burton, Nicholas J SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5000 5380 US Burton, Reginald ITSPEC (INFOSEC) 202-203-1810 US Burton, Ross E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0718 40718 US Burton, Tameka M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 215-641-8910 6033 US Burton, Thelma L CONTRACTOR 703-872-5170 US Burton, Wanda J FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5652 US Burton, William H PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3564 US Burton-Sanford, Vickie O TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 202-324-8854 48854 US Burzacchi, Kelly B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 914-989-6000 6137 US Burzota, Marcus PHOTOGRAPHER 314-589-2779 2779 US Busbee, Wanda K TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 803-551-4381 4381 US Busby, Jean A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3541 US Busby, Nyisha S VICTIM ASSISTANCE PROGRAM SPECIALIST 202-323-9188 39188 US Busby, Thomas D CONTRACTOR 713-693-5000 US Buscaglia, Christopher J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-1489 0489 US Buscaglia, JoAnn RESEARCH CHEMIST 703-632-7856 7856 US Buscemi, Michael G SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2810 US Busch, Heather E PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - RC 703-632-8221 US Busch, John F SPECIAL AGENT 970-682-0928 US Busch, Stephen T SPECIAL AGENT 714-245-5215 US BUSCHER, CHARLOTTE K CONTRACTOR 703-872-5069 Busching, Justin L ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 217-757-3629 US Busching, Steven W SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 412-432-4000 4005 US Bush, Ana OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 754-703-2000 Bush, Carol ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 813-253-1000 1020 US Bush, Jeffrey L PERSONNEL SEC SPEC-CJIS 304-625-3151 US Bush, John LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 716-544-0299 US Bush, Kenneth R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 304-625-2000 57013 US Bush, Mark M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-3503 US Bush, Mikel T CONTRACTOR 202-324-0629 40629 US Bush, Sonia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2193 2193 US Bush, Susan M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Bush, Terrance M TASK FORCE OFFICER 405-290-7770 Bush, William A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 216-622-6879 US Bushey, Christopher D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 916-662-6881 US Bushkell, Brandon B SPECIAL AGENT 206-262-2099 US Bushkell, Casey W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-287-3633 US Bushman, Charles J UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3741 43741 US Bushman, Jennifer L ITSPEC 202-324-8764 48764 US Bushman, Michael T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4397 4397 US Bushman, Todd T ITSPEC 703-872-5255 Bushner, Joseph A FIELD SUPERVISOR 215-641-8910 US Bushong, Kathleen Bushrod, Darlene D UNIT CHIEF 540-868-4520 4520 US Bushur, Jamie SPECIAL AGENT 210-650-6097 US Busick, Richard V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8227 US Buskirk, Bryan L TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-651-2668 US Busovicki, David M ITSPEC 304-625-5067 US Busse, Darcie B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-343-8780 US Bussey, Ronald K INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 405-290-7770 3840 US Bussey, Tod R ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 915-832-5219 US Bustamante, Elizabeth A CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 US Bustamante, Lisa R ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 513-979-8453 US Buster, Calvin ITSPEC 703-985-1391 US Buster, Richard D ITSPEC-FE (HQ) 703-985-1288 US Bustillos, Alex SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 US Bustillos, Ralph TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 317-845-4682 US Busto, Emerio J SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-2602 US Butcher, Amanda J SUPVY STATISTICAL ASSISTANT 304-625-2907 54444 US Butcher, Charlene S MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4149 US Butcher, Charles SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-2623 US Butcher, Elizabeth A PHOTOGRAPHER 901-747-4300 9695 US Butcher, James B ITSPEC 304-625-3030 US Butcher, James O INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 304-625-2000 57478 US Butcher, Jamie SPECIAL AGENT 414-291-4885 4885 US Butcher, Julie A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-622-6954 US Butcher, Paula G STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 423-282-8090 7822 US Butcher, Robert R TELECOMMUN MANAGER 703-985-4031 US Butcher, Ronald D BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-2723 US Butchka, Bradley D REALTY SPECIALIST 843-443-3366 US Buth, Sean K TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-856-7800 Butka, David TASK FORCE OFFICER 843-881-0194 US Butkowski, Blake A CONTRACTOR 703-506-9515 US Butkus, Janet M SPECIAL AGENT 202-631-4745 US Butler, Alonzo CONTRACTOR 571-280-0694 US Butler, Alyson K CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Butler, Archie FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC US Butler, Brandon R CONTRACTOR 703-418-9820 US Butler, Brian D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1523 US Butler, Brigitte Y MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7895 47895 US Butler, Bryan M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 989-891-1053 US Butler, C L SSRA 419-254-2603 Butler, Carl A OCCUPTL SAFETY&ENVRNMTL PROG MGR 703-632-4229 US Butler, Carmen M MGMT&PROG ASST 202-324-7550 47550 US Butler, Caroline ITSPEC 202-436-7215 US Butler, Cassandra M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 623-466-1059 US Butler, Charles E TASK FORCE OFFICER 252-353-3140 US Butler, Christine E CONTRACTOR 202-203-5995 Butler, Christopher E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 617-742-5533 6513 US Butler, Chrystal R ITSPEC 202-324-4313 44313 US Butler, Cindy D VISUAL INF SPEC 202-324-3284 43284 US Butler, Cleona E CONTRACTOR 202-651-8137 Butler, Daniel H PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 US Butler, Darlene J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3829 47942 US Butler, Davene F PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-1800 5311 US Butler, Deborah ITSPEC (SYSANALYSIS) 703-985-1377 US Butler, Dennis L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-7165 47165 US Butler, Derrick D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2114 US Butler, Diedre D UNIT CHIEF 703-414-8606 US Butler, Donald J CONTRACTOR 540-868-4814 US Butler, Gabriel P TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-856-7800 Butler, James H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8588 8588 US Butler, James L SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 US Butler, Jennifer Paige INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Butler, Jessica L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 916-977-2433 US Butler, Jim L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5151 US Butler, Joan A FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 801-579-6828 6828 US Butler, Katiria C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-4165 34165 US Butler, Kelly L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 302-594-4317 US Butler, Kenneth J RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4749 US Butler, Kenneth L CONTRACTOR 540-361-6431 Butler, Kristian G CONTRACTOR 703-632-2122 Butler, Mariko E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3789 US Butler, Michael INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-3211 US Butler, Patrick K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 405-290-3744 US Butler, Richard CONTRACTOR 202-324-1891 41891 US Butler, Richard T AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 703-632-1000 US Butler, Robert C TASK FORCE OFFICER 210-225-6741 Butler, Ryan D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 509-892-9956 US Butler, Ryan R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-863-1103 US Butler, Sharon MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2275 2275 US Butler, Steve MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-280-6601 US Butler, Steve A FIELD SUPERVISOR 313-965-3828 US Butler, Suzanne S TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-329-2824 US Butler, Wendell T INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-7217 47217 US Butler Settles, Monique A SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-5809 5809 US Butler-Jackson, Yohance O UNIT CHIEF 202-203-1727 US Butrey, Robert SPECIAL AGENT 216-622-3907 US Butron, Rose M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 713-936-7586 US Butros, Marion L TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 415-558-2530 US Butruch, Charles F FIELD SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3894 US Butsch, J P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1311 US Butsch, Michael S STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 203-382-6611 6611 US Butt, Rose M MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-7301 US Butta, Joseph B TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-843-5285 US Butta, Scott A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Buttan, Divya STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 3281 US Buttar, Gurdeep S POLICY PROGRAM SPECIALIST 202-324-9121 49121 US Buttenschon, Kevin F TASK FORCE OFFICER 315-424-2400 US Butterfield, Kerry J CONTRACTOR 703-509-5395 US Butters, Heather L SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-2365 42365 US Butts, Anita C PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 918-664-3300 US Butts, Brian L TASK FORCE OFFICER 910-860-5045 US Butts, Luann LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7277 US Butts, McCarthy A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 706-823-8316 US Butz, Martin J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 312-829-8480 8480 US Butzin, Aaron SPECIAL AGENT 505-889-1300 1526 Buxton, Amanda STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 404-679-6167 6167 Buxton, Carey G ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-2730 US Buxton, Patrick A MECHANICAL ENGINEER-HQ 703-985-2643 US Buzzard, Bonnie J LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8028 US Buzzard, Robert M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/ASSRA 937-222-7485 US Buzzell, Eric M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 402-530-1456 1456 US Byard, David T. CONTRACTOR 304-625-2395 Byard, Tina B LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7112 US Byerley, Julia C CONTRACTOR 816-512-8617 US Byers, Angela L SAC 513-979-8401 US Byers, Christopher J LEGAL ATTACHE 702-604-6001 Byers, James D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4320 Byers, John G TASK FORCE OFFICER 256-885-3649 Byers, Keith A FIELD SUPERVISOR 210-650-6340 Byers, Scott F PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8168 US Byers, Susan E INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 505-889-1300 1573 US Bykowsky, Gary M MAINTENANCE WORKER-FO 609-562-4517 US Bylsma, Jenniffer L CONTRACTOR 202-323-4986 34986 Byram, Jeff J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-1004 US Byram, Michael W ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-2483 US Byrd, Alvina K SUPVY SECUR SPEC-ACSO 202-651-2230 2232 US Byrd, Amy L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 US Byrd, Cheryl E ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 313-965-3948 3948 US Byrd, Gary A SPECIAL AGENT 202-570-5627 US Byrd, Jessica M COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS Byrd, Joy W SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 703-985-6096 6096 US Byrd, Kevin W LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8122 US Byrd, Kirkland J INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 571-350-4047 4047 US Byrd, Kylia J CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Byrd, Mary A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1384 US Byrd, Myron T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 601-948-5000 US Byrd, Oralyn E ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 205-279-1149 1149 US Byrd, Rachel A STATIONARY SSRA 228-864-6131 US Byrd, Raymond CONTRACTOR 915-842-7640 US Byrd, Taheba P CONTRACTOR 202-323-1734 Byrd-Smith, Katrina PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 972-559-5000 5021 US Byrne, Andrew P TASK FORCE OFFICER 317-595-4000 Byrne, Christian K TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 US Byrne, Dennis P TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-2020 US Byrne, Katherine M CONTRACTOR 202-324-5896 45896 Byrne, Peter RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-553-8219 8219 US Byrne, Robert G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1762 US Byrne, Ronan P SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 415-553-7617 7617 US Byrne, Ryan P CONTRACTOR 703-887-7043 Byrne, Stephen J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8629 US Byrnes, David S INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 Byrnes, Janine M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-1102 US Byrnes, Michael A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-1324 US Byrnes Jr., Michael E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-521-7584 7584 US Byron, Pamela SENIOR NATIONAL INTEL OFFICER 202-324-8421 48421 US Bytheway, Tammy L INSTRUCTNL SYS SPECLST 703-632-4587 US C12.Miami US C3_CAL Cabacar, Anita R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 410-277-6578 US Cabacar, Remigio B ITSPEC 202-436-7209 7209 US Cabada, Luis C TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 915-832-5000 5482 US Caballero, Edward A TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 Caban, Erwin E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 915-832-5000 5263 US Caban-Olmeda, Carlos A TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 Cabansag, Andrew M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 951-248-6510 6510 US Cabassa, Robert ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8519 US Cabbell, Brandon A CONTRACTOR 240-320-4035 Cabell, Ashley K MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-778-6471 US Cabelli, Jacob VISUAL INF SPEC 703-632-8238 US Cabello, Susana SECRETARY-AO 212-384-1000 2878 US Cabello-Perez, Carmen M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 754-703-3591 US Cable, Curtis FIELD SUPERVISOR 510-808-8515 US Cable, David HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 7039854000 Cable, Jason D TASK FORCE OFFICER 828-253-1643 Cabot, Kathy L SUPVY RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4784 4784 US Cabral, Charles J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 0225 US Cabral, Edward O SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-541-5147 US Cabral, Ines M TASK FORCE OFFICER 856-795-9556 Cabral-Gomez, Carolina ANALYST 813-253-1000 US Cabreja, Rafael A CONTRACTOR 973-792-3000 Cabrera, Luis O SPECIAL AGENT 845-446-2028 3500 US Cabrera, Martha A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 972-559-5671 US Cabrera, Nestor M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3209 3209 US Cabrera, Trinisha D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 671-645-1812 1812 US Cabrera-Perez, Maritza OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 646-696-2671 2671 US Cabrero, Daniel O RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-759-5670 US CAC.Dallas US Cacace, Darlene Y FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 978-275-0411 US Cacace, Gary S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 978-562-0631 6401 US Cacciola, Diana MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3285 US Cacciola, Tony ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6744 6744 US Cacioppi, Theodore V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3471 US Cackowski, Paula E ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 412-432-4180 4180 US CACTF.Memphis US Cadard, Brad L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5517 US Cadena, Wesley D Cadieux, Kristin L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 614-849-1812 US Cadiz, Orlando INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 615-232-7500 7576 US Cadwell, Andrea L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-350-7328 US Cady, Anne R CONTRACTOR 703-983-7351 US Cady, Annina M SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 312-829-2675 US Cady, Jeffrey A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 401-272-8310 1416 US Cady, Joshua D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-301-8586 US Caetano, Claire C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-253-5069 US Caetano, Gerald A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6753 US Caffey, Thayer FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-4747 34747 US Cafiero, Stephanie ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 702-584-5710 US Caggiano, Peter A DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Cagiao, Jerry AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC LEADR 212-384-5571 US Cagle, Brandon P SPECIAL AGENT 760-929-0811 US Cahall, Nicholas S CONTRACTOR 202-324-6770 6770 US Cahill, Brian F TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3332 US Cahill, Daniel A. DETAILEE 646-696-2831 2831 US Cahill, Danny T SPECIAL AGENT 617-742-5533 US Cahill, Erin E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3316 US Cahill, Joanne RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-684-6614 US Cahill, Sarah K COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 216-622-6615 US Cahill, Stephen M RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4705 US Cahill, Terry K LIAISON OFFICER 571-350-4230 US Cahill, William D TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-557-3009 US Cahlik, George R DETAILEE 713-693-5000 Cahoon, Cary S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-564-7533 US Cahoon, Michael G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-439-3279 US Cahoon, Scott M SPECIAL AGENT 405-290-3793 US Caia, Matthew E CONTRACTOR 202-323-9525 US Caimano, James V UNIT CHIEF 202-324-6874 46874 US Caimano, Sonya ACCOUNTANT 202-324-5409 45409 US Cain, Aaron W CONTRACTOR 202-324-7919 47919 US Cain, Bethany G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 850-770-1605 US Cain, Brian A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7250 US Cain, C M SPECIAL AGENT 850-770-1618 US Cain, Daniel W CONTRACTOR 312-829-3102 US Cain, Deborah A CONTRACTOR 703-632-7168 US Cain, Donna S LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7036 US Cain, Douglas R CONTRACTOR 703-985-1013 US Cain, Jack TFO 317-595-4000 Cain, Jennifer K STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 813-253-1294 US Cain, Katrina L FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5660 US Cain, Laura E ITSPEC 202-324-5022 45022 US Cain, Pama J PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-6030 46030 US Cain, Rachelann C TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 Cain, Rita M FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 202-278-4411 US Cain, Stephanie P CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Caira, Mary E COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 585-279-3920 US Cake, Estelle E MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4003 4003 US Cake, Jeff ITSPEC 703-872-5147 US Calabrese, Joseph PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 914-989-6000 6014 US Calabro, Peter B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-2197 2197 US Calabro, William S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2061 42061 US Calagaz, Maureen AUDITOR-FO 251-415-3310 US Calairo, Gregorio OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 808-673-4134 4134 US Calamo, Rosemary S SECURITY ASSISTANT (COMSEC) 203-777-6311 5069 US Calamore, James P CONTRACTOR 703-961-7634 US Calandra, Barbara A OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 212-384-1000 2357 US Calandra, Jeffrey D SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-7203 US Calarco, Christopher A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-324-2383 42383 US Calatayud, Octavio J TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Calavano, Nicole N INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 973-792-3000 7480 US Calbone, Mario J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1758 US Calcagni, Julie A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-4610 US Calcagni, Mark G INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6667 US Calcagno, Nancy A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 504-816-3000 3104 US Calcagno, Richard J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 865-544-0751 7004 US Calcano, Cristian OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 973-792-3000 US Calcaterra, Vincent A CONTRACTOR 703-985-1685 Calcavecchia, Joelle STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 617-223-6578 US Calderon, Arturo SPECIAL AGENT 561-833-7517 5955 US Calderon, Candace C SPECIAL AGENT 813-253-1000 US Calderon, Christopher A FIELD SUPERVISOR 408-558-1082 US Calderon, Evelyn SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 713-936-7170 US Calderon, Manuel C TASK FORCE OFFICER 915-832-5000 Calderon, Michael G CONTRACTOR 916-920-3006 US Calderon-Colon, Lucy ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 787-759-5646 5646 US Calderwood, Brandon E CONTRACTOR 540-868-4950 US Caldwell, Christopher W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 813-826-5058 US Caldwell, Dewonne L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-2000 US Caldwell, Dionna M ACCOUNTING ANALYST 202-324-2010 42010 US Caldwell, Douglas R TASK FORCE OFFICER Caldwell, Edd L CONTRACTOR 703632-3627 46617 US Caldwell, Eric S CONTRACTOR 202-203-1776 Caldwell, Johnie M TASK FORCE OFFICER 870-863-3466 US Caldwell, Kevin D CONTRACTOR 703-632-4642 US Caldwell, Kurtis M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 505-889-1300 Caldwell, Lindsey L SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 0 Caldwell, Michael S BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-2104 42104 US Caldwell, Neal E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4000 4157 US Caldwell, Robert W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1364 US Caldwell, Sheila S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9127 49127 US Caldwell, Willie J ACCOUNTING ANALYST 202-324-6822 46822 US Calender, Bradley J TASK FORCE OFFICER 480-432-6840 Cales, Sharra A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5521 US Caley, Jonathan J CONTRACTOR 202-324-8133 US Caley, Yuval INTERN 212-384-1000 US Calhoon, Thomas RELIEF SUPERVISOR 340-712-3403 US Calhoun, Ava M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-2144 2144 US Calhoun, Bryan DETAILEE US Calhoun, Erica S MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-1977 21977 US Calhoun, Guy R ITSPEC 703-632-1862 US Calhoun, Karin INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3929 43929 US Cali, Michael R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-4041 4041 US Calibuso, Bernard A SPECIAL AGENT 610-782-8208 US Calicchio, John ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8142 US Caligiuri, Christopher A TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-869-9553 US Calixto, Darneshia R CONTRACTOR 202-651-2152 Calko, Theresa A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 248-583-1634 US Call, Anne H SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 202-278-2156 US Call, Heather A TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-873-5000 Call, James P HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-2147 42147 US Call, Laura A SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 414-291-4211 4211 US Call, Michael A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6571 US Call, Natalie S GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-9198 49198 Call, Tyler W SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4214 US Callaghan, Andrew J TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4442 US Callaghan, Michele L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8041 8041 US Callaghan, Sean M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 248-879-6090 US Callaghan, Thomas F SENIOR FORENSIC SCIENTIST 703-632-8391 8391 US Callaghan, Thomas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 US Callaghan, William J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-5856 45856 US Callaghan IV, Thomas F STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 716-843-5214 US Callahan, Christopher A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8495 US Callahan, Daniel F INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 601-948-5000 US Callahan, Diane OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 610-353-4500 US Callahan, Elizabeth C MGMT&PROG ANAL (SPEC ADVR) 202-324-3198 43198 US Callahan, Joseph V LEGAL ATTACHE 216-622-6630 6630 US Callahan, Kenneth RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6548 6548 US Callahan, Matthew T SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 4082 US Callahan, Michael SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 202-834-5950 US Callahan, Michael R CONTRACTOR 202-436-8087 US Callahan, Nicholas L SPECIAL AGENT 661-323-9665 US Callahan, Sharon M DETAILEE 703-633-4697 Callam, Andrew J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-3766 16407 US Callan, Addison INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 702-654-5814 US Callanan, Michael PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-220-4200 4325 US Callari, JoAnn PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2007 2007 US Callaway, India N HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-233-9329 US Callaway, Joseph N Callaway Jr., Charles T PHYS SECUR SPEC (NUCLEAR) 703-632-7945 7945 US Callender, Stephen M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2124 US Callier, Maria C CONTRACTOR 202-651-4241 Callimanis, Theodore FIELD SUPERVISOR 520-594-2040 US Callinan, Shannon STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Callison, Michael L MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-4375 US Calloway, Courtney D PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-HQ 202-324-4148 4148 Calloway, Derrick W ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-6987 US Calloway, Erika J CONTRACTOR US Callozzo, Diane PROGRAM MAINTENANCE&SUPPORT SPEC 703-985-6492 US Callram, Javier A CONTRACTOR 202-684-0505 US Calnon, Nick D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-541-5173 US Calogero, Valerie P GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-4713 44713 US Calope, Wilbur ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 202-324-3904 43904 US Calpin, Meghan SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8272 US Caltrider, Christopher J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9485 39485 Caluag, Kathleen K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 415-553-7400 Calvert, Clayton A Calvin, Catherine E MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-4618 4618 US Calvin, Katrina M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 210-650-6101 US Calvin, Mireille C. STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-6310 36310 US Calvo, Karissa L SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL (UC) 202-323-9030 39030 US Calvo, Kyle A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 415-553-7400 2713 US Calvo, Mario ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 754-703-3231 3231 US Camacho, Angel INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4453 44453 US Camacho, Angelina L CONTRACTOR 703-253-5099 Camacho, Janina OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Camacho, Karla M TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 858-320-5396 Camacho, Larissa D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-7826 US Camacho, Lonnie M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1337 US Camacho, Lucas ITSPEC 202-324-2793 42793 US Camacho, Michael D TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Camacho, Michele FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4195 US Camacho, Michelle DETAILEE 212-384-5000 Camacho, Miguel R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO Camacho, Milagros M EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 202-278-3065 US Camacho, Noe T TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5775 Camarero, Jose A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 310-996-3490 US Camargo, Samuel LIAISON OFFICER 915-832-5371 5371 US Camarillo, Hector SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5269 US Camaya, Victor FIELD SUPERVISOR 646-696-3017 3017 US Cambier, Afsoun A GENERAL ATTORNEY 571-280-6071 14867 US Cambridge, Jenifer L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 951-248-6583 US Cameron, Brandon SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST Cameron, Christopher W TASK FORCE OFFICER 203-503-5563 Cameron, Lauren M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Cameron, Robert J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 843-654-5584 US Cameron, Robert J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8383 US Cameron, Steven E DETAILEE 210-650-6080 Cameron, Steven J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 586-412-4844 1222 US Cameron, Willie L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5801 US Cameron, Yesenia INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 843-654-5505 US Camerucci, Anna R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 303-630-6713 26713 US Camery, Elizabeth K RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4763 Camizzi, Thomas INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 716-878-9016 US Cammack, Jason R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-426-8911 US Cammack, Michelle E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-579-6617 US Cammarano, Lisa M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 716-843-5203 US Cammas, Ray A CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 Cammer, Catherine A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6473 46473 US Camp, Cynthia A CONTRACTOR 703-985-1056 Camp, Earl D SSRA 434-244-7340 US Camp, Erica R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-3441 Camp, Jason L HELP DESK SPECIALIST 817-808-9160 Camp, Karen A SUPVY PARALEGAL SPECIALIST 202-324-1036 41036 US Camp, Opal T INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Camp, Pamela MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-2709 2709 US Campagna, Joseph L TASK FORCE OFFICER 408-558-1122 US Campagnolo, David R CONTRACTOR 415-553-7400 US Campana, Christopher INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 609-689-7999 7964 US Campana, Rinaldo A CONTRACTOR 202-324-6684 US Campanaro, Amy E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-772-2207 US Campanelli, Christopher TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-787-6335 US Campano, Anthony M SPECIAL AGENT 617-742-5533 US Campbell, Althea OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 757-609-2655 2655 US Campbell, Amber L TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-512-1499 Campbell, April-Noelle TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-432-4000 US Campbell, Ariel M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 415-553-5739 5739 Campbell, Beth A AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM ANALYST 202-324-4868 44868 US Campbell, Bullets W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5233 US Campbell, Carlton E CONTRACTOR 202-203-1985 US Campbell, Catherine D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 856-795-9556 0325 US Campbell, Charles W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8744 8744 US Campbell, Christopher J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7171 US Campbell, Christopher J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 US Campbell, Christopher T CONTRACTOR 540-868-4812 US Campbell, Christopher W CONTRACTOR 208-238-4750 Campbell, Colin L TASK FORCE OFFICER 718-286-7887 US Campbell, Dean-Anne O MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-361-2502 US Campbell, Demelza HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-233-9156 US Campbell, Dianne PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2155 2155 US Campbell, Earl C TASK FORCE OFFICER 406-657-8460 US Campbell, Ellis ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 202-497-8430 US Campbell, Eric R SPECIAL AGENT 520-594-2382 US Campbell, Ernest B SUPVY RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4738 US Campbell, Gregory J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-345-7700 US Campbell, Gwendolyn D CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-5287 45287 US Campbell, Harry B CONTRACTOR 571-350-5685 Campbell, Heather RELIEF SUPERVISOR 562-982-1650 1650 US Campbell, Hugh B TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 Campbell, Ingrid E SECRETARY OA 703-985-6010 Campbell, Jaime F INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Campbell, James A DETAILEE US Campbell, James. F Chaplain 716-856-7800 US Campbell, Jason S ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 813-253-1000 US Campbell, Jeffrey B SECURITY SPECIALIST (ADPT) 304-625-4961 Campbell, Jennifer H CONTRACTOR 703-985-6050 US Campbell, Jon W CONTRACTOR 202-324-9165 39805 US Campbell, Joseph S ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-4262 4262 US Campbell, Joshua S SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-9851 49851 US Campbell, Kari E PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-3408 3408 US Campbell, Keith G TASK FORCE OFFICER 435-789-2112 US Campbell, Kendra N INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 304-625-7677 US Campbell, Kevin INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-2763 2763 US Campbell, Kristi A FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-3041 US Campbell, Lindsay E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 904-248-7287 US Campbell, Lorie MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-3586 37243 US Campbell, Marsha M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Campbell, Mary L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 650-289-3000 3015 US Campbell, Maryanne ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 973-792-3095 US Campbell, Matthew SPECIAL AGENT 601-864-6131 US Campbell, Michael A POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 3119 US Campbell, Michael C CONTRACTOR 240-778-3496 Campbell, Michael G CONTRACTOR 304-625-2505 Campbell, Myra M LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 202-308-9188 3478 US Campbell, Nina A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 225-291-5159 1056 US Campbell, Otis TASK FORCE OFFICER 817-989-3300 Campbell, Patrick G TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2309 US Campbell, Paul R MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-4230 US Campbell, Richard D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 615-232-7500 7510 US Campbell, Roger L SPECIAL AGENT 757-609-2344 US Campbell, Roger T ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1223 US Campbell, Ross O CONTRACTOR 304-625-2115 Campbell, Samantha J SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8593 48593 US Campbell, Scott A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-4569 4569 US Campbell, Sharrod TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Campbell, Stacy S CONTRACTOR 703-632-7536 US Campbell, Stephanie D SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 601-713-7111 7111 US Campbell, Stephen E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 504-816-3531 3531 US Campbell, Stephen M NON-EMPLOYEE US Campbell, Susan J Campbell, Tammy L FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 804-261-1044 804.627.4695 US Campbell, Timothy C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-9695 49695 US Campbell, Todd M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Campbell, Walter S CONTRACTOR 703-985-1104 US Campbell-Jones, Marquette S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2216 US Campe, Matthew P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 217-757-3615 US Campeau, Michael B CONTRACTOR 703-632-8478 Campi, Andrew C ASAC 973-792-7261 US Campillo, Guillermo AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 212-675-3825 3825 US Campione, Robert M CONTRACTOR US Campo, Andres CONTRACTOR Campo, Mark A TASK FORCE OFFICER 561-833-7517 Campo, Theresa ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 202-324-6080 46080 US Camporeale, Ignatius F OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 8028 US Camporeale, Lawrence F WAREHOUSEMAN 212-384-1000 4656 US Campos, Fay SECRETARY OA 202-324-5103 45103 US Campos, Manuel A TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Campos, Martin TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2000 US Campos, Norma D CONTRACTOR 956-984-6574 US Campuzano, Ramiro CONTRACTOR 585-546-2220 US Camus, Peter J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 619-557-3036 US Canaan, Ian J TASK FORCE OFFICER 702-385-1281 Canada-Wiley, Jacqueline PRINTING SERVICES SPECIALIST 202-324-4633 44633 US Canady, Alexis J CONTRACTOR 202-324-7802 Canady, Connie D FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-3041 US Canady, Frankie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4417 US Canales, Nicole M SPECIAL AGENT 856-857-2511 US Canales, Shane G PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 310-996-4383 US Canario, Miguel J TASK FORCE OFFICER Canavan, Gerald A CONTRACTOR 305-293-5679 Canberra Cancel-Tirado, Diana Y TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 Cancelleri, Carmella OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 570-344-2404 7782 US Cancienne, Ray C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 281-932-2496 US Candelaria, Francisco TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Candelaria, Sonia FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 312-829-4594 US Canedo, Arturo CONTRACTOR 202-323-9639 39639 US Canepa, Jason A CONTRACTOR 00-000-000000 Canetto, Franck G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 805-477-2007 US Caneva, Victor J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 904-248-7084 US Canfield, Amy S TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 617-223-6113 6113 US Canfield, Monte C TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-4701 US Cangolosi, Anthony A FIELD SUPERVISOR 972-559-5266 5266 US Canham, Matthew S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 5183 US Cani, Oli SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 617-223-6508 US Cani, Tixiana OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 617-204-1700 US Canidy, Teddy D IT PROJECT MANAGER 703-872-5212 US Caniglia, Sandramaria INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 754-703-3802 US Canin, Thais S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-553-8229 3505 US Canino, Gregory M SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 310-996-4444 4444 US Cann, James V CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 54527 Cann, Rachel L CONTRACTOR 304-625-4842 US Cannavo, Nicole M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4795 44795 US Canning, John W PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 850-429-1304 US Canning, Kathleen E LEGAL ATTACHE 202-324-7153 47153 US Cannizzaro, Michael N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8000 8447 US Cannon, Brenda D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-7903 804.627.4695 US Cannon, Bryan S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 979-731-0612 US Cannon, Cade R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-717-6464 US Cannon, Elizabeth DETAILEE 202-323-3300 Cannon, Jeff T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-818-1245 US Cannon, Jeffrey L ASAC 858-320-8310 US Cannon, Jeremy LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 0113228115428 Cannon, Khalid J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2824 US Cannon, Loren G SECTION CHIEF 202-436-7647 US Cannon, Richard CONTRACTOR 703-719-5401 Cannon, Tamia K GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-790-3147 3147 US Cannon, Tania F TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8589 US Cannon, Thomas H TASK FORCE OFFICER 609-677-6400 Cannon, Tiffany M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 601-713-7232 7232 US Cannon, Tricia OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 801-579-1400 6301 Canny, Matthew W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3785 US Cano, Blas M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-485-4714 US Cano, Christian D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 407-838-4857 4857 US Canonico, John P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1564 1564 US Canonizado, Dennis R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4874 4874 US Canova, Bradford S CONTRACTOR 540-220-5644 Cantalupo, John R CONTRACTOR 202-203-1919 US Cantarella, Anthony R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-3083 3083 US Canter, Joshua E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6140 US Cantillo, Fernando F INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 510-808-8654 8654 US Cantirino, Richard TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-569-2547 US Cantner-Lee, Emily J INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 517-336-8367 6121 US Cantor, Ethan STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Cantor, Jennifer N ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 615-232-7543 US Cantrell, Brean FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5650 US Cantrell, Brittany OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 575-541-7650 0250 US Cantrell, Christopher A SSRA 089-968-0960 4997 Cantrell, Jeanne ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 972-559-5251 5251 US Cantrell, Jessica E TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3000 US Cantrell, Jonathan L TASK FORCE OFFICER 208-769-2320 US Cantrell, William S CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 US Cantu, Ada ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 956-984-6358 US Cantu, Dion A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-1299 41299 US Cantu, Myrna TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-631-3180 Cantua, Nanette J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 415-553-7400 7679 US Cantwell, Greta L DETAILEE 210-650-6311 US Cantwell, Ryne J SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2274 US Cantwell, Thomas V CONTRACTOR 571-350-1234 Canty, Yutiva A CONTRACTOR 703-672-2100 US Cantz, Patricia A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 609-677-6400 6434 US Canulli, Alexandra L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4137 44137 US Canvin, Cherylynn ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 312-829-7447 US Cao, Loi H SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6362 US Cao, Xiaolan CONTRACTOR 646-696-2249 US Cao, Xiaoqin M CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 Caohuy-Rifkin, Lan D CONFIGURATION MGMT SPECIALIST-HQ 703-872-5134 46381 US Capaccio, Joseph J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8969 48969 US Capacete, Justo A TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Capach, Ryan A CONTRACTOR 703-985-1673 Capak, Richard A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 419-254-8991 1000 US Capalupo, Courtney J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-6208 46208 US Capandonis, Frances SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 646-696-2801 2801 US Caparaso, Glenda L PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 623-466-1819 US Capatanos, Theodore J TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-233-1271 US Capellan, Mariano E TASK FORCE OFFICER 516-739-9740 US Capelli, Michele ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 215-629-1916 US Capello, Henry T TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3000 Capello, Jeremy PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1486 US Capener, Kevin L ITSPEC 208-238-5075 US Capers, Wendell C INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT US Caperton, Lauren G CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-985-6925 US Capistrano, Teresa A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 415-553-7430 7430 US Capitano, Joseph P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2796 2796 US Capitano, Melinda B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3801 US Capitulo, Andrew J ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 415-553-7662 US Capizola, David A TASK FORCE OFFICER 75-4/7-03/2600 Caple, Chakara T CONTRACTOR 202-651-8603 Caples, Tabatha ACCOUNTING ANALYST 304-367-3702 US Capo-Iriarte, Jose Capobianco, Alfred P MGMT&PROG ANAL - ITPFM 202-324-2227 42227 US Capodilupo, Lindsay RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6269 6269 US Capollari, Virgil DETAILEE 845-220-4260 US Capone, Daniel RELIEF SUPERVISOR 315-422-0141 0228 US Capozzoli, Trey M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 8030 US Capp-Carter, Laurie A DETAILEE 646-696-2362 US Cappa-Vihinen, Dina INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-2763 Cappadona, Robert M STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2094 US Capparra, Richard CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-985-4024 4024 US Cappella, Nicole STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 412-432-4337 US Cappellini, Marc B FIELD SUPERVISOR 617-223-6465 US Cappetta, Gregory H PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 703-632-3101 3101 Cappetta, Rebecca A BUDGET ANALYST 703-632-1166 1166 US Capps, Lauren M CONTRACTOR Capson, Karen TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 801-579-1400 6820 US Capulla, Edward M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 415-553-7400 US Caputo, Deanna D CONTRACTOR 703-632-4400 US Caputo, Erica CONTRACTOR 202-323-1026 4913 Caputo, Michael V ASAC 623-466-1004 US Caputo, Stephen C TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4123 Cara, Eric RELIEF SUPERVISOR 856-857-2506 0306 US Caraballo, Fundy A SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 256-885-3677 US Carabina, Matthew S SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 5535 US Caranna, Kevin SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-3824 3824 Carapezza, Frank J DETAILEE 202-324-1456 1456 Carasiti, Robert T SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2173 2173 Carbaugh, Brandi BUDGET ANALYST 703-632-8022 8022 US Carbaugh, Brian D CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 52318 Carbaugh, Jon E MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8398 8398 US Carberry, Patrick R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 813-253-1420 US Carbonara, Diane PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 312-829-8969 US Carbone-Lopez, Kristin C Carbonell, Michael CONTRACTOR 540-374-4207 Carbonneau, Christopher M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4020 4020 US Carchichabla, Estrella M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-8597 8597 US Card, Timothy M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-6632 15237 US Cardali, Mollie M CONTRACTOR 303-630-6193 US Cardelli, Kenneth J TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-9696 Carden, Ben N CONTRACTOR 617-223-6408 Carden, Francis J RELIEF SUPV/SRA 973-569-2545 0545 US Carden, James L TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-873-4995 US Cardenas, Jessica L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4071 US Cardenas, Mary A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 415-553-7400 7595 US Cardenas, Monica L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6409 US Cardenas, Ruben TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-273-4684 Carder, Beverly J MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4218 US Carder, Hillarey J LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7171 US Cardillo, David M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Cardillo, Gino A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 646-696-2000 2776 US Cardinal, John K SSRA 479-251-7410 US CARDINAL_CAL Cardinale, Daniel P DETAILEE Cardon III, Anthony J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 914-989-6000 6029 US Cardona, Acte M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 813-253-1000 1315 US Cardona, Angelina BUDGET ANALYST-NY 212-384-1000 2768 US Cardona, George S Cardona, Lianabel M FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 813-253-1548 1548 US Cardona, Maria T ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 713-936-8638 US Cardona, Merci D ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 787-759-1702 US Cardona, Sarah INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 787-754-6000 5674 US Cardona, Sonia OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 8051 US Cardona-Perez, Sarilu SUPVY GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIS 540-868-4843 4843 US Cardone, Jason C SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 571-280-6371 US Cardoso-Vicente, Maritza F TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 310-996-5378 5378 US Carducci, Leigha INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-9608 39608 US Cardwell, Jan C CRYPTANALYST 703-632-7357 7357 US Carel, Michael W CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 Carey, Arlene D ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 804-627-4426 804.627.4694 US Carey, Eli J CONTRACTOR 304-625-5500 US Carey, George T CONTRACTOR 202-324-3869 43869 US Carey, Julie E CONTRACTOR 202-324-5232 US Carey, Kevin N ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 520-594-2427 US Carey, Matthew W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5259 US Carey, Miguelina P SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 540-899-1207 US Carey, Natika J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8468 US Carey, Ryan P SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2810 US Carey, Scott A UNIT CHIEF 202-324-0222 40222 US Carey, Stacey R TASK FORCE OFFICER US Carey, Thomas F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7515 US Carey, Timothy TASK FORCE OFFICER 609-689-7930 Carey, Zachary S SPECIAL AGENT 702-249-0239 US Cargo, Jason CONTRACTOR 540-868-4968 US Caria, Pierluca TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 US Carias, Carlos TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-4438 US Carignan, Robert E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 816-512-8464 US Carignan, Thomas S SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5476 5476 US Carillo, John J DETAILEE 718-286-7345 7345 US Carillo, Joseph A RECORDS CONVERSION SPECIALIST 540-868-4641 US Carissimo, Frank MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0064 40000 Carithers, Michael T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3756 US Carkitto, Melissa L FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 704-672-6717 US Carl, Brittany A Carl, Gregory A SECTION CHIEF 256-213-2231 US Carl, Kathia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 5615 US Carl, Patricia A SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 256-213-2321 US Carle, Denise K SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 702-584-5413 5413 US Carleton, Ashlee N ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 412-432-4413 US Carley, Jason J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3000 3327 US Carlicci, Hector TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 801-579-1400 6242 US Carlie, Andrew FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-350-7335 7335 US Carlile, Harry E TRAINING SPECIALIST 304-625-3578 US Carlisi, Marc C DETAILEE 571-280-6449 US Carlisle, Andrew J ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 205-279-1006 1006 US Carlisle, Gayland L CONTRACTOR 202-233-9090 Carlisle, Geoffrey D CONTRACTOR 202-324-6059 46059 US Carlisle, Jonathan P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 313-237-4015 US Carlisle, Michael D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6255 US Carlisle, Travis D ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 571-280-5239 US Carlo, Caitlin INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6276 Carlo, Michael A ITSPEC 973-792-3461 3461 US Carlotto, Steven A ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 212-451-6300 6301 US Carlsen, Jeffery L SUPVY AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORDIN 402-530-1433 US Carlsen, Nicholas C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-9899 49899 US Carlson, Carra S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 785-231-1709 US Carlson, Carrie A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-3312 US Carlson, Chan B INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 216-622-6622 US Carlson, Curtis K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-0918 40918 US Carlson, Dale R SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4382 4382 US Carlson, David M ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 407-838-2659 US Carlson, Elizabeth M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-4814 US Carlson, Ellen INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 208-238-5061 5061 US Carlson, Eric. S S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 785-231-1701 US Carlson, Glenn T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-2421 US Carlson, Hans M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Carlson, Jeffery H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8688 US Carlson, Jocelyn R BIOLOGIST 703-632-8223 US Carlson, John R PROGRAM MANAGER 703-985-1024 US Carlson, Jordan INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 385-242-5883 Carlson, Kristin G STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 916-977-2379 US Carlson, Mark B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2422 US Carlson, Robert B CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 Carlson, Stonie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8509 US Carlson, Teresa L 202-324-3000 42875 US Carlson, Traci L DETAILEE 703-632-4528 Carlson, Travis W ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 559-435-4341 US Carlton, Jeffrey T DETAILEE 202-324-5207 Carlton, Joan ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 410-277-6302 US Carlucci, Brian A DETAILEE Carlucci, Kenneth INTERN 212-384-1000 4209 US Carlyle, Jeffrey P FORENSIC SYSTEMS PROGRAM MANAGER 304-625-2000 52474 US Carman, David E. CONTRACTOR 202-203-5967 US Carman, Matthew SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-3822 3822 US Carmean, Paul A ITSPEC 304-625-2538 US Carmichael, David S COMPUTER SCIENTIST - GENERAL 202-323-6454 36454 US Carmichael, Jane D CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Carmichael, Scott STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-6361 US Carmine, Scott MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3433 3433 US Carmona, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-329-5768 2004 US Carnagua, Jonathan STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 317-595-4000 Carnahan, Mark A CONTRACTOR 703-985-3422 Carnahan, Patrick S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Carnes, Nancy E SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2995 US Carness, Mitchell CONTRACTOR 212-384-3468 US Carneval, Andrea M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Carnevale, Stephen D SPECIAL AGENT Carney, Anne E TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 US Carney, David SPECIAL AGENT 203-630-5905 US Carney, Don TASK FORCE OFFICER 631-501-8600 US Carney, Michael C DETAILEE 571-350-4357 Carney, Patrick DETAILEE 703-633-4831 US Carney, Sarah M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 208-433-3538 US Carnow, Robin C CONTRACTOR 703-633-5745 Carolan, Kelly A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 312-829-5373 US Carolan, Misty D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 314-589-3209 3209 US Carolan, Patrick J SPECIAL AGENT 314-589-2579 US Caroli-Messe, Angela D CONFIGURATION MGMT SPEC 304-625-5123 US Carolina, Shonda ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 215-418-4304 4304 US Carollo, Joseph C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5347 5347 US Carollo, Leonard STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 504-816-3018 3018 US Caron, Joline T TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-2546 2546 US Caron, Leigha F MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6430 46430 US Caron, Liza M ITSPEC 571-350-4371 US Caron, Lyndsey INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT Caron, Violet SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 575-541-7629 US Carosella, Adrienne SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8109 US Carosella, Robert A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 8593 US Carothers, Jacqueline FILE ASSISTANT-CJIS 304-625-5920 US Carothers, James C DETAILEE 202-324-9558 42571 US Carp, Aaron P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-726-6008 US Carpenter, Alan N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-7770 US Carpenter, Brad M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2853 US Carpenter, Brian D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-594-2270 US Carpenter, Chante L SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-9752 49752 US Carpenter, Christopher A CONTRACTOR 304-625-3667 Carpenter, Cynthia R CONTRACTOR 202-323-4987 34987 Carpenter, Dale R. CONTRACTOR 703-632-4560 US Carpenter, Donald ITSPEC 304-625-2545 US Carpenter, Dyanne E PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-8395 US Carpenter, Erik PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7146 7146 US Carpenter, Eugenia L CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9347 US Carpenter, Glenn L TASK FORCE OFFICER 419-254-8961 Carpenter, James F FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5772 US Carpenter, Jason SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3389 US Carpenter, Joseph M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4000 4107 US Carpenter, Kara S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-3771 US Carpenter, Keith A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6010 6010 US Carpenter, Kelly A MGMT&PROG ANAL-FITC BRAC 609-631-8777 8284 US Carpenter, Kelly J LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7272 US Carpenter, Lisa E LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7292 US Carpenter, Marcus V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-1681 US Carpenter, Mary LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7297 US Carpenter, Matthew M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-6547 46547 US Carpenter, Melissa A CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9299 US Carpenter, Micheal A ITSPEC 304-625-4614 US Carpenter, Michelle S FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-5693 US Carpenter, Mindy R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 316-262-0031 US Carpenter, Nikisha L CONTRACTOR 202-436-8199 68199 Carpenter, Paula K BUDGET ANALYST 304-625-2928 US Carpenter, Rhonda CONTRACTOR 205-279-1512 US Carpenter, Robert DETAILEE 202-324-2132 Carpenter, Scott F SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3527 US Carpenter, Scott S TASK FORCE OFFICER 480-586-6242 Carpenter, Scott T ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 703-985-1828 US Carpenter, Sharon D UNIT CHIEF 540-868-4841 4841 US Carpenter, Tamara M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4545 44545 US Carpenter, Terecia A SUPVY RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4714 4714 US Carpenter, Timothy L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-8652 48652 Carpenter, Timothy S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-2413 US Carpenter, Todd L NON-EMPLOYEE 202-233-1242 US Carpenter, Tracey L CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Carpinteri, Alexis SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3276 US Carpinteri, Paul A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3842 US Carpio, Benjamin D CONTRACTOR 571-249-7819 Carpio, Jennifer INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4213 4213 US Carr, Amber B SUPVY BIOLOGIST 703-632-7514 7514 US Carr, Benjamin E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 803-551-4200 4409 US Carr, Bryan M TASK FORCE OFFICER UNK Carr, David INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT US Carr, David M DETAILEE 202-278-4499 US Carr, David W SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8456 US Carr, Deanne L CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-8676 US Carr, Donyiel CONTRACTOR 202-436-8159 US Carr, Douglas W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 334-832-2061 US Carr, George C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 251-219-3576 3576 US Carr, Julia M CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9342 US Carr, Karla D CONTRACTOR 304-625-3154 Carr, Kristin PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 202-278-2311 2311 US Carr, Lawrence D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 571-280-6477 US Carr, Linelle M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 510-808-8303 US Carr, Lorraine M OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 212-384-1000 2623 US Carr, Michael S CONTRACTOR 202-324-8332 US Carr, Michele M SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6460 US Carr, Patricia J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 646-696-3006 3006 US Carr, Rebecca A CONTRACTOR 202-436-8038 68038 US Carr, Roger L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7344 US Carr, Romeisha C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7641 US Carr, Ryan J DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Carr, Sandra Y CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-1474 41474 US Carr, Sean T ITSPEC 202-324-1325 41325 US Carr, Sean. K K SPECIAL AGENT 704-672-6100 6341 US Carr, Steven A STATIONARY SSRA 410-277-6243 US Carr, Takeisha INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-9056 39056 Carr, Vanetta OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-233-1259 1259 US Carr, Vincent L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 281-507-3531 US Carr, Vincent. Lee L SUPVY FACILITY OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-632-1400 US Carranco, Juan A TASK FORCE OFFICER 956-984-6300 Carrano, John R DETAILEE Carranza, Alberto COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 973-792-3000 7439 US Carranza, Barbara M INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH 713-936-7884 US Carranza, Cynthia M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 915-832-5000 5100 US Carrasco, Noel TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5360 US Carrasco, Oscar A TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5894 US Carrasquillo, Carlos TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-638-7684 Carrasquillo, Luis F ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 754-703-2472 US Carratura, Gina M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 973-792-7163 US Carraway, Kenan D DETAILEE 703-613-0986 US Carrell, David E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-522-1400 6654 US Carrender, TImothy T DETAILEE 210-225-6741 Carreras, Theodore D TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-951-2768 US Carrero, Edwin INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 754-703-2271 US Carricato, Peter D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6407 US Carrick, Kevin E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3731 US Carrico, Joseph E ASAC 312-829-5175 US Carrico, Tracy SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 214-601-4013 US Carrier, AdriAnne N PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/SRA 360-759-2626 US Carrier, Hayley STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 973-792-7355 Carrier, Kylie M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 901-747-4300 Carrier, Matthew T TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Carrier, Nathaniel J 901-601-0292 US Carrier, Rachael A CONTRACTOR 571-350-5215 Carrier, Travis L CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Carrigan, David J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3943 US Carrillo, Eloy A TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-0000 5106 Carrillo, Francisco A TASK FORCE OFFICER 219-885-1055 US Carrillo, John F TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-481-9110 Carrillo, Kimberly A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 915-832-5000 5540 US Carrillo, Marcelo ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 972-559-5317 US Carrillo, Rebecca OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 915-832-5000 5020 US Carrington, Edward TELEPHONE OPERATOR 202-324-4555 44555 US Carrington, Michele K CONTRACTOR 305-787-6711 US Carrion, Jose F TASK FORCE OFFICER 956-986-7935 Carrion, Joseph C ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 210-650-6519 US Carroll, Akeem STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-651-3245 Carroll, Amanda L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4677 44677 US Carroll, Anesha S FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 757-609-2695 US Carroll, Anita W CONTRACTOR 202-651-4270 Carroll, Brendan L DETAILEE 202-345-4770 Carroll, Brent D UTILITY SYS REPAIRER-OPERATOR SUPVR 202-324-3050 3050 US Carroll, Brian J PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - RC 703-632-7703 7703 US Carroll, Brian S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 740-354-5645 US Carroll, Bruce W TASK FORCE OFFICER 608-829-4185 US Carroll, Cameron M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Carroll, Christopher J FIELD SUPERVISOR 408-558-1037 1037 US Carroll, Curtis C NON-EMPLOYEE 571-280-5538 US Carroll, David A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 541-608-1562 US Carroll, David W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-7314 US Carroll, Elizabeth G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1491 US Carroll, John M DETAILEE 202-324-9614 49614 US Carroll, Jonathan L TASK FORCE OFFICER 228-769-7920 Carroll, Joseph STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Carroll, Justin D ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 206-622-0460 US Carroll, Kevin K 1.615.232.7553 Carroll, Kevin W ITSPEC 304-625-5872 US Carroll, Laurie L UNIT CHIEF 202-324-7618 47618 US Carroll, Michael A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-7232 39080 US Carroll, Patricia L CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9292 US Carroll, Richard A CRIMINAL HISTORY CHALLENGE ANALYST 304-625-9370 US Carroll, Robert S SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 215-629-1916 US Carroll, Sandra J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 732-469-7986 US Carroll, Shawn M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Carroll, Susan A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 704-672-6726 US Carroll, Todd E SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-7498 US Carroll, Todd M ASAC 312-829-8183 8183 US Carron, Adam J TASK FORCE OFFICER 907-276-4441 Carruth, Christie M MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4711 US Carruth, Cliff FIELD SUPERVISOR 501-228-8489 US Carruth, Michael P INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 2763 Carruthers, Julie L TASK FORCE OFFICER 518-431-7372 US Carry, Dennis B TASK FORCE OFFICER 775-328-4000 US Carryall, Corael L SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-651-2182 US Carryall, Zina E PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3551 US Carson, Barry L ITSPEC 571-350-4165 US Carson, Brendan S TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-954-0449 Carson, Diane B FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 907-265-8264 US Carson, Eugenna C MGMT&PROG ASST 703-985-1418 1418 US Carson, Jeffrey L TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Carson, Kevin MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-3381 33381 US Carson, Matthew D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 858-495-7286 US Carson, Philip J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3816 US Carson, Robert J SPECIAL AGENT 216-622-2847 2847 US Carson, Samantha A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 330-965-2933 US Carson-Kuhl, Jill A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 618-394-5622 US Carsten, Justin M SPECIAL AGENT 305-715-7719 US CART.Dallas US Cartagena, Adrian C ITSPEC-FE (HQ) 410-981-8632 US Cartagena-Colon, Digno TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-812-0040 0 Carter, Alysia D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0609 40609 US Carter, Andrew L CONTRACTOR 703-632-3070 Carter, Ann F ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1358 US Carter, Benjamin C SPECIAL AGENT 216-522-1400 2347 US Carter, Bernard SUPVY FACILITY OPERATIONS SPEC-FO 202-278-3509 US Carter, Buddy ITSPEC-FE (FO) 405-290-7770 3739 US Carter, Carl A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 606-862-2113 US Carter, Cassandra P PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4344 4344 US Carter, Chanell N CONTRACTOR 202-203-1998 Carter, Charese R MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7688 47688 US Carter, Charles E RELIEF SUPV/SRA 609-689-7942 US Carter, Charles J TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-3754 Carter, Christopher E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 407-838-2604 US Carter, Cornelia J CONTRACTOR Carter, Crystal M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 973-900-7834 US Carter, David E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4053 US Carter, David H DETAILEE 202-324-3000 US Carter, Deborah A MGMT&PROG ANAL 410-981-8731 US Carter, Dedivine K CONTRACTOR 202-323-5633 US Carter, Delmar A TASK FORCE OFFICER 203-777-6311 US Carter, Donna E SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 410-265-8080 6208 US Carter, Ebony OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-233-1398 US Carter, Elizabeth H CONTRACTOR 703-632-3088 US Carter, Erica D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 8552 US Carter, Ethelean CUSTODIAN (LABORER) 571-259-9432 US Carter, Fatima LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 52-55-5080-2177 2304 US Carter, Gari L UNIT CHIEF 703-605-4044 US Carter, Garrett L TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 202-324-2352 42352 US Carter, Gerund L OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 210-650-6532 US Carter, J. GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4857 US Carter, James E CONTRACTOR Carter, James N CONTRACTOR 703-985-1315 US Carter, James T CONTRACTOR 703-985-1056 Carter, Janeile A CONTRACTOR 855-314-3343 Carter, Jeffrey D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-2601 42601 US Carter, Jeffrey F DETAILEE US Carter, Jeremy STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-280-6765 US Carter, Jetsie J SECRETARY OA 202-651-2229 US Carter, Jonathan H TASK FORCE OFFICER 405-290-7770 US Carter, June C CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 US Carter, Kimberly D TASK FORCE OFFICER 405-290-3640 Carter, Larry INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-5761 US Carter, Latoyia M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3069 3069 US Carter, Leonard W TASK FORCE OFFICER US Carter, Lisa DETAILEE 703-633-4690 Carter, Lynice V OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 716-843-5209 US Carter, Malinda O INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-262-2489 US Carter, Marius L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-2502 2502 US Carter, Melissa L CONTRACTOR 540-868-4296 US Carter, Michael K INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1882 1882 US Carter, Natalie R SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 865-602-7243 US Carter, Neeki S SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2258 2258 US Carter, Nicholas T TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 US Carter, Nicole M SUPVY GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIS 540-868-4883 US Carter, Pamela L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1054 41054 US Carter, Patreece M HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-4287 44287 US Carter, Paula J SUPVY NURSE SPECIALIST 202-324-9264 49264 US Carter, Pearl ARCHIVES SPECIALIST 703-504-0362 0284 US Carter, Robert J CONTRACTOR 703-985-3602 US Carter, Steven P. P SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 916-973-4105 US Carter, Thomas N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 724-778-8801 US Carter, Toby B TASK FORCE OFFICER 615-232-7500 Carter, Todd M SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-5245 US Carter, Tracy L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9464 39464 US Carter, Travis MGMT&PROG ANAL Carter, William M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 225-291-5159 1047 US Carter, William W ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-0384 40384 US Carter, Zack AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 504-816-3199 3231 US Carter-Begley, Kathleen ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 215-418-4000 4441 US Carter-Bethea, Tonia S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-1645 31645 US Cartina-Smith, Deborah A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 847-734-9867 9867 US Cartledge, Chandra L SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-1886 31886 US Cartwright, Bruce D SPECIAL AGENT 208-664-5128 US Cartwright, Nicole M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1374 1374 US Cartwright, Rachel A SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 4200 Carty, Casey T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 440-240-5504 US Carty, James F SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 215-418-4000 4280 US Caruana, Scott T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6547 US Carucci, Joseph TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-873-5000 US Carungcong, Mel C ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 310-301-6259 Caruso, Amy C STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 314-589-2692 US Caruso, Carol L SUPVY ITSPEC 202-436-7208 7208 US Caruso, Christopher J TASK FORCE OFFICER 718-553-8239 US Caruthers, John FIELD SUPERVISOR 858-550-3180 US Carvajal, S. G SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 415-553-2015 US Carvalho, Anne M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 303-629-7171 US Carvalho, Anthony MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR 212-384-1000 4055 Carvalho, Bruno G CONTRACTOR 202-651-4298 Carvalho, Pedro MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9703 39703 US Carvelli, Mark A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2797 US Carver, Amber CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-8683 US Carver, Christopher B TASK FORCE OFFICER 251-438-3674 Carver, Consuelo B FIELD SUPERVISOR 617-223-6150 US Carver, Derrick L BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-8190 48190 US Carver, Len TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-622-0460 US Carver, Ronald L SPECIAL AGENT 405-290-7770 3973 US Carver, Thomas R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 864-232-3807 9229 US Carver, Travis B TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 Carwile, Zachary C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5092 US Cary, Kristen R CONTRACTOR 703-632-1459 US Cary, Nathaniel R CONTRACTOR 502-263-6000 Casale, John J ASAC-CRIMINAL DIVISION 212-384-1000 2632 US Casale, Louis A COUNTERINTELLIGENCE OFFICER 202-324-8134 48134 US Casanova, Gabriel RELIEF SUPERVISOR 847-670-2995 US Casanova, Michael J SPECIAL AGENT 501-217-2717 US Casanovas, Kimberly E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Casas, Rebekah OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 314-589-2500 US Casaus, Leonard ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 505-889-1300 1661 US Casazza, Peter C CONTRACTOR 301-856-4538 US Cascio, Brian J TASK FORCE OFFICER 815-209-5503 Case, Chad A TASK FORCE OFFICER 316-262-0031 Case, Deborah J SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 858-320-8311 US Case, Erin H CONTRACTOR 571-280-6512 US Casella, Gus C CONTRACTOR Caselli, Debra A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 718-286-7304 7304 US Casely-Hayford, Jason E CONTRACTOR 703-872-5417 Casertano, Neil J DETAILEE Cases, Carlos SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT -SAC 787-759-1501 1501 US Casey, Bernadette W OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Casey, Brian P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 907-265-8122 US Casey, Brian P DETAILEE 816-512-8200 US Casey, Eugene J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-3036 2428 Casey, Gregory G SPECIAL AGENT 510-455-1026 US Casey, Jay M SUPVY ACCOUNTANT 202-324-5037 45037 US Casey, John B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 225-291-5159 US Casey, John C TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2725 US Casey, John P CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Casey, Kyle M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-277-7028 US Casey, Laura C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-2460 42460 US Casey, Melinda J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-0659 40649 US Casey, Nicholas Casey, Patrick T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 573-636-8814 US Casey, Peter M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-5310 US Casey, Roscoe A ITSPEC (INFOSEC) 202-203-1782 US Casey, Sarah M LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7037 Casey, William T SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 202-821-7724 Casey Slagle, Diane L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST TELECOMMUNICATIONS 310-996-3517 Casey-Cash, Peggy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-985-6495 2015 US Cash, Melinda C ITSPEC-FE (FO) 304-346-2407 US Cash, Michael B CONTRACTOR 703-632-3356 Cash, Tamra L UNIT CHIEF 540-868-4920 4920 US Cash, Thomas D SPECIAL AGENT 301-343-1254 US Cashavelly, Gary INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 617-742-5533 US Cashion, Mark D CONTRACTOR 703-633-5514 Cashman, Brian A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5579 US Cashman, Colleen SPECIAL AGENT 858-320-5772 US Casiano, Margarita OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 972-559-5000 5678 US Casillas, Candice STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8225 Casillas, Henry M TASK FORCE OFFICER 213-229-1010 US Casillas, Ileana ACCOUNTANT 202-324-0612 40612 US Casillas, Tammy L SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 310-996-3790 US Casino, Dominic T INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-6987 0036 US Caskey, David H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8533 US Caslen, Nicholas A SPECIAL AGENT 202-233-1249 US Casler, Megan E PHYSICAL SCIENTIST 703-632-7638 7638 US Cason, Terri A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 312-829-3791 US Casper, Kenneth J TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 617-742-5533 6028 US Casper, Maia INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 754-703-3781 US Casper, Robert F ASAC 915-832-5000 5026 US Casper, Steve M CONTRACTOR 703-632-7231 US Casperson, Colleen SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 303-630-6003 US Casquarelli, Paul DETAILEE 646-696-2675 Cassar, Alexandra SPECIAL AGENT 319-743-6515 US Cassata, Peter J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 312-829-8861 Cassato, David L CONTRACTOR Cassells, Natalie E CONTRACTOR 202-324-8632 US Casselman, Joshua Cassels, Robert E TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-265-8080 US Casserly, Tara M Cassett, Jeffrey B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8553 US Cassett, Nile L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-558-1064 US Cassidy, Amber M IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-5509 US Cassidy, Brenda K ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 803-551-4290 4290 US Cassidy, Daniel L DETAILEE 202-324-5714 Cassidy, Eugene J ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 4102658080 Cassidy, Kevin A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 608-829-4158 US Cassidy, Natasha A PERSONNEL SEC SPEC-CJIS 304-625-4831 US Cassidy, Paul E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6300 US Cassidy, Peter R TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Cassidy, Ryan P INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Cassidy, Shavonne R MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-5277 US Cassidy, Shawn P UTILITY SYS REPAIRER-OPERATOR SUPVR 304-625-3914 US Cassidy, Steven L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7032 US Cassine, Kenneth A 202-324-4161 44161 US Cassioppi, Andrew J FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 217-757-3697 3697 US Cassioppi, Stephanie M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 217-757-3692 US Casson, Peter A STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8518 US Cast, Boston Castain, Lorraine R SUPVY PARALEGAL SPECIALIST 202-436-8130 US Castaldo, Gary M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 631-501-8703 8703 US Castaneda, Adriana D CONTRACTOR 858-320-8553 US Castaneda, Alexi TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-944-9101 Castaneda, Antonio E FIELD SUPERVISOR 754-703-3504 US Castaneda, David INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-3940 16364 US Castaneda, Leticia MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4144 44144 US Castaneda, Mariam A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8577 US Castaneda, Mauricio SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 713-936-8664 US Castaneda, William G CONTRACTOR 202-324-1351 41351 Castaneda, Xavier AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 954-432-3289 US Castano, James C SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 703-482-4578 US Casteel, Diane M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4167 US Casteel, Frances A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 870-773-3382 US Casteel, Steve TELECOMMUN MANAGER 865-602-7210 US Castellaccio, Dawn R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 415-553-7100 7538 US Castellani, Alexis M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4405 US Castellani, Gregory P INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4592 US Castellano, Blanca A CONTRACTOR 754-703-2210 US Castellano, Daniel R DETAILEE 202-324-0000 Castellano, John TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2919 2919 US Castellano, Joseph STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-556-5042 Castellanos, Ethel F FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 312-829-3094 3094 US Castellanos, Miguel A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2739 US Castelli, Reno M CONTRACTOR 304-625-4074 Castello, Carlos M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2159 US Castellon, Hugo N CONTRACTOR 703-872-5191 Casten, Katelyn LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 603-2168-4885 4885 Casterline, Vanessa M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 972-559-5000 5140 US Castiello, Christopher D TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Castiglia, Carla V CONTRACTOR 301-586-4677 US Castiglia, David P. P PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 716-843-4316 US Castiglione, Michael CONTRACTOR 202-436-8110 Castiglioni, Dominic M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 858-320-1800 US Castillo, Angel D FIELD SUPERVISOR 205-279-1169 US Castillo, Christopher RELIEF SUPERVISOR 831-763-5484 US Castillo, Claudia G INTERN US Castillo, Clerissa OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 956-984-6359 Castillo, Cowetha J Castillo, DeAnn SPECIAL AGENT 919-466-1363 US Castillo, Dina H CONTRACTOR 202-436-8035 US Castillo, Eladio SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 6664 US Castillo, Harlen G CONTRACTOR 202-436-8200 US Castillo, Jose A TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2935 US Castillo, Joseph D CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Castillo, Joshua M CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 Castillo, Joshua Castillo, Kimberly J FIELD SUPERVISOR 205-279-1291 1291 US Castillo, Manuel E UNIT CHIEF 443-654-2270 US Castillo, Maria T ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 915-832-5000 5529 US Castillo, Martina R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 310-996-3427 3427 US Castillo, Michael R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 415-553-7400 US Castillo, Paul W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 407-838-2626 2626 US Castillo, Samuel INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-2005 2005 US Castillo, Vincent M FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 206-262-2006 US Castillo Jr, Juan ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 312-829-4902 US Castillo-Cowley, Melissa SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 832-523-1913 US Castle, Connie L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7078 US Castle, David R CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Castle, Ryan E CONTRACTOR 281-733-6380 3250 US Castleberry, Jerry D TASK FORCE OFFICER 512-506-2667 US Castleberry, Petra B STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 801-579-1400 US Castner, Michael A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-220-4200 4302 US Casto, Christopher M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5964 US Casto, Dustin L CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Casto, Erwin L CONTRACTOR 540-868-4309 Casto, Eugene F TASK FORCE OFFICER 269-982-0390 Castor, Andrew J ASSOCIATE EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-9675 49675 US Castor, Sally A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 312-907-7435 Castricone, John A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8638 US Castrillo, Guillermo PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 617-223-6229 US Castrillo, Leda PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7135 US Castriota, Angela R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-5660 45660 Castro, Alicia M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3545 US Castro, Christopher M SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-7636 7636 US Castro, Elias J TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-977-2347 US Castro, John INTERN 718-286-7100 US Castro, John F ITSPEC (SEC) 202-651-2846 US Castro, Kimberly K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-7884 US Castro, Lee TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Castro, Leland G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7675 US Castro, Lillian OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 754-703-2000 US Castro, Ninette A CONTRACTOR 202-203-3674 Castro, Sandra FIELD SUPERVISOR 310-996-4042 US Castrogiovanni, Russell RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8797 US Casuba, Sunil R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 2673 US Caswell, Julia K CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 Catalan, Angel M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-9471 39471 US Catalano, Kristen BUDGET ANALYST 858-499-7585 7585 US Catalano, Matthew C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 530-899-4642 US Catalanotto, Vito INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Cataldi, Adam C CONTRACTOR 571-350-5600 Cataldi, Christopher W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-720-7768 7768 US Cataldo, David R TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Cataldo, Eileen D PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 518-465-7551 US Cataldo, Tara S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 336-855-2672 US Catauro, Carl A SPECIAL AGENT 914-989-6000 6063 US Catchings, Wade A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 803-551-4200 4426 US Cateriano, Blanca L CONTRACTOR 202-323-4247 US Cates, Adam R TASK FORCE OFFICER 406-450-4680 Catey, Greg A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 217-757-3612 US Cathcart, Joshua L TASK FORCE OFFICER 318-861-1890 Cathell, Rebecca A CONTRACTOR 703-253-5196 Cather, Andrew D Cathey, Jarvis CONTRACTOR 202-324-5891 45891 US Catir, Joshua D TASK FORCE OFFICER 904-248-700 Catlett, Ryan S DETAILEE 202-233-1403 US Catlin, David J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 305-230-5723 US Catlin, Debra G CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9327 US Catlin, Diane STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 754-703-2000 2726 Catlin, Susan M LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7435 US Cato, Arniece J SUPVY BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-7979 47979 US Caton, Andrea M SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 415-553-7455 7455 US Caton, Jessica R MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4890 4890 US Cattelan, Tony P SPECIAL AGENT 409-781-9071 US Caudill, Barbara A SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 865-602-7013 US Caudill, Billy J TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 US Caudill, Mary L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 708-364-6128 US Caudill, Steven CONTRACTOR 202-324-5452 45452 Caudle, Lauren R ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 202-278-3052 US Caudle Jr., Jimmie D SPECIAL AGENT 479-573-0702 US Cauffman, Peter L OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 301-251-7322 US Caugh, Valerie M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 614-849-1742 1742 US Caulfield, Colleen J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 847-734-6849 US Caulfield, L M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-220-4200 4304 US Caulfield, Veronica L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 615-232-7514 US Cauthen, Grant S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 907-265-8189 US Cauthen, John M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1005 US Cava, Samuel J UNIT CHIEF 304-625-5111 US Cavaleiro, Stacy A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-4879 4879 US Cavalier, Crystal A CONTRACTOR 111 Cavalier, Joseph D CONTRACTOR 304-625-3621 Cavalieros, Richard E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3785 Cavallo, Anthony V SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 610-782-8212 US Cavallo, Dante TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 Cavallo, JoAnn M SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 2578 US Cavallo, Vincent INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-5338 45338 US Cavanagh, Paul M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/SRA 302-594-4309 US Cavanagh, Scott SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 303-630-6040 US Cavanagh, Sean M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8668 US Cavanaugh, Brandon M TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-9252 Cavanaugh, Sean M ITSPEC 540-317-2200 2212 US Cavano, Nicholas B CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 Cavazos, Aaron INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3708 US Cave, April STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-7354 47354 Cave, Sean F SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3542 US Cave, Vertner R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-9000 US Cavender, Donald L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-4168 US Cavett, Doran J CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Cavignac, Flor D TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8064 US Cavis, Icel M PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-8393 8393 US Cavis, Leslie L UNIT CHIEF 304-625-4549 US Cavis, Melinda ITSPEC 304-625-2838 US Cavis, Zachary CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7676 US Cavitt, Jamie M SPECIAL AGENT 918-664-3300 US Cavrich, George B ENGLISH MONITOR ANALYST 304-625-9542 US Caylor, Derek J INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Caylor, Dustin M POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6035 US Caylor, Kristen L CONTRACTOR 703-632-7517 Cazares, Arturo CONTRACTOR 202-278-2328 US Cazares, Jennifer L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 626-931-5556 US Cebrat, Donna M GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-790-3148 US Cecchini, Joseph M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 918-879-2538 2538 US Cecchini, Robert J TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 US Cecere, Leverne J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 302-594-4322 US Cecil, John M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 517-336-8367 US Cecil, Marsha E EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 202-278-2884 US Cedarleaf, David N PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6422 US Cedeno, Karol A SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 973-792-7501 US Cedeno, Sarah MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9179 49179 US Ceffalo, Douglas M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 210-792-6800 US Cejpek, Jennifer SPECIAL AGENT 806-761-4877 US Celentano, Johnathan M TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Celeste, Emily B SPECIAL AGENT 205-279-1569 US Celeste, Todd A ASSOCIATE DIVISION COUNSEL 972-559-5792 5792 US Celestina, Christopher POLICE OFFICER Celestini, Philip A SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 443-634-0942 US Celinski, Laura C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 972-559-5179 5179 US Celso, Jennifer L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-3513 3513 US Cenac, Delia C SPECIAL AGENT 601-713-7749 US Centeno-Rivera, Javier TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 2177 Centenoorozco, Angel A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Centers, Christine R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 208-664-5128 US Centofante, David MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6117 46117 US Centorrino, Linda CONTRACTOR 703-872-5194 US Centrella, Alexandra OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 617-223-6132 US Cephas, Jamie E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5657 45657 US Cephas, Yvetta C SUPVY HR SPECIALIST 202-324-5197 45197 US Cerami, Kathleen M AUDITOR-FO 716-843-5249 US Cerat, Rosalind OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 973-684-6614 US Cerbelli, Lana FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 718-286-7337 7337 US Cerciello, Joseph D DETAILEE 646-696-3520 3520 US Cercone, Elizabeth M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 719-329-7310 US Cerf, John M TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-276-4684 Cernaianu, Adrian TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-594-2250 US Cernat, Nathan G SPECIAL AGENT 661-729-7013 Cerne, Edward P DETAILEE 571-280-6470 Cerny, Sharon M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 7472 US Cerone, Carolyn A SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6224 US Cerritelli, Lawrence MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6763 US Cervantes, Enrique RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-225-6741 US Cervantes, Joseph M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-5571 5571 US Cervantes, Maria L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 915-832-5212 5212 US Cervantes, Sharon A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 623-466-1589 US Cervenak, Ruth W HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-3771 43771 US Cervetti, Monica M TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 US Cesario, Meghan ITSPEC-FE (FO) 703-686-6876 6876 US Ceser, Michael R SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3068 US Cesin, Gina L DETAILEE 571-280-6610 US Cessario, Robert F SECONDARY RELIEF SUPV/ASSRA 479-251-7404 US CFIUS CG-Witt Cha, Jenny INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-2338 42338 US Cha, K.Paul P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 410-981-8680 US Cha, Steven H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-2600 8497 US Chabail, Timothy M CONTRACTOR 202-323-4905 4905 US Chabalko, Charles W PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8386 US Chabot, Brett B SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3573 US Chacko, Betsie DETAILEE 202-324-6677 Chacon, Eugene NON-EMPLOYEE 619-666-7532 Chacon, Geraldine Supervisory EEOC Speciliast/UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3825 43825 US Chaconas, Kyle M CONTRACTOR 202-324-6082 46082 Chadwell, Wayne A TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 Chadwick, John R SPECIAL AGENT 803-648-0728 US Chadwick, Thomas M ASAC 804-627-4402 US Chaffin, Charles W AUDITOR-FD 703-322-5943 US Chafin, Barbara L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 305-230-5726 US Chafin, Vilia A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 210-650-6418 US Chai, Annie TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-3358 3358 US Chai, Michael H PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4248 US Chaib, Messouda K LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 719-329-7303 US Chaidez, Luis E TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-944-9101 US Chakakis, Christine INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 510-808-8432 8432 US Chakerian, Joanna S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6712 40000 US Chakrabarti, Rushi COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 858-320-1850 US Chakravarty, Aloke S TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5228 US Chalhoub, Assaad LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 801-579-1400 Chalkley, Milton D LEGAL ATTACHE 011-41-31-357-7256 Chalko, Caroline E Challah, Jamal TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 616-456-5489 0217 US Challman, Jayne L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 302-857-4464 US Chamberlain, Marc M NICS LIAISON SPECIALIST 304-625-7544 US Chamberlain, Robert W CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 410-277-6217 US Chamberlin, George E SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8410 Chamberlin-Edelen, M I I PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-1182 41182 US Chambers, Alexandria E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-9443 49443 US Chambers, Brent J STATIONARY SSRA 903-594-3508 US Chambers, Christine M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3473 3473 US Chambers, Christine F TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Chambers, Cortney M TASK FORCE OFFICER 00-000-000000 Chambers, Gary POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Chambers, Jayson R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-6199 6199 US Chambers, Jonathan W TASK FORCE OFFICER 870-843-3466 US Chambers, Kathy A UNIT CHIEF 703-504-0324 US Chambers, Leah RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4497 US Chambers, Lindsay INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Chambers, S V SPECIAL AGENT 978-265-0731 US Chambers, Schcola CONTRACTOR 202-324-3377 43377 Chambers, Steven W STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 847-734-9850 US Chambliss, Ralph J TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2803 US Chamernik, Timothy P CONTRACTOR 202-324-0631 Champ, Warren A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Champagne, Alex A TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-8500 Champagne, Jarrod R BIOLOGIST - DNA PROGRAM SPEC 703-632-7533 US Champaigne, Thomas D TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-276-4684 Champine, Steven L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 731-664-4293 US Champion, Shannon E TASK FORCE OFFICER 217-522-9675 Champlain, Mary B FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 312-829-4238 4238 US Champlin, Mark S TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 Champness, Daniel C TASK FORCE OFFICER 661-615-9474 US Champney, Daniel W SPECIAL AGENT 601-713-7535 US Chan, Albert P CONTRACTOR 202-324-0801 40801 Chan, Anthony Z INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-522-1400 6837 US Chan, Bonnie G FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 Chan, Brandon SPECIAL AGENT 858-320-5754 US Chan, Christopher T CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Chan, Daryl A TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 Chan, Edward L TASK FORCE OFFICER Chan, Elvis M FIELD SUPERVISOR 415-553-7605 7605 US Chan, Erich K REALTY SPECIALIST 202-651-8124 US Chan, Helen Chan, John ITSPEC-FE (FO) 212-384-1000 3097 US Chan, Pam TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 310-477-6565 3679 US Chan, Scott S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3474 US Chan, Sin W CONTRACTOR 202-651-8143 Chan, Stanley INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 415-553-5057 US Chan, Vincent TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-4259 Chan, Wai-Mon FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 212-384-1000 3351 US Chan, William CONTRACTOR 202-321-2510 43000 Chancellor, Raymond B SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 703-632-3462 US Chanchang, Chaiyant INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-477-6565 3847 US Chancia, Alexander E TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 Chandler, Amy Leigh L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4639 4639 US Chandler, Andre M CONTRACTOR 202-324-5101 Chandler, Craig A PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 972-756-6900 US Chandler, Jeffrey A CONTRACTOR Chandler, Jessica C CONTRACTOR 571-350-4845 Chandler, John F CONTRACTOR 571-280-5441 US Chandler, John M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 210-650-6603 US Chandler, Karen L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 972-559-5457 5457 US Chandler, Katrina M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8677 48677 US Chandler, Rutharene FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 313-965-2323 4330 US Chandler, Susan E ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 972-559-5332 5332 US Chandler, Whitney N VOUCHER EXAMINER 208-238-5239 US Chaney, Christopher B UNIT CHIEF 304-625-3510 US Chaney, Denise M SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 757-609-2523 US Chaney, Joseph L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 317-845-2470 US Chaney, Lisa M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 901-747-4300 US Chaney, Marcus A CONTRACTOR 703-872-5196 Chaney, Sean T TASK FORCE OFFICER 301-586-4453 US Chang, Alice Y DETAILEE 202-278-2000 Chang, Catherine H CONTRACTOR 763-569-8000 Chang, Christina S CONTRACTOR 703-632-4624 Chang, Chung H SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-2684 32684 US Chang, Conan H TASK FORCE OFFICER 213-229-1010 US Chang, Dana SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 310-996-4853 US Chang, Daniel W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-4666 4666 US Chang, Dennis TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8506 US Chang, Eric A CONTRACTOR 702-203-2106 Chang, Frances DETAILEE 202-324-7690 Chang, Hojin STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-4448 4448 Chang, James G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-514-4236 US Chang, Jia CONTRACTOR 202-323-9417 Chang, Joseph S CONTRACTOR 202-324-8562 48562 Chang, Justin H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3382 US Chang, Ki H CONTRACTOR 571-350-4733 US Chang, Mike CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 3144 Chang, Ronald SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2862 US Chang, Sherwin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4146 US Chani, Sumeet S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST Chanmugan, K. C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8429 US Channel, Leta J CONTRACTOR 202-383-8705 38705 US Chanthaphuang, read CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 US Chao, Allen C CONTRACTOR 919-380-4500 Chao, Cheng Y CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US Chao, Sherman TASK FORCE OFFICER 951-248-6503 US Chapa, Juan E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2994 42994 US Chaparro, Edwin TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Chaparro, Linda M EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 510-808-8310 8310 US Chapel, Timothy G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3308 US Chaplin, Kent L DETAILEE UNKNOW Chapman, Andrew C PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 865-602-7022 US Chapman, Audree J EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE COUNSELOR 310-996-3498 3498 US Chapman, Cedric INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-3596 US Chapman, D'Juan L DOCUMENT ANALYST 703-632-7301 7301 US D' Chapman, Debbie M UNIT CHIEF 304-625-2484 US Chapman, Garland E MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATING 304-625-3806 US Chapman, James R Security Analyst 202-203-1849 Chapman, Jean C ITSPEC 304-625-4890 US Chapman, Jennifer D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5365 5365 US Chapman, Johnney R CONTRACTOR 202-203-1849 Chapman, Matthew S ITSPEC 202-324-3582 43582 US Chapman, Natanis A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Chapman, Pamela STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 763-569-8308 8308 US Chapman, Reginald B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-287-3631 2114 US Chapman, Ronald D ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6749 6749 US Chapman, Samantha N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9433 49433 US Chapman, Stephen L ITSPEC-FE (FO) 313-237-4493 4493 US Chapman, Tammi L SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 310-996-4265 4265 US Chapman, Timothy J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4135 US Chapman, Tyrone D PRINTING SERVICES SPECIALIST 202-324-4207 44207 US Chapman, William E PROGRAM MANAGER 703-985-6190 US Chappell, Christopher H TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 US Chappell, Jeffrey T CONTRACTOR 571-350-4649 Chappell, Roger W TASK FORCE 713-693-5000 Chappell III, Dean W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-4566 44566 US Chapple, Joshua L CONTRACTOR 931-436-3201 Charbonneau, Daniel E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT Charbonnier, Solange A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1948 US Chard, Scott J TASK FORCE OFFICER 513-421-4310 Charest, Ronny G ITSPEC 202-324-2636 42636 US Charfauros, Emily C TASK FORCE OFFICER 000-000-0000 Charikofsky, Michael D CONTRACTOR 571-280-5000 US Charkviani, Zurab TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 415-553-5763 US Charles, Anita G GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST 202-323-8104 38104 US Charles, Ashton M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 504-816-3000 3460 US Charles, Dylan H STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST Charles, Franklin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6330 6330 US Charles, Heather H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3977 US Charles, Irene MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8557 48557 Charles, Irma L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 646-696-2996 2996 US Charles, Matthew L SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 1701 Charles, Nathan M DETAILEE tbd Charles, Peter F TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-641-6504 US Charles, Robyn L INSTRUCTNL SYS SPECLST - GENERAL 703-632-3431 US Charles, Rodney M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 517-336-8367 US Charles, Tiffany A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-2973 42973 US Charleston, Wilquins ITSPEC 202-233-9059 US Charlotten, Jean R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-994-0316 US Charlottesville.RH Charlton, Carla D CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9393 US Charlton, Gregory W FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5673 US Charlton, Kelly A FINGERPRINT EXAMINER-SR 304-625-4340 US Charnesky, Roger J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-2430 2430 US Charney, Cheri A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 203-777-6311 5018 US Charney, Christopher J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 414-276-4684 4255 US Charon, Lynne INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 518-431-7464 7464 US Charriez, Jose N FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3020 US Charter, Kyla STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 309-669-2320 US Chartier, Denise A DETAILEE 212-384-3835 3825 Chartier, Lee R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-2428 2428 US Chase, Benjamin M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 904-248-7154 US Chase, Clay S SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6248 6248 Chase, Dawn D MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-275-2311 US Chase, Edward H CONTRACTOR 202-324-1345 41345 US Chase, Eric C CONTRACTOR 703-632-8445 Chase, Erkan A ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-3128 43128 US Chase, Gregory J TASK FORCE OFFICER 402-493-8688 Chase, John R CONTRACTOR 703-985-2602 US Chase, Stephen P TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-6598 Chase, Tracey A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3683 US Chase, Tyron L MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATING 202-324-2182 42182 US Chase-Baker, Tonya L CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Chasko, Alison A MISSION SUPPORT ANALYST 304-625-5818 US Chason, Brittany A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Chasteen, Caryn RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-3315 US Chasteen, Matthew R FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-3847 US Chatham, Daron C SPECIAL AGENT 830-214-5388 US Chatham, Kristi RELIEF SUPERVISOR 901-747-4300 9619 US Chatman, Andrew R CONTRACTOR 404-788-2519 Chatman, Julie C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1837 US Chatman, Leon C CONTRACTOR 571-350-4308 US Chatman, Robert G UNIT CHIEF 202-324-7414 40292 US Chatmon, Kevin B CONTRACTOR 703-275-8569 Chatmon, Michele P ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 202-278-2704 US Chatt, James A CONTRACTOR 571-350-5624 Chattanooga.KX US Chattaway, Roland E SPECIAL AGENT 202-651-3133 US Chatten, Dawn M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 716-843-4328 US Chatterton, Jeffrey D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1715 1715 US Chau, Anthony COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 203-503-5287 Chau, Cindy S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-495-8539 US Chau, Matthew M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 818-734-5298 5298 US Chau, Stephanie K SPECIAL AGENT 408-369-8900 1020 US Chau, Thuy T PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2229 US Chaudhari, Mohammad A CONTRACTOR 202-278-4457 US Chaudhry, Rouf O CONTRACTOR 202-383-9616 US Chaudrey, Ali R SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-5489 35489 US Chaulk, Brian D TELECOMMUN MANAGER 813-253-1238 1238 US Chauncey, Bonnie B CONTRACTOR 703-633-5217 US Chauncey, Steve S INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Chauvin, Lori A SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 504-816-3101 US Chauvin, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 203-777-6311 Chauvin, Robert W TASK FORCE OFFICER 530-809-1964 Chavaree, Ramie D INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 310-903-6591 US Chavarria, Grettel F SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-2620 US Chavarro, Ronald H UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3839 3839 US Chavers, Carnisia D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 813-253-1000 US Chaves, David A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2810 US Chavez, Alberto D SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8501 48501 US Chavez, Armando R DETAILEE 305-787-6164 US Chavez, Crystal L DETAILEE 505-889-1300 Chavez, Esther STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 626-931-5536 US Chavez, Jennifer INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6732 US Chavez, Jorge TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Chavez, Judith A CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 Chavez, Leroy A SPECIAL AGENT 505-889-1300 1511 US Chavez, Mayra OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Chavez, Raul CONTRACTOR 703-414-8510 US Chavez, Regino E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 305-787-6654 US Chavez, Sandra L TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-283-6274 US Chavez, Sonya K FIELD SUPERVISOR 505-889-1300 1556 US Chavez, Theodore J PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7245 7245 US Chavez, Victoria SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 646-696-2819 2819 US Chavez-Ghimenti, C C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-8311 8311 US Chavira, Mary M SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 505-889-1305 1305 US Chavis, Angelia SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2249 US Chavis, Miguel CONTRACTOR 202-324-2031 US Chavoya, Edward R TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-495-7200 US Chawla, Jennifer INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 916-977-2587 US Chazen, Michele A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-5525 5585 US Cheatham, Christopher L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 662-328-5299 US Cheatham, William W STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-651-4318 4318 Cheatum, Kasim L CONTRACTOR 202-651-4368 US Cheatwood, Randal H SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 858-320-8329 8329 US Chechak, Kevin FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1663 US Chedester, Robert M POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6032 US Cheek, John L TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Cheeks, James E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-633-6346 6346 US Cheever, Steven P TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 US Chehab, Nouredine TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 407-838-2616 2616 US Chelak, Maureen J PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5823 US Chelf, Jennifer N SPECIAL AGENT 408-558-1003 1003 US Chellberg, Samantha SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA CHEMTEAM Chen, Belle ASAC-CRIMINAL DIVISION 212-384-1000 2842 US Chen, Catherine A SUPVY ATTORNEY-ADVISOR (GENERAL) 202-324-4999 44999 US Chen, Gary M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 626-931-5571 US Chen, Huei LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 518-431-7349 US Chen, Jimmy SPECIAL AGENT 808-566-4294 US Chen, Katherine SPECIAL AGENT 808-673-7267 US Chen, Kin INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 US Chen, Lily RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5974 US Chen, Pei GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-436-7423 US Chen, Qiling E US Chen, Sherry INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-3759 3759 US Chen, Shinyueh TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8502 US Chen, Suruchi K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 415-575-5098 US Chen, Victor C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3701 43701 US Chen, Winnie R CONTRACTOR 202-278-3595 3595 Chen, Xi CONTRACTOR 202-278-4443 Chenail, Kevin M GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-323-9467 39467 US Chenault, Eric INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 817-989-3393 3393 US Chenevert, Troy J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 337-233-2164 US Chenevey, Jayme SPECIAL AGENT 217-757-3690 3690 US Chenevey, Matthew W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 217-757-3793 US Cheney, Daron D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6127 US Cheney, Jason R SPECIAL AGENT 907-265-8265 US Cheney, Owen W SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-735-2037 US Cheney, Scott B ASAC 813-253-1122 US Cheng, Alice TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 858-320-8569 US Cheng, Angela Y TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 562-409-1339 US Cheng, Audrey B Cheng, Charles T TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8512 US Cheng, Hoi T POLICE OFFICER 212-384-3791 US Cheng, Jason SPECIAL AGENT 956-717-6477 US Cheng, Jude SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-2645 42645 US Cheng, Michael D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-5257 US Cheng, Nancy H CONTRACTOR 310-477-6565 US Cheng, Susan P TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5499 US Cheng, Thomas P TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-436-7831 7831 US Cheng, Wu I Chengappa, Roshni K CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Chenoweth, Cortnie FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 415-558-7323 US Cher, Michael F FIELD SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6330 US Cherian, Raj SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8361 US Cheripka, Robert C CONTRACTOR 202-324-6342 US Cherkasskiy, Yuliya A CONTRACTOR 703-633-5215 Cherry, Calvin A CONTRACTOR 202-203-3668 Cherry, Hermione S ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 757-609-2690 US Cherry, Jason S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-6854 US Cherry, Selisha M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Chervenak, Sarah L UNIT CHIEF 703-275-3122 US Chesire, Joseph A SUPVY ITSPEC 202-324-2092 42092 US Chesky, Jennifer SPECIAL AGENT 910-860-5017 Chesley, Michela S CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Cheslock, John NON-EMPLOYEE 310-628-2937 0 Chesney, Carmen J TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 845-615-1802 1802 US Chesson, Christina L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 831-722-8720 US Chester, Colt C SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8475 US Chester, Deborah R Chester, Joseph M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Chester, Matthew S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 239-263-8225 US Chester, Thomas A TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-5521 US Chesterfield, Christina L CONTRACTOR 571-350-4688 US Chestnut, Donald L CONTRACTOR 202-324-5225 45225 Chestnut, Rose STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 304-346-2371 US Cheung, Aurora K SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Cheuvront, Dale E POLICE OFFICER 304-625-3119 3105 US Cheuvront, Timothy A QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST 304-625-2641 US Cheval, Adrien ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1318 1318 US Chevere, Jesus M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-556-5041 US Cheverz-Cortes, Michelle TASK FORCE OFFICER 797-277-7005 Cheviron, Nicholas I SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4630 4630 US Chew, Christopher T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8510 US Chew, Deitra A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5233 45233 US Chew, Kenneth INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-6704 15605 US Chew, Rasul H SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-3019 3019 US Chewning, Deborah D MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-7346 7346 US Chhangur, Satish P ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 973-792-3045 US Chhour, Meng S CONTRACTOR 571-535-8116 Chi, Janne H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6688 15245 US Chi, Yu-Chen C TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8521 US Chianella, Brett A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 305-293-5679 US Chiang, Raiza B CONTRACTOR 202-651-8101 18101 Chiang, Sammy J SPECIAL AGENT 573-636-1811 US Chiappetta, Dominic D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0297 40297 US Chiappetta, Stephen A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-7623 804.627.4695 US Chiappisi, Jerome SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 2763 US Chiappone, John M SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2000 2438 US Chiarella, Ryan M DETAILEE 703-632-4319 Chiarenza, Taylor D CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Chiaro, Joseph A TASK FORCE OFFICER 610-551-0438 Chibe, Ross W TASK FORCE OFFICER 708-349-0004 Chicago, Cyber 1.312.431-1333 Chicago, Media 1.312.431.1333 Chicantek, Matthew W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 219-769-3719 US Chicas, Flor Z TASK FORCE OFFICER Chichester, Christel TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 904-248-7067 US Chichester, Florence M ITSPEC (SEC) 202-203-1807 US Chick, Johnna STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Chickerell, Carly J IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9591 US Chickery, John T Chidester, Robin G LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7180 US Chikalard, Haisam CONTRACTOR 202-278-4339 US Chikarmane, Ambika DETAILEE 215-418-4335 Chilbert, Matthew T PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 585-279-3936 US Childers, Cora J TASK FORCE OFFICER 503-460-8489 US Childers, Leonard S CONTRACTOR 208-238-5105 Childers, Micah J SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-9000 Childers, Russell R FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 502-263-6090 US Childers, Vickie L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4878 US Childress, Barry D CONTRACTOR 703-672-2025 US Childress, Blake H SPECIAL AGENT 205-279-1222 US Childress, Fredrick C INTERN US Childress, Johanna L SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Childress, John W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 432-570-0255 3638 US Childress, Michael H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3567 Childress, Robert RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8876 US Childs, Allen S SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 405-508-1180 US Childs, David H INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-5000 US Childs, Freddie G TASK FORCE OFFICER 540-548-4401 US Childs, Jared N CONTRACTOR 703-672-2041 US Childs, Timothy L TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-7896 47896 US Chiles, Meghan R UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3797 43797 US Chilton, James B TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-672-6100 Chilton, Ronald L POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6032 US Chimento, Kevin T CLERICAL-PHYSICAL TRAINING 703-632-3465 3465 US Chimiak, Tia A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 518-431-7200 US Chimienti, Joseph M TASK FORCE OFFICER 718-286-7100 US Chin, Alan S ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 415-553-7400 US Chin, Brandon D TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-4821 US Chin, Deborah F CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-5723 45723 US Chin, Matthew L DETAILEE 571-280-5533 15024 US Chin, Maurice L SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8030 Chin, Michele A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 732-302-2972 US Chin, Wing F CONTRACTOR 202-323-9115 US Chin Chitty, Jason C OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 914-989-6000 6011 Chinchar, Wayne D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 973-792-7154 7154 US Chinda, Thom F TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 US Chinen, Claudia S INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 808-673-2844 US Ching, Rickerd K ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 808-690-8421 US Ching, Wallie C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3353 US Chinn, Jon K SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-4085 US Chiodi, Andrea M CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-323-9524 39524 Chiodi, Ronald W CONTRACTOR 202-324-2459 42459 US Chios, James N FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6473 6473 US Chipps, Kimberly D IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9366 US Chipps, Nikki MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-7230 US Chirico, Melissa S CONTRACTOR 305-787-6763 US Chirolla-Rodriguez, Alex D SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 787-754-6000 5608 US Chisholm, Jeffrey SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 925-363-2062 US Chisholm, John P Chisholm, Kimberly ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 763-569-8135 US Chisholm, Mark G CONTRACTOR Chisholm, Russell W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 508-947-0625 0274 US Chisholm, Tasha T INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3332 US Chisley, Cheryl Y 202-324-2957 42957 US Chisum, Donna L PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 704-672-6633 US Chittal, Daniel R CONTRACTOR 757-537-2096 US Chittum, Wayne D CONTRACTOR Chiu, Bessie M AUDITOR-FO 415-553-7474 7474 US Chiu, Warren Y PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3709 US Chiue, John RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8757 US Chizhikova, Yekaterina Y CONTRACTOR 212-384-2384 US Chizmadia, Jesse S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6207 US Chlapowski, Albert G Special Agent US Chlebowski, Clinton J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4093 US Chlosta, Tina M ASSOCIATE ORGANIZATIONAL OMBUDSMAN 202-324-9391 49391 US Chmiel, George G CONTRACTOR 410-277-6760 US Chmielewski, Timothy J TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8000 US Chnupa, Martin C TASK FORCE OFFICER 317-595-4000 Cho, Andrew SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8147 48147 US Cho, Chong S SSRA 408-558-1011 1011 US Cho, David Y CONTRACTOR 202-324-8562 48562 US Cho, Edward COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 510-808-8549 US Cho, Jacqueline INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 217-353-4189 1000 US Cho, Jeffrey L CONTRACTOR 617-742-5533 Cho, Julia H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-566-4300 7256 US Cho, Timothy M SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-7164 7164 US Cho, Young M CONTRACTOR 202-324-9785 US Cho, Young S Cho, Young-Im D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-1783 41783 US Choate, Andrew TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 Choban, Michele CONTRACTOR Chochowski, Joelle A OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 904-248-7010 US Chock, Judy J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-558-1166 1166 US Choe, Christopher S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Choi, Angela CONTRACTOR 202-000-0000 Choi, Angela CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Choi, Arthur C TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Choi, Charles C UNIT CHIEF 571-280-0656 16764 US Choi, Christine SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-4621 US Choi, Jessie Y CONTRACTOR 301-586-1667 US Choi, Joseph RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3342 US Choi, Joseph H FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-6303 US Choi, Joseph K CONTRACTOR 562-345-1193 US Choi, Jung-Won GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-1087 41087 US Choi, Kelly E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3564 US Choi, Kyoung K CONTRACTOR 571-350-4175 US Choi, Moon-Hui FIELD SUPERVISOR 702-584-5525 US Choi, Sung B Choi, William S ITSPEC 202-324-9746 49746 US Choi Brewer, Connie L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-253-5224 Choldin, Daniel L FIELD SUPERVISOR 206-262-2406 Cholico, George L TASK FORCE OFFICER 775-328-4016 US Chollette, Jerry CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 US Chomko, Steven J TASK FORCE OFFICER Chon, Ae H CONTRACTOR 202-323-9683 US Chong, David W CONTRACTOR 703-633-5612 Chong, Henry K TASK FORCE OFFICER 808-673-7332 US Chong, Paola V STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 305-230-5707 US Chong, Terrence K CONTRACTOR 703-985-2725 US Chong, Vaughn K SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5355 US Chonko, Jolene CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-7167 47167 US Chontos, William A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4059 US Chopra, Vineet CONTRACTOR 202-324-6382 46382 Choquette, Bradi L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 623-466-1666 US Chorlton, David A TASK FORCE OFFICER 302-293-1024 Chorn, Michael F TELECOMMUN MANAGER 803-551-4538 4538 US Choromanski, Kevin AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC LEADR 415-553-7400 5747 US Chorpenning, Aaron C CONTRACTOR 202-323-3867 US Chotejaruchaiya, Troy HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-233-9123 Choucair, Dena E ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-323-5807 35807 US Chouhdry, Tariq M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8590 US Choulagh, Hany G TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 313-965-2323 4385 US Chow, Emilie Y CONTRACTOR 202-324-3463 Chow, Tseng H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 2055 US Chow, Yuk K TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-3170 3170 US Chowdhury, Evan CONTRACTOR 703-872-5354 Chrest, Nicholas B INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-2537 42537 US Chrestman, Matthew E CONTRACTOR 703-633-4784 US Chrisman, Dana M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-263-6365 6365 US Chrisman, Jennifer N INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 206-287-3757 US Chrissafis, Pierre G FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-0648 40648 US Christ, Heather A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3713 43713 US Christafore, Carie B VOUCHER EXAMINER 304-367-3877 Christafore, Leisa D TRAINING INSTRUCTOR 304-625-2000 Christal, Mary T NURSE CONSULTANT 202-324-1692 41692 US Christensen, Aaron D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 406-254-8127 8127 US Christensen, Adam RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-496-4335 US Christensen, Adam K ELECTRONICS TECH -INSTRUCTOR 703-985-6536 6536 US Christensen, Allen J TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 US Christensen, Angi M PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-8328 US Christensen, Eric A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 916-977-2282 US Christensen, Eric N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 509-453-4859 US Christensen, Greg D SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2285 2285 US Christensen, Helene V PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3778 US Christensen, Jason J US Christensen, Jason M TASK FORCE OFFICER 402-493-8688 US Christensen, Jonathan D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-514-4236 US Christensen, Judy K CONTRACTOR 808-673-2992 US Christensen, Lane INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 410-981-8706 US Christensen, Pamela S SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 503-460-8030 US Christensen, Shay C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-4095 US Christenson, Danielle A SPECIAL AGENT 586-412-4844 US Christenson, Jeremy L TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8000 8450 US Christenson, Julia CONTRACTOR 703-983-9653 US Christenson, Mark A SPECIAL AGENT 210-650-6810 US Christesen, Kathy D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 505-326-5584 US Christian, Brandie BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-7484 7484 US Christian, Derek K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 650-251-8383 US Christian, Kathryn S CONTRACTOR 202-651-3035 US Christian, Kristie INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 405-290-3645 US Christian, Michael H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2591 2591 US Christian, Patricia A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7088 US Christian, Robert A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 214-705-7000 7152 US Christian, Sean DETAILEE 503-224-4181 US Christian, Shawn N MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4836 US Christian, Steve E SUPVY SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-324-7894 4000 US Christian, Tynisha K MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4293 44293 US Christiana, Philip M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 603-431-4585 0508 US Christiansen, Dane RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3729 US Christiansen, James K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8122 8122 US Christiansen, Rebecca L Christiansen, Steven J TASK FORCE OFFICER 951-248-6503 Christie, Amanda N CONTRACTOR 703-632-7524 US Christie, Bryan S ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6637 6637 US Christie, Colleen M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1216 US Christie, James E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-4641 4641 US Christie, Marlon K CONTRACTOR 202-324-9011 49011 Christie, Robert C CONTRACTOR US Christie, Ryan J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8424 US Christie, Steven L SPECIAL AGENT 415-553-7400 5743 US Christie, Stuart CONTRACTOR Christinat, Karen L CONTRACTOR 202-278-4397 US Christinaz, Daniel U ITSPEC 703-872-5036 US Christine, Bowie E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-233-1421 1421 US Christley, Garrett M SPECIAL AGENT 907-265-8153 US Christman, Michael A ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 412-432-4003 4003 US Christofferson, Chad E INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Christoforo, Jeffrey M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 972-559-5000 5427 US Christopher, Dale A SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-9023 39023 US Christopher, Gregory T PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 1321 US Christopher, John J TASK FORCE OFFICER US Christopherson, C M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8385 US Christos, Brian N CONTRACTOR 703-961-7624 US Christy, Davis R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8029 8029 US Christy, Isis J CTOC SPECIALIST 813-253-1000 US Christy, Kimberly J 404-761-3786 US Chronister, Darryl E CONTRACTOR 703-985-6877 US Chronister, Larry L TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Chrostowski, Brian CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-322-5963 US Chrostowski, Michael R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 702-385-1281 US Chrzanowski, Peter J CONTRACTOR 571-482-4736 Chu, Brian CONTRACTOR 703-633-4791 US Chu, Camay L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 626-931-5546 US Chu, Chris TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 415-575-5071 5071 US Chu, Donald RELIEF SUPERVISOR 571-350-5203 US Chu, Jimmy J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-3095 43095 US Chu, Kerry L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-7219 7219 US Chu, Long T UNIT CHIEF 703-633-4697 US Chu, William S CONTRACTOR 703-985-3739 US Chua, Haw-Hwa CONTRACTOR 703-985-3339 US Chua, Robin INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-8476 US Chuang, Eric C UNIT CHIEF 703-985-3758 US Chuang, Yunsung N CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US Chucri, Curtis K TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 813-253-1248 1248 US Chuey, Coleen L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 313-965-3372 3372 US Chui, Robin Tingwah T CONTRACTOR 415-553-5798 US Chukro, Ehsan TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 312-829-8142 8142 US Chukwu, Kenneth O CONTRACTOR 202-324-1154 Chun, Harold W DETAILEE 703-633-6951 Chun, Kun S ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 212-384-4025 4025 US Chun, Ryan G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 608-829-2387 US Chung, Amanda R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 650-289-3041 US Chung, Caroline CONTRACTOR 202-324-6122 46122 Chung, Curtis H SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-9000 6263 US Chung, Dae Hwan H SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-8486 38486 US Chung, David H. CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Chung, Duke Y CONTRACTOR 703-964-6597 Chung, Jane W CONTRACTOR 310-477-6565 US Chung, Jin A CONTRACTOR 240-463-0618 Chung, Linda TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 206-287-3705 US Chung, Meena TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 808-673-2952 US Chung, Peter RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3595 US Chung, Sang H PROJECT MANAGER 202-323-3436 3436 US Chung, Terence K INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 303-483-5763 Chung, Thomas T CONTRACTOR 713-936-8524 US Chung, William T CONTRACTOR 703-633-5502 Chung, Yuri INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 312-421-6700 US Church, John R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2886 US Church, Kristen J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4024 US Church, Kristopher S CONTRACTOR 304-625-2947 US Church, Luke D FIELD SUPERVISOR 610-353-4500 US Church, Nancy E UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3733 3733 US Church, T D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 540-510-3458 540-510-3478 US Church, Tonya N ITSPEC 304-625-5525 US Churchill, Kelley M CONTRACTOR Churchill, Kent A TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-9252 Churness, Aaron L TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8000 US Chutich, Brandon M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-262-2153 US Chuy-Horn, Mailin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8112 8112 US Chvojka, Erin MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4648 US Ciaccio, Jeffrey L TASK FORCE OFFICER 815-720-4627 Cialdella, Christine A UNIT CHIEF 571-280-6458 15362 US Cialella, Colin T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 406-994-0927 US Ciammaichella, Alan C TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5487 14692 US Cianciolo-Carney, Rossana SECRETARY OA 571-350-7204 US Cianelli, Christopher STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-651-3064 US Ciapas, Victor M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 614-849-1735 US Ciavarri, Daniel A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 585-279-0083 US Ciccarello, Michael A CONTRACTOR 202-436-8015 Cicchini, James J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-630-577-1616 US Cicero, Andre G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8170 US Cicero, Jeremiah G SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1999 US Cicerrella, Richard W SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 571-280-6711 15606 US Cichacki, Joseph T TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-589-3254 US Cieluch, Rick J TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 763-569-8000 8535 US Cienawski, Alicia MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7394 US Cieplik, Christopher R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-777-6311 US Cieplik, Scott P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 401-278-1497 US Ciesla, Shannon R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT Cieslewitz, Stanley J UNIT CHIEF 703-985-6791 6791 US Cieslinski, Stephen M TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6000 US Cihal, Dennis INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 402-575-2126 US CIIU_Mailbox Cikota, Daniel G TASK FORCE OFFICER 586-416-1231 US Ciliberti, Eric J CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Cilmi, Stefanie A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0331 40331 Cima, Brian N SPECIAL AGENT 701-772-0812 US Cimakasky, Richard A SPECIAL AGENT 215-641-8910 US Cimino, Peter A SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-3563 US Cin, Diana L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8569 US Cinalli, Nicholas ITSPEC 304-625-4059 US Cincinelli, Salvatore G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7385 US Cincinnati 513 421-4310 513 562-5650 US Cincinnati, Training Cincotta, Joseph A CONTRACTOR 212-384-1000 US Cindric, Mark D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Cintron, Hector TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-759-5670 0 Cintron, Roberto NON-EMPLOYEE US Cintronperez, Jessalynn CONTRACTOR 402-493-8688 CIO, Office Cioffi, Beatriz A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Cioni, Anastasia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-2046 US Cipolla, Kevin S FIELD SUPERVISOR 808-673-7339 US Cipriana, Joan A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 713-936-8354 US Cipriano, Anthony J SPECIAL AGENT 505-428-7032 US Cipriano, Gregory S SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 954-888-1685 US Cipriano, Steven A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4697 US Circkirillo, Patrick M CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Cirilli, David J SPECIAL AGENT 561-822-5111 5111 US Cirillo, Barbara ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 317-845-7127 7127 US Cirkic, Aida INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 312-829-4737 US Cirks, Brook TASK FORCE OFFICER Cisar, Jeffrey RELIEF SUPERVISOR 304-260-4804 US Ciserano, Dominick P CONTRACTOR 202-324-2978 Ciske, Bruce A CONTRACTOR 202-324-1015 US Ciske, Matthew B SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 518-431-7284 US Cisneros, Alberto ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 901-747-4300 9672 US Cisneros, Jacquelyn OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 956-984-6405 Cisneros, Joseph A CONTRACTOR 703-985-3803 Cisper, Carolyn S FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 405-290-7770 3829 US Cito, Amy B PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 973-792-3000 7270 US Citso, John INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 281-386-8962 US Ciuffetelli, Edna M VISUAL INF SPEC 202-324-8047 48047 US Ciufo, Daniel D SPECIAL AGENT 513-979-8360 US Ciulla, Stephanie J CONTRACTOR Civello, Ned M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 504-816-3000 3193 US CIVETTI, ANDREW SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Civetti, David A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-223-6175 US Civiletto, Charles M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-8699 3313 US CJIS_COMM CJISTrainingOfficer Clabby, John E Claborn, Casey B GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4530 Claflin, Richard RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Claiborne, Stacey INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-2763 2763 US Claiborne, Valarie MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7443 47443 US Clair, Heather L CONTRACTOR 703-593-0510 US Claman, Daniel OGA Clancy, David H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3841 US Clancy, Patrick M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 207-541-0704 US Clancy, Ryan P TASK FORCE OFFICER Clancy, Thaddeus E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 503-302-1791 US Clanton, William L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 972-559-5532 5532 US Clapp, Karlene SPECIAL AGENT 410-981-8711 US Claramunt, Christopher J TASK FORCE OFFICER 918-664-3300 US Clardy, Tab J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 803-551-4351 US Clare-Emmi, Ana M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2472 42472 US Claridge, Kevin S TASK FORCE OFFICER 928-774-0631 Clarity, Brian R SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6515 US Clark, Alicia PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 404-679-6295 US Clark, Andrew D CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-322-5984 Clark, Anthony SUPVY POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6032 6032 US Clark, Anthony M CONTRACTOR 202-383-9621 US Clark, Barry P TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 US Clark, Brandon D MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-1517 1517 US Clark, Brian N CONTRACTOR 509-892-9951 US Clark, Brian S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 708-364-6153 US Clark, Cameron CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Clark, Cameron K SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-351-2043 US Clark, Candice A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5816 5816 US Clark, Carla S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6240 US Clark, Charles W CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Clark, Christopher SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 202-324-8888 48888 US Clark, Christopher ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 703-686-6887 US Clark, Claudia CONTRACTOR 816-512-8200 US Clark, Craig G TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-630-6748 US Clark, David A CONTRACTOR 202-324-0372 40372 Clark, David M DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Clark, Deanna M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 863-682-6114 0243 US Clark, Deanne A LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 49-030-8305-2043 240 Clark, Dominique D TASK FORCE OFFICER 240-286-2109 Clark, E S SPECIAL AGENT 609-689-7953 7953 US Clark, Eileen D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 310-996-3430 US Clark, Elizabeth L CONTRACTOR 202-324-9774 US Clark, Ellen M TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 US Clark, Ernest H MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2897 42897 US Clark, Freda A BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-4050 44050 US Clark, Gregory R MISSION SUPPORT ANALYST Clark, Hannah STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 202-324-0064 0004 Clark, Irving J INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Clark, Jack TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 Clark, James F INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Clark, James L WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE Clark, James M DETAILEE 808-566-4300 Clark, Jay A CHEMIST - NE 703-632-7421 US Clark, Jeffrey R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3473 3473 US Clark, Jerisha D CONTRACTOR US Clark, Jessica M MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4602 4602 US Clark, Joann OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 513-421-4310 8206 US Clark, John D TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 US Clark, John R CONTRACTOR 202-347-1213 2037 US Clark, Jonathan RELIEF SUPERVISOR 580-223-2018 US Clark, Joseph M TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-589-2500 Clark, Justin M TASK FORCE OFFICER 219-942-4900 Clark, Kelley. A A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-0000 US Clark, Kelly E SPECIAL AGENT 205-279-1164 US Clark, Kenya L Clark, Kevin SUPVY POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6035 US Clark, Kevin C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-522-1400 6873 US Clark, Kevin J CONTRACTOR 703-872-5158 Clark, Kimberly A FINANCIAL ANALYST 212-384-1000 3376 US Clark, Larry A SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 510-558-1029 US Clark, Laurie A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 540-868-4886 Clark, Lindsey P STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Clark, Luwanna K SUPVY CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-323-2556 32556 US Clark, Marcus A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-651-3033 US Clark, Mary INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 623-466-1784 US Clark, Mary M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7100 US Clark, Mason J CONTRACTOR 540-868-4709 Clark, Maya N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-558-2533 US Clark, Melinda G TASK FORCE OFFICER 562-619-4759 Clark, Michael J SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1289 US Clark, Patrick S TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8777 US Clark, Paul C SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2703 US Clark, Randall RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7271 US Clark, Randall T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Clark, Robert J TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4046 US Clark, Robert W ASAC 310-996-3801 US Clark, Roy E WRITER-EDITOR 202-324-4424 4424 US Clark, Scott S MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4804 US Clark, Sean P PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6547 US Clark, Shannon E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 918-664-3300 2516 US Clark, Shannon R CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Clark, Stephan D TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 US Clark, Stephen J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1553 1553 US Clark, Steve M CONTRACTOR 703-872-5395 Clark, Steven M CONTRACTOR 202-233-9266 US Clark, Sue E SPECIAL AGENT 937-291-5352 US Clark, Tammy J SUPVY CONTRACT SPECIALIST 304-625-2000 52334 US Clark, Thomas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 229-219-6522 US Clark, Thomas W PERSONNEL SEC SPEC-CJIS 304-625-5055 US Clark, Tiffany M CONTRACTOR 202-324-4572 US Clark, Timothy W DETAILEE US Clark, Tristan D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Clark, Veda Y LEAD POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 47582 US Clark, Vincent E SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2512 42512 US Clark Jr., Richard M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Clarke, Audrea L CONTRACTOR 540-361-0000 US Clarke, Christopher L CONTRACTOR 703-985-1413 US Clarke, David B SPECIAL AGENT 225-291-5159 2570 US Clarke, George W UNIT CHIEF 703-488-4424 US Clarke, Jamie L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6941 6941 US Clarke, Jeremy M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 803-214-5618 US Clarke, John S STATIONARY SSRA 340-715-6509 US Clarke, John T TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 US Clarke, Lisa B GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4599 US Clarke, Maria LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 246-227-4158 6304 Clarke, Marvin C CONTRACTOR 402-530-1573 US Clarke, Michael M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2990 2990 US Clarke, Miguel A FIELD SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5727 US Clarke, Seamus F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-615-1700 1771 US Clarke, Shondrell K PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5974 US Clarke, Tyronne J ITSPEC 703-633-5705 US Clarke, Uriah A CONTRACTOR 646-696-2000 2704 US Clarkson, John M GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-1743 41743 US Clary, Brendan J GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-5780 45780 US Clas, Gabriel A CONTRACTOR 703-633-4657 US Class, Angelo F CONTRACTOR 202-651-2161 US Class, Brigette F DEPUTY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-203-1702 US Class, Brittany A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 754-703-3451 US Class, Shannon M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-436-7943 US Class, T. Michael M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 404-679-1490 9000 US Class, Thomas M SAC 972-559-5007 US Claudio, Candido D LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 2047 US Claudio, Migdalia SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 716-843-5292 US Claudio, Yogetta S ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 212-384-1000 3011 US CLAUDIO-VALENTIN, DANIEL OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 787-754-6000 US Claus, Victoria A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 907-265-8557 US Clausen, Victoria MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3504 Clauson, Keith A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 518-465-7551 4881 US Clauss, Melizande SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 210-650-6004 US Clauss, William T FIELD SUPERVISOR 210-650-6280 US Claussell, Mario J CONTRACTOR 631-871-2668 US Claussen, Kathleen E Detailee Clausson, David J ITSPEC 304-625-4945 US Claverie-Gudino, Greta A TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 512-506-4149 US Clawson, Dustin A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Clawson, Thomas G CONTRACTOR 301-586-1630 US Clay, Andrew F GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4287 4287 US Clay, David J RECORDS CONVERSION SPECIALIST 540-868-4833 US Clay, Laurel S GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4512 US Clay, Linda M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6180 46180 US Clay, Rachel DOCUMENT ANALYST - FE 703-632-7324 7324 US Clay, Reginald N INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 404-555-5555 US Clay, Susan OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-8890 US Clay, Victor E CONTRACTOR 540-868-4609 Claybrook, Madeline K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-8516 US Claypool, Mary C TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-436-7739 7739 US Clayton, Angela B CONTRACTOR 202-651-4030 Clayton, Anthony G CONTRACTOR 703-872-5411 US Clayton, Darren L SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1194 US Clayton, John H STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 626-931-5586 US Cleary, Jason L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6155 US Cleary, Joseph M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPV/SRA 509-892-9954 US Cleary, Thomas A TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Cleavenger, Richard W MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2225 US Cleaver, Elgie B TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 US Cleeland, Jeffrey R SPECIAL AGENT 805-488-2365 4668 US Clegg, Daniel C LEGAL ATTACHE 402-510-0021 1201 Clegg, Jeremy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-799-4251 US Clegg, Ruth INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 801-579-6556 US Cleghorn, Barry E ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 703-632-1343 US Cleghorn, Terri L COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 405-290-3605 3605 US Clelland, James E ITSPEC (CUSTSPT/NETWRKSRV) 304-625-4043 US Clelland, Marvin L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2913 US Clelland, Paula M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 304-367-3711 3711 US Clem, Aaron TASK FORCE OFFICER 509-455-8470 US Clem, Rachel R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 310-996-3312 3312 US Clemency, Joseph E CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Clemens, Beth A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 317-845-4580 US Clemens, Christopher P CONTRACTOR 304-625-2539 Clemens, Jonathan SPECIAL AGENT 408-558-1049 US Clemens, Robert L ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 314-589-2500 2643 Clemensen, Eric D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 208-664-5128 US Clement, Andrew SPECIAL AGENT 318-561-6064 US Clement, Courtney E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 414-291-2482 2482 US Clement, Elizabeth E SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-4777 44777 US Clement, Jess M CONTRACTOR 304-625-7468 Clemente, Nikki M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 508-798-1512 US Clements, Christopher DETAILEE 202-353-0405 Clements, James D SPECIAL AGENT 206-262-2191 US Clements, Mark D Chaplain 1.608.789.8036 Clements, Windiferd CONTRACTOR 703-985-6403 US Clemm, Ryan T CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US Clemons, Steven W ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 303-630-6355 US Clemons, Yumiko PROGRAM MAINTENANCE&SUPPORT SPEC 972-559-5000 US Clendening, Kevin PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 210-650-6771 US Clere, Bruce D TFO Cleveland, Bryan G INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 303-630-6856 US Cleveland Diplomats Clevenger, Craig FACILITY OPERATIONS SPEC-RMD 540-868-7611 7611 US Clevenger, Elizabeth L RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4753 US Clevenger, Joshua E TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-584-4347 US Clewell, Lewis H CONTRACTOR 703-553-6100 Click, Linda S MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2278 US Click, Tyler SPECIAL AGENT 804-289-7219 US Clifford, Alexa CIA DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Clifford, Brian SUPVY PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 540-368-8514 8514 540.368.8540 US Clifford, Brianne G INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT Clift, John D TASK FORCE OFFICER 205-326-6166 US Clifton, Cassie M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Clifton, Les P CONTRACTOR 304-625-2292 Clifton, Timothy W SPECIAL AGENT 203-503-5097 US Clifton, Vivian K ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-1028 703-985-1565 US Climenhaga, Christopher A CONTRACTOR 202-324-8601 48601 US Cline, Angela INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 817-989-3339 US Cline, Christopher R CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 53530 US Cline, Francis J TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 Cline, Jay Cline, Lisa A UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2172 42172 US Cline, Nina E CONTRACTOR 202-436-7354 Cline, Noel L TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 216-622-6628 US Cline, Renee R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8883 US Cline, Stephen D TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 US Clinesmith, Kevin E GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-6723 Clingan, Savannah R MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3517 US Clinton, Christopher FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1563 1563 US Clinton, Edward J SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 703-835-3701 8137 US Clipper, Delonte T CONTRACTOR 202-436-8134 Clipper, Maynard A CONTRACTOR 703-632-3026 Clipson, Jeremy T TASK FORCE OFFICER 859-246-4730 US Clisham, John E TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-431-1719 US Cloak, Randy R OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 704-975-0326 US Clock, Carol SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 312-829-5392 5392 US Cloney, Christine STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4033 US Cloney, David M STATIONARY SSRA 805-477-2038 US Clopper, Eric J CONTRACTOR 202-643-2143 US Clopper, Jennifer INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4299 US Clor, Michael D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3633 US Close, Rhetton S TASK FORCE OFFICER 937-222-7485 Cloud, Alaina E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9394 49394 US Cloud, Cory L TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Clough, Patrick P LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 503-460-8105 US Clouse, Larry A ITSPEC 304-625-4991 US Clouser, Barbara A CONTRACT SPECIALIST 304-625-5061 5061 US Clouser, William D SUPVY ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 703-985-1029 1029 US Cloutier, Jan J TASK FORCE OFFICER Clower, Jason W SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 251-415-3254 3254 US Clowers, Kelly L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 972-559-5375 US Clowes, John P TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 617-742-5533 US Clowser, Peggy A ITSPEC 304-625-2379 US Cluck, Michael TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Clutter, Michael A TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC 304-625-5366 US Clutter, Robert L ITSPEC 304-625-5070 US Clymer, Tracy L FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 702-584-5451 US CMC.Dallas US Co, Bempsey G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2519 US Coachman, Sherolynne ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 205-279-1098 US Coakley, Anna ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 916-977-2398 US Coakley, Miriam C CONTRACTOR 202-324-2040 42040 US Coakley, Thomas J TASK FORCE OFFICER 508-798-1510 US Coakley, Timothy P PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 706-271-2104 US Coates, Denise CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-0552 40552 US Coates, Melody A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1599 41599 US Coates, Todd J CONTRACTOR 703-985-3286 US Coates, Zachary J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 850-216-3326 US Coates-Harris, Marketa C TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 202-324-3905 43905 US Coats, Gregory K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 252-439-2504 US Coats, Shannon R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 419-243-6122 8946 US Cobb, Angela M DETAILEE 703-872-5081 Cobb, Gordon P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-1844 US Cobb, Jason A INSTRUCTNL SYS SPECLST 703-632-1924 1924 US Cobb, John W Cobb, Marcus J CONTRACTOR 571-350-4292 Cobb, Michelle E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-278-2677 2677 US Cobb, Randy S INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 US Cobb, Tina L PROGRAM MAINTENANCE&SUPPORT SPEC 404-679-9000 US Cobb, William SPECIAL AGENT 404-597-5494 US Cobb, William L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 305-787-6710 US Coberly, James T LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7302 US Coberly, Patrick S CRIMINAL HISTORY CHALLENGE ANALYST 304-625-9229 US Cobiella, Emmanuelle CONTRACTOR 202-436-7918 US Coble, Christine RELIEF SUPERVISOR 307-3356-7559 US Coble, Robert S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-368-8211 Cobler, Cory CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-7101 47101 US Coblin, Michael S SPECIAL AGENT 956-986-7948 US COBO, JONATHAN STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 410-277-6412 Cobo, Matthew A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-414-8512 US Coburn, Alexander D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9133 49133 Coburn, Jeffrey L UNIT CHIEF 703-633-6300 US Cocanougher, Mariebeth G CONTRACTOR 202-436-7922 US Cocchiaro, Michael P CONTRACTOR 703-418-9205 US Cocco, Stephen A CONTRACTOR 840-374-4003 US Cochran, Anita DETAILEE 212-384-1000 Cochran, Cassandra K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 317-845-4708 4708 US Cochran, Celeste M LEGAL ADMIN SPEC-CJIS 304-625-7113 US Cochran, David STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 540-645-2316 2316 Cochran, David D COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 804-627-4459 Cochran, Gwen E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 719-329-7306 US Cochran, James A ASAC 973-792-3009 US Cochran, Jerry A Cochran, Nell AUDITOR 703-632-1966 Cochran, Robert R FIELD SUPERVISOR 757-609-2641 US Cochrane, Robert W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2133 US Cocklin, Nathan A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3206 3206 US Cockrell, Jason W CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Cocks, Mary L HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 801-579-1400 6019 US Coco-Ennaco, Julia T PROGRAM ANALYSIS OFFICER - PROM 202-323-9644 39644 US Cocuzzo, Gerard J ASAC 901-747-9792 9792 US Coder, Amanda L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2338 US Coder, Grahm L SPECIAL AGENT 970-461-4010 US CODETIPS CODIS Bureau Car Codispoti, Phillip FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 502-263-6095 US Cody, Byron SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1384 US Cody, John J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 732-212-2921 2921 US Cody, Karen A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 571-350-5406 US Coe, Beatina CONTRACTOR 202-203-1806 US Coe, Glenford B CONTRACTOR 703-633-4812 Coe, Roger A SECTION CHIEF 202-324-8554 48554 US Coelho, Kevin G TASK FORCE OFFICER 707-428-3845 US Coen, Margaret TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 212-384-1000 2651 US Coen, Paul A OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 703-632-1542 US Coff, Brian R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 314-589-2656 2656 US Coffee, Regina L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8573 US Coffey, Cassandra M MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-361-2305 US Coffey, Gary B SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-0815 40815 US Coffey, Jason RELIEF SUPERVISOR 571-280-6357 US Coffey, Jason A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4237 US Coffey, John D PROJECT MANAGER 202-436-8208 US Coffey, John K CONTRACTOR 404-679-6109 US Coffey, John R CONTRACTOR 571-280-5000 Coffey, Kristin INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-4051 16306 US Coffey, Robert C UNIT CHIEF 202-538-2009 2009 US Coffey, Steven CONTRACTOR 610-975-5150 Coffie, Erin M SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 3600 US Coffin, Helen OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 248-828-7573 7573 US Coffin, Roderick F SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6226 US Coffin, Steven C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 925-363-2060 US Coffin, Thaddius L Coffindaffer, Beau D SPECIAL AGENT 405-290-3926 US Coffman, Adam M SPECIAL AGENT 217-875-6976 US Coffman, B. Scott S SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 304-625-2656 US Coffman, Brenda D LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7103 US Coffman, Connie L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-7703 US Coffman, Daniel A CONTRACTOR 317-595-4000 Coffman, Kari ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 216-622-6885 US Coffman, Kimberly R UNIT CHIEF 571-280-6716 15273 US Coffman, Twyla V SUPVY ACCOUNTING ANALYST 304-625-5940 US Cofield, Valerie M SECTION CHIEF 202-324-7162 47162 US Cogar, Ashley J ITSPEC (INFOSEC) 304-625-3175 US Cogar, Catherine A Cogdell, Andre S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 4333 US Coggins, Ruby B SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 404-679-1410 US Coghlan, Phil A CONTRACTOR 540-899-1205 US Cohan, Keith INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 919-576-5007 US Cohen, Aaron J SPECIAL AGENT 817-989-3311 Cohen, Adam J GENERAL ATTORNEY 571-350-4508 4508 US Cohen, Adam S SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT-SAC 716-843-5200 US Cohen, Alison R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 816-512-8660 US Cohen, Andrew SPECIAL AGENT 719-329-7315 Cohen, Aviva CONTRACTOR 703-686-6005 Cohen, Benjamin SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 202-324-5316 45316 US Cohen, Bradley W ASAC 973-792-3000 3012 US Cohen, Brian M SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-5958 45958 US Cohen, Bruce MEDICAL OFFICER (OCCUPTL MED) 703-632-3461 Cohen, Claire INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 714-939-3247 US Cohen, David S CONTRACTOR 650-814-4668 US Cohen, Isaac H TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1391 Cohen, Jodi SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-347-2553 2008 US Cohen, Jonathan D SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-686-6018 US Cohen, Joshua A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6429 46429 US Cohen, Julia P UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3000 0040 US Cohen, Rafael G PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT (SPECIAL OPS-MEDIC 703-632-1632 US Cohen, Robin D CONTRACTOR 202-651-3007 Cohen, Stacy E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 828-225-4709 US Cohen, Stephen SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Cohen, Stuart M IT SPECIALIST (REGIONAL IT PROGRAM MA 410-277-6592 US Cohn, Jordan CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 45522 Cohn, Kevin A ITSPEC-FE (FO) 713-934-5512 Cohoon, Brian A TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Coit, Matthew R FIELD SUPERVISOR 310-996-4409 US Cojbasic, Ana TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-5335 US Cojocea, Mihai S CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 40770 Coker, Brannon RELIEF SUPERVISOR 281-204-7567 US Coker, Francis A TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Coker, Tyler T PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-1912 US Coker, Victor T TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 202-278-2977 US Coker, William W TASK FORCE OFFICER 941-362-8141 US Colabroy, Danielle M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 310-429-0369 US Colagiovanni, Lawrence A TASK FORCE OFFICER 561-833-7517 Colandrea, Trevor K SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6097 US Colantoni, Anthony V FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1597 1597 US Colarulo, Anthony F TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4050 US Colasurdo, Celena RELIEF SUPERVISOR 443-436-7735 0 Colatosti, Carol A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8096 US Colbert, A. A SPECIAL AGENT 803-551-4550 US Colbert, Susan N INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Colburn, Mark E SPECIAL AGENT 816-512-8644 US Colby, Marc W FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 631-501-8600 8647 US ColdHotTrkr Cole, Amber E TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Cole, Angelyn R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 916-977-2375 2375 Cole, Annette M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5919 7453 US Cole, Barry B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-3505 US Cole, Christopher A TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-496-4648 Cole, Corri A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-7801 37801 US Cole, Dana R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 405-290-3974 US Cole, Daniel P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 817-989-3307 US Cole, Danyell CONTRACTOR 202-324-7522 47522 US Cole, Daryl A SUPVY ACCOUNTANT 202-324-7836 47836 US Cole, David A SPECIAL AGENT 405-290-7770 ext. 3753 US Cole, Diana K UNIT CHIEF 202-323-3300 35375 US Cole, Ford R CONTRACTOR 703-814-4838 US Cole, Jacqueline M SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 203-503-5003 5003 US Cole, Jeffrey R TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Cole, Jennifer L ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 310-301-6258 US Cole, Jesse D CONTRACTOR 304-625-4937 53998 US Cole, John N CONTRACTOR 202-324-9684 US Cole, Joyce A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8037 US Cole, Juan E CONTRACTOR 703-424-6687 US Cole, Katherine MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3019 43019 US Cole, Katherine E DETAILEE TBD Cole, Luisa T MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7816 47816 US Cole, Marilyn K FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5646 US Cole, Michael N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-2849 2849 US Cole, Michael W TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-238-8468 US Cole, Muntae C CONTRACTOR 817-901-0223 US Cole, Patricia A CONTRACTOR 202-324-1088 41088 Cole, Sarah E CONTRACTOR 703-553-7286 Cole, Sharon D ITSPEC 202-324-7076 47076 US Cole, Shaun D TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Cole, Shawn A ITSPEC 304-625-2822 52822 US Cole, Shelley L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 773-686-7706 US Cole, Steve V INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 313-965-6065 Cole, Susan E EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 623-466-1427 US Cole, Tracy A SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 404-679-6346 US Cole, William TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-499-7334 Cole-Morgan, Leslie FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 312-829-4535 4535 US Colebank, Marlene POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Colebank, Michael C POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Colella, Jill C ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 617-223-6475 US Colello, Steven J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 2548 US Coleman, Allen D FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 251-438-3674 3216 US Coleman, Brandon T TASK FORCE OFFICER 865-544-0751 US Coleman, Bryan M CONTRACTOR 571-350-4341 Coleman, Carlene V MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8998 48998 US Coleman, Christopher M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-5258 US Coleman, Corey S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-7411 US Coleman, Daniel J CONTRACTOR 301-586-4538 Coleman, Daniel K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-777-6311 5495 US Coleman, Darla D TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 216-622-6631 US Coleman, Deborah H SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 202-324-4196 44196 US Coleman, Dennaris T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5809 5809 US Coleman, Devern SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 202-834-0284 Coleman, Eugene W DETAILEE 310-477-6565 Coleman, Frederick T INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Coleman, Frederick INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-961-7634 1000 US Coleman, Homer B SPECIAL AGENT 205-279-1033 1033 US Coleman, J T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 501-228-8576 US Coleman, Jacqueline M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 904-248-7345 US Coleman, James T UNIT CHIEF 703-985-1366 US Coleman, Jeffrey S SPECIAL AGENT 202-870-6854 US Coleman, John ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 205-279-1319 US Coleman, John M 703-553-6221 US Coleman, John H TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Coleman, John J SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4462 US Coleman, Judith M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1349 2300 US Coleman, Kevin F SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4000 4405 US Coleman, Kevin G CONTRACTOR US Coleman, Laurie J FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 702-584-5573 US Coleman, Letoria A CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Coleman, Lisa L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 219-769-3719 US Coleman, Marian E INSTRUCTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS 703-632-3177 3177 US Coleman, Mark A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 502-942-5603 US Coleman, Mark H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3919 3919 US Coleman, Mark J LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7727 US Coleman, Matthew J PHOTOGRAPHER 631-501-8600 8715 US Coleman, Melvin J MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR SUPERVISOR 202-324-2182 42182 US Coleman, Michelle L ACCOUNTING ANALYST 202-323-3541 33541 US Coleman, Nancy INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 732-741-0006 US Coleman, Paul R CONTRACTOR 703-587-1451 Coleman, Perry D CONTRACTOR 202-324-5869 45869 Coleman, Randall C ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-4614 44614 US Coleman, Reginald L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2229 US Coleman, Reuben C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-5900 US Coleman, Tara N MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6698 46698 US Coleman, Thomas H DETAILEE 571-280-3833 US Coleman, Thomas S DETAILEE 718-915-6792 Coleman, Tiffany R AUDITOR-FO 601-713-7532 US Coleman, Todd D CONTRACTOR 214-477-3269 COLEMAN, TRACY LEE CONTRACTOR 202-203-3678 Coles, Diane SECRETARY OA 202-324-7548 47548 US Coles, Tangela D MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3046 3046 US Coletta, David N CONTRACTOR 202-203-1836 US Coletti, David L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8631 US Coley, Andrei L CONTRACTOR 202-324-7032 Coley, Stephanie A CONTRACTOR Colfescu, Filip A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2252 US Coliano, John J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-6553 36553 US Colkmire, Benjamin R TASK FORCE OFFICER 610-754-5453 Coll, Denise M ITSPEC 202-324-3427 43427 US Coll, Timothy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 518-431-7387 7387 US Collacchi, Diego A TASK FORCE OFFICER 315-431-4880 US Collado, Rafael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6482 US Collar, Matthew RELIEF SUPERVISOR 707-725-6141 7716 US Collas, Nora C ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 613-688-5384 5384 US Collazo, Barbara J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 941-316-6425 US Collazo, David A SPECIAL AGENT 562-982-1609 US Collender, James I STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 714-939-3273 US Collet, David ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 415-553-7400 US Collet, Marisol E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 510-808-2600 Collett, Michael TASK FORCE OFFICER 517-280-5431 US Collett, Zachariah CONTRACTOR 571-280-6757 US Collette, P M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-870-6987 US Colletti, Robert J CONTRACTOR 202-324-3454 43454 Collicelli, Lynn M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4652 44652 US Collie, Komaal C DETAILEE 212-384-5000 Collier, Anntoinette CONTRACTOR 202-203-1930 Collier, Cametra OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 817-989-3356 US Collier, Douglas D SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 3261 US Collier, Felicia D CLERICAL-PHYSICAL TRAINING 757-609-2598 US Collier, Matthew R ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 01134915872354 US Collier, Melissa S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 617-413-9054 US Collier, Michael L SPECIAL AGENT 409-832-8571 US Collier, Michelle R SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6495 2004 US Collier, Perryn T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1542 US Collier, Peter S SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8340 US Collier, Shanerica E Colligan, Bradley J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-341-2730 US Colliluori, Anthony T INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-633-6907 US Collings, Graig D TASK FORCE OFFICER 317-595-4000 US Collington, Sereta ITSPEC 202-233-9051 US Collins, Anne Q INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-9078 49078 Collins, Ashley J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3318 43318 US Collins, Ashley. M M BIOLOGIST 703-472-0336 US Collins, Belinda MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6129 6129 US Collins, Bethany OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 215-418-4000 Collins, Brendan SPECIAL AGENT 754-703-2129 US Collins, Brent RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7448 US Collins, Brian K ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 410-277-6504 US Collins, Brian M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 5559 US Collins, Brian P CONTRACTOR 410-585-4121 Collins, Cherie D CONTRACTOR 202-323-1734 31734 US Collins, Christopher C SPECIAL AGENT 317-845-4619 US Collins, Christopher T INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3399 US Collins, Corey E FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4273 US Collins, Daphne M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Collins, David D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 352-727-7973 US Collins, George H TASK FORCE OFFICER 228-769-7920 US Collins, Jacob M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1528 US Collins, James C TASK FORCE OFFICER 509-892-9958 US Collins, James P CONTRACTOR 571-350-4422 US Collins, Jane L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 434-972-6141 434-293-9744 US Collins, Jason R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-6854 46854 US Collins, Jason S PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2572 US Collins, Jeffrey M SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 801-579-6356 US Collins, Jennifer V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2518 US Collins, Joshua N TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3389 Collins, Karen D SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2144 US Collins, Larry J NON-EMPLOYEE 317-639-3301 0 Collins, Leanne M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 858-495-8527 US Collins, Mathew A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-544-0304 US Collins, Michael POLICY PROGRAM SPECIALIST 202-324-9012 49012 US Collins, Michael D VOUCHER EXAMINER 208-238-5243 Collins, Michael D SPECIAL AGENT 858-495-8528 US Collins, Michael J Collins, Nicholas S INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 Collins, Nicole A CONTRACTOR 301-586-1666 US Collins, Philip J STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 212-384-1000 8597 US Collins, Rebecca E CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US Collins, Rebekah INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-4721 US Collins, Robyn FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 803-551-4388 US Collins, Stephen J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 814-278-7005 US Collins, Timothy T UNIT CHIEF 304-625-3832 US Collins, Tina B NICS LIAISON SPECIALIST 304-625-7399 US Collins, Tommie D TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-417-3655 US Collins, Wanda J MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2594 US Collins, Wendy S SPECIAL AGENT 702-668-7015 US Collins, William F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 387-33-70-45-11 BA Collins, William S SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 216-522-1400 6694 US Collins, William S DETAILEE 512-917-9070 Collins-Morton, Mary B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4484 US Collodi, Richard A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-6143 46143 US Collura-Mencher, Monique ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 4492 US Colmenar, Mary M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 562-982-1656 US Colmenares, Jose M PHYS SECUR SPEC (EXPLOSIVES OPERS)-HDS Colombo, Andrew J POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 3119 US Colombo, John STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 313-965-9054 US Colombo, Virginia A DETAILEE 718-286-7100 Colomer, Timothy M CONTRACTOR 540-632-7806 US Colon, Alecia OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 8279 US Colon, Betsy N ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 754-703-2283 US Colon, Carlos F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US Colon, Damien A SPECIAL AGENT 312-421-6700 4585 Colon, Kathia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 2571 US Colon, Rusty A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 901-747-4300 US Colon-Colon, Elizabeth TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 Colon-Cruz, Ramon A TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-812-0040 0 Colon-Marquez, Ismael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3766 US Colon-Santiago, Eliezer TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 Colonna, Joseph CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Coloso, Florence P MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7132 47132 US Coloso, Roberto OPERATIONS SUPRT&MTNCE SPEC 703-212-4502 US Colraine, James P SPECIAL AGENT 510-808-8525 US Colson, Farrah L CONTRACTOR 703-632-7553 US Colucci, Denise L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 505-889-1300 1558 US Columbia, CDC 803-551-4200 US Columbia, Infragard 803-551-4200 US Columbia.SCwarrants US Colunga, Robert POLICE OFFICER Colvin, Chadwich M CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-8675 US Colvin, Jason C ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 571-280-6493 US Colvin, Jason M ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 215-418-4176 4176 US Colvin, Nicole L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 405-290-7770 3848 US Colvin, Tyson M TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-8348 Colvin, William INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-6353 15339 US Colvin-Smith, Michelle OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 410-265-8080 US Colwell, Elic P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-984-6379 US Coman, Daniel M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Combs, Beth A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 419-254-8968 US Combs, Christopher H SAC 210-650-6000 US Combs, Garron D CONTRACTOR Combs, Georgianna K CONTRACTOR 540-878-8639 US Combs, Jason SUPVY GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIS 540-868-4169 US Combs, Justin B SUPVY ACCOUNTANT (FORENSIC) 703-686-6202 US Combs, Nicholas L TASK FORCE OFFICER 336-855-7770 US Combs, Randy C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6617 US Combs, Riley MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4919 US Combs, Sean K SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Combs, Tiffany D PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-1874 US Comcowich, Gregory J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 6291 US Comeau, Monique M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2524 US Comeau, Walter P REGIONAL OCDETF COORDINATOR 314-589-2515 2515 US Comeaux, Leigh J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Comeaux, Norman E CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 601-713-7701 US Comeaux, Tiffany M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 337-233-2164 0203 US Comella, Ralph M SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4026 4026 US Comer, Alexis M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 410-266-2473 US Comer, Danny L ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-6898 6898 US Comer, Matthew C GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4505 4505 US Comer, Sarah M GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1647 Comer, Vesta B SUPVY BUDGET ANALYST 703-632-4115 4115 US Comers, Ronald P STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 302-594-4305 US Comey, James B DIRECTOR 202-324-3444 43444 Comfort, Mabel L CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-872-5370 US Comisky, Brian J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 4347 US Command, NY-Incident 212-384-1000 Commean, Lisa L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 618-998-2938 US Commodore, Todd C UNIT CHIEF 304-625-2836 US Commons, Joseph P CONTRACTOR 202-324-0026 40026 US CommunityOutreach.Dallas Comolli, Alexandra D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-6067 US Comottor, Jon C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3738 US Compeggie, Joel D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4120 US Compher, Denise G MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-545-2811 US Complaints, Philadelphia Complaints, Scranton Scranton Complaints Compton, Darren L TASK FORCE OFFICER 317-595-4000 US Compton, Gary CONSTRUCTION ANALYST 703-632-3732 3732 US Compton, Gary L CONTRACTOR 703-985-6124 Compton, James ITSPEC 703-872-5166 5166 Compton, James W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3455 US Comstock, Brian J TASK FORCE OFFICER 54-794-4331810122191 US Comstock, David Q CONTRACTOR 304-625-5282 Comstock, Kimberly GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1501 US Cona, Dana STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 787-308-8948 US Cona, Michael INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-2763 2763 US Conahan, Joseph J TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-686-3000 Conaty, Edward T RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4940 US Conaty, Melissa A MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4368 US Conaway, Virginia M SUPVY HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 304-625-2000 54113 US Conboy, Thomas F FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-4125 US Conca, Glenn A SPECIAL AGENT 206-622-0460 US Concepcion, Dionicio CONTRACTOR 202-324-8016 Concepcion, Greg FIELD SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7180 US Concepcion, Nicholas N CONTRACTOR 312-829-8161 US Concepcion, Nicolas A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Concha, Robert G TASK FORCE OFFICER 915-832-5000 US Conchado, Henry ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 212-384-4400 4400 US Conchos, Sylvia M VICTIM SPECIALIST 623-466-1434 US Concodora, Stephanie L GENERAL ATTORNEY 571-350-4512 US Conde, Mayra INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 956-717-6481 US Conde-Vazquez, Maritza RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US Condiff, Charles A CONTRACTOR 703-632-1164 US Condikey, Andrew J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 US Condliffe, Matthew P CONTRACTOR 202-324-6307 46307 Condo, David A ASAC 907-265-8102 US Condon, David SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-3728 33728 US Condon, Dennis M CONTRACTOR 202-203-1925 US Condon, Michael J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3826 US Condon, Patrick L CONTRACTOR 703-632-7626 US Cone, William H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3439 US Congdon, Jason S CONTRACTOR 540-658-7412 US Congedo, Isaac INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-0683 40683 US Conger, Daniel R FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT Congo, Colin SPECIAL AGENT 702-385-1281 US Coniglio, Jerome A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-2791 2791 US Coning, Christine R ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 317-845-7110 US Conklin, Brian J SPECIAL AGENT 201-259-4074 7753 Conklin, Diana RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4745 4745 US Conklin, Donald F TASK FORCE OFFICER 718-244-4370 7196 US Conklin, Eleanor OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 973-792-3000 7308 US Conklin, Kevin M STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 973-792-3000 7400 US Conklin, Laura STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 754-703-2000 Conklin, Lynn M MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4041 US Conklin, Michael R TASK FORCE OFFICER US Conklin, Sherry G ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 540-361-2503 2503 US Conkling, Elizabeth A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 510-553-9834 US Conley, Benjamin R TASK FORCE OFFICER US Conley, David I DETAILEE 703-633-0000 Conley, Donna S MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5929 US Conley, Ellen E CONTRACTOR 202-324-7663 47663 US Conley, Jennifer LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7073 US Conley, John P TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Conley, Jonah T TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-320-1800 Conley, Joshua E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Conley, Kelly TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Conley, Martin H CONTRACTOR Conley, Ownby Conley, Sheila PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 617-223-6051 6051 US Conley, Steven D TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4300 US Conley, Steven L SECTION CHIEF 202-324-4785 4785 US Conlin, Edward L TASK FORCE OFFICER 702-584-5585 US Conlin, Joseph S ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-2045 42045 US Conlin, Shawna B MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8508 8508 Conlon, Daniel P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 914-989-6000 6038 US Conlon, Steven R CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS INSTR 703-632-4237 US Conlon, Suzette SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2235 US Conn, Robyn J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 859-246-4702 US Connell, Brendan RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8619 US Connell, Catherine S FORENSIC CHILD INTERVIEW SPECIALIST 586-412-4844 6117 US Connell, David RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5363 5363 US Connell, Heath R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 615-232-7628 7628 US Connell, Janyce L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 763-569-8000 8407 US Connell, John UNIT CHIEF 571-280-6171 US Connell, Kevin B TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 US Connell, Michael J Connell, Roger J CONTRACTOR 703-672-2009 US Connell, Timothy J MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6225 6225 US Connelly, Catherine TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 0 Connelly, Michael F ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 313-965-6070 6070 US Connelly, Richard F TASK FORCE OFFICER 503-460-0000 Connelly, Sean STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 203-777-6311 US Conner, Alan G Conner, Bill J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 219-769-9849 US Conner, Carole L GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1694 1694 US Conner, Holly A TASK FORCE OFFICER 615-232-7500 US Conner, James R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 804-289-7246 US Conner, Olamae T SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-1865 US Conner, Shannon M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 215-418-4000 Conner, Steven L PHOTOGRAPHER 503-460-8070 US Conners, Constance INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-3111 3111 US Conners, Stephanie A DETAILEE 571-350-8985 Connole, Erin M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6304 15332 US Connole, Ryan W INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 330-258-4106 US Connolly, Carol J PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3630 US Connolly, Cathleen A SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 858-320-8543 US Connolly, James B CONTRACTOR 540-903-7149 Connolly, John J DETAILEE 513-979-8479 Connolly, L J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-996-3506 Connolly, Thomas E CONTRACTOR 703-983-2491 US Connor, Alan G ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 210-650-6214 US Connor, Christian W FACILITY OPERATIONS SPECIALIST-FO 202-278-2321 2321 US Connor, Danielle K INVESTIGATIVE ASSISTANT 713-202-8521 Connor, Kerry M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1314 US Connor, Rachel M MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4456 4456 US Connor, Raymond C TASK FORCE OFFICER 601-948-5000 US Connor, Steven C TASK FORCE 916-481-9110 2273 Connors, Barbara A CONTRACTOR 202-323-9473 39473 US Connors, Bret R TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-940-7384 Connors, Brian K SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Connors, Kelly A SPECIAL AGENT 708-364-6177 US Connors, Michael J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO US Connors, Sean M SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3000 7517 US Conolly, Brian RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-6150 US Conolly, Victoria A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST US Conon, Garett PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-3515 3515 US Conquest, Bryan K TASK FORCE 256-539-1711 US Conrad, Denise S PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5921 US Conrad, Erika INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-9619 49619 US Conrad, Gerard M CONTRACTOR 212-384-5000 US Conrad, H V OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 210-946-7700 US Conrad, Helen OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 423-755-5564 5564 US Conrad, Jeremy L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6345 US Conrad, Lantre RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5340 US Conrad, Richard TASK FORCE 402-493-8688 Conrad, Robert J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPV/SRA 212-384-1000 4361 US Conrad, Scott J CONTRACTOR 703-633-4750 Conrad, Susan D LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 704-672-6402 0402 US Conrad, Thomas F TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-262-2387 US Conrad, Thomas H CONTRACTOR 937-558-5526 Conrath, Adam J VISUAL INF SPEC 703-985-1937 US Conrey, Benjamin J CONTRACTOR unk- Conroy, John PHOTOGRAPHER 312-829-8587 US Conroy, Kevin E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 803-376-2035 US Conroy, Peter R SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 3099 US Cons, Rafel PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 415-553-7624 7624 US Considine, Barbara A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-5773 5773 US Considine, Kevin R TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Consigny, Darci N INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4930 US Consolazio, Grace L FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-477-6565 3608 US Consoli, John A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 1736 US Consoli, Joseph PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 401-272-8310 US Constante, Edison J SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4237 US Constante, Norma Y SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 713-936-7612 US Constantine, Jon W AUTOMOTIVE PROGRAM MANAGER 703-632-3439 3439 US Constantine, Kevin D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6443 US Constantino, Joseph M TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-277-6568 US Constantopoulos, Damion J CONTRACTOR 703-985-3709 Contardi, Jenny L TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4525 Contardo, Joseph L AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORD 978-988-0709 US Conti, Nicole SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8043 US Conti, Thomas R TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 Contino, Valerie STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 312-829-8831 US Contractor, Drew J DETAILEE 312-829-7001 Contractor, Rizwanahmed SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8030 US Contreras, Carlos A TASK FORCE OFFICER 915-485-4700 Contreras, Jose L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5000 5506 US Contreras, Laurie A SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 414-291-4241 4241 US Conver, Stephen B CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Conway, Brendan M CONTRACTOR 202-324-2202 US Conway, E. E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4166 US Conway, Jane F CONTRACTOR 202-203-3675 Conway, Jennifer A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4204 4204 US Conway, Jerrilyn M BIOLOGIST 505-241-5163 US Conway, Marcella V INFORMATION LIAISON SPECIALIST 202-324-3657 43657 US Conway, Mary P FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 303-629-7171 US Conway, Thomas B SPECIAL AGENT 505-889-1300 1327 US Conyngham, Colleen M SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-2617 US Conzelman, David C TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3000 US Coogan, Michael C INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Coogle, David R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4356 US Cook, Adam POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Cook, Alicia TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 US Cook, Benjamin G SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4619 US Cook, Brandon L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-984-6311 US Cook, Brian J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-3000 42739 US Cook, Brian K LEAD POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2192 52192 US Cook, Bridgid A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8502 US Cook, Cavin L CONTRACTOR 202-324-7442 47442 Cook, Crystal R CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9334 US Cook, D L L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 231-946-7201 US Cook, Daniel D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 618-394-5630 US Cook, Danny TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-965-2323 US Cook, Darleen R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 251-415-3200 3200 US Cook, David SPECIAL AGENT 662-328-5299 US Cook, Debra M STATISTICAL ASSISTANT 304-625-2967 US Cook, Dillon L CONTRACTOR 540-868-0000 Cook, Douglas R STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 804-627-4404 US Cook, Emily C CONTRACTOR 703-961-2000 US Cook, Gerald K PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-8510 US Cook, James C INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 214-601-9855 US Cook, Janos J SPECIAL AGENT 702-236-0531 US Cook, Jihan G CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 US Cook, John R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 972-559-5000 5422 US Cook, Jonathan M SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5699 US Cook, Joshua W PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6309 US Cook, Justin C MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4456 US Cook, Katie L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 972-559-5287 5287 US Cook, Kevin R PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST 310-477-6565 4084 US Cook, Kyle M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Cook, Lance W STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Cook, Leslie M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR Cook, Marcia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 610-325-6672 US Cook, Matthew L SPECIAL AGENT 317-845-2517 2517 US Cook, Patrick B CONTRACTOR 202-324-1735 41735 US Cook, Paul L IT PROJECT MANAGER 703-872-5256 25256 Cook, Ray B CONTRACTOR 703-985-6611 US Cook, Ray B SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1751 US Cook, Robert E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 804-627-4428 804-627-4494 US Cook, Ryan M CONTRACTOR 304-625-4930 Cook, Stephen A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 704-672-6377 US Cook, Tara M FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 916-977-2354 US Cook, Terri L ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 310-996-3504 3504 US Cook, Theresa MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3237 US Cook, Thomas ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) Cook, Thomas M DETAILEE 571-280-5459 14688 US Cook, Thomas R SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5499 US Cook, Ty J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-6118 46118 US Cook, Tynisha S INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-603-2686 US Cook, William B TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4685 Cooke, Albert A CONTRACTOR TBD Cooke, Alfred H CONTRACTOR 571-280-5466 US Cooke, Bryce R COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 757-609-2613 US Cooke, Christine OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST 703-632-1429 US Cooke, Galit B CONTRACTOR 623-466-1598 US Cooke, Jennifer M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 757-609-2309 US Cooke, Joseph N INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 754-703-3701 US Cooke, Robert J CONTRACTOR 717-653-5454 US Cooke, Ryan E TASK FORCE OFFICER 000-000-0000 Cooke, Travis N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-926-5264 US Cooker, James T SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 904-248-7021 US Cooks, Marjorie A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-2207 2207 US Cookson, Jaron T MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-0522 30522 US Cookson, Teresa L EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 704-377-9200 US Cool, Brenda S LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7173 US Cooley, Donald H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 219-769-3719 0226 US Cooley, Hector CONTRACTOR 202-324-3569 US Cooley, John J TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Coombs, Bethany L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 904-248-7062 Coomer, Christopher P SPECIAL AGENT 703-961-7678 81647 US Coomes, Amy M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3223 43223 US Coon, Charlene K CONTRACTOR 208-238-5068 Coon, Greg S 202-324-1284 41284 US Coon, Jacqueline FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 7655 US Coon, Steven CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-278-3528 US Coonan, David RELIEF SUPERVISOR 760-602-3943 US Cooney, Brian E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-4552 US Cooney, Jason INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 501-217-2776 US Cooney, Michelle L TASK FORCE OFFICER 248-879-6090 Coonfield, Phillip E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3775 US Cooning, Timothy J TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1375 US Coonrod, Gregg R TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Cooper, Albert E CONTRACTOR 202-324-8026 48026 US Cooper, Andrew S SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6628 US Cooper, Anjeanette GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4880 4880 US Cooper, Barry W CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 Cooper, Benjamin E CONTRACTOR 571-350-4025 Cooper, Benjamin M COMPUTER ASSISTANT 571-350-4395 US Cooper, Brittany J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 513-979-8795 Cooper, Caleb S RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4724 Cooper, Carey A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1339 US Cooper, Carla M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 925-363-2063 US Cooper, Charmaine PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2157 2157 US Cooper, Christin M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 973-792-7171 US Cooper, Christina R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-5073 45073 US Cooper, Christopher ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 510-808-8345 8345 US Cooper, Clifton L SUPVY POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Cooper, Courtney L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 502-263-6470 Cooper, Daniel D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 605-343-9632 US Cooper, David J EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN US Cooper, Delonda PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 972-559-5181 US Cooper, Dominic A TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-874-1215 Cooper, Gary R TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-926-8906 Cooper, Jacqueline M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 623-466-1001 US Cooper, James R MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 703-632-1258 1258 US Cooper, Janice CONTRACTOR 703-603-3962 US Cooper, Jarred D 859-246-4712 4734 US Cooper, Jason R TASK FORCE OFFICER 317-595-4000 Cooper, Jason T INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 901-747-9517 Cooper, Jeffrey A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-4710 4710 US Cooper, Jeffrey B INSTRUCTNL SYS SPECLST - GENERAL 202-323-5799 35799 US Cooper, Joann PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-8023 48023 US Cooper, John R MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3756 US Cooper, Johnny J ASAC 256-885-3655 US Cooper, Karah LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8101 US Cooper, Kenneth E SPECIAL AGENT 313-965-2323 4299 US Cooper, Kenneth F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-439-3184 4247 US Cooper, Laverne A UNIT CHIEF 540-868-4797 US Cooper, Leona L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 281-386-8125 US Cooper, Lourdes R TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 813-253-1000 1066 US Cooper, Melissa J TASK FORCE OFFICER 513-421-4310 Cooper, Melody D MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2601 US Cooper, Nathan L CONTRACTOR 202-324-2248 42248 US COOPER, NORVAL TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-436-8800 Cooper, Richard E TASK FORCE OFFICER 302-658-4391 Cooper, Rory L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 623-466-1445 US Cooper, Ross H PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 814-278-7006 US Cooper, Ryan C TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-829-4239 Cooper, Samuel Z CONTRACTOR 202-651-3023 Cooper, Scott D TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-597-5105 US Cooper, Selden F EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE COUNSELOR 202-324-9661 49661 US Cooper, Shayla S CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-7751 47751 Cooper, Shayne R CONTRACTOR 208-238-5167 Cooper, Stuart B TASK FORCE OFFICER 254-772-1627 Cooper, Tasha L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5245 45245 US Cooper, Teresa STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-320-1863 1863 US Cooper, Teresa L FIELD SUPERVISOR 310-996-3959 US Cooper, Terri G CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Cooper, Tessa R VICTIM SPECIALIST 304-346-2308 US Cooper, Timothy MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-7203 37203 US Cooper, Veronica W CONTRACTOR Cooper, Wendy L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 281-253-5531 US Cooper, Will S TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 Cooper, Yolonda L INDUSTRIAL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-1962 31962 US Cooper III, William AUTOMOTIVE WORKER 305-944-9101 2490 US Cooper-Jones, Charlette N CONTRACTOR 202-203-1940 Cooperman, Dianne E CONTRACTOR 202-325-1196 US Cooperman, Margaret R DETAILEE 571-350-4682 Cooseman, E A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 314-589-2500 3266 Coots, David W TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 Coots, James A CONTRACTOR 202-324-4011 Cope, Christopher J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-6313 6313 US Cope, Jan L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-5604 US Cope, Matthew B AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 907-265-8112 US Cope, Shawn R TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-589-2500 US Copeland, Angela MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3472 3472 US Copeland, Cynthia D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 205-279-1541 US Copeland, David T CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-632-4635 US Copeland, Hope CHEMIST - NE 703-632-7841 7841 US Copeland, Joyce MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4685 US Copeland, L T SPECIAL AGENT 210-650-6256 US Copeland, Micheal J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6275 US Copeland, Patrick T CONTRACTOR 202-324-7464 US Copeland, Ryland S CONTRACTOR 202-324-7504 7504 US Copeland, Thad BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-7517 47517 US Copenhaver, Craig R TASK FORCE OFFICER 513-421-4310 US Copher, Jeremy L TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 US Copley, Bart A TASK FORCE OFFICER 304-525-4741 Copley, Karena OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 606-432-1226 US Copley, Mark D TASK FORCE OFFICER 954-885-7222 US Copley, Randolph SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 606-432-1226 US Coppersmith, Dana A TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-6751 US Coppinger, Dustin R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 505-205-4117 US Coppo, Dominic M SPECIAL AGENT 432-684-3670 US Coppola, Cindy A SPECIAL AGENT 760-416-7565 US Coppola, Jonathan R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 202-278-4241 4241 US Coppolino, Stephen D CONTRACTOR 202-324-9965 49965 Cora, David P DETAILEE 202-514-7259 US Cora-Ortiz, Maria D TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Corado, Karen E SUPVY EQUAL EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-2362 42362 US Coralic, Alexander INTERN 414-276-4684 Coram, Josh A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 904-460-3450 Coran, Colin INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 718-549-1602 1602 US Corathers, Carla J SECRETARY OA 304-625-0475 US Corathers, Lester A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7270 US Corbet, DJ J FIELD SUPERVISOR 703-686-6706 US Corbett, Charles CONTRACTOR 202-323-9102 39102 US Corbett, Charles SPECIAL AGENT 406-424-7706 US Corbett, Courtney J SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-4212 US Corbett, James P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6091 5141 US Corbett, Karen A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-436-7602 US Corbett, Paula M CONTRACTOR 202-203-1734 Corbett, Philipp STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-4689 Corbett, William J SSRA 671-472-7465 US Corbin, Andrew J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-417-3855 US Corbin, April R SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-5842 5842 US Corbin, Cheryl A AUDITOR-FD 703-322-5945 US Corbin, John L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 614-849-1736 US Corbin, Mark E TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Corbin, Scott S UNIT CHIEF 703-985-2595 US Corbo, Raymond C CONTRACTOR 703-632-8368 US Corcoran, Brian J RELIEF SUPV/ASRA 609-677-6400 US Corcoran, Daniel R TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-944-9101 US Corcoran, James E SUPVY BIOLOGIST 703-632-7521 7521 US Corcoran, Jeffrey R TASK FORCE OFFICER 513-979-8318 US Corcoran, Melissa A SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL (UC) 571-350-4053 US Corcoran, Michael PRINTING SERVICES SPECIALIST 202-324-4207 44207 US Corcoran, Michael R TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-265-8080 US Corcoran, Sarah J SPECIAL AGENT 601-713-7192 US Corder, Alicia D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-5988 35988 US Corder, Brenda J ITSPEC 304-625-7893 US Corder, Jason P UNIT CHIEF 304-625-2325 US Corder, Sherri K IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9352 US Cordero, Barbara A UNIT CHIEF 410-981-8606 US Cordero, Johnny A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Cordero, Julio C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5000 5151 US Cordero, Marco A FIELD SUPERVISOR 915-832-5114 US Cordero, Michael A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-6040 6040 US Cordero, Pedro D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-3541 US Cordero, Victor E TASK FORCE OFFICER Cordery, Carol R PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 907-265-8126 US Cordes, Jack R GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-8720 48720 US Cordes, Joseph R MGMT&PROG ASST 571-280-6392 US Cordier, Joshua INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 312-829-7888 US Cordiner, Andrew J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-5298 US Cordivano, Vincent R CONTRACTOR 703-368-8224 US Cordova, David D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 956-986-7946 US Cordova, Edwin O UNIT CHIEF 305-787-6469 US Cordova, Gilbert R TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 623-466-1912 US Cordova, Leonte R SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 504-816-3000 3262 US Cordova, Melissa A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 303-629-7171 Cordova-Bretana, Susan PARALEGAL SPECIALIST 904-248-7243 Coren, Stephen A GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-9638 0004 US Corey, George F DETAILEE 646-696-2856 US Corey, Molly A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 402-530-1114 US Corey, Shane R ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 402-530-1425 1425 US CORGAN, KIMBERLY D INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 303-968-6962 US Coris, Wanda INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3808 3808 US Cork, Belva Dean MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9623 49623 US Cork, Patricia M SUPVY BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5742 US Cork, Timothy L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4228 US Corkery, Mary Jo J SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2161 US Corle, Ryan M TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-320-8388 Corlew, Kevin T SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-4885 US Corley, Lisa D IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9388 US Corley, Melissa L CONTRACTOR 202-203-5931 Corley, Robert W SPECIAL AGENT 386-947-5332 US Corley, Sara L BUDGET ANALYST 304-625-2535 US Corley, Steven B MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-367-3773 US Corley, Todd A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6815 US Cormack, Jennifer A SPECIAL AGENT 864-255-9230 US Corman, Amanda J DETAILEE 202-278-2006 Corman, Jaime W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 901-747-9716 9716 US Corn, Gavin DETAILEE 703-633-4531 Corn, Rachel S SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-266-2492 US Cornali, Benjamin TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-432-4000 US Cornelison, Jason SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 251-219-3572 US Cornelison, Michael D CONTRACTOR 202-324-8838 Cornelius, Kyle OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 414-291-2409 Cornelius, Richard C SPECIAL AGENT 518-431-4882 US Cornelius, Ryan J SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5699 US Cornelius, Wallace W CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Cornell, Ian SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 212-384-1000 2702 US Cornell, Jennifer FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 716-843-4311 US Cornell, Matthew L CONTRACTOR 202-436-7510 67510 Cornell, Michael L INFORMATION LIAISON SPECIALIST 202-324-3257 3257 US Cornell, Patricia R CONTRACT SPECIALIST 304-625-2000 55261 US Cornell, Robert E ENGLISH MONITOR ANALYST 304-625-9590 59590 US Cornett, Cathryn L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 859-426-6069 US Cornett, Timothy S CONTRACTOR US Cornfield, Marcy TASK FORCE OFFICER 585-279-3900 Cornier, Nicole OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 787-706-8334 US Cornthwaite, Megan L CONTRACTOR 202-651-4274 Cornwell, Susan L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 713-936-8189 US Coronado, Sandra C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9293 49293 US Coronado, Yul E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 858-320-8326 Corpora, Kimberly M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 312-829-5343 US Corr, Krista L SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6454 6454 US Corradetti, Melissa A CRYPTANALYST - FE 703-632-7350 US Corral, Andy T CONTRACTOR 703-985-1030 US Corral, Enrique SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 809-368-7440 US Corral, Francesco RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-633-6949 US Correa, Angel L TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 972-559-5000 5040 US Correa, Jerson AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 954-432-3289 US Correa, Kim M Correa, Laura E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 754-703-2000 2061 Correa, Monica STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 754-703-2602 Correa, Rafael J SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-4896 US Correia, Duvall SUPVY SECURITY ASSISTANT 304-625-5146 55146 US Correia, Paul A CONTRACTOR 202-324-5452 45452 Correia, Vicki V SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-584-5565 5565 US Corrice, Mark A SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3170 3170 US Corrigan, Amanda R MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-530-3737 US Corrigan, Amy I ITSPEC-FE (FO) 816-584-4346 US Corrigan, Edward F CONTRACTOR 540-361-2147 US Corrigan, Joseph F COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 216-522-1400 6903 US Corrigan, Kevin SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3152 Corrigan, Michael J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2592 US Corrigan, Steven D TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Corrigan, Thomas PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-522-1400 6828 US Corry, Adam W FIELD SUPERVISOR 702-584-5748 5748 US Corry, Joseph W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-907-8013 US Corsi, Dina M DEPUTY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-4883 44883 US Corsi, LeeAnn M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6541 15224 US Corso, Lori OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 763-569-8416 US Corson, Adrienne M POLICY PROGRAM SPECIALIST 202-324-0963 40963 US Corter, Todd D CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Cortes, Alberto A SPECIAL AGENT 858-495-8529 US Cortes, Edgar A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 510-808-8666 US Cortes, Manuel INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Cortes, Nancy S PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 312-829-8941 US Cortes, Rodney FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6675 US Cortese, Jeffrey E FIELD SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 US Cortese, Thomas J SPECIAL AGENT 610-325-6678 US Cortez, Brenda L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 210-380-1191 US Cortez, Cesar CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER 915-832-5000 5181 US Cortez, Penny SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-3504 US Cortez, Rachell A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Cortinas, Kerry B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-5770 5770 US Cortinas, Ramon G CONTRACTOR 214-705-7016 US Corum, Tiffany CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Corvey, Nicole C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-9187 49187 US Corvi, Michael T TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-3092 US Corwin, Amanda R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 310-996-5186 5186 Corwin, Christian M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 605-355-5134 US Corwin, William G SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 310-996-3569 3569 US Cory, Mark E CONTRACTOR 304-625-2269 Cos, Juan A ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 858-320-8342 US Cosby, Bonnie H CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Cosby, Bryan V CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Cosby, James L TASK FORCE OFFICER 804-261-1044 Cosby, Walter R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-514-4236 US Cosby, William N DETAILEE 202-651-3102 US Cosden, Deborah L SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 410-277-6611 US Cosentini, Mary Anne A CONTRACTOR 646-696-2372 US Cosentino, Erin C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9862 39862 US Cosentino, Kevin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2589 2589 US Cosenza, Wendell SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-5563 45563 US Cosey, Tia M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 310-996-4354 US Cosgriff, Brian K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 610-325-6665 US Cosic, Senad ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 716-843-1658 US Cosindas, Laura C OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 310-996-3496 Cosio, Justin A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 310-996-3617 3617 US Cosme, L A LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 212-384-2287 US Cosme, Saul SPECIAL AGENT 787-754-6000 US Coss, Haley A CONTRACTOR 571-350-7242 Cossell, Barbara H INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 412-432-4000 4156 US Costa, Anthony J OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 973-792-3128 3128 Costa, Beatriz G CONTRACTOR 702-584-5757 US Costa, Cammy Jo J SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 916-640-8774 US Costa, Daniel L CONTRACTOR 412-268-4252 Costa, Elena B INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 916-956-5129 US Costa, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Costa, Paul INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 954-703-9549 US Costa, Shawn J TASK FORCE OFFICER 508-947-0625 US Costabile, Joseph A SPECIAL AGENT 701-852-5071 US Costabile, Joseph R SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8030 Costanza, Anthony J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 505-889-1394 US Costanza, Frank J SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 610-461-4417 Costanzi, John A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-3431 US Costanzi, Michael A ASAC 609-677-6405 US Costanzi, Paige C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-9578 49578 Costanzo, Michael E TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-329-1659 US Costanzo, Michael J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 217-757-3725 US Costanzo, Richard A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 703-686-6586 US Costello, Colleen F SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9274 49274 US Costello, Jason D SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6405 US Costello, Joseph T SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-3535 3535 US Costello, Kaitlin OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Costello, Maureen A SPECIAL AGENT 202-514-4236 US Costello, Sean P TASK FORCE OFFICER US Costello, Thomas W TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2765 US Coster, Cathy J CRIMINAL HISTORY CHALLENGE ANALYST 304-625-9231 US Costigan, Joseph CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Costin, Daniel R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8526 US Costin, Samantha D CONTRACTOR 202-203-1991 Costley, Dane B PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3814 US Coston, Danielle STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 757-609-2508 US Cote, Cory L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-262-2535 US Cote, Timothy P SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4374 US Cotellesse, Gerald S FIELD SUPERVISOR 215-418-4340 US Cotman, Alesia SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6699 US Cotner, Jeffrey B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-350-7314 US Cottam, Leah R FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 011-52-33-3268-2256 US Cottell, Kimberley OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Cotter, Brian F SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Cotter, David J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8513 US Cotter, John M SENIOR NATIONAL INTEL OFFICER 571-280-3899 16426 US Cotter, Susan L CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-8668 US Cottle, Randall A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Cotto-Adorno, Abiezer TASK FORCE OFFICER 7872738937 US Cottom, Mark C STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 219-769-9812 US Cotton, Amy R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 206-262-2578 US Cotton, Anthony TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4496 Cotton, Avery V CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Cotton, David R SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2540 2540 US Cotton, Denise OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 216-622-3826 US Cotton, Erika N INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 8125 US Cotton, Leon ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 205-279-1140 US Cotton, Valarie J HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 304-625-2000 53066 US Cottrell, Ceva G ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 801-579-1400 6166 US Cottrell, Mary A CONTRACTOR 816-512-8200 US Cottrell, Melissa D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8613 48613 US Cottrell, Robert T TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-878-9020 US Cottrill, Kelly J GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4855 US Couch, Barry W SPECIAL AGENT 585-279-0242 US Couch, Ian C SPECIAL AGENT 716-843-1704 US Couch, Jeffrey L CONTRACTOR 571-350-4641 US Couch, Katherine A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 704-672-6415 6415 Couey, Ralph F MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4691 US Coughlin, Brian M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-440-2175 US Coughlin, Cerena J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4546 4546 US Coughlin, Jeffrey M SPECIAL AGENT 713-936-8809 US Coughlin, Kevin P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8249 US Coughlin, Rene A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 845-220-4319 4319 US Coulibaly, Francoise CONTRACTOR 202-324-0912 40912 Coulson, Timothy S SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 612-623-3098 US Coulson, William C LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7027 Coulter, Chad T 701-223-4875 US Coulter, Christian G SPECIAL AGENT 706-596-9603 2083 US Coulter, Gregory P SUPVY ITSPEC 304-625-2893 US Coulter, Kimberly D SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 754-703-3125 US Coulter, Lindsay K STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 805-477-2025 US Coulter, Lindsay L SPECIAL AGENT 202-906-9674 US Coulter, Roy G ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 404-679-6450 US Council, Roshunda S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1211 US Council, Willie G COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 313-965-3570 US Countermeasures, InfrastructureTeam Countryman, Shane R TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-432-4000 US Counts, Mary J CONTRACTOR 703-579-7259 Coupe, Jeremy W POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6032 US Courcelles, Enrique L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3436 3436 US Courchen, Jennifer A GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-790-3149 US Courchesne, Christopher L CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Coureas, Christopher T INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT Courey, Nicole M UNIT CHIEF 571-280-3640 16389 US Coursey, Mitsue MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7188 3325 US Courter, Gregory S TASK FORCE OFFICER Courtney, Brian M ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 703-985-6734 6734 US Courtney, Bruce E CONTRACTOR 540-658-7411 Courtney, Donovan E CONTRACTOR 304-625-4937 Courtney, Jane SPECIAL AGENT 202-233-1434 1434 US Courtney, Paul G TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-8068 Courtney, Paul R SECTION CHIEF 202-324-8477 48477 Courtney, Peter C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-6849 46849 US Courtney, William A Courtright, C. R SSRA 304-346-2302 US Coury, Michael A CONTRACTOR 617-742-5533 US Cousin, Alexis C CONTRACTOR 202-436-8318 Cousin, Brittany LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7911 US Cousin, Jamie T TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-0629 Cousineau, Stephen D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 316-660-6428 US Coutinho, Armando M TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 Couturier, Paul M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8379 8379 US Couvertier, David RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1033 US Couvertier, Victoria M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 813-253-1000 1032 US Cova, Christopher J DETAILEE 503-460-8421 US Covell, Brett D SPECIAL AGENT 313-570-4079 8407 US Cover, Nicole C PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7120 7120 US Covert, Genia L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7234 US Covey, Aaron K SPECIAL AGENT 410-981-8735 US Covey, Krystal L NON-EMPLOYEE 410-981-1169 US Covin, Jonathan M CONTRACTOR 202-323-8199 38199 US Covington, Angie C INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 816-512-8831 US Covington, Trenna A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3097 43097 Cowan, Brady H SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2255 Cowan, Joseph M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1945 Cowan, Karen B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 407-838-2689 0389 US Cowan, Kristin M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-553-6175 US Cowand, Kristen M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Coward, Lolis J ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 972-559-5385 US Coward, Terry A CONTRACTOR 202-324-2033 42033 US Coward II, John W STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST US Cowardin, Louis J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-6062 US Cowart, Donald E SPECIAL AGENT 256-512-6335 US Cowden, Kyle M SPECIAL AGENT 215-521-7532 US Cowdery, Andrew DETAILEE 808-566-4300 Cowdery, Jason E TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4050 US Cowie, Justin M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-9000 US Cowins, Jeffrey SUPVY PHOTOGR (SCIENTIFIC&TECHNL) 703-632-8135 US Cowles, Eugenia T DETAILEE Cowley, Christopher INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 713-936-7885 US Cowley, Julia A STATIONARY SSRA 413-205-1701 US Cowley-Colvin, Katie A CENTER OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-477-6565 4313 US Cowling, Donna C SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2182 US Cowperthwaite, Robert E PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 801-579-6883 6883 US Cox A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-4867 34867 US Cox, Amanda W PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-CDC 518-431-7326 US Cox, Angela D CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-4618 US Cox, Ashley A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 617-223-6349 US Cox, Billy C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 479-251-7403 US Cox, Bradley J CONTRACTOR 703-633-5748 Cox, Brenda D BUDGET ANALYST 304-625-2879 US Cox, Brent W TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5809 Cox, Brent B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 239-339-1121 US Cox, Bridget RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3535 3535 US Cox, Bryan Cox, Bryant V CONTRACTOR 703-632-1111 US Cox, Carolyn M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 410-265-8080 6219 US Cox, Casey S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-3910 3910 US Cox, Charles H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6632 US Cox, Curtis SPECIAL AGENT 702-584-5549 US Cox, Daniel D SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 304-625-4723 US Cox, Darren B PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-324-9308 49308 US Cox, David C SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 973-569-2583 2583 US Cox, David M HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4153 4153 US Cox, Dawn C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-5767 5767 US Cox, Donald C SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 513-421-4310 8688 US Cox, Doris M 410-393-6068 Cox, Douglas R CONTRACTOR 703-632-1331 US Cox, Felicia F OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST 703-632-4294 4294 US Cox, Gregory R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7770 US Cox, Gregory. A A SPECIAL AGENT 606-862-2107 US Cox, Gregory. D D ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 703-632-4100 US Cox, Heather C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8769 48769 US Cox, Joel E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 229-219-6510 6510 US Cox, Jonathan T UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2261 42261 US Cox, Kathy MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9071 39071 US Cox, Kayla K 704-672-6100 Cox, Lorena J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 607-962-9761 Cox, Mark D TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 US Cox, Michael CONTRACTOR 202-324-6577 46577 Cox, Paul E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 910-342-2927 US Cox, Richard A CONTRACTOR 202-324-6580 46580 Cox, Robert SECTION CHIEF 202-651-4070 US Cox, Sean A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-1692 US Cox, Sean M SAC 217-757-3501 US Cox, Shannon L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 510-808-8747 US Cox, Shawn M ACCOUNTANT - FOA RPM 202-323-9170 39170 US Cox, Spencer L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1695 US Cox, Stacey R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-603-3364 US Cox, Stephen J CONTRACTOR 202-615-4639 US Cox, Steven ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 205-279-1258 Cox, Susan M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 803-551-4253 US Cox, Suzanne B ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 504-816-3000 3073 US Cox, Tyler L TRAINING INSTRUCTOR-CJIS 304-625-4019 US Cox, Wesley B TASK FORCE OFFICER 505-889-1300 Coxon, Daniel G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-1000 5070 US Coyle, Andrew J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 859-246-4700 4735 US Coyle, Angie E PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 763-569-8000 8543 US Coyle, Donna E SPECIAL AGENT 310-367-5369 US Coyle, John D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 940-766-4441 US Coyle, Thomas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-569-2521 US Coyle, Thomas M SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6332 US Coyne, Alison H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-1136 41136 US Coyne, Beth A IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-4691 US Coyne, Joseph J TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6000 US Coyne, Mary Jane INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 716-843-4306 US Coyne, Michael P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-2243 42243 US Coyner, Gray K CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Coyt, Brian D TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 Coyt, Todd O TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-3000 Cozad, Sarah A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 510-808-8421 US Cozad, Scott C CONTRACTOR 703-633-4701 Cozart, James MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1834 1834 US Cozza, Patrick INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 703-686-6316 6316 US CP.Dallas US CPVA Craanen, Peter R SPECIAL AGENT 775-328-4008 US Crabb, Jeffrey A CASE INFO MGMT SPEC - ORION 703-632-4110 US Crabb, Jerry C CONTRACTOR 202-324-3463 US Crabbe, Sean INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 212-384-1000 2706 US Crabill, Elizabeth A SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 4584 US Crabtree, Anthony H PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 865-602-6913 US Crabtree, Brock W MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2909 US Crabtree, David INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 601-948-5000 US Crabtree, Jeremiah M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-6404 36404 US Crabtree, Russell S CONTRACTOR 703-633-4307 US Craddock, Paul E CONTRACTOR 703-632-3703 Craft, Erica M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2544 Craft, Michael R SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 217-757-3526 US Craft, Robert D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-423-4000 US Craft, Suzanne L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2458 US Craft, Todd E CONTRACTOR 304-625-4960 US Cragin, Kim DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Cragnolin, Heather W STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 505-889-1792 US Cragnolin, Jeremy P DETAILEE 505-241-5090 Craig, Alexis INTERN 310-477-6565 US Craig, Amy L L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-3481 US Craig, Christine L SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 412-432-4470 4470 US Craig, Denetta K Craig, Gregory J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-981-8708 US Craig, James K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 402-575-2131 2131 US Craig, Jonathan R TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 US Craig, Joseph E TASK FORCE OFFICER 615-952-4989 US Craig, Jynika N SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-2075 2075 US Craig, Kareen INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 803-551-4200 US Craig, Marcia V SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4641 US Craig, Michael P CONTRACTOR 571-350-4020 Craig, Rhonda L UNIT CHIEF 256-213-2233 2233 US Craig, Shannon J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1298 41298 US Craig, Stephanie SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 803-551-4408 US Craig, Stephen S TASK FORCE OFFICER 540-344-5561 Craig, Todd A DETAILEE 571-350-4301 Craig, William G TASK FORCE OFFICER 910-342-2999 US Craiger, Jacob W CONTRACTOR 703-985-3548 US Crain, John H INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 312-835-2347 US Crain, Ronnalyn STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 954-786-9201 US Craine, Saunders P TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3000 US Cramblett, Donald P ITSPEC 703-633-5706 US Cramblit, Rebecca A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Cramer, Edward SUPVY ITSPEC-FE 410-981-8604 US Cramer, Gary L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 814-234-0341 US Cramer, Marta O CONTRACTOR 973-792-7635 US Cramer, Mary C MGMT&PROG ANAL 410-981-8686 8686 US Cramlet, Andrew C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8821 US Crampton, Kelly M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 630-577-1618 1618 US Crandall, Aram A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-495-8591 US Crandall, Lisa A SPECIAL AGENT 508-923-6507 6507 US Crane, Dana A TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-3484 3484 Crane, David H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-278-3710 3710 US Crane, John P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1510 US Crane, Lori A SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 954-946-1210 US Crane, Mae P BUDGET ANALYST 256-842-1691 US Cranford, Kristie N INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 919-466-1358 US Cranston, Michelle OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 845-446-2028 3500 US Cranwell, Gerald R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-262-2198 US Crapo, John L TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-672-6100 Cratty, Carol A PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-8053 48053 Craun, Sarah W SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCI COORD 7036324276 Cravalho, Laura M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-3246 US Craven, Brendan M SUPERVISORY MANAGEMENT ANALYST 202-324-4289 44289 US Craven, Donna M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 609-677-6400 US Craven, Jeffrey R CONTRACTOR 202-436-8000 US Cravens, Aaron R SPECIAL AGENT 505-889-1423 US Cravens, Morgan VOUCHER EXAMINER 208-238-5222 Craver, Mary C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-7257 7257 US Craw, Jason C SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6218 US Crawford, Arleen UNIT CHIEF 202-324-0252 40252 US Crawford, B H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-571-8850 US Crawford, Christina L ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 415-553-7441 Crawford, David RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-565-1255 7813 US Crawford, Donald J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5503 45503 US Crawford, Fred T SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-7924 47924 US Crawford, Jayne ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 303-630-6178 US Crawford, Jeffrey S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 609-677-6495 US Crawford, Jodi L Special Agent Crawford, John S SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 617-742-5533 US Crawford, Julie E SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 202-324-4833 44833 US Crawford, Julius T CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 US Crawford, Kurt T MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3186 3186 US Crawford, Lisa FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 303-630-6506 US Crawford, Maryalice M TECHNCL INF SPEC (NCIC)-CJIS 304-625-5209 US Crawford, Norman T ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-2728 US Crawford, Rebecca R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 402-530-1338 US Crawford, Rodney E FIELD SUPERVISOR 813-253-1199 US Crawford, Terry G LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 656-476-9358 Crawford, Thomas R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8674 US Crawford, Tiffani E CONTRACTOR 703-553-6100 Crawford, Tiffany B CONTRACTOR 202-324-4662 44662 Crawford, Tiffany R CONTRACTOR 703-461-1234 Crawford, W. David D STATIONARY SSRA 260-429-8704 US Crawford, William A MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-545-4943 US Crawford, William D WAREHOUSEMAN 202-324-4212 44212 Crawford Jones, Latarshia IT PROJECT MANAGER 703-872-5223 5223 US Crawley, Julia PHYSICAL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3643 US Crawley, Latasha N PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 212-384-1000 3366 US Crawley, Megan L SPECIAL AGENT 808-673-2831 US Cray, Thomas CONTRACTOR US Crayne, Jason D CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Crays, Tina RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3991 US Crea, Caroline INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 646-696-3507 3507 US Creager, Robert E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6524 US Creagh, David E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 410-277-6558 US Creak, Danielle L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7271 US Creamer, Bradley J MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4282 US Creamer, Nathan M RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4926 Creasey, Chad FIELD SUPERVISOR 512-506-2190 US Creasey, Kimberly E FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 512-506-2672 US Creason, Robert H DETAILEE 202-324-4598 Creavy, Richard J CONTRACTOR 201-807-4211 Credell, Damion M ITSPEC 703-553-7560 US Creech, Erin STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-3390 43390 US Creech, Jeffrey L TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-9252 Creech, Willie J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3480 US Creed, Andrew P TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Creed, Beth T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8390 US Creed, Jeremy D SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-5215 US Creek, Paula S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-3344 3344 US Creek, Russell W CONTRACTOR 703-633-4699 Creel, Eric D PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 540-368-8689 Creel, Nikki R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 205-279-1574 US Cregger, Ivan D TASK FORCE OFFICER 307-632-6224 US Crellin, Thomas R SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 0 Cremeans, Brian HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4156 US Cremeans, James T CONTRACTOR 304-625-4937 Crenshaw, Julia A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 407-838-8489 US Crenshaw, Justin J SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-2668 US Crespo, Ivan SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 304-367-3709 3709 US Crespo, Leonardo A VISUAL INF SPEC 703-872-5398 5398 US Crespo-Ortiz, Leonel TASK FORCE OFFICER 7877546000 US Cressy, Christopher J SPECIAL AGENT 605-945-3326 US Cresta, Kevin M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 813-253-1000 US Crestani, Roxanne H CONTRACTOR 915-832-5000 US Cretaro, Jordan E CONTRACTOR TBD Crews, Alyssa I MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-8559 38559 US Crews, Aubree L PHYSICAL SCIENTIST - FE 703-632-7141 US Crews, Sheila T CONTRACTOR Crews-Jones, Stephanie L SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-1951 US Cribbs, Joshua D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 919-380-4591 US Cribbs, Maria G CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Criblez, Linda M Crickenberger, Dean T TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-391-2264 US Crider, Jeremy RELIEF SUPERVISOR 559-261-3156 US Crider, Mark A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 509-892-9951 US Crigger, Randall L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 865-602-6923 US Crim, Jennifer LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7294 US Crim, Jesse E SPECIAL AGENT 858-880-5149 Crimaldi, Mark A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Crince, Jonathan E TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2984 2984 US Crino, Timothy B CONTRACTOR 716-843-4346 US Cripssorger, Jesse E CONTRACTOR 703-672-2035 US Crisafi, David M ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 804-627-4441 US Crisafulli, Salvatore A TASK FORCE OFFICER 610-433-6488 Crisalli, Robert S SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8728 8728 US Crisco, Brenda R MGMT&PROG ASST 703-632-3825 3825 US Crislip, M. Drew D GENERAL ATTORNEY 304-625-2917 US Crisp, Gary E AUTOMOTIVE WORKER 617-742-5533 US Crisp, Jeremy L CONTRACTOR 202-324-1620 Crisp, Kendall R DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Crisp, Lauren CONTRACTOR 571-350-5324 Crispino, Elizabeth A SPECIAL AGENT 202-436-7351 US Crist, Stephen E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-245-5354 US Crist, Susan L INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Criswell, Derrick D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-9660 39660 US Critchfield, Brandon T CONTRACTOR 304-625-5500 US Critchley, Marc A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 843-654-5509 US Crites, Tammie L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER Crittendon, Gregory J CONTRACTOR 202-324-5101 45101 US Critzer, Jeffery SUPVY ARCHITECT 703-632-1704 1704 US Crnkovich, Michelle SPECIAL AGENT 410-977-9948 US Crnkovich, Nicholas M SPECIAL AGENT 410-281-0132 US Croake, Jeffrey E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-888-1525 US Croas, Carmen C OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 907-265-8163 US Crocker, Carey A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-594-2363 US Crocker, Charles N PHYS SECUR SPEC (HAZMAT) 202-497-6370 US Crocker, Christopher T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-594-2261 2261 US Crocker, Dennis B POLICE OFFICER 202-324-3202 3202 US Crocker, Jeffrey AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 858-320-5376 US Crocker, Jeffrey L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6553 US Crockett, Christine M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 918-879-2575 Crockett, Davy L CONTRACTOR 816-512-8200 US Crockett, Deborah B MGMT&PROG ASST 202-436-7867 7867 US Croft, Carla J SPECIAL AGENT 858-320-5774 5774 US Croke, Jeremiah RELIEF SUPERVISOR 253-280-2666 US Cromartie, Carter A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-682-4676 4676 US Cromartie, Jason FIELD SUPERVISOR 512-506-2624 US Crombie, George COMPUTER SCIENTIST-CYBER 301-586-4504 US Cromer, Benjamin D MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4414 US Cromer, James G FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-4094 US Cromer, Philicia MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4623 44623 US Cromer, William A SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6142 US Cromly, Matthew RELIEF SUPERVISOR 419-254-8977 8977 US Crompton, Shawn W AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 215-418-4607 US Cromwell, Casper W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 615-232-7673 US Cromwell, Gregory P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 415-553-7400 US Cromwell, Kathy M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-504-0368 US Cromwell, Robert J CONTRACTOR 202-323-9001 39001 US Cromwick, Vance D ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 617-223-6005 6520 US Cronan, Amber K SECONDARY RELIEF SUPV/SRA 719-329-7319 US Cronan, Jonathon W SECONDARY RELIEF SUPV/SRA 719-633-3852 7327 US Cronier, Joan J SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-1435 US Cronier, John H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-9000 6512 US Cronin, Brian D CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Cronin, Christopher R SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 585-279-3915 US Cronin, Edmond G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 6215 US Cronin, Gregory P STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 617-742-5533 US Cronk, Darrel L CONTRACTOR Crook, Conni C TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-629-7171 Crook, Kevin R CONTRACTOR 703-627-2000 Crook, Max Q POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 5850 US Crook, Wesley R ITSPEC 208-238-5099 Crooks, Meghan OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 814-278-7018 US Crookston, Kelly A SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 202-731-6254 US Croom, Eric A TASK FORCE OFFICER 20-227-82000 US Croon, Garrett H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5803 5803 US Cropp, Charles D ENGLISH MONITOR ANALYST 304-625-2000 59507 US Cropp, Susan Cropper, Calvin T CONTRACTOR 202-324-1033 41033 US Cropper, Trudy O TASK FORCE 801-509-1713 US Crosas, John S TASK FORCE OFFICER Crosby, Angela S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-996-4201 US Crosby, Cole L SPECIAL AGENT 813-253-1000 Crosby, Garland L CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-9013 49013 US Crosby, Kirsten DETAILEE 703-633-4699 Crosby, Ricky B UNIT CHIEF 202-324-0292 40292 US Crosby, Ryan J DETAILEE 202-324-7733 Crosby, Sara K STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 203-503-5058 US Crosby, Sean C CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE Crosby, Shawn E VOUCHER EXAMINER 304-625-0014 Croskey, Tamara K HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 216-522-1400 6893 US Crosland MGMT&PROG ANAL 301-586-1659 US Cross, Alicia D CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9413 US Cross, Dawntea POLICE OFFICER 202-324-5850 45850 US Cross, Glenn A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 623-466-1369 61369 US Cross, Holden D CONTRACTOR 304-625-4937 Cross, Jamie P STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 314-589-2602 2602 US Cross, Jordan J INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Cross, Mark J Cross, Michael F FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 623-466-1848 US Cross, Ping C CONTRACTOR 865-544-0751 Cross, Romeo RSC TASK FORCE OFFICER 870-744-7682 Cross, Thomas CONTRACTOR 703-632-121 CROSSLEY, DAVID TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-436-8800 Crossley, Stephanie A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6311 46311 US Crot, Carrie A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-2595 2595 US Crotts, Kathryn M MGMT&PROG ANAL (SPEC ADVR) 202-324-3403 43403 US Crouch, George M SECTION CHIEF 202-324-4551 44551 US Crouch, Jonathan SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 501-228-8455 0455 US Crouch, Phillip E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6367 US Crouse, David W TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Crouse, Jason T PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 814-452-4516 0109 US Crouse, Rick L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 309-757-3707 US Crout, Kevin A SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Crow, Alexia M SPECIAL AGENT 559-261-3179 US Crow, Blake E SPECIAL AGENT 512-506-2647 US Crow, Border L FIELD SUPERVISOR 601-713-7603 US Crow, Chad TASK FORCE OFFICER 702-385-1281 Crow, Colin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5554 US Crowder, Bobby UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2597 42597 US Crowder, Ernest R ELECTRICIAN SUPVR 703-632-1200 1200 US Crowder, Lisa M UNIT CHIEF 703-632-3070 3070 US Crowe, Christopher C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8491 US Crowe, James R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Crowe, John C TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Crowe, Jonathan E FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-488-4372 US Crowe, Kevin J CONTRACTOR 202-324-6789 46789 US Crowe, Melissa A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 504-816-3000 US Crowe, Shena B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8487 US Crowe, William B SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Crowell, James A SPECIAL AGENT 903-594-3529 3529 US Crowell, Ronald A CONTRACTOR 703-633-5551 Crowell-Caponi, Kim A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6300 US Crowl, Ashley M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-5659 45659 Crowl, Daniel H SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-9290 US Crowl, Kathleen L LEGAL ADMIN SPEC-CJIS 304-625-7532 US Crowl, Melissa L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7538 US Crowl, Shawanda MGMT&PROG ANAL 410-981-8631 US Crowley, James P FIELD SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4542 US Crowley, Jeannie A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Crowley, Joseph M TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Crowley, Ryan P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 760-241-1864 US Crowley, Scott M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 970-247-2797 US Crowley, Timothy J TASK FORCE OFFICER 508-962-4010 US Crowley, William FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 754-703-3567 Crowley, William J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4000 4272 US Crown, Carl C CONTRACTOR 703-608-8765 Croy, Janelle STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 8423 US Croyle, Eric J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 614-849-1807 US Cruickshank, Dale E CONTRACTOR 703-577-6949 US Cruickshank, Edward CONTRACTOR 202-324-5392 45392 US Cruikshank, Andrew A SUPVY ATTORNEY-ADVISOR (GENERAL) 202-324-8643 48643 US Crum, Deborah A UNIT CHIEF 202-324-1775 41775 US Crumbliss, Anthony SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7145 US Crumlish, Shane ITSPEC-FE (FO)-999E 914-989-6000 6083 US Crump, Andrew F SPECIAL AGENT 313-965-2323 US Crump, Bryan E INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-1756 1756 US Crump, Leonard A CONTRACTOR 202-651-8000 18000 Crump, Michael L CONTRACTOR 571-280-0477 US Crump, Minique S SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-3683 3691 US Crump, William P CONTRACTOR 202-233-1100 US Crumrine, McCarrell A SPECIAL AGENT 707-542-1952 US Cruse, Scott L SAC 405-290-3600 Crutcher, Paul W SPECIAL AGENT 804-640-6234 804-627-4787 US Crutchfield, Beth A CONTRACTOR 202-436-8317 US Crutchfield, Catherine R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3869 3869 US Crutchfield, Margaret INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 501-228-8465 0465 US Crutchfield, Zachary D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3732 US Crutchley, Cody J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Cruz, A. P. P SPECIAL AGENT 415-553-7400 US Cruz, Andrea L UNIT CHIEF 703-553-7982 US Cruz, Angel D TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-587-2415 US Cruz, Bianca STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Cruz, Brandon INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Cruz, Bryan DETAILEE 212-384-5000 Cruz, Carmelo A ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 212-384-3622 3622 US Cruz, Diana CONTRACTOR 404-679-9000 US Cruz, Edgar UNIT CHIEF 202-324-1064 41064 US Cruz, Ernesto E UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2870 42870 US Cruz, Francisco B PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 415-553-7400 US Cruz, Francisco G EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 210-650-6417 US Cruz, Frank OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 808-673-2701 US Cruz, Gema L CENTER OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-477-6565 4144 US Cruz, Jordan V CONTRACTOR 703-633-4785 US Cruz, Kathryn A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 510-808-2600 8571 Cruz, Lenn R AUDITOR-FO 310-996-4059 US Cruz, Loshan L ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 415-553-2032 US Cruz, Luis ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 202-278-2695 US Cruz, Luis A DETAILEE 202-651-4323 Cruz, Luis O COMPUTER SCIENTIST-FIELD OPS 212-384-1000 4460 Cruz, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 210-225-6741 Cruz, Oscar M CONTRACTOR 703-418-9502 Cruz, Paul R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6733 6377 US Cruz, Petronila M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3566 US Cruz, Richard TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-965-2323 Cruz, Sharon J SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 212-384-1000 2930 US Cruz, Sunni INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 312-829-4827 4827 US Cruz, Tomas M CONTRACTOR 202-323-7150 37150 US Cruz, Vedasto A TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-945-5706 US Cruz-Ayala, Herminia TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-474-8415 0 Cruz-Laureano, Maria A TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-277-7007 0 Cruz-Pena, Luis TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-759-1505 Cryan, M D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-8928 48928 US Cryer, John W MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4560 44560 US Crystal, Ian S SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2834 2834 US Csanady, Anthony J ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 216-622-6693 6693 US Csapo, Ernest TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4425 US Csapo, Stephen J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Csenar, Christopher OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 317-423-4746 US Csoka, Nancy K FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-3820 16273 US CT-1.Dallas US CT-2.Dallas US CT-3.Dallas US Cuba, Matthew A CONTRACTOR 703-985-3296 US Cubbage, Terry L CONTRACTOR 703-985-6009 US Cubillos-Fernandez, Gustavo 202-203-3675 Cucchetti, Christopher F DETAILEE 513-979-8479 Cuccinello, Rina TECHNCL INF SPEC-NY 914-989-6000 6071 US Cuchta, Barbara S CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9272 US Cucinotta, Francis S FIELD SUPERVISOR 210-650-6040 US Cuco, Victor S CONTRACTOR 202-324-8741 Cudmore, David C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8684 US Cudo, James R TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 Cuellar, Jose H CONTRACTOR 858-541-5140 Cueto, Monica SPECIAL AGENT 732-302-2916 US Cuevas, Darryl ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 404-679-6370 US Cuevas, Eric CONTRACTOR 703-983-9604 Cuevas, Miguel A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7688 US Cuff, Angela M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4724 44724 US Cuff, Michael A FIELD SUPERVISOR 215-521-7502 US Cuffe, Elizabeth GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-2594 42594 Cugini, Jennifer N TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 Cugliari, Basil A AUDITOR-FO 973-792-3080 3080 US Cugno, Jeffrey R SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3486 US Culbert, Trevor PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 928-226-2610 US Culbertson, Andrew W GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-8168 48168 US Culbertson, Andrew W SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-8491 US Culbreath, Angela D SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-3567 US Culbreth, Martin W SECTION CHIEF 202-323-2015 32015 US Culicerto, Stephanie R MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4513 US Culkar, Robert K INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 216-335-9121 US Culkin, Michael INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Cullen, April L CONTRACTOR 703-872-5267 Cullen, J P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-594-2383 US Cullen, James T TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4081 US Cullen, Justin MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0733 40733 US Cullen, Steven P 202-323-3186 3186 US Culleton, John R ELECTRONICS TECH -INSTRUCTOR 703-985-6527 US Culley, Allison MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6721 6721 US Culley, Ashley L CONTRACTOR 703-632-7517 Culley, Jimmie D CONTRACTOR 304-625-2318 Culley, Robert J SUPVY ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-OTD 703-985-6617 6617 US Culley, Tanya J HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-7694 47694 US Culligan, Karen PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-1854 US Cullinan, Bret M CONTRACTOR 202-341-3673 US Cullinan, Christina MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9563 39563 US Cullinan, Joanne L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-8081 US Cullinan, Mark A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 308-532-5116 5340 US Cullinane, Scott M ITSPEC 202-436-7237 US Cullins, Scott W SPECIAL AGENT 434-244-7345 434-293-9744 US Cullison, Francis W CONTRACTOR 703-985-0000 US Culloton, Michael J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-3467 US Culp, K. B SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 713-936-7460 US Culp, Randall C SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-8048 48048 US Culp, Shana OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-5576 5576 US Culpeper, Lori J TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 803-551-4500 US Culpepper, Robert D SPECIAL AGENT 601-713-7717 7712 US Cultrera, Frank J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3894 US Culver, Amanda J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 713-936-8700 US Culver, Donna L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-278-2271 US Cumberbatch, Jeff C FINANCIAL ANALYST 212-384-1000 2367 US Cumberledge, Carol J LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7196 US Cumberledge, Melinda LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7381 US Cumbo, Elise M CONTRACTOR 202-436-7630 US Cumming, Ethan G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 727-796-7055 US Cummings, Angela M HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 702-385-1281 5592 US Cummings, Carmen N STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Cummings, Carolyn S CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Cummings, Chad C SUPVY ITSPEC 304-625-5106 US Cummings, Gregory D CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 45833 US Cummings, Joseph L TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Cummings, Patricia J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 816-512-8553 US Cummings, Pauline M EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 808-673-2864 2864 US Cummings, Stephen E FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 754-703-3550 US Cummins, Ashley M TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-795-2673 Cummins, Elaine E SENIOR INTELL OFCR-INFO SHARING OFCR 202-324-7225 47225 US Cummins, Victoria C HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-8245 48245 Cumpson, Whitney L TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-604-8427 US Cumpston, Belinda S N-DEX LIAISON SPECIALIST 304-625-4398 US Cumpston, Colton J CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-5612 US Cumpston, Shawn M LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7199 US Cumpston, Tina M CONTRACTOR Cunanan, Elizabeth T ITSPEC 202-324-1403 41403 US Cundiff, Benjamin A FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 206-262-2005 2005 US Cundiff, Edward P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 270-781-4734 US Cuneo, Carl P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 803-551-4366 US Cunha, Heidi J SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 703-633-5245 US Cunha, Michael P TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Cunnane, Michelle E SPECIAL AGENT 317-845-4822 US Cunning, John A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-587-2431 2431 US Cunningham, Amy E VICTIM SPECIALIST 314-589-2557 US Cunningham, Brian M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 501-228-8487 US Cunningham, Christopher PROGRAM MANAGER 703-632-7884 US Cunningham, Christy M CONTRACTOR 703-632-3180 3180 US Cunningham, Courtney OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Cunningham, Darlene R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 415-553-7577 US Cunningham, Debbie SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 212-384-1000 2151 US Cunningham, Edward E Cunningham, Eric B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 2563 US Cunningham, Evan M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Cunningham, Garry L SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 801-579-6540 6540 US Cunningham, Gregory R GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4847 4847 US Cunningham, James J FIELD SUPERVISOR 646-696-2060 2060 US Cunningham, James M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-705-9016 US Cunningham, Karen M SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2889 2889 US Cunningham, Kayla C LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8215 US Cunningham, Kelly ITSPEC-FE (FO)-999E 212-384-1000 3046 US Cunningham, Kristen M CONTRACTOR 540-868-4839 US Cunningham, Linda INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 412-432-4000 4495 US Cunningham, Mitch E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 858-320-1800 US Cunningham, Owen E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2673 2673 US Cunningham, Patrick D SPECIAL AGENT 573-364-1100 US Cunningham, Philip J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-522-1400 6807 US Cunningham, Phillip T CONTRACTOR 703-632-7044 Cunningham, Ronda R TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 801-432-4300 4300 US Cunningham, Susan A HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 304-625-4761 4761 US Cunningham, Tracy G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 256-512-6307 US Cunningham, Utica R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 901-747-9767 9767 US Cuocci, Annmarie PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8644 US Cuocci, Perry RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 5555 US Cuomo, Louis R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 203-777-6311 US Cuomo, Michael A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2231 US Cupina, Jonathan R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-632-1689 1689 US Cupp, John H CONTRACTOR 571-208-8122 Cupp, Stephen RELIEF SUPV/SRA 870-932-0700 US Cupp, Tamera J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 317-845-4810 US Curato, Paul A CONTRACTOR 571-350-4719 Curd, Dewey R RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4706 US Curenton, Christopher M TASK FORCE OFFICER 205-279-1439 US Curley, David P CONTRACTOR 703-985-3751 US Curlis, Brandon B TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 US Curnow, Jennifer M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-8496 8496 Curra, Bernardo D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7194 US Curran, Andrew J FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4138 US Curran, Christopher K FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1648 1648 US Curran, Crecentia M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6537 US Curran, Doug P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6534 0534 US Curran, Douglas. M M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 614-849-1823 US Curran, John T FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-2146 42146 US Curran, Joseph C CONTRACTOR 973-792-3000 Curran, Patricia A SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4268 US Currey, Megan R LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7160 Currie, Alan R SPECIAL AGENT 601-948-5000 7724 US Currie, Amanda TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-856-7800 Currie, Lynn MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6416 46416 US Curry, Anthony B ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-323-3013 33013 US Curry, Antoinette OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 3162 US Curry, Brandon LEAD POLICE OFFICER 304-625-3119 US Curry, Carlnetta S CONTRACTOR 202-324-9011 US Curry, Jacqueline CUSTODIAN 202-324-3044 43044 US Curry, Joshua L MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-7681 7681 US Curry, Joshua T SPECIAL AGENT 863-682-6114 US Curry, K A LANG TRNG&ASSESSMENT PROG MGR 202-436-7984 7984 US Curry, Kevin S CONTRACTOR 703-672-2100 US Curry, Lisa MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5079 US Curry, Marci L HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 304-625-2000 54784 US Curry, Shedrick R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3773 US Curry, Steven M MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4839 US Curry, Troy D DETAILEE 703-686-6706 Curry, Vanna L SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 504-816-3122 3122 US Curry, William P ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-2486 2486 US Curso II, John ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 513-979-8556 US Curtin, Anthony J TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 Curtin, Daniel D SPECIAL AGENT 203-503-5347 5347 US Curtin, Noel TASK FORCE OFFICER US Curtin, Robert W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2069 US Curtin, Royce E SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT-DAD 703-275-2017 US Curtis, Bret STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 520-594-2053 Curtis, Candace L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 215-418-4385 US Curtis, Christie M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 240-373-8915 US Curtis, Cori W MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9903 49903 Curtis, Erin C SPECIAL AGENT 618-394-5657 US Curtis, Gregory D SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 216-522-1400 6904 US Curtis, Hannah R CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Curtis, Jeffrey T CONTRACTOR 703-985-3507 US Curtis, Jena DETAILEE 202-233-9251 Curtis, Marcello SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST US Curtis, Marie A BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-4067 44067 US Curtis, Marsha UNIT CHIEF 703-985-1410 1410 US Curtis, Ronald D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-5264 45264 US Curtis, Roslyn PROGRAM MAINTENANCE&SUPPORT SPEC 703-985-6498 2006 US Curtis, Scott R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 610-433-6488 8211 US Curtis, William H ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 617-223-6278 US Cusack, Susan L SPECIAL AGENT 907-265-8184 US Cusak, Jonathan W SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3365 US Cushard, Kathryn F MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-8258 38258 US Cushman, Adam RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-452-3807 US Custer, Brittany STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 2119 US Custer, Keith A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6440 US Custer, Kimberly R TELECOMMUN SPECIALIST 513-979-8555 US Custer, Russell T SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2220 1000 US Custode, Geralyn UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3586 3586 US Custodio, Anna R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-3934 US Custodio, Roselie Jean A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8703 48703 US Cutalo-Patterson, Jenny M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6688 US Cuthbert, Laura RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2242 US Cuthbert, Luvina IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-5192 US Cuthbertson, Scott T CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Cutler, Amy L SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4893 US Cutler, Jason D SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4502 US Cutler, Joshua A SUPVY FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5400 US Cutler, Lisa SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 4824 US Cutler, Pamela J CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9338 US Cutler, Sandra J CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7005 US Cutler, Shana E MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4698 US Cutlip, George S CONTRACTOR 304-625-4495 Cutlip, Stephanie D TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 813-253-1000 1134 US Cutlipp, Robert R DETAILEE 520-253-0027 Cutone, James P CASE INFO MGMT SPEC - ORION 703-632-4202 US Cutright, John W PROGRAM MANAGER 540-361-4650 6484 US Cutrone, Rudy V TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC 304-625-3030 US Cutting, Owen E SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-324-5469 45469 Cvechko, June E IDENTITY RESEARCH ANAL 304-625-5932 US CWC, FBI Cwik, Patrick A TASK FORCE OFFICER Cwynar, Mark J ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 623-466-1006 US Cyber.Dallas US Cyber.RH Cybulska, Natalia SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-4200 4200 US Cygan, Dennis K AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 312-829-4074 4074 US Cyganik, Kimberly A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4000 4337 US Cymbaluk, Kathleen J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2326 US Cymbaluk, Robert A STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 305-787-6421 US Cypher, Owen M TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 Cypher, William G TASK FORCE OFFICER 956-723-4021 US Cyprian, Brian N SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 301-688-0268 US Cyr, Brian L TASK FORCE OFFICER 919-380-4500 US Cyrus, Addrena V FINANCIAL ANALYST 215-418-4356 4356 US Cyrus, Stephen A FIELD SUPERVISOR 703-632-1524 US Czajkowski, Anthony J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Czako, Bryan A CONTRACTOR 703-632-4400 Czap, Jared K DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Czaplewski, Monte R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 308-385-4114 US Czarnaski, Joseph P Czarnecki, Joseph J TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7109 US Czarny, Jeremy IT SPEC (NETWRK/DATAMGMT) 703-633-4069 4069 US Czekala, Brian D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6545 US Czerski, Dotty B OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 843-881-0194 US Czerwien, Kurt M SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8506 US Czerwinski, Christopher Czerwony, Eric J INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 216-522-1400 US Czigan, Rhiannon R TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-633-4831 Czika, Brad D CONTRACTOR 202-323-9107 US Czmiel, Jason R CONTRACTOR 571-350-5627 US Czmowski, Deanna OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 541-330-7900 US Czysz-Mcconnell, Donna CONTRACTOR Czyzewski, Andrew J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 412-735-8505 4511 US D'Dio, Kristan RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-214-2987 US Kristan.D' D'Errico, Jeremy SA 804-404-3334 US D'Sa, Sandra M CONTRACTOR 202-278-4387 0 Sandra.D' D10-SRRU D11-Security Operations Center D19-Intel Relations 202-324-3000 D21-Facilities D21-OSEP D3-Postings 202-324-3000 D6-FBI Electronic Records 202-324-3000 D7-CODIS Calendar D7-QATU Training D9-CLU-OGC D9-OGC Daane, Carol E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 3156 US Dabbo, Michael A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 914-989-6166 US Dabisch, Joel D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7401 US Dabney, Kimberly N EQUAL EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-2021 42021 US Dabney, Lucas TASK FORCE OFFICER 123-456-789 Dabney, Raven J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 205-279-1012 US Dabney, Wilhelmina B ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 804-261-1044 4431 804-627-4707 US Dabreau, Dwayne M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 813-253-1000 US Dacus, Nitonja E SUPVY PARALEGAL SPECIALIST 202-324-0734 40734 US Dade, Kreg E INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Dadiego, Micheline SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6321 US Daduk, Justen RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5129 5129 US Daetwyler, Connie S MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5417 55417 US Daetwyler, Laura L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7317 US Daetwyler, Randall USRO-CJIS 304-625-4574 US Daetwyler, William H SUPVY ITSPEC 304-625-2826 US Dagher, Fouad E CONTRACTOR 617-223-6031 US Dagher, Ibrahim E CONTRACTOR 617-223-6066 US Dagher, Rania M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 617-223-6035 6035 US Daghestani, Alex SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 202-278-2963 US DAgostino, Heather A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-3603 16245 DAgostino, L Dean STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 973-792-3000 DAgostino, Paul DETAILEE 571-280-3812 US DAgostino, Vincent D 212-384-1000 3515 US Dahal, Suman CONTRACTOR 202-324-4503 44503 Dahdal, Rimon S TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 623-466-1604 1604 US Dahdouh, Nancy TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6000 Dahir, Abdirahman A CONTRACTOR 202-436-7732 US Dahl, Jodi M MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4119 US Dahl, Matthew J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6741 US Dahl, Michael SPECIAL AGENT 352-732-7451 US Dahlberg, Dawn A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-4030 16303 US Dahlby, Rachel D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 216-522-1400 6899 US Dahle, David N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4384 US Dahle, Steven D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 801-818-1249 US Dahlgren, Jasan C. MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-253-5064 US Dahlke, Laura DETAILEE 202-324-6677 6677 Dahlke, Tucker J FACILITIES MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 208-238-5000 5114 US Dahlmann, Charles P DETAILEE 412-432-4000 0 US Dahlstrom, Scott RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-629-7171 US Dahlstrom, Shane L SPECIAL AGENT 319-366-2461 US Dahms, Erik F CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 Dahnke, Roy S CONTRACTOR 703-872-5061 Dai, Sarah J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-3890 US Daidone, Debra L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-561-7642 US Daigle, Robert F INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Daigneault, Wayde M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 212-384-3486 3486 US Dailey, Christine L CONTRACTOR 703-633-5518 US Dailey, Christopher A SPECIAL AGENT 716-856-7800 US Dailey, Megan M MGMT&PROG ANAL 716-843-4315 0315 US Dailey, Michael T DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Dailey, Robert J SPECIAL AGENT 718-286-7100 7185 US Dajer, Clara I FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-0938 40938 US Dake, Sandra M SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-4073 US Dakin, Janette K SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-4105 4105 US Dalal, Jay H CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dalal, Parimal F CONTRACTOR 202-324-8768 48768 US Dalati, Alexander E LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 831-899-6103 US Dale, Charles W TASK FORCE OFFICER 352-372-9600 US Dale, David C. CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Dale, Jason T ITSPEC 304-625-2567 US Dale, Jeffrey C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 615-232-7500 7565 US Dalessio, Joseph G STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 973-792-7363 US Daley, Daniel S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8674 Daley, Jim E CONTRACTOR 703-633-5204 US Daley, Kalyssa STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 212-384-8357 8357 US Dalfonzo, Vincent A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4737 US Dallal, Bethany J CONTRACTOR 816-512-8449 US Dallas, Jamard E SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-324-5101 45101 US Dallas, Mark J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 502-263-6057 US Dallas, Patrick A SPECIAL AGENT 618-998-2928 US DallasCT2 Dalley, Everett G CONTRACTOR 540-868-4749 US Daloia, Michael INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 215-418-4000 4047 US Dalonges, Kristen CONTRACTOR 973-792-3064 US Dalonzo, Michael A ASAC-OC/CRM 561-822-5130 2000 US Dalrymple, Clinton W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-4146 US Dalrymple, Jackie K CONTRACTOR 410-277-6520 US Dalton, Alena L CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dalton, Angela R CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9595 US Dalton, Chong S MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0720 40720 US Dalton, Debra L SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 865-602-7012 7012 US Dalton, Fredrick J CONTRACTOR Dalton, Jason D SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 4359 US Dalton, Kristy R LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8115 US Dalton, Laura C CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dalton, Marie Dalton, Michael W CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Dalton, Thomas M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6336 US Daly, Alison DETAILEE 202-324-7397 Daly, Barbara A STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8192 US Daly, Charles P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-377-9200 0544 US Daly, Christopher M TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-521-7566 Daly, Joseph H FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-5775 45775 US Daly, Matthew J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 614-224-1183 US Daly, Matthew. C C INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 610-461-4415 US Daly, Patrick C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-324-3835 3835 US Daly, Robert C CONTRACTOR 202-324-8479 48479 Daly, Roger M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 904-248-7070 US Daly, Ryan C SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Daly, Thomas J TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-223-6325 US Daly, Thomas J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 225-291-1040 US Dalziel, John A FIELD SUPERVISOR 701-232-7241 0423 US Damanda, Patricia A NA ADMISSIONS COORD 703-632-3116 Damascus, Michael N SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-5217 US Damelio, Frank J ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 973-792-3000 7546 US Damewood, JMichael M FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-347-1213 2007 US Damiani, Craig A TASK FORCE OFFICER 248-879-6090 DAmico, Ann OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 617-742-5533 6332 US Damico, Frank G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6167 US Damico, Martin A SPECIAL AGENT 574-251-8608 8608 DAmico, Michael J SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 617-742-5533 6010 US Damico, Robert C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-357-3363 US Damico, Thomas J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3657 US Damirgian, Dana CONTRACTOR 202-324-6934 46934 US Dammann, Alexis STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Dammann, Andrea L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-390-2960 US Damos, Peter J TASK FORCE OFFICER 210-650-6332 Damron, Daniel FIELD SUPERVISOR 865-602-7006 US Damuth, Kevin W SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 406-443-6923 US Dana, Brent M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 671-645-1817 US Dana, Bryan M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-6346 46346 US Dana, Shane D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6129 US Danaher, Loren R CONTRACTOR 716-843-1440 US Dancer, Annette L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 615-232-7500 US Dancik, Angela M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9818 49818 Dandar, David M CONTRACTOR 703-789-6248 US Dando, Bradley T SPECIAL AGENT 352-367-6709 US Dandrade, Paul RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-0100 2576 US Dandrea, Michael D CONTRACTOR 202-324-0770 Dandridge, Brock ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-233-1468 US Dandridge, Cheryl D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-324-4726 44726 US Dane, Robert D SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6686 6686 US Daneff, Joseph M TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Danford, Kevin R FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-3626 US Danforth, Timothy CONTRACTOR 703-632-1000 Dang, Hai N SENIOR COMPUTER ENGINEER 703-872-5292 US DANG, HIEU T Dang, Huong T TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-8198 48198 US Dang, Phung CONTRACTOR 202-651-8616 Dang, Tri N COMPUTER SCIENTIST - GENERAL 703-872-5063 US Dang, Trung M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3229 US Dang, Trung-Hung D CONTRACTOR 571-350-7476 Dang, Yenny CONTRACTOR 202-324-5922 US Danganan, Sean RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4979 US DAngelo, Christine E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4931 4931 US Dangelo, Katherine E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 623-466-1011 US Dangelo, Robin P QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST 304-625-4791 US Daniel, Bernice LEAD RECORDS CONVERSION SPECIALIST 540-868-4638 US Daniel, Byron T FIELD SUPERVISOR 571-280-3848 US Daniel, Emile N Daniel, Erek OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-3881 US Daniel, Eric A CONTRACTOR 540-545-4101 US Daniel, Florence M MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-5202 US Daniel, Horace INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 404-679-9000 3014 US Daniel, James H INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 313-965-2323 4015 US Daniel, John G SPECIAL AGENT 804-627-4590 US Daniel, Kevin A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Daniel, Kurt L EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 2418 US Daniel, Margaret L DETAILEE 202-324-8698 Daniel, Sylvia D GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-790-3150 US Daniel, Youad TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 312-829-8135 5911 US Daniell, Dawn M IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9243 US Daniell, Martin H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 719-499-0292 US Daniels, Alyssa INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 801-579-6512 US Daniels, Amelia E CONTRACTOR 816-512-8582 US Daniels, Angenette L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-2698 2698 US Daniels, Aretha C SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2251 US Daniels, Avis O ITSPEC 304-625-4475 US Daniels, Bobby J CONTRACTOR 703-461-1234 US Daniels, Brian W INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Daniels, Catherine O INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-233-1450 US Daniels, Danielle L BIOLOGIST-TS 703-632-7000 7592 US Daniels, Darren G ITSPEC 208-238-5028 5028 US Daniels, David A TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6000 Daniels, Earl D CONTRACTOR 703-719-5401 US Daniels, George W SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2793 US Daniels, Jarrett C CTOC SPECIALIST 972-559-5065 US Daniels, Jeffrey INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Daniels, Jimmie J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1831 US Daniels, Jonathan J FIELD SUPERVISOR 713-693-3739 US Daniels, Kerry A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-985-6495 2010 US Daniels, Lennie R TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1829 US Daniels, Markus J CONTRACTOR 703-461-2581 Daniels, Matthew B TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-8699 US Daniels, Michael RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8255 US Daniels, Pamela R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 864-255-9206 Daniels, Patrice FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 404-679-1484 1484 US Daniels, Phillip U UNIT CHIEF 202-324-8781 48781 US Daniels, Robert M CONTRACTOR 202-324-7464 Daniels, Ronald J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Daniels, Samantha S CONTRACTOR 202-203-5943 Daniels, Shanna G SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-0201 40201 US Daniels, Sharhonda A Daniels, Sharon I SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 713-936-8667 8667 US Daniels, Shawn G AUTOMOTIVE WORKER 801-579-6902 Daniels, Steve SPECIAL AGENT 801-579-4428 US Daniels, Tyrone R STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 414-276-4684 US Danielsen, Kirk M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-946-8040 US Danielson, Mark FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 763-569-8722 US Danieluk, Dennis M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 609-689-7930 7930 US Danigole, Brian K INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 907-202-0053 US Daniher, Margaret A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 708-364-6101 US Danilo, Franklin E TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-230-9598 Dankovchik, Leah M CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Danks, Mary C CONTRACTOR 202-436-7700 47992 US Dankyi, Felix K SECURITY ASSISTANT - HQ 703-632-7111 Dann, Michael TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-686-6000 Danna, Mark RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4149 US Danneberg, Melissa B SUPVY CONTRACT SPECIALIST 202-324-3287 43287 US Dannelevitz, James M NON-EMPLOYEE 571-280-6323 US Danneriii, Prentice A PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST Dannholz, Michael W TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 US Dano, Robert C CONTRACTOR 703-632-3368 US DAntoni, Erica INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 410-265-8080 US DAntonio, Peter DETAILEE 815-615-1700 US Dantonio, Susan C CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US DAntonio-Hangen, Ida M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-526-2351 0204 US Dantuono, Steven M ASAC 314-589-2502 2502 US Dantzler, Sherrie B ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 803-551-4200 4470 US Danzi, Celeste A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3020 Danziger, Alan D CONTRACTOR 999-999-9999 Dao, Tam K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7756 7756 US Dao-Mai, Hieu T PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-324-1331 41331 US Daoud, Faris H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7400 US Darabond, Kathleen RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-347-2553 2013 US Darash, James T SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 203-777-6311 5365 US Darby, Kevin FACILITY OPERATIONS SPECIALIST-HQ 703-632-3787 3787 US Darby, Matthew D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-1627 US Darcy, Kent M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8466 US Dardagan, Alma CONTRACTOR 904-248-7450 US Darden, Kelly M ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 754-703-3012 US Darden, Latif T CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dare, Marie E CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Dare, Sean J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6377 US Darensbourg, Tracy J HAZARDOUS DEVICES SPECIALIST - BOMBS 703-985-4160 US Darety, Alan M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 402-290-8828 US Dargan, Ashley M DETAILEE 571-280-6031 Dargis, Mark B UNIT CHIEF 202-324-7504 47504 US Darin, Jay J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4868 4868 US Darino, John M TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2698 US Dark, Mark E CONTRACTOR US Dark, Seana INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-504-0316 Darkwah, Adrian CONTRACTOR 571-350-2222 Darley, Daniel W CONTRACTOR 703-632-4671 US Darling, Jason D SPECIAL AGENT 561-822-5934 US Darling, Kristen A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 203-777-6311 US Darling, Timothy A SPECIAL AGENT 617-223-6381 US Darnell, Neil W SPECIAL AGENT 931-552-1018 US Daroczy, Zsuzsa A CONTRACTOR 216-522-1400 US Darr, Anne E VICTIM SPECIALIST 303-313-6804 303-313-6850 US Darr, John S CONTRACTOR 540-868-4431 Darr, Laura S SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-3666 US Darrah, Kevin J SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3000 US Darrah, Sherri L IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-4359 US Darrin, David K TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 Darrow, Adam E DETAILEE 202-324-7114 47114 Darst, Anthony STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 304-625-2121 Darus, Jaclyn C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-278-3769 US Darvas, Peter R TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-587-2415 US Darwich, Bassam TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 503-460-8115 US Das, Anjulika CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Das, Rajeev J MGMT&PROG ANAL (SPEC ADVR) 202-324-7012 47012 US Das, Sujan LEAD ITSPEC 714-939-3595 3595 US Dasaga, Iulia E OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-4833 4833 DAsaro, Amy C TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 858-320-8533 8533 US Dashiell, Michael M LIAISON OFFICER 719-554-5441 US Dashner, Justin M CONTRACTOR TBD Dasilva, Alexandre C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US DaSilva, Armando M TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3049 US Dass, Vidhya IT PROJECT MANAGER 703-872-5260 US Dasti, Hammad CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Dastur, Brian K COMPUTER SCIENTIST - GENERAL 202-323-9189 39189 US Daszczyszak, Roman L CONTRACTOR 202-324-7464 US Dates, Latoya L HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-233-9165 US Dates, Liza D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 603-472-2224 0432 US Dathorne, Nichole M VICTIM SPECIALIST 502-263-6496 6496 US Dattilo, Lawrence W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 203-777-6311 5349 US Datulayta, Grace P TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 808-566-4300 2859 US Datz, Diane ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 215-418-4220 4220 US Dau, Megan L SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-7755 US Dau, Steven TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 US Dauberman, Bradley A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 410-277-6509 US Daud, Suhel ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 571-280-6856 US Daudin, Milosz SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 212-384-1000 3157 US Dauer, Ronda R TECHNCL INF SPEC-NY 212-384-1000 2921 US Daugherty, Carmen E ELECTRICIAN 304-625-4578 US Daugherty, Claire A GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4872 4872 US Daugherty, Eryn R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-275-3733 US Daugherty, James E FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-4155 US Daugherty, Tina L TRAINING INSTRUCTOR-CJIS 304-625-5914 US Daugherty, Yvonne TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 754-703-2209 US Daughton, Shannon T SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Daughtry, Darren D TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2140 US Daughtry, Joseph C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-7311 US Daughtry, Richard F FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 803-214-5620 US Daughtry, Scott D DETAILEE 505-889-1300 Dauler, Michael J CONTRACTOR 202-577-6781 US Daurora, Robert M ITSPEC 304-625-5034 US Dauzat, Keith CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Davanzo, Kristin M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3539 US Davarparast, Amir TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-265-8080 US Davatelis, Nicholas TASK FORCE OFFICER 407-838-2675 Davenjay, Christine E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-3199 47090 US Davenport, John G INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6596 14941 US Davenport, Mark TASK FORCE OFFICER 520-594-2653 Davenport, Matthew T RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4723 4723 US Davenport, Maynard V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 928-367-7100 7109 US Davenport, Veronica S SPACE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-436-8029 8029 US Davey, Daniel S VISUAL INF SPEC (EXHIBITS) 703-632-8250 US Davey, Patrick MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-6349 US Davey, Rebecca L TRAINING LIAISON&CHNG MGMT SPEC 540-868-4932 US David, Ajit K SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3262 US David, Dwayne H SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 202-324-8603 48603 US David, Jay P ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 973-792-3438 3438 US David, Stoll J DETAILEE 202-324-3000 David, Suzette L PASSPORT/VISA SPECIALIST 202-324-0000 41531 US Davidovics, Gila OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 310-477-6565 4142 US Davidson, Aldoray CONTRACTOR 202-203-1894 Davidson, Alice K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-742-5533 US Davidson, Andrew L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 314-589-2633 2633 US Davidson, Ashley SPECIAL AGENT 806-761-4871 US Davidson, Daniel SUPVY ITSPEC 304-625-2315 US Davidson, James U CONTRACTOR 202-323-1383 31383 Davidson, John R CONTRACTOR 202-651-3003 47225 US Davidson, John R ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 011-81-3-3224-5445 Davidson, Julie DETAILEE US Davidson, Kimberly J PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 202-436-8158 US Davidson, Kimberly K LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7072 US Davidson, Mark E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 586-412-4844 6117 US Davidson, Mia CONTRACTOR 202-324-5150 45150 Davidson, Michael S TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-936-8814 US Davidson, Richard CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Davidson, Thomas M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-2569 2569 US Davidson, Tracie L CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-985-6155 US Davidson, Walter RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6107 US Davidson, William INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 216-622-6978 US Davies, Andrew ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 313-967-4198 US Davies, Brenda L CONTRACTOR 703-418-9573 US Davies, Eric R TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-579-1400 Davies, Kevin M TASK FORCE OFFICER Davies, Lira B SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-324-5434 45434 US Davies, Michele L TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC 202-324-2269 42269 US Davies, Owen J CONTRACTOR 703-633-5627 Davies, Patricia L DETAILEE (970) 663-1028 Davies, Richard E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 765-423-5619 0026 US Davies, Thomas E SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 202-834-4297 Davignon, Christine E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 212-384-1000 4188 US Davila, Albert D TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-277-6447 US Davila, Alex RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 US Davila, Alfonso L CONTRACTOR 703-632-3347 Davila, Angel M CONTRACTOR 202-324-5509 US Davila, Asiano B SPECIAL AGENT 409-935-7327 US Davila, Carlos G TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-436-7825 7825 US Davila, Karylia D CONTRACTOR 787-754-6000 US Davila, Luis SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 2481 US Davila, Simonetta CONTRACTOR 202-436-7896 US Davis, Akil STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-996-4493 4493 US Davis, Alexandra OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Davis, Alice T SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-8225 US Davis, Allen FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6274 14924 US Davis, Andrew A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 251-415-3340 US Davis, Angela SUPVY PERS SECUR SPEC 202-203-1855 US Davis, Ashley L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-3423 3423 US Davis, Audra L CONTRACTOR 202-324-9533 49533 US Davis, Billy R DETAILEE 703-985-2519 Davis, Bliss M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Davis, Brandon E CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Davis, Brenda K CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7672 US Davis, Bret W SPECIAL AGENT 713-936-8425 US Davis, Brett J CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Davis, Brian J CRYPTANALYST - FE 703-632-7358 7358 US Davis, Brian L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 402-530-1595 US Davis, Brian P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6376 US Davis, Bruce C ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-1916 Davis, Bruce I CONTRACTOR 202-203-5955 Davis, Bryan M. M CONTRACTOR 202-323-3189 US Davis, Calvin R SPECIAL AGENT 210-380-2593 US Davis, Cameron INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH 571-350-7466 US Davis, Carlos A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2785 US Davis, Carol A PHOTOGRAPHER 313-965-2323 4113 US Davis, Cary S SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 206-287-3716 US Davis, Catherine M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 954-888-1913 US Davis, Chanel MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-2222 42222 US Davis, Charity N BIOLOGIST - FE 703-632-8498 US Davis, Charles FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1533 1511 US Davis, Charles G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 928-774-0631 US Davis, Charles A CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 42793 Davis, Christine E PHYSICAL SCIENTIST 703-632-7174 US Davis, Christopher SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Davis, Codie STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 703-632-1912 Davis, Colleen C AUDITOR-FD 202-324-8138 48138 US Davis, Connie M GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 912-944-0893 0893 US Davis, Coy E SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Davis, Craig P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 907-265-8108 US Davis, Dale L CONTRACTOR Davis, Daniel E SUPVY ITSPEC 304-625-5215 US Davis, Daniel L SPECIAL AGENT 408-558-1072 1072 US Davis, Darla B IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-7752 US Davis, Darlene MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-7913 47913 US Davis, Darrin J LOGISTICS MGMT SPEC 540-368-8511 US Davis, David H ITSPEC 703-530-3747 US Davis, David H CONTRACTOR 703-814-4889 US Davis, David. L L MGMT&PROG ANAL 208-238-5037 5037 US Davis, Deanna D CONTRACT SPECIALIST 703-872-5372 US Davis, Deborah E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8609 40000 US Davis, Destini L CONTRACTOR 202-323-9813 Davis, Don H Davis, Don K SUPVY HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-0413 40413 US Davis, Donald STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Davis, Donald B SECURITY ASSISTANT 304-625-2000 5871 US Davis, Donna M MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2331 US Davis, Dorcus R TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 901-747-4300 9658 US Davis, Douglas B CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 801-579-6813 6813 US Davis, Douglas M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 310-996-4687 4687 Davis, Edward CONTRACTOR 703-633-4699 Davis, Edward SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 601-948-5000 US Davis, Eileen A CONTRACTOR 703-632-7737 US Davis, Emilie L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-436-7998 7998 US Davis, Eric J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6100 6543 US Davis, Eric L SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3000 US Davis, Erin M CONTRACTOR 202-324-7085 Davis, Frank M CONTRACTOR 301-586-4538 US Davis, Franklin S ASRA 760-951-7119 US Davis, Freddie L CONTRACTOR 855-314-3343 US Davis, Gary E MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4583 US Davis, George E TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 US Davis, George T CONTRACTOR 202-324-3109 43109 US Davis, George V TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-5000 US Davis, Grover DETAILEE 202-324-6682 US Davis, Harold A SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-9107 49107 US Davis, James B BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5570 US Davis, James D SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 513-979-8352 513-979-8787 US Davis, James L CONTRACTOR 608-833-4600 US Davis, Jason A CONTRACTOR Davis, Jeffery D SECURITY ASSISTANT 202-345-9774 US Davis, Jeffery W OCCUPTL SAFETY&ENVRNMTL PROG MGR 713-936-7382 US Davis, Jeffrey L UNIT CHIEF 703-985-1704 US Davis, Jeffrey E TASK FORCE OFFICER 214-705-7000 US Davis, Jeffrey L CONTRACTOR 571-350-4419 Davis, Jeremiah G CONTRACTOR 202-324-2319 US Davis, Jermaine V CONTRACTOR 202-203-1852 Davis, Jessica M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9768 49768 US Davis, Jimmy D FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 405-290-7770 3862 US Davis, Jo E HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 304-625-2000 54770 US Davis, Joan F SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 208-238-5211 US Davis, Joel K ENGLISH MONITOR ANALYST 208-238-5134 US Davis, Joel N SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 757-609-2409 US Davis, John A SPECIAL AGENT 2532802667 US Davis, John J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 580-768-0845 US Davis, John P NON-EMPLOYEE 571-280-3898 US Davis, John W MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7990 US Davis, John T DETAILEE 314-589-2500 Davis, Johnny L STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 626-931-5525 5525 US Davis, Johnny M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-8979 48979 US Davis, Jonathan CONTRACTOR 202-436-7337 US Davis, Joshua D ITSPEC 304-625-3185 Davis, Joshua INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-6459 US Davis, Joshua T TASK FORCE OFFICER 972-559-5800 Davis, Juan R ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) Davis, Justin L TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Davis, Kandace N 202-324-9369 Davis, Karen A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8140 US Davis, Kate S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Davis, Kelly W CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Davis, Kerry L UNIT CHIEF 202-651-2213 2213 US Davis, Kevin ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-3095 3095 US Davis, Khadijah I RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-7205 7205 US Davis, Kim TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 713-936-8402 US Davis, Kimber L CONTRACTOR 562-345-1100 Davis, Kristi J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 561-822-5939 5152 US Davis, Laskesha S CONTRACTOR 703-488-3480 Davis, Lawrence B TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-265-8080 Davis, Leah INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-7386 47386 US Davis, Leon C BUDGET ANALYST 703-632-4159 4159 US Davis, Leon M CONTRACTOR 571-350-4390 Davis, Lindelle Y CONTRACTOR 703-872-5241 Davis, Lisa Y OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-3533 US Davis, Louis W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 404-417-3699 US Davis, Lowell PHOTOGRAPHER 813-253-1000 1036 US Davis, Lucinda L SUPVY PHOTOGRAPHER (FORENSIC) 256-213-2297 US Davis, Luke F PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 803-376-2046 US Davis, Marcel CONTRACTOR 202-324-2599 42599 US Davis, Margaret E GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-0853 40853 US Davis, Maria I FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-633-6040 US Davis, Mark M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-1800 US Davis, Matthew J CONTRACTOR 703-983-1473 US Davis, Matthew. A A LEGAT OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 30-210-720-2461 US Davis, Megan S CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Davis, Michael D CONTRACTOR 703-985-1297 US Davis, Michael G TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1700 Davis, Michael J INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Davis, Michael S ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 540-658-7408 7408 US Davis, Michelle FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 404-679-6241 US Davis, Michyle L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1777 41777 US Davis, Mona L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-1173 1173 US Davis, Natasha R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 571-280-6315 14622 US Davis, Nathan P NON-EMPLOYEE 702-218-2177 US Davis, Neil W CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 Davis, Paris A. CONTRACTOR 202-324-4377 47734 Davis, Paul J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 915-832-5131 US Davis, Paul R SPECIAL ASSISTANT 501-228-8543 US Davis, Paul. B PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-2753 US Davis, Qiana D SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Davis, Radley J MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-488-4538 US Davis, Raymond G TASK FORCE OFFICER 609-677-6400 US Davis, Rebecca A STATISTICAL ASSISTANT 304-625-3532 US Davis, Reva J SUPVY WRITER-EDITOR(PRINTED MEDIA) 304-625-5024 US Davis, Ricardo E LEAD POLICE OFFICER 202-324-2610 45850 US Davis, Richard H CONTRACTOR 202-436-8289 68289 Davis, Richard M SSRA 918-664-3300 US Davis, Robert L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2443 US Davis, Robin A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 562-590-6640 US Davis, Robyn S SECURITY SPECIALIST (COMSEC SECURITY) 202-278-3493 3493 US Davis, Ronald A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-530-3744 US Davis, Ryan T SPECIAL AGENT 301-618-4438 US Davis, Sandra H ITSPEC 304-625-4926 US Davis, Scott C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-679-6298 US Davis, Scott J IT PROJECT MANAGER 703-872-5207 US Davis, Scott R STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 312-829-4701 US Davis, Shannon MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-4220 US Davis, Shari L HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 304-625-2000 52362 US Davis, Sharlene T CONTRACTOR 704-672-6634 6634 US Davis, Shaunta B CONTRACTOR 703-985-1419 US Davis, Shauntele C ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 754-703-2282 US Davis, Sheila R CONTRACTOR 571-350-4708 Davis, Sophia M FINANCIAL ANALYST 202-278-4796 4796 US Davis, Stacey C SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2618 US Davis, Stanley L TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4081 US Davis, Stephanie M CONTRACTOR 202-324-2045 42045 US Davis, Stephanie R SPECIAL AGENT 202-436-7612 US Davis, Stephen R TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-589-2500 US Davis, Stephen W SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 702-584-5571 US Davis, Talova TASK FORCE OFFICER 775-328-3000 Davis, Tammy R DETAILEE 205-326-6166 US Davis, Tammy S FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 314-589-2522 US Davis, Tara ITSPEC 202-324-2793 Davis, Tearline CONTRACTOR 703-632-7099 US Davis, Terecia G IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9508 US Davis, Teresa L Davis, Terita L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3579 43579 US Davis, Timothy B CONTRACTOR 202-324-3403 43403 US Davis, Todd A POLICE OFFICER 304-625-3119 53119 US Davis, Todd A TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 US Davis, Toya L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8726 US Davis, Tracey OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 972-559-5383 5383 US Davis, Tracey D TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Davis, Traci M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 215-418-4191 4191 US Davis, Tracy L BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5354 US Davis, Trenia D CONTRACTOR 202-324-5959 45959 US Davis, Troy INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Davis, Tye C TASK FORCE OFFICER 940-766-4441 US Davis, Vicki B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-343-6503 US Davis, Victor V TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-447-3443 Davis, Victoria FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT Davis, Viola OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 806-761-4861 US Davis, Wanda ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER 312-829-5630 US Davis, Warren O SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-3103 US Davis, Wendy ITSPEC-FE (FO) 205-279-1198 US Davis, William E TASK FORCE OFFICER 417-206-5700 Davis, Yvette MGMT&PROG ANAL 410-981-8715 US Davis Arda, Rachel L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3954 US Davis-Black, Sonja G BUDGET ANALYST 202-324-4392 4392 US Davis-Johnson, Allandra T PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5969 5969 US Davis-Ollie, Jacqueline A ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-3103 US Davison, Andrew H SPECIAL AGENT 202-233-1214 US Davison, Jodi B IDENTIFICATION RECORDS SUPVR 304-625-9288 US Davisson, Charles E POLICE OFFICER 304-625-2000 53119 US Davisson, Diana 304-625-2000 57938 Davitch, Michael J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-8808 US Davitch, William J UNIT CHIEF 703-985-4087 US Davlin, Jessica MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4141 44141 US Davrey, Hendy K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 206-622-0460 2241 US Davros, Angela M PROGRAM ANALYST--UNDERCOVER/AFID 312-829-8925 US Davy, Robert A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 713-693-5000 US Dawkins, Katrina K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 305-787-6730 US Dawkins, T F INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3769 US Dawson, Ada I OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 803-551-4214 US Dawson, Bryan L TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4691 US Dawson, Christine INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 631-501-8666 8666 US Dawson, Cynthia B SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 215-418-4000 4010 US Dawson, David SPECIAL AGENT 704-672-6737 US Dawson, Elizabeth STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 970-461-4010 US Dawson, James A PROGRAM MANAGER 703-530-3808 US Dawson, Joshua D COMPUTER ASSISTANT 304-625-0378 US Dawson, Karen D MGMT&PROG ASST 202-324-8055 48055 US Dawson, Loren TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-3289 Dawson, Mary-Ann MGMT&PROG ANAL 208-238-5227 US Dawson, Melissa L MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-4553 US Dawson, Michael B CONTRACTOR 443-436-7700 Dawson, Sarah M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 757-609-2581 US Dawson, Shane C LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7150 US Dawson, Todd K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 307-335-7559 2729 US Dawson Bown, Merry C UNIT CHIEF 202-324-3449 43449 US Day, Adam C CONTRACTOR 304-625-4455 Day, Billy J TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Day, C A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 409-730-0444 US Day, Carnice E EMERGENCY ACTION SPECIALIST 202-323-3300 33300 US Day, Courtney M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 617-742-5533 US Day, Danny SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 414-291-4809 4809 US Day, Erika P DETAILEE 646-696-2942 US Day, Eugene CONTRACTOR 703-985-6738 US Day, Eugene D CONTRACTOR 202-323-9131 39131 Day, Jessica GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-323-3186 33186 Day, Jon PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-3555 US Day, Kevin R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 904-248-7059 7059 US Day, Marc M MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-324-6458 46458 US Day, Michael J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 340-777-3363 US Day, Michael P SECRETARY S/OA 202-324-4883 44883 Day, Patrick F INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-2040 2040 US Day, Rebecca A SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 918-879-2600 US Day, Robert S TASK FORCE OFFICER 000-000-0000 Day, Russell C SPECIAL AGENT 203-630-5953 US Day, Thomas X INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 8129 US Day, Timothy C TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Day, William A CONTRACTOR 540-868-4949 Daye, Terrance H CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 US Dayhoff, Mary S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 858-320-8544 US Dayhoff, William E UNIT CHIEF 202-324-2032 42032 US Daymond, Paul E PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 205-279-1457 US Dayoub, Charles A STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 610-325-6660 US Dayton, Carrie I RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6752 US Dayton, Susan F FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 206-262-2008 US DBRA.JK US De Angelis, Rebecca CONTRACTOR 703-483-5666 de Arce, Carmen M VICTIM SPECIALIST 562-590-6665 US De La Cueva, Maria FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 412-432-4000 4478 US de la Huerta, Raquel INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-2760 US De La Peza, Alicia A SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 312-829-7974 US De La Rocha, David D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 503-460-8448 US De la Torre, Lindsey M CONTRACTOR 202-324-8943 48943 US De Leon, Rodolfo A GENERAL ATTORNEY 703-632-7025 US De leon, Santos R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-772-2193 US De Leon, Soila B STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 956-984-6356 US De Los Santos, David FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-561-7722 US De Los Santos, Linda A HR ASSTNT (RECRUIT&PLAC)-FO 210-650-6483 US De Ros, Ky SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4230 4230 US DE_ERT Deacon, Shirley J LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 011-61-2-9373-9146 Deal, Larry A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-4133 44133 US Deal, Stacey R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3486 US Deamron, Sarah M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Dean, Annette B DETAILEE 202-324-6530 46530 Dean, Becky L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4227 US Dean, Benjamin ENGLISH MONITOR ANALYST 202-436-7729 US Dean, Beth A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4323 US Dean, Billie L MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-5216 US Dean, Charleen D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 202-278-4245 4245 US Dean, Charles A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 310-996-3718 3718 US Dean, Dennis M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 804-839-6929 Dean, Douglas E TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-320-1800 Dean, Eric S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-479-7390 US Dean, Eugene C SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8897 US Dean, Eugene E CONTRACTOR 571-350-4467 Dean, Janice L VICTIM SPECIALIST 504-816-3443 3443 US Dean, Jessica L CENTER OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-350-4825 US Dean, Joanne P CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Dean, Jonathan L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-3660 3660 US Dean, Kristi D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-5767 US Dean, Mark K TASK FORCE OFFICER 509-892-9945 US Dean, Patricia J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 864-232-3807 US Dean, Richard H LEGAL ADMIN SPEC-CJIS 304-625-7923 US Dean, Roger R SPECIAL AGENT 202-510-5769 US Dean, Samantha M CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 202-323-5378 35378 US Dean, Shaunta RELIEF SUPERVISOR 305-715-7713 US Dean, Theresa A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7312 US Dean, Thomas R DETAILEE 212-384-3000 Dean, Tracy M IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-9242 US Dean, Vickie L TECHNCL INF SPEC (UCR)-CJIS 304-625-2969 US Deanda, Luis R TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Deane, Patrick TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 US Deangelis, Steven DeAngelo, Sylvia TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 915-832-5000 US Deans, Jermaine L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6739 US Deans, Raynell L CONTRACTOR 703-872-5161 US Deao-Martin, Tracey L EMERGENCY ACTION SPECIALIST 202-323-3300 32006 US Dearden, Brandon C SUPVY ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 757-609-2316 US Deardorff, Paul C INTERN 415-553-7402 US Deardorff, Robert B ASAC 206-262-2102 2102 US Dearing, Lawrence W TASK FORCE OFFICER 251-438-3674 Dearmon, James R TASK FORCE OFFICER 601-948-5000 Deasy, Richard M TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5405 US Deaton, Jason N STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 612-376-3200 US Deaton, Randolph J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 318-443-5097 5097 US Deaton, Roger D Deaton, Terra S ARCHIVES SPECIALIST 703-504-0332 US Deaton, Tobias M INTERN 859-246-4700 US Deaver, Joseph C TASK FORCE OFFICER 253-280-2670 Deavers, Gary INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-9524 US Deavers, Jennifer D CONTRACTOR 703-961-8631 US Deavers, Troy A TASK FORCE OFFICER 321-298-2632 US Debacker, Jennifer E LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7705 US Debano, Tracy L Debastiani, Amanda K CONTRACTOR Debel, Taylor N SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 DeBerry, Ava L SUPVY HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-233-9388 US DeBerry, William R SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 704-672-6548 6548 US Debey, Michael G ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 703-985-1724 US DeBlanc, Nicholaus T POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6035 US Deblauw, Matthew J SPECIAL AGENT 513-421-4310 US DeBlois, Cassandra L GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4577 US Deblois, Michael T SPECIAL AGENT 214-705-7000 7156 US DeBoer, Deniele T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3718 US DeBorde, Ronnie L CONTRACTOR 304-625-5614 DeBorja, Eric J CONTRACTOR 703-633-4030 US Debra, Joseph CONTRACTOR 202-203-1799 Debrauske, Corey J CONTRACTOR 202-324-3526 43536 US Debrew, Leslie M INTELLIGENCE ASSISTANT 202-323-3618 33618 US Debrew, Tracey L CONTRACTOR 202-324-1226 41226 Debrosse-Kellam, Ennelle CONTRACTOR 540-868-4877 US Debrow, Ebony INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 979-731-0653 US Debuys, Rosanna TASK FORCE OFFICER Dec, James E TASK FORCE OFFICER 419-254-8950 US DeCapua, Joel E SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2205 US DeCarlos, Enrique M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-347-1213 2008 US Decaro, Thomas P INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 216-622-6855 6855 US DeCesare, Kathy MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5541 45541 US DeCicco, Andrew RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2729 US DeCicco, Bianca M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 914-989-6000 6178 US Decicco, David INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-1000 2938 US Deck, Steven M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 212-384-2178 2178 US Decker, Christopher J ITSPEC-FE (FO) 716-362-8604 US Decker, Deborah M SPECIAL AGENT 405-307-7714 US Decker, Eric L SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 702-584-5463 US Decker, Genevieve A EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 904-248-7071 US Decker, Jeanne OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 217-757-3691 3691 US Decker, Kathleen A CONTRACTOR 202-203-2127 Decker, Kelly L SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4168 US Decker, Lori FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 763-569-8552 Decker, Michael D PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-530-4904 US Deckert, Carl DETAILEE 202-324-4731 44731 Deckwa, Miranda TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 DeClark, Ryan J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-4009 US Declet, Marisol E PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-3598 US Deconti, Gerson CONTRACTOR 202-324-6039 46039 US DeCoster, Dana TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-6182 US Decoufle, Christina TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1999 DeCredico, Linda A ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 216-622-6621 US DeCruise, Ashlyn M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 718-286-7156 7156 US Dederick, Thomas A DETAILEE 646-696-2000 Dedrick-Cabalar, Joann K INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-8447 48447 US Dee, Robert RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 7888 US Deeb, Christian L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6514 15369 US Deegan, Patrick B CONTRACTOR 304-625-2364 Deem, Debra L VICTIM SPECIALIST 310-996-3582 3582 US Deem, Nellie A MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2000 55434 US Deem, Pamela J CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7325 US Dees, Joel C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1287 US Deese, Larry D ARTS AND INFORMATION SPECIALIST 304-625-5827 US DeFalco, Michael A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 US DeFazio, Francesca P STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 716-843-1472 US Defebbo, Brandon D LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8199 US Defeo, Angelo N SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 DeFilippis, David M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6228 US DeFilippis, Gladys CONTRACTOR 212-384-5000 US DeFino, Anthony R ASAC 518-431-4840 US Defino, Sharon M CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9310 US Defnall, Dustin DeForest, S A INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 616-456-5489 6120 US DeForest, Traci POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6032 6032 US Defrain, Joshua CONTRACTOR 202-324-8636 US DeFrance, Charles S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 303-630-6986 US DeFrancia, Michael V INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 310-477-6565 3990 US Defrees, Agnes L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3911 US Defrees, Ryan S PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-1936 US DeFrisco, Raymond J ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 310-996-3980 3980 US DeFusco, David P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-7965 US Degarmo, Franklin K CONTRACTOR DeGarmo, Gerald A SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 208-238-5069 US Degenhardt, William P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US DeGennaro, Richard M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-3928 44928 US Degeorge, Nicholas STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 301-618-4436 US Degnan, Michael J SPECIAL AGENT 561-822-5103 US Degourville, Dionne L TASK FORCE OFFICER 631-501-8600 US DeGraaf, Derek J TASK FORCE OFFICER 907-276-4441 US DeGraff, Christopher J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2096 US DeGraff, Scott N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 213-989-6554 US Degrange, Eric D CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 DeGraw, Lisa L ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 623-466-1119 1119 US DeGrazia, Joseph D TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4351 US DeGroot, Alicia K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 505-889-1373 US Degu, Henok DeHarde, Steven R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-488-4350 5532 US DeHart, Cathrine S ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 865-544-0751 6974 US Dehghanian, Afsaneh LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 202-278-4329 US Dehmlow, Laura E SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-5353 45353 US Dehncke, Michael C STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 310-996-3691 3691 US Deibel, Corinn STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Deibert, Christopher SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-3170 US Deibert, Evelyn R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 973-792-3000 7130 US Deibler, Michael L DETAILEE 000-000-0000 Deichman, Stephanie L CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Deiparine, Cecilia A ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 310-301-6254 US Deiseroth, Jamie A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 561-650-6920 US Deisterhoft, Rebecca S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 410-277-6485 US Deitle, Cynthia M SPECIAL AGENT 865-602-7207 US Deitrick, Kristen OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Deitrick, Michele L INSTRUCTNL SYS SPECLST 202-651-2259 US Deitsch, David A SPECIAL AGENT 216-622-6695 US Deitsch, Robin ITSPEC (SYSANALYSIS) 703-985-1131 US DeJarnett, Jason A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-985-4059 US DeJarnett, Kelley D CRISIS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST 703-632-4121 US DeJesus, David J TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-5459 US DeJesus, Emmanuel TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4200 US DeJesus, Juan G FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 787-754-6000 US DeJesus, Julissa OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 973-792-3216 3216 US DeJesus, Luis A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-8241 48241 US DeJesus, Raul A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7431 7431 US DeJesus-Rodriguez, Juan TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-277-7036 0 DeJesus-Treskow, Daniela SECRETARY OA 202-324-4260 4260 US Dejeu, Manuela TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 US DeJiacomo, Amanda M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 404-679-6577 Dekatch, Todd D STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 216-622-3630 US Dekker, Stephen A CONTRACTOR 571-350-4408 US Dekofsky, Arielle B PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 310-996-3804 US Del Cid, Christopher G OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 310-477-6565 US Del Greco, Christopher SUPVY ITSPEC 304-625-5011 US Del Pino, Christian F INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 206-439-2964 US Del Rio, Manuel D EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN Del Rio, Peter J TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1737 del Signore, Anthony SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Del Signore, Sarah J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4347 4347 US Del Toro, Miguel LIAISON OFFICER 520-594-2030 US DeLaBarre, Eric L TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-6548 US Delacerda, Edmundo TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 Delacourt, Paul D SAC 808-673-4100 US Delacourt, Ted P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6694 6694 US Delacruz, John A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 210-563-2348 US Delacruz, Juan M LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 312-829-8268 US Delacruz, Manuel M DETAILEE 410-265-8080 US DeLaCuesta, Peter M STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 1375 US DeLaFuente-Baca, Yamiletl OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 956-984-6366 US Delagarza, Estella CONTRACTOR 972-559-5000 US DeLair, Sarah RELIEF SUPERVISOR 508-923-6514 US Delalmeida, Mark P Delancer, Maximo M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 407-838-4886 Delaney, Allyson A IDENTITY RESEARCH ANAL 304-625-2856 US Delaney, Bradley A SUPVY AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORDIN 405-290-3807 US Delaney, Brian C CONTRACTOR 540-868-4761 0 Delaney, Heather EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 858-320-5338 5338 US Delaney, Heather FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-686-6237 US Delaney, Jacqueline PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3134 US Delaney, Najah L TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 813-253-1041 1041 US Delaney, Nicholas D GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4563 US Delaney, Timothy J DEPUTY ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 202-324-5783 45783 US Delaney, William P SPECIAL AGENT 601-360-7766 7766 US Delano, Brandon S CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 DeLapa, Jennifer L SUPVY NURSE CONSULTANT 202-324-8001 48001 US Delapaz, Conrado DETAILEE US Delapena, Michael C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-742-5533 6301 US Delapena, Timothy D TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-565-1255 US DeLarme, Warren W ITSPEC 304-625-5072 Delarocha, Andrew A ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 011-359-2937-5241 US Delarosa, Sonia CONTRACTOR 703-414-8538 US Delarosa, Tawnya STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 813-253-1307 US Delash, Bruce LEAD ITSPEC 202-324-9879 49879 US Delashaw, Tyler B TASK FORCE OFFICER 251-438-3674 Delaughter, Charles J SSRA 225-291-5159 US Delaune, Eric D TELECOMMUN MANAGER 504-816-3192 3192 US DeLauro, Michael C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-4208 4208 US DeLawder, Bryon SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 304-625-4790 US Delbagno, William J ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-5825 45825 US DelBuono, Scott D ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 203-287-2008 US Delcheccolo, Christopher L Delcoco, Thomas M SPECIAL AGENT 954-888-1510 Delcuadrotramonte, Angie CONTRACTOR 202-651-4350 Delecki, Zachary STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 206-262-2561 Delejewski, Marc T ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 312-829-4066 US Delejewski, Michael J INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 312-829-8380 US Delekta, Teresa ITSPEC 571-350-4440 4440 US DeLeo, Kimberly RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-566-4300 2813 US DeLeon, Dennis E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 310-477-6565 3614 US DeLeon, Ericka L TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 713-936-8071 US Deleon, Ivette CONTRACTOR 703-985-1514 Deleon, Jesse L TASK FORCE OFFICER 210-650-6122 DeLeon, John J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6550 US Deleon, Leonard A TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US DeLeon, Michael D SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT-SECTION CHIEF 703-874-5700 5700 US Deleon, Pablo J TASK FORCE OFFICER 432-570-0255 DeLeon, Raquel G FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 210-650-6030 US DeLeon, Ryan R SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 754-703-3728 3728 US Delezenne, Ashleigh CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 US Delgado, Antonio TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-277-7001 US Delgado, Arlene A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 954-430-4766 US Delgado, Chelsea INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 212-384-3253 3253 US Delgado, Daniel V FIELD SUPERVISOR 505-889-1340 US Delgado, Efren A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3437 US Delgado, Jeffrey P GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-5350 45350 US Delgado, Jose A CONTRACTOR 646-696-2367 US Delgado, Jose L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 310-996-3738 3738 US Delgado, Julio E TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Delgado, Kelly L TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 310-996-5320 US Delgado, Lisa M FORENSIC FINANCIAL RESEARCH SPECIALIST 202-203-1899 US Delgado, Luz ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 561-822-5960 US Delgado, Maria C FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM MANAGER 626-931-5504 US Delgado, Matthew T SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 US Delgado, Melissa L CONTRACTOR 855-314-3343 Delgado, N I ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 011-571-275-2585 US Delgado, Tina M SECTION CHIEF 703-632-7510 7510 US Delgado, Virginia A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 505-889-1427 US Delgado, William TASK FORCE OFFICER 413-732-0159 US Delgado-Campos, Armando PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 925-671-7330 2023 MX DelGais, William FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 212-384-1000 3386 US DelGaizo, Christopher J SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 212-384-1000 8305 US Delgaudio, Crystal INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-2491 32491 US Delgreco, Kimberly J SECTION CHIEF 304-625-3500 US DelGreco, Tiffany M SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-686-6342 US DelGrippo, Felicia L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 215-418-4000 4651 Delgrippo, Joseph TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4503 US Delia, Gregory A TASK FORCE OFFICER 302-594-4301 Delices, Jean D CONTRACTOR US Delidle, Daven R. CONTRACTOR 703-985-2544 Deliz, Hector OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 407-838-2605 2605 US Dell, Jesse T PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5908 US Dellafera, Thomas F NON-EMPLOYEE 703-762-3000 US Dellamano, Rebecca MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1605 41605 US Dellamonica, David INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 973-792-3000 US Dellapenna, Joseph A DETAILEE 212-384-1000 US Dellapia, Elaine S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 845-220-4229 1855 US Dellapia, Jeremy C SPECIAL AGENT 914-989-6000 6224 US Dellarocco, Samantha J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 203-503-5413 US Delli-Colli, Kathryn J CONTRACTOR 703-632-7403 US Delligatti, Debra L LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-8051 US Delligatti, Karen CONFIGURATION MGMT SPEC 304-625-3539 US Dellinger, Ann CONTRACTOR 540-868-4818 Delmanzo, Joshua J OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 703-632-3855 3855 US Delmont, Kara MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-5859 US Delmore, John R GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-5643 45643 US DeLoach, Maureen A MGMT&PROG ANAL 863-687-1551 US Deloatch, James SPECIAL AGENT 804-627-4689 US Delonardo, Patricia A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 732-741-0006 US Delong, Isaac J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8302 US Delong, Timothy E Deloplaine, Jackie L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS DELORENZO, DANIEL S TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-889-7840 Delpha, Michelle C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 802-773-6455 US Delpino, Thomas MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0665 40665 US Delrio, Brandi B ACCOUNTING ANALYST-CPCSU 304-367-3757 3757 US Deltoro, Nicholas FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-350-7428 US Deltoro-Silva, Felix M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6607 DeLuca, Vicki A LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7928 US Delucchi, Anthony W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-7554 37554 US Deluise, James F DETAILEE 646-696-2894 Delva, Magaly CONTRACTOR 202-962-9268 Delvacchio, Michael A TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-3288 Delvalle, Alma TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 312-829-8912 DelValle, Andrew STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 754-703-2734 Delvalle, Jimmy TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Delvecchio, Kathryn E TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 Delzotto, Christopher S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2110 US Demaio, Erika STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-280-4065 16308 US Demann, Timothy R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-5525 45525 US Demara, Rachel P DeMarco, Gunnar T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6881 US Demarco, Michael CONTRACTOR 571-350-4856 US Demarco, Sammy J SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-7360 US Demaree, Derek L CONTRACTOR 202-203-3512 Demarest, Joseph M 202-324-3000 41382 US Demarest, Mark T TASK FORCE OFFICER 707-428-3845 Demaria, Diana J INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST DeMaria, John E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-643-5070 US DeMaria-Valdes, Theresa STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 415-553-7400 7415 US Demario, Monica OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 518-431-7388 US DeMartino, Jason L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3166 3166 US Demartino, Matthew J DETAILEE US Demchek, Allan D CONTRACTOR 304-625-4922 Deme, Susan CONTRACTOR 240-401-2895 US Demeester, Aleta A TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-496-4643 DeMeo, Robert ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 410-277-6510 US Demeo, Robert A CONTRACTOR 703-565-6783 Demeritt, Aaron K SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 409-730-0464 US Demers, Mark F DETAILEE 703-275-2541 US Demery, Amber STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-6392 Demeter, Gregory TASK FORCE OFFICER US Demeter, Guy E DATA SCIENTIST 202-323-9193 39193 US Demetres, Daniel N SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 904-738-3536 US DeMicco, Michael J CONTRACTOR 304-625-4643 Demicco, Michael. J J CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 54284 US Deming, Katherine CONTRACTOR 703-961-7645 US Deming, Mark D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 617-425-533 Deming, Tamara S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 518-563-4680 US Demirjian, Allison L CONTRACTOR 202-278-3763 Demko, Cheryl D MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-1178 US Demko, Lydia S CONTRACTOR 713-693-5000 US Demko, Steven M CONTRACTOR 540-903-6021 Demkowski, Christina S VICTIM SPECIALIST 408-558-1164 US Demmon, Ryan E SPECIAL AGENT 559-261-3165 Demola, Anthony F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-577-1613 US Demopoulos, Eric S TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Dempsey, Brent T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-7051 7051 US Dempsey, James R ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 571-280-5141 5141 US Dempsey, Joshua L TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 Dempsey, Maureen P PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 716-843-1788 US Dempsey, Russell E STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 202-278-3772 3772 US Dempsey, Tae L SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Dempsey, Thomas A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Dempster, William P TASK FORCE OFFICER 765-423-5619 US Den-Brok, Felipe A SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6158 6158 US Denahan, Joseph R SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 973-792-7200 US Denbrook, Craig L CONTRACTOR 703-985-6438 US Denby, Leah INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 205-718-3187 DeNesnera, Claudia L INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Denett, Jason M CONTRACTOR 703-985-2427 US Deng, Linda Y TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 916-977-2551 US Dengler, Anton J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 631-501-8600 8793 US Dengler, Kurt F RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-286-7100 7150 US Denham, Katharine A CONTRACTOR 0 US Denhartog, Eric J TASK FORCE OFFICER Denhof, Jeremy R SPECIAL AGENT 623-466-1523 US Denholm, Kristine A INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 623-466-1303 US Denholm, Richard M UNIT CHIEF 703-561-7875 US Denicola, Emily SPECIAL AGENT 408-558-1157 US Denicola, Michael S SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8072 US DeNike, Chadwick D CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 53574 US Denike, Kristy A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2830 Denis, David DETAILEE 202-651-2100 Denison, Joseph L TASK FORCE OFFICER Denison, Michelle MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2204 US Denitto, Stephen V RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-2000 2245 US Deniz, Joyce RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-5335 US Denk, Benjamin RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 1742 US Denke, Eric H TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-313-6800 Denklau, Sarah M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2086 US Denmark, Ronald A ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 912-944-0710 0710 US Dennard, Brendan M SPECIAL AGENT 503-460-8304 US Dennehy, Geoffrey C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-5264 US Dennehy, James E UNIT CHIEF 845-615-1700 1808 US Dennewitz, Debbie M TRAINING&CIVIC LIAISON SPECIALIST 702-584-5526 5526 US Denney, Christy L ITSPEC 304-625-4941 US Denney, Jordan TASK FORCE OFFICER 251-438-3674 Denney, Justin STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Denney, Ryan J MAIL ASSISTANT 304-625-5218 US Denney, Steven R TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1373 Denning, Jeannie M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 661-852-2446 US Dennis, Christian A EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST (AIRCRAFT) 703-785-1932 US Dennis, Craig A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-686-6630 US Dennis, John P DETAILEE 505-889-1300 Dennis, Lisa M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2309 US Dennis, Michelle G PERSONNEL RESEARCH PSYCHOLOGIST 202-324-0537 40537 US Dennis, Randy G INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 801-579-1400 4857 US Dennis, Tammy F INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 256-885-3625 US Dennison, Jonathan AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 936-441-0005 US Dennison, Ryan J IDENTITY RESEARCH SPECIALIST 304-625-5493 US Dennison, Tamberly J BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5501 US Denny, Michelle INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 410-277-6529 US Denny, Natasha M HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-6634 46634 US Denny, Richard W SRA 661-729-7010 US Denny, Timothy G PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-382-8087 3399 US Denoon, James M CONTRACTOR 212-384-4831 Denson, Raeonna D CONTRACTOR 202-203-5917 Dent, Candace PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5981 5981 US Dent, Jennifer S FIELD SUPERVISOR 757-609-2604 Dent, Jill FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 210-650-6585 US Dent, Richard J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 904-248-7011 US Dent, Shane M RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4774 US Denton, Brian H TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1776 1776 US Denton, Darrell R TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-497-1790 Denton, John R CONTRACTOR 703-632-3471 Denton, William A SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2596 2596 US Dentremont, Thomas M TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Denver denver, cheyenne US denver, training US Denver FBI, Media US Depaiva, Hernan INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-323-4218 34218 US Depanfilis, Joseph M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US DeParis, Jeremiah D CONTRACTOR 540-868-4777 US DePasquale, Gerald A CONTRACTOR 703-985-3652 US Depasquale, Michael J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-633-4692 US Depaul, Samuel SPECIAL AGENT 215-266-6478 1000 US Depena, Edwin G TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 DePietto, Bridgit SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6631 US Depke, Jaret RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2595 US DePodesta, Douglas S STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 312-829-8579 8579 US Depodesta, Frank L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5633 US Depoyster, Christine T CRIME ANALYST 703-632-4170 US Deppner, Timothy J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Depriest, Leah M SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-3527 US DePriest, Robert E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-392-7846 US Deprizio, Anthony C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 706-722-3702 US Deptner, Jason G SPECIAL AGENT 219-769-3719 US Deputy Director 202-324-3181 Der, Ken W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3894 US Der, Steven W CONTRACTOR 703-6335-625 Deragon, Matthew D SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-2706 US Deramus, Jean INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 216-622-6765 US Deras, Jose TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-5000 DeRaymond, George J ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-6405 6405 US Derbas, John H SECTION CHIEF 304-625-3690 US Derboghossian, Haig SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4308 US Deressa, Worku G STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 646-696-2000 2819 US Dergevorkian, Rojeh DeRidder, Kelsey SUPPLY TECHNICIAN DeRiggi, Beth INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Deriso, Richard A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Derks, Christopher SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6000 US deRosset, Dylan W CONTRACTOR 304-625-3552 US deRosset, Dylan Y. CONTRACTOR DeRosset2, Dylan 304-625-3552 Derouin, Randall E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3744 US Derovanesian, Jacqueline INTERN 813-253-1000 Derpetrossian, Alen CONTRACTOR 310-996-3453 US Derr, Robert C SPECIAL AGENT 843-881-0194 US Derrane, James P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4223 US Derrick, Nelwyn ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 206-262-2020 US Derrick, Steven D TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 US Derrickson, Christopher R FIELD SUPERVISOR 803-551-4233 4233 Derricote, Gregory TASK FORCE OFFICER 703-661-8089 Derrig, Stephanie A CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER 703-872-5399 US DeRuby, Gerald J TASK FORCE OFFICER 315-424-2400 US Dervisevic, Edin CONTRACTOR 312-829-5906 US Dervish, Taylor M SPECIAL AGENT 404-922-1391 US Desa, Tonya M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5320 US Desa, William J SPECIAL AGENT 203-777-6311 US Desai, Jay H CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Desai, Miichael S TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 646-696-2000 2417 US Desai, Shardul TASK FORCE OFFICER 412-432-4000 Desanctis, Danielle SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US DeSante, Anthony F SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-3387 43387 US DeSantis, Aniello A TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-350-5415 US Desantis, Caroline A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 DeSantis, Dana C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8038 48038 US Desantis, Jennifer J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-9641 39641 US DeSantis, Richard J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 US Desantis, Robert V SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 315-731-1799 0226 US DeSanto, Andrea L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-287-3754 US Desarno, Matthew J SECTION CHIEF 571-280-5260 15019 US Desdunes, Stephanie HR SPEC (IS) 202-233-9338 DesGouttes, Kathy-Ann C SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 754-703-3744 3744 US DeShazo, Kevin S ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 704-672-6167 US Desheers, Jerome N TASK FORCE OFFICER 803-551-4200 DeShields, Lisa D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 704-672-6561 6561 US Deshpande, Anjani INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-7233 US Desilva, Lionel A SPECIAL AGENT 212-451-6300 6383 US Deskins, Mary INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 304-625-3113 US Deskins, Timothy CONTRACTOR 304-625-4930 DesLoges, Beatriz S CONTRACTOR 617-223-6034 US Desloover, Daniel G MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5529 45529 Desmarais, Siobhan P TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Desmond, David F TASK FORCE OFFICER 603-472-2224 US Desmond, Matthew P SPECIAL AGENT 803-551-4257 Desmond, Richard M DETAILEE 646-696-3005 US Desmond, Ryan TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Desopo, John M CONTRACTOR 703-633-4012 Desor, Jeremy S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7467 US Desorbo, Matthew INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 414-276-4684 US Despain, Brenan T STATIONARY SSRA 479-251-7449 Desrosiers, Joshua INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Desrosiers, William E CONTRACTOR 703-632-8445 Dess, Jeffrey FINANCIAL ANALYST 414-276-4684 4245 US Dessert, Christopher J ITSPEC 208-238-5090 US Dessin, David P. TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2195 US Desta, Haile R CONTRACTOR 202-651-4256 Destefano, Michelle RELIEF SUPERVISOR 717-213-2335 US Destito, Christopher RELIEF SUPERVISOR 802-878-5503 US DeSue, Lillie B FINANCIAL ANALYST 407-838-2652 2652 US Desy, David J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2625 US Desyatnik, Ilona TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-2265 2265 US Deterding, Dustin C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 270-887-6527 6527 US Deters, Joseph M FIELD SUPERVISOR 310-996-3826 Deth, Susan L DETAILEE 703-633-4675 US Detoro, Robert P TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1700 DeTorres, David F TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 713-936-7926 DeTorres, Rosario Y CONTRACTOR 206-287-2729 US Detriquet, Richard L CONTRACTOR 703-632-3810 Detterline, Amanda L SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 410-981-8730 US Dettling, Colleen M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 408-558-1076 US Dettore, Thomas DETAILEE 202-307-1296 Detweiler, Karen R CONTRACTOR 703-983-6452 US Deurmeier, Matthew J SPECIAL AGENT 406-994-0927 US Deutcher, Eric M DETAILEE 646-696-2000 Deutsch, Kimberly L MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4595 4595 Devabhakthuni, Bharatha MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4642 US Devalkenaere, Sandra M TASK FORCE OFFICER 414-276-4684 US Devall, Betty L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6522 46522 US DeVall, Patrick N SECTION CHIEF 703-985-6811 6811 US DeVance, Dana UNIT CHIEF 202-436-7333 US DeVane, Nancy B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 510-808-8687 US Devaney, Tracy M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Devanney, Timothy P SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 US Devantier, Lee G CONTRACTOR 703-985-1398 Devantier, Selena E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 406-549-7696 US Devaughn, Annie L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6619 46619 US DeVaughn, William L CONTRACTOR 205-279-1026 Devault, Nathan FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-9755 49755 US Deve, Nicholas M CONTRACTOR Dever, Adrienne B MGMT&PROG ANAL 2023243718 Dever, Richard S PROJECT COORD 571-350-4058 US Devericks, Blaine W SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7342 US Devericks, Todd A USRO-CJIS 304-625-3920 US Devilbiss, Patricia OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 562-982-1672 US Devillers, David Devine, Brian J TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-280-3854 16209 US Devine, Jodi L SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Devine, Randall RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3891 3891 US Devine, Robert F ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 310-996-3399 US Devine, Thomas A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 270-926-3441 US Devine, Thomas J TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2000 Devinney, Audrey E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8280 US Devinney, Michael R CONTRACTOR 202-324-9805 Devins, Gretchen W OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 202-324-9503 49503 US Devito, David F INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 907-265-8128 US Devito, Mark C FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-361-2163 US Devito, Thomas B CONTRACTOR 301-625-8614 Devlin, Chad E TASK FORCE OFFICER Devlin, John F CONTRACTOR 703-899-8419 Devlin, Luke D Devlin, William P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US DeVol, Dana M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 858-320-8323 US DeVol-Peji, Susan M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 858-248-6176 US DeVos, Lynn M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 313-496-4613 US Devries, Timothy P TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-3936 Devroude, Shawn S FIELD SUPERVISOR 215-418-4401 4401 US Dew, Joy F PHOTOGRAPHER 601-713-7581 7581 US Dew, William T TASK FORCE OFFICER 501-221-9100 US Dewaal, Derek F INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 916-977-2243 US Dewaard, Lisa K CONTRACTOR 865-544-0751 Dewald, Todd INTERN 215-418-4000 Dewan, Dhiraj CONTRACTOR Dewberry, Sonya SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 858-320-8321 Dewet, Trisha R SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 816-512-8343 US Dewey, Dennis D DETAILEE 816-512-8200 Dewez, Deborah OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 858-320-5773 US Dewing, Patricia MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1793 US Dewitt, Gary ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-1609 US DeWitt, James P CONTRACTOR 202-324-3620 43620 Dewitt, Janet K LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7904 US Dewitt, Merianne OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 502-263-6053 6053 US Dewitt, Robert M SSRA 703-632-1568 US Dewitte, Cynthia INSTRUCTNL SYS SPECLST - GENERAL 703-632-1974 US DeWolfe, Joseph T CONTRACTOR DeWolfe, Mark D TELECOMMUN MANAGER 203-503-5223 5223 US Dexter, Wayne M ITSPEC 202-324-1310 41310 US Dey, Arijit CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dey, Michele A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 973-792-3435 3435 Deyhimi, Sudi TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4337 US DeYoung, John T CONTRACTOR 201-807-4213 US Deyoung, Kimberly A SUPVY ACCOUNTANT (FORENSIC) 754-703-3778 US Deyoung, Randall INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 708-364-6106 US Deyoung, Ricky CONTRACTOR 310-996-5370 US Dezern, Jacob C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3326 US Dezsofi, Gerald E SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 503-460-8101 US Dhaliwal, Jagpal S CONTRACTOR 571-350-4585 Dhar, Debnarayan CONTRACTOR 410-981-8752 US Dhavale, Makarand M CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 43000 Dhawan, Arkia N INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-2553 42553 US Dhir, Elvira N FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 409-938-6531 US Di Lisi, Russell J SPECIAL AGENT 903-594-3522 US Diab, Anthony I CONTRACTOR 414-291-2423 US Diacoumis, Theodore P CONTRACTOR 202-324-8596 48596 US Diaczyszyn, Andrew E MATERIALS HANDLER 813-253-1000 1347 Diaczyszyn, Stephen J UNIT CHIEF 703-985-4000 4081 US Dial, Aaron STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-633-6366 Dial, Barbara J CONTRACTOR 205-326-6166 Dial, Sara R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 830-778-7456 US Dial, Shelbie STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 808-673-7319 7319 US Diamond, Amy SPECIAL AGENT 617-742-5533 diamond, Daniel P TASK FORCE OFFICER 503-460-8537 US Diamond, Ellen S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-4711 US Diamond, Jeffery S CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 52908 Dias, Annette M SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 713-937-5301 US Diaz, Anthony INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 407-838-2675 US Diaz, Arelis SUPVY FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 202-278-3441 3441 US Diaz, Avery J TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-684-8659 US Diaz, Brenda M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-759-1564 1564 US Diaz, Daniel J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 805-346-3312 US Diaz, Douglass A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Diaz, Elizabeth M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2028 2028 US Diaz, Ernest CONTRACTOR 713-936-8089 US Diaz, Francisco J CONTRACTOR 202-278-4384 US Diaz, Ileana OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 954-888-1541 US Diaz, Iraida SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 787-759-5672 US Diaz, Kristine L SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 703-686-6450 US Diaz, Marine D DETAILEE 703-414-8547 US Diaz, Miguel A SPECIAL AGENT 813-253-1000 US Diaz, Mildred E CONTRACTOR 202-203-1972 Diaz, Omar C CONTRACTOR 703-872-7291 Diaz, Orlando TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 801-579-6270 US Diaz, Pamela L CONTRACTOR 202-203-3675 Diaz, Peter G RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-451-6300 6404 US Diaz, Tara J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-4962 4962 US Diaz, Yohel ITSPEC-FE (FO) 754-703-2172 2172 US Diaz, Yvonne ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8421 US Diaz-Berrios, Rafael D TASK FORCE OFFICER 787-754-6000 US Diaz-Reyes, Angel L CONTRACTOR 202-324-1154 41154 US Diazgonsen, Laritza E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 209-955-4552 US Diazsantiago, Ismael CONTRACTOR 703-414-8606 Dib, Bassam LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 510-808-8528 8528 US Dib, Rony L SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Dibartola, Joseph RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3338 US DiBartolo, David SPECIAL AGENT 509-946-9311 US Dibartolomeo, Donna MGMT&PROG ANAL Dibble, Dyana K MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4318 US DiBella, Kenneth F ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 646-696-3106 3106 US Dibenditto, James M CONTRACTOR 703-632-7044 DiBrienza, Robert D SPECIAL AGENT 646-696-3510 3510 US DiCaprio, Michael. P P SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 718-995-8217 3505 US DiCaprio, Todd R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5282 US DiCarlo, Frank J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3487 US Dichiara, Fonda G TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-747-4300 Dicio, Douglas M CONTRACTOR 703-985-3508 Dick, Charles A SPECIAL AGENT 931-552-1018 US Dick, Fran ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 763-569-8595 US DICK, Jesse L Dick, Leslie MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-4067 US Dick, Paul D CONTRACTOR 703-872-5411 US Dickens, Dakwon C OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Dickens, Harold C CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST 202-324-3568 43568 US Dickens, Keri C MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5849 45849 Dickenson, Shea INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 813-253-1316 US Dickerson, Adam P CONTRACTOR tbd Dickerson, Chad E TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 Dickerson, Duane R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dickerson, Heather M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 217-757-3511 US Dickerson, Mark H CONTRACTOR US Dickerson, Regina SUPVY HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-436-7331 US Dickerson, Rickey R STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 754-703-3367 US Dickerson, Rosjan M PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5920 5920 US Dickett, Michael A TASK FORCE OFFICER 845-615-1700 US Dickey, Bradley J TASK FORCE OFFICER 559-341-5748 Dickey, Joseph G STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 702-584-5577 US Dickey, Kevin J CONTRACTOR 540-868-0000 Dickey, Roy T CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Dickey, Stephen W INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-2640 42640 US Dickey, Teresa A Dickey, Yadira COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 858-320-5711 5711 US Dickie, David L TASK FORCE OFFICER 817-989-3305 Dickinson, Adam INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-5365 45365 US Dickinson, Bryan M UTILITY SYS REPAIRER-OPERATOR 703-632-1269 1269 US Dickinson, Cynthia M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 207-774-9322 US Dickinson, Heather L CONTRACTOR 703-632-1215 US Dickinson, Ronald D CONTRACTOR 703-632-7030 Dickinson, Sean S US Dickinson, Sherri D MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6402 US Dickson, Christie L INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 215-641-8910 6029 US Dickson, Dawn M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-731-2571 US Dickson, Lisa MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-2605 2605 US Dicola, William M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2729 US Dicola, William. L L AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 703-632-1217 US DiCostanzo, Richard L TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2716 US Diddio, Mark C Didia, Christine L DETAILEE 646-696-2392 2392 US Didier, Darin M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3569 US Didier, Yves A TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Didominic, Brett F LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7010 US Didow, Katherine F DETAILEE 202-324-3000 40000 Dieble, Phillip R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 419-254-8943 US Dieckmann, Brian D TASK FORCE OFFICER 314-589-2500 Diederich, Helen M CONTRACTOR 703-889-1713 0 Diego, San 1.868.565.1255 US Dieguez, Rudolph SPECIAL AGENT 702-584-5849 US Diehl, David PHOTOGRAPHER 415-553-7400 US Diehl, Joshua R ITSPEC 703-632-3081 US Diehl, Marc R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-834-5728 6160 US Diehl, Scott A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6889 US Diekmann, Michael R SPECIAL AGENT 312-829-8174 8174 US Diep, Truong T CONTRACTOR 202-323-9175 Diercks, Lisa STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Dieteman, James DETAILEE 703-686-6706 Dietrich, Ayn S PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 206-262-2390 2390 US Dietrich, Bonnie INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 716-843-5283 US Dietrich, Joyce M TASK FORCE OFFICER US Dietsche, Scott P SPECIAL AGENT 865-602-7147 US Dietz, James R CONTRACTOR 313-965-2323 US Dietz, Michelle L DETAILEE 703-394-3708 US Dietz, Richard D SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5355 US Dietz, Timothy J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3832 US Dietze, William H INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 215-418-4000 4079 US Diez, Carlos R CONTRACTOR 646-696-2424 US Difede, Marcie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 603-431-4585 US Diggons, Jessica L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 US Diggs, Eric D TASK FORCE OFFICER 443-463-8800 US Diggs, Michael J CONTRACTOR 202-203-3683 US Dightma III, Myrtis OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN DiGiacomo, Nancy F CONTRACTOR 571-350-4436 US Digiacomo, Shannon OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 703-686-6139 DiGiacomo, Tammy L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 845-220-4268 1730 US DiGiamberardino, Albert J TASK FORCE OFFICER 856-857-2523 US Digilio, Daniel D SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 3124 US Digman, Barbara A CONTRACTOR 703-632-3354 Digman, Tanya E GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4070 4070 DiGregorio, Louis SPECIAL AGENT 718-286-7100 7120 US DiGuiseppi, Janeen ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-3754 43754 US DiJoseph, Jason RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-324-1616 41616 US Dikes, Tracey E CONTRACTOR 202-324-4973 44973 DiLallo, Sara J SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3114 US Dilber, Zrinka ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 215-418-4690 4690 US Dilio, John K CONTRACTOR 919-469-3011 Dill, Christopher J SPECIAL AGENT 916-486-5520 US Dill, Jeffrey C CONTRACTOR 202-324-9711 49711 US Dilland, Samantha R FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-350-7323 US Dilland, Steven G FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 916-977-2238 US Dillavou, Tyson M TASK FORCE OFFICER 217-522-9675 US Diller, Katrina R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 210-650-6411 US Dillery, Tracy K INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-632-3545 US Dillie, Christopher L CONTRACTOR 540-760-6559 Dillings, Doris E EQUAL EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST 202-324-2348 42348 US Dillman, James B TASK FORCE OFFICER 239-339-1130 US Dillon, Amy A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5154 US Dillon, Andrew W CONTRACTOR US Dillon, Anthony E FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-361-2157 2157 US Dillon, Christopher J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4139 4139 US Dillon, Christopher M CONTRACTOR 703-633-5527 US Dillon, David G STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 203-503-5362 US Dillon, Deborah SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 312-829-5184 US Dillon, Hank L TECHNCL INF SPEC-FO 973-792-7317 US Dillon, John W UNIT CHIEF 202-324-0499 40499 US Dillon, Julie M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 216-522-1400 US Dillon, Kathie A ITSPEC 202-324-3467 43467 US Dillon, Lori A TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-995-5152 US Dillon, Michael S MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-7645 7645 US Dillon, Miranda E TASK FORCE OFFICER 312-829-5240 Dillon, Sandra k TASK FORCE OFFICER 501-350-9931 US Dillon, Steven D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8782 US Dillon, Terence J CONTRACTOR 202-651-3029 US Dilonardo, Joseph P LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 212-384-4673 2685 US Dilorenzo, Masato T SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 2170 US DiLorenzo, Michael D CONTRACTOR 304-625-3088 Diloreto, Andrea N FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 718-286-7100 7129 US Dilworth, Mary J CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 Dimachkie, Maher M FIELD SUPERVISOR 916-977-2204 US Dimambro, Andrew R INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 907-947-8643 US DiMarco, David J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-7676 US Dimario, Carmen C SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4413 4413 US DiMartino, Joseph ITSPEC (CUSTSPT/NETWRKSRV) 304-625-4966 US DiMarzio, Alfred W SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-6866 US DiMauro, Patrick Q RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6673 US DiMauro, Rachel R SPECIAL AGENT 202-495-8210 US Dimbeng, Marcel STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 646-696-2659 2659 DiMenna, Christopher RELIEF SUPERVISOR 504-816-3000 3389 US Dimino, Joseph M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-8409 48409 US Dimitrov, Rumen W ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 317-595-4000 4778 Dimmick, Christopher A CONTRACTOR 208-433-3536 US Dimmitt, David M CONTRACTOR 703-633-4826 Dimos, Nicholas INTELL FINANCE PROGRAM MGR 202-324-7343 47343 US Dimoulas, Antonios F CONTRACTOR 202-324-5787 US Dinardo, D M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-4150 US Dinardo, Michael D CONTRACTOR 937-242-6060 DiNardo, Robert ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 703-632-3789 US Dinaro, Sergio M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 0 Dine, Mignon S INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 704-672-6100 US Dinehart, Donald J CONTRACTOR 754-703-3316 US Dinesen, Ian M DETAILEE 571-280-6378 US Dinger, Helen R DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Dinger, Richard S INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 410-636-9362 US Dingle, Nathaniel RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-320-5323 US Dingler, Ann Marie M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 802-657-6605 US Dingui, Ernesto CONTRACTOR 571-350-4744 Dinkel, Marc W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4319 US Dinkle, Benjamin C RESEARCH ANALYST 540-868-4767 4767 US Dinnan, Timothy C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2994 US Dinsmore, Ian M SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Dioguardi, David B TASK FORCE OFFICER 206-257-9189 US Dionida, Shawn TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 US Dionisi, Calogero R SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 212-384-2765 2765 US Dionne, Joseph M CONTRACTOR 202-324-2331 42331 Dionne, William E TASK FORCE OFFICER 212-384-1000 US Diorio, James F SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 732-741-0006 US Diosa, Ann E ITSPEC-FE (FO) 858-638-7407 US Diotte, Michelle INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 504-816-3286 US Dipasquale, Christopher M TASK FORCE OFFICER 716-878-9018 US DiPasquale, Samuel J SPECIAL AGENT 203-777-6311 5088 US DiPiazza, David T AUTOMOTIVE WORKER 412-201-4521 0301 US DiPiazza, Michael A AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 412-201-4520 0302 US Dipiazza, Nicholas D DETAILEE 571-280-0658 DiPietrantonio, Kelly E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 631-501-8691 8691 US Dipietro, Anthony R RELIEF SUPV/SRA 609-689-7960 US Dipietro, Dean J SPECIAL AGENT 609-677-6400 US Diprofio, Gena CONTRACTOR 202-324-7453 0004 DiPronio, Ross J STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-278-3894 US Diquattro, Jeffrey J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 806-761-4874 US DiQuattro, Kevin FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 813-253-1000 US Diramos-Montalbo, Cindie DiRito, Stephen W PROGRAM MANAGER 202-323-9727 39727 US Dirito, Wesley L STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Dirker, Kurt J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2482 US Dirks, Eugene Dirks, Tamera K STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 208-664-5128 US Diroma, Michael CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 916-977-2223 US DiRosa, Joseph A ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 763-569-8755 8755 US Disabato, Lora J PARALEGAL SPECIALIST -- OGC 703-633-4603 US DiSalvatore, Robert F TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US DiSalvo, David R CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Disanto, Krystal M CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 DISC.Dallas US Discenza, Gregg CONTRACTOR 703-633-4684 Dischler, James S SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 973-792-7408 7408 US Disciascio, Pietro C DETAILEE 7037253020 US Discipio, Eugenio E CONTRACTOR 855-292-3937 US Dishaw, Mark J TASK FORCE OFFICER 402-493-8688 US Dishner, Cynthia K INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-4656 US Dismuke, Melvin E CONTRACTOR 303-630-6179 US Dispirito, Andrea J DETAILEE 571-280-3910 Disspain, Teresa M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-6908 US Distajo, Alan K FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1000 3273 US Distasio, Arielle MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0574 40574 US Distasio, Jason M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 513-421-4310 US Distefano, Lee M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 212-384-1000 8455 US Distin, Kelly J ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 518-431-7415 US Distler, Tracey A UNDERCOVER COORDINATOR 703-686-7640 US Ditoto, Barbara MGMT&PROG ANAL - GENERAL 202-324-0215 40215 US Dittamo, Lindsay R OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 703-686-6984 US Dittenhauser, Scott M CONTRACTOR 503-528-3372 US Dittmer, Jessica INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 646-696-2898 2898 US Dittmer, Philip S CONTRACTOR 202-436-8288 US Ditzler, Danielle S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6635 6635 US Diu, Kenneth Y RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2729 US Divan, Christine E SUPVY ITSPEC 702-584-5544 5544 US Divan, Roy A SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 702-584-5875 5875 US Diver, Lauriene M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-622-0460 US Diver, Timothy S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 206-622-0460 US DiVincenzo, Eric M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 1712 US DiVittis, Marc A REGIONAL PROGRAM MANAGER/POLYGRAPH 412-432-4258 43964 US Diwan, Neha CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Dix, Deborah A CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Dixion, William RELIEF SUPERVISOR 520-594-2264 US Dixon, Angela M CONTRACTOR 202-203-5877 Dixon, Brian L TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 Dixon, Calvin M CONTRACTOR 202-203-5971 Dixon, Douglas J SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 571-350-4607 US Dixon, Frank M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-566-4300 7322 US Dixon, Jacqueline P SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 804-627-4718 804-627-4494 US Dixon, Joby INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-9612 49612 US Dixon, Joseph K TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-416-5344 US Dixon, Linda K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 334-832-2000 US Dixon, Mark R SPECIAL AGENT 510-808-8671 US Dixon, Michael E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-641-8910 6031 US Dixon, Michael T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6647 US Dixon, Monica M ALIAS FALSE IDENT COORDINATOR 858-541-2170 US Dixon, Richard L CONTRACTOR 202-278-2303 US Dixon, Roger D TASK FORCE OFFICER US Dixon, Steven M SPECIAL AGENT 813-253-1089 1089 US Dixon, Timothy L SPECIAL AGENT 310-477-6565 US Dixon, Velva MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-672-2001 US Dixson, Brigham A INTERN 615-232-7500 Dizdari, ONelda CONTRACTOR 813-253-1000 US Djahanbani, Anushirvan CONTRACTOR 212-384-5000 DLugos, Jeanne M STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 313-965-6120 US DN.SWAT Do, Anne P CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 Do, Hongbich ITSPEC 202-233-9305 US Do, Hung T ITSPEC 202-323-1751 31751 US Do, Kelvin L CONTRACTOR 703-633-5636 Do, Liann M FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPEC 760-241-6031 US Do, Nhan H CONTRACTOR 202-324-1549 41549 Do, Vuong D CONTRACTOR 915-842-7616 DO-Public Inquires 202-324-3000 Doak, Alex M CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-0602 Doak, Dawn N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 914-989-6000 6113 US Doan, Kellianne K STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 502-263-5000 US Doan, Ly MGMT&PROG ASST 202-324-4601 4601 US Doan, Ngoc CONTRACTOR 202-651-8618 Doane, Gina M INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH 585-279-3948 US Doane, Kelley J. CONTRACTOR 703-872-5146 Dobard, Christina J MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-3530 3530 US Dobberstein, George SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-3179 3179 US Dobbins, Carol ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 312-829-5263 Dobbins, Eric R TASK FORCE OFFICER 901-308-1123 Dobbins, Gina M CONTRACTOR 304-625-5155 Dobbins, Mark W TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Dobbins, Tiffany MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-323-8105 38105 US Dobbs, Ashley N CONTRACTOR 202-323-8253 38253 US Dobbs, Brandon SPECIAL AGENT 216-622-6687 US Dobbs, Leah M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6823 804-627-4496 US Dobbs, Ryan J INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Dobishinsky, Lonna RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6884 US Doboze, Adam C INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 973-792-3397 US Dobranski, Andrea L DEPUTY LEGAL ATTACHE 815-263-4621 US Dobrovits, Paul J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 708-364-6115 6115 US Dobrowansky, Stephen J CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 US Dobry, Michael CONTRACTOR 202-203-1737 US Dobson, Brittany D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 973-792-3465 US Dobson, Cristie L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8193 US Dobson, David B TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 US Dobson, James E TASK FORCE OFFICER 619-426-6126 Dobson, Joan E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-278-4199 US Dobson, Kenneth W TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6000 Dockery, Chester AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM COORD 210-650-6469 US Dockery, Cynthia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 314-589-2649 2649 US Dockery, James E CONTRACTOR 301-788-1025 Dockery, Tracy SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-673-2819 US Dockery, Tracy L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-584-5730 5730 US Docks, Ted E SSRA 517-336-8367 8328 US Dodd, Alfred W ITSPEC 304-625-5301 US Dodd, Andrew P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5488 5488 US Dodd, C D MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4668 US Dodd, Gregory N SUPVY LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7049 US Dodd, Jason N OCCUPTL SAFETY&ENVRNMTL PROG MGR 304-367-3885 US Dodd, Jason T PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 671-645-1802 BG Dodd, Jesse D CONTRACTOR 703-632-1259 Dodd, Kathy CRIMINAL HISTORY EXAMINER 304-625-9420 US Dodd, Kellie A PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 813-253-1000 1044 US Dodd, Matthew CONTRACTOR 703-985-3757 US Dodd, Rachel M LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7935 US Dodge, Brian Dodge, Inna CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 US Dodge, Joan SPECIAL AGENT 540-344-5561 US Dodge, Julie FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 623-466-1847 US Dodge, Kyle J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-5817 US Dodgen, Charles P ARCHITECT 703-632-1709 US Dodgson, Michelle CONTRACTOR 503-460-8048 US Dodson, Brittney L PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2103 Dodson, Christopher T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 626-931-7140 US Dodson, Crystal G OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 410-277-6761 US Dodson, Jesse A SPECIAL AGENT 210-650-6127 US Dodson, Margaret CONTRACTOR 202-220-1127 US Dodson, Sarah F OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 972-559-5389 Dodson, Terry HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 703-632-3528 3528 US Dodson, Todd L 202-324-3000 Dodson, Tyrone A TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2164 US Dodsworth, Charles RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8386 US Doe, John R MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3000 Doebler, Errol M RELIEF SUPV/SRA 609-677-6400 6412 US Doebler, Jennifer M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 609-677-6400 6416 US Doell, Erik K PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 334-832-2000 US Doering, Brad OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Doering, Christopher B SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 214-705-7000 7161 804-627-4496 US Doerr, Jonathan L CONTRACTOR 703-632-3070 Doerschuk, Andrew STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-278-3786 US Doerschuk, Jessica B. STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-632-1000 US Doggett, Mary A SUPVY SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST 703-212-4601 US Doh, David L. SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Doherty, Charles M MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4442 US Doherty, Daniel C INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 617-223-6060 US Doherty, James M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-223-6046 US Doherty, James M TASK FORCE OFFICER 504-816-3000 Doherty, John J TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 Doherty, John J INTERN 704-672-6100 US Doherty, Joseph P CONTRACTOR 202-347-1213 Doherty, Julie A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 630-505-5755 1608 US Doherty, Michael TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-278-2000 US Doherty, Michael T RELIEF SUPV/SRA 803-327-1151 US Doherty, Nathan T SPECIAL AGENT 310-996-4294 US Doherty, Robert D DETAILEE 703-545-6102 US Doherty, Sean M CONTRACTOR 202-324-2216 US Doherty, Sheila M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3910 US Doherty, Shelley A ASAC 816-512-8839 US Doherty, William J SPECIAL AGENT 570-344-2404 US Dohm, Peter J CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dohnal, Brett B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3660 US Dohrmann, Dawn M CONTRACTOR 202-323-9194 39194 Doijode, Veena S CONTRACTOR 415-553-5743 5743 US Doil, Jay M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 314-589-3259 3259 US Doil, Jeanette D INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 314-589-3253 US Doinidis, Jessica GENERAL ATTORNEY 571-280-6448 US DOJWCF 1.202.324.7435 Dokic, Vanja RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3916 US Dokter, Michelle STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 562-982-1638 US Dolan, George M ASSOCIATE DIVISION COUNSEL 617-742-5533 6168 US Dolan, John J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 914-989-6000 6223 US Dolan, John L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4457 US Dolan, Kelly OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Dolan, Kristen E FOREIGN OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-2477 42477 US Dolan, Margaret Rose OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 973-792-3000 3351 US Dolan, Mark DETAILEE 202-324-9252 Dolan, Mary T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 405-290-7770 4040 US Dolan, Megan A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-3040 3040 US Dolan, Michele SUPVY ACCOUNTANT (FORENSIC) 973-792-3000 3132 US Dolan, Nichole MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-0505 US Dolan, Robert J FIELD SUPERVISOR 405-290-3655 US Dolan, Ryan CONTRACT SPECIALIST 314-589-2599 2599 US Dolan, Sean F LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7041 US Dolan, Tamara S SPECIAL AGENT 830-778-7454 US Dolan, Timothy AUDITOR-FO 973-792-7458 US Dolan-Mossor, Jennifer K MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-5202 US Dolce, Racheal F CONTRACTOR 202-324-3734 43734 US Dolehite, Tracey E LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 02-6214-5982 Dolenz, Paul AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 314-589-2694 US Doleva, Kyle M DETAILEE 646-696-2000 Dolf, Shelley R GENERAL ATTORNEY 304-625-2382 52382 US Doliane, Apiruck TASK FORCE OFFICER 714-939-8699 Dolidze, Tinatin TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 212-384-3984 3984 US Dolinar, Shawn R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-3045 3045 US Dolinka, Naomi B PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 502-263-6083 US Dolinshek, Brennen M INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH 510-808-8542 8542 US Dolk, Ashley STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-324-8482 48482 US Doll, Elaine A SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 513-979-8393 US Doll, Lorie M MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-4845 US Doll, Roger L CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-8685 US Doll, Sue E CONTRACTOR 202-651-3091 US Dollar, James K SPECIAL AGENT 805-642-3995 5669 US Dollard, Chavar D SPECIAL AGENT 520-594-2364 US Dolphin, Erin L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Dolven, Steven A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 864-232-3807 0229 US Domagas, Benjamin J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-584-5589 US Domboski, Jane M CHIEF DIVISION COUNSEL 203-503-5190 US Dombrosky, Donald CONTRACTOR 202-651-3059 46892 US Domer, Stephen G SPECIAL AGENT 801-579-1400 6345 US Domin, Brock W SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Domin, Doug J ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 416-640-8651 US Domingo, Clara L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 865-544-0751 Dominguez, Alonso ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 310-477-6565 US Dominguez, Edward RELIEF SUPERVISOR 915-832-5122 US Dominguez, Ernesto ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO US Dominguez, Jose L TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466 Dominguez, Maria OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 314-589-2585 2585 US Dominguez, Melissa INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 915-832-5337 5337 US Dominguez, Mirelis FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 787-754-6000 US Dominguez, Ricardo SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 915-832-5000 5322 US Dominique, Manuelletta A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-556-5085 US Domino, Lynn M DETAILEE 310-996-3661 US Domka, Stephen R INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-350-4661 US Domnick, Elizabeth K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 512-506-2155 Domnick, Noah H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 512-506-4112 US Domnitanu, Anca O CONTRACTOR Domon, Patrick TASK FORCE OFFICER 757-455-0100 US Domroe, Gregg C SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6919 US Don, Ethan L GENERAL ATTORNEY 202-324-3947 43947 Donadio, Anthony CONTRACTOR 703-633-4615 US Donaggio, John R TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-233-1100 US Donaho, Dawn FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 423-755-5572 US Donahue, David F CONTRACTOR 617-742-5533 US Donahue, J. Brooke B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 410-981-8710 US Donahue, Joseph W SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Donahue, Kristi L MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2972 US Donahue, Patrick PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST-FO 617-223-6216 US Donahue, Sean T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-553-2068 US Donahue, Valerie A SPECIAL AGENT 630-577-3406 3406 US Donald, Jordan INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2863 US Donaldson, Amy M SECRETARY OA 202-324-1446 41446 US Donaldson, Derrick N OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-4932 4932 US Donaldson, Garrett T DETAILEE 571-280-6795 Donaldson, Jeff D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3291 US Donaldson, Trevor CONTRACTOR 202-324-3859 Donaldson, William H FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4194 US Donati, David SPECIAL AGENT 307-335-7559 2702 US Donato, Albert V TASK FORCE OFFICER Donato, Francis J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8368 US Donegan, Britni K OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 904-248-7335 US Donegan, Stanley H SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 904-248-7027 US Dones, Darell D. FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-4230 4230 US Donewar, Gregory P CONTRACTOR 304-625-2965 US Doney, George D CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Donfack, Joseph RESEARCH BIOLOGIST 703-632-4593 US Dong, Anna L CONTRACTOR 801-579-1400 US Donham, Kurt RELIEF SUPERVISOR 951-248-6515 US Donigan, Shawn INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 502-263-6072 6072 US Donini, Nicolas E FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5665 US Doniver, Michelle L TECHNCL INF SPEC-CIMS-FO DTRNS 202-278-3339 US Donlan, Brendan M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 716-843-1622 US Donley, Richard N ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 212-384-1000 3066 US Donlin, Angelina S IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-4360 US Donnachie, Craig W SSRA 859-426-6060 US Donnell, Kevin J INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-9052 39052 US Donnells, Kevin M PRINTING SERVICES SPECIALIST 202-324-4207 4207 US Donnelly, Barbara A SUPVY ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST 215-418-4378 4378 US Donnelly, Christopher C CONTRACTOR 703-632-7846 Donnelly, David A CONTRACTOR 206-287-3689 US Donnelly, Janice A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 973-792-3000 7857 US Donnelly, John. M M PHOTOGRAPHER 215-418-4205 4205 US Donnelly, Kevin M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6168 6168 US Donnelly, Matthew D CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Donnelly, Michael K TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Donnelly, Patrick J CONTRACTOR 212-384-4647 US Donnelly, Phillip J LOGISTICS MGMT SPEC 540-368-8566 US Donnelly, Steven P SPECIAL AGENT 716-878-9006 US Donnelly, Thomas PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-3471 3471 US Donnelly, Thomas A SPECIAL AGENT 330-965-2940 2906 US Donnelly, Todd H TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Donnelly, Virginia RELIEF SUPERVISOR 845-220-4261 4261 US Donnelly, William P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 808-566-4300 0315 US Donofrio, Bentio DETAILEE 212-384-5000 Donoho, Jennifer A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 3175954000 US Donohoe, Michael J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 561-822-5942 US Donohue, Andrew P DETAILEE 313-965-2323 Donohue, Christopher M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-3071 3071 US Donohue, Niall T SPECIAL AGENT 915-472-0526 US Donohue, Thomas F TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2622 US Donohue, Thomas J PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-233-9031 US Donoughe, Edward J LEGAL INSTRUMENTS EXAMINER 304-625-7386 US Donovan, Brook TASK FORCE OFFICER 410-277-6540 Donovan, Carole E ACCOUNTANT - FOA RPM 617-223-6394 US Donovan, Christopher R GENERAL ATTORNEY 804-627-4432 804-627-4494 US Donovan, David M CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 US Donovan, Gregory R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 404-320-8278 8278 US Donovan, James PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 714-939-3557 US Donovan, James. E E TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Donovan, Kevin C SECTION CHIEF 540-868-7680 US Donovan, Kevin J PROGRAM MANAGER 703-633-4699 4699 US Donovan, Mark D SPECIAL AGENT 303-629-7171 US Donovan, Michael J SPECIAL AGENT 813-253-1575 US Donovan, Timothy P SECTION CHIEF 202-324-5940 45940 US Dontamsetti, Abhiteja W SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Dontzig, Gail H ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 754-703-2269 US Doodeman, Mark R TASK FORCE OFFICER unk-now-n Dooley, Cassandra M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 972-559-5778 US Dooley, Donna A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 610-975-3691 US Dooley, Jeffrey C CONTRACTOR 202-324-1426 41426 US Doolin, James P CONTRACTOR 610-782-8234 US Dooney, Michael J CONTRACTOR 202-324-2031 45522 US Doorley, Nanette L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5349 US Doran, Edward B CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Doran, James J TASK FORCE OFFICER 865-602-6941 Doran, James P TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Doran, Joseph P INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 703-633-4599 US Doran, Lee CONTRACTOR 304-625-4169 Doran, Mary Deborah D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 617-223-6037 6037 US Doran, Russell A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-650-6549 US Doran, Timothy T ASAC 202-324-5027 45027 US Dorantes, Rose L TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 415-553-7400 7475 US Dorazio, Eric A 000-000-0000 US Doremus, Christopher J SPECIAL AGENT 502-263-6456 US Dorenbush, Cheryl COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 858-320-8313 US Dorer, Jacob ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO Dorfsman, Debi M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-262-2288 2288 US Dorgan, Dermot P TASK FORCE OFFICER 415-553-7400 Doria, Antonio SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-5270 45270 US Doris, Daniel J EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 303-649-7911 US Dormady, Anne M TASK FORCE OFFICER 406-324-3986 US Dorman, Alicia M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-556-5121 US Dorman, Bryan A. A TELECOMMUN MANAGER 858-320-5373 US Dorman, James J TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 571-280-1216 US Dorman, Michael F CONTRACTOR 202-436-8075 US Dorman, Todd A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 925-363-2061 US Dorminy, Jonathon R RECORDS CONVERSION SPECIALIST 540-868-1111 US Dorn, Michael A INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 310-996-4372 4118 US Dornbach, Evelyn M ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 216-622-6947 US Dornbos, Kyle FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 703-686-6220 6220 US Dorne, Brian P CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Doroshenko, Elina M CONTRACTOR 412-432-4000 US Dorow, Andrew D TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 Dorris, Pamela N OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 206-262-2578 Dorrough, Pauline TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 702-584-5756 US Dorsey, Alma T HR ASSTNT (EMPL REL) 202-324-9883 49883 US Dorsey, Alonzo R TASK FORCE OFFICER 502-263-6105 US Dorsey, Andrenna MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1829 1829 US Dorsey, Cheryl D MAIL ASSISTANT 202-324-4310 44310 US Dorsey, Delvan L CONTRACTOR 202-324-4718 44718 Dorsey, Edward D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US Dorsey, Erin MGMT&PROG ASST 202-324-8571 48571 US Dorsey, Harold T CONTRACTOR 703-672-2044 Dorsey, Kimby R TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 404-417-3950 US Dorsey, Monique ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 202-233-1355 US Dorsey, Renee D MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-5450 45450 US Dorsey, Renelle D PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5894 5894 US Dorsey, Sylvia D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 203-777-6311 5036 US Dorsey, Teresa CONTRACTOR 202-324-6821 46821 Dorsey, Veronica I ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 202-324-7705 47705 US Dorsey, William J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 314-589-2616 US Dorsk, Harper M CONTRACTOR 703-553-7552 Dorta-Santa, Samuel FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-5628 0003 US Dortch, Joshua D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 215-418-4000 4145 US Dortch, Lisa C SUPPORT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN 212-451-6300 6334 US Dosch, Daniele L VICTIM SPECIALIST 605-343-9632 5128 US Dosch, Robert A TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-2899 2899 US Dosher, Matthew SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5000 5160 US Doskey, Maria E TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 972-559-5000 5374 US Doss, Diana H LANGUAGE SPECIALIST 562-409-1326 US Doss, Jarrett B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 919-380-4561 US Doss, Jennifer M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 3920 US Doss, Kathleen CONTRACTOR 202-436-8234 US Doss, Leigh A STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 919-466-1350 0350 Doss, Nitiana SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-7552 47552 US Doss, Todd T SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT-AD 703-632-7001 US DosSantos, Elizabeth INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3705 US Doster, Corey E STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 754-703-2135 US Doswell, Nina M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-1084 41084 US Doten, Danny ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 623-466-1047 1047 US Dotimas, Melissa A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-8399 48399 US Doto, Brian ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-203-3515 US Dotson, Christopher W ITSPEC 304-625-5855 US Dotson, Christopher. D D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 951-248-6590 US Dotson, Robert L ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 601-948-5000 7744 US Dotson, Steven CONTRACTOR 304-625-5216 US Doty, Trey E CONTRACTOR 503-224-4181 Doucet, Jeremy D CONTRACTOR Doucet, Lauren STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 503-460-8487 US Doucet, Tyler INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 503-460-8499 US Dougal, James K CONTRACTOR 202-324-7250 US Dougal, Max J CONTRACTOR 202-324-5403 45403 Dougher, Jackie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-266-2511 US Dougherty, AM M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2643 US Dougherty, Bob NON-EMPLOYEE 310-996-4672 0 Dougherty, Christine L CONTRACTOR 540-868-1111 Dougherty, Eileen H INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 754-703-3823 3823 US Dougherty, George A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 575-541-7626 US Dougherty, James J J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 757-609-2696 US Dougherty, John W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-818-1244 US Dougherty, Joseph P SUPPLY TECHNICIAN 215-418-4223 US Dougherty, Joshua INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 206-262-2428 3662 Dougherty, Mary M DETAILEE 813-253-1000 US Dougherty, Michael SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6747 US Dougherty, Michael J TASK FORCE OFFICER 772-260-7816 US Dougherty, Olga RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2089 US Dougherty, Robert J TASK FORCE OFFICER 610-888-1736 US Dougherty, Steven M SPECIAL AGENT 904-248-7436 US Doughton, Scott C CONTRACTOR 703-632-4144 42285 Doughty, Charles B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6127 US Doughty, Kenneth W LEAD ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 713-936-7303 US Douglas, Ashli M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 410-981-8744 US Douglas, Jeffrey S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-1681 41681 US Douglas, Julie CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Douglas, Kyle R Douglas, Lynn E CONTRACTOR 202-233-9368 US Douglas, Robb C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 623-466-1765 US Douglas, Terry TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-7111 US Douglass, Daniel SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3340 3340 US Douglass, Gwendolyn ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 410-277-6678 6678 US Douglass, James G COMPUTER ASSISTANT 304-625-2155 US Douglass, Michele T TRAINING INSTRUCTOR-CJIS 304-625-5438 US Doupe, Bruce C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 717-213-2315 US Doursounian, Anne M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 617-223-6036 US Dousay, James T TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 Douthit, Wade W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 434-244-7346 US Douthitt, Rheuben L SUPVY MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4428 US Dovale, William D SPECIAL AGENT 504-816-3220 US Dovalina, Sandra J FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 703-686-6527 US Dove, Darryl K SECTION CHIEF 202-651-8945 US Dove, Gwen ITSPEC-FE (FO) 972-559-5803 5803 US Dove, Jane M MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6091 46091 US Dover, Beverly OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 754-703-2747 2747 US Dover, Thomas J CRIME ANALYST 703-632-4418 US Doveri, Russell M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 312-829-7888 US DoverRA Dow, Richard O TASK FORCE OFFICER 623-466-1713 US Dowd, Colleen E MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3000 46009 US Dowd, Jennifer L FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 202-324-8721 48721 US Dowd, Matthew T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 646-696-3057 3057 US Dowd, Michael P TASK FORCE OFFICER 914-989-6175 US Dowd, Sean W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 717-232-8686 US Dowd, Taiwan DETAILEE 571-350-4496 4496 Dowd, Traci J SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR US Dowdell, Charles T MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-651-2278 US Dowden, Christopher P BUDGET ANALYST 703-872-5040 US Dowdy, Jeffrey W SPECIAL AGENT 256-512-6311 0311 US Dowdy-Edwards, Rebecca INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 540-361-2142 US Dowe, Tiffany A INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-8830 48830 US Dowell, Colin M ITSPEC 202-323-5222 35222 US Dowell, Gena F MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4476 US Dowell, James T BIOMETRIC IMAGES SPECIALIST 304-625-5722 US Dowell, JoAnn RELIEF SUPERVISOR 812-232-0993 0248 US Dowler, Michael H RELIEF SUPERVISOR 630-734-2398 US Dowling, James B INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 646-696-2939 2939 US Dowling, James J INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 212-384-1000 8159 US Dowling, Kevin M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-551-0446 US Dowling, Timothy J UNIT CHIEF 202-436-7442 7442 US Downen, Justin N SPECIAL AGENT 302-734-3517 US Downer, David M SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-0991 40991 US Downer, Robyn R MGMT&PROG ANAL Downes, Jennifer SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-324-5426 45426 US Downey, Brandon J CONTRACTOR 304-625-5216 Downey, James F DETAILEE 575-526-2351 US Downey, Jeffrey R SSRA 313-965-2323 4210 US Downey, Lisa E INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 540-510-3444 540-510-3478 US Downey, Mary E MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-2654 US Downey, Nanci E AUDITOR-FD 202-324-8366 48366 US Downey, Robert F CONTRACTOR 302-594-4318 US Downie, Alice D FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-5427 14825 US Downie, Robert R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-347-6905 3004 US Downie, Scott R ITSPEC-FE (FO) 504-816-3092 3092 US Downie, Shelley A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2189 US Downie, Thomas CONTRACTOR 202-324-5918 Downing, Jacob R SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Jacob.Downing@IC.FBI.GOV Downing, Jared M DETAILEE 202-324-1456 1456 Downing, Joseph M SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 210-496-3030 US Downing, Larry M AUTOMOTIVE FLEET PROGRAM MANAGER 703-632-1161 1161 US Downing, Louie B TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 845-220-4265 4265 US Downing, Midonna E SECRETARY-SAC S/OA 317-845-7013 US Downing, Shannon A OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSE 915-832-5393 5393 US Downs, Brett C ITSPEC 703-985-3419 3419 Downs, Daniel A CONTRACTOR 703-632-1168 Downs, Gerard ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 703-985-6828 US Downs, Joseph M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 2292 US Downs, Kathy N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4277 US Downs, Kirk D CONTRACTOR 540-374-4174 Downs, Mark A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Doxey, Glen M SPECIAL AGENT 206-262-2425 US Doyer, Martha A CONTRACTOR 202-324-5972 US Doyle, Alyssa M SPECIAL ASSISTANT 202-323-9574 39574 US Doyle, Brent B STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 901-747-9538 US Doyle, Brian J SPECIAL AGENT 787-754-6000 US Doyle, Brian P INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-3905 US Doyle, Christine A SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 3704 US Doyle, Dana E INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 754-703-3448 US Doyle, Daniel F STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-280-6655 15593 US Doyle, Donald G POLICE OFFICER 703-632-6035 US Doyle, Dustin T SPECIAL AGENT 973-569-2544 US Doyle, Edward F SPECIAL AGENT 830-778-7451 US Doyle, J M REGIONAL OCDETF COORDINATOR 617-742-5533 US Doyle, James B RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-2224 2224 US Doyle, James M INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 212-384-1000 2763 US Doyle, Jason P DETAILEE 703-633-4831 US Doyle, John M CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Doyle, John M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 337-233-2164 US Doyle, Joshua E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPV/SRA 850-216-3327 US Doyle, Kelly O CONTRACTOR 202-651-4029 Doyle, Kenyon O CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 US Doyle, Kevin P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-2323 4107 US Doyle, Kirtlin W MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3520 43520 US Doyle, Liam P TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Doyle, Matthew R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 503-460-8474 US Doyle, Michael J STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 973-792-3400 US Doyle, Sarah E CONTRACTOR Doyle, Sarah K INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Doyle, Stephen TASK FORCE OFFICER 763-569-8000 Doyle, Thomas INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 617-223-6065 US Doyle, Thomas E MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-1698 1698 US Doyle, Thomas P FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-253-5193 US Doyle, Timothy C SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Doyle, William R CONTRACTOR 757-921-3055 Doyon, Steve J SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST-ASC-TEMP 202-323-2499 32499 US Dozer, Linda E SPECIAL AGENT 805-677-7352 US Dozier, Jacqueline INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 202-278-2000 US Dozier, John R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-686-6507 US Dozier, Michael D TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-944-9101 DPulos, Todd M SPECIAL AGENT 713-936-7509 US DR-FBINNCP Name Search 202-324-3000 DR-SMIS PMO 202-324-3000 Drabicki, Christopher E SPECIAL AGENT 217-757-3649 US Drabish, Anissa C MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4206 US Drabot, Andrea L MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-9089 49089 Drabyak, Timothy M CONTRACTOR 540-868-4977 Draffin, George A INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 314-313-0891 Dragan, Michael TASK FORCE OFFICER 203-503-5462 US Drager, Jennifer L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5040 US Drager, Timothy L INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 559-261-3167 US Draggett, Mark P TELEPHONE OPERATOR 202-324-4555 44555 US Draghin, Ionut INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 314-619-0752 US Drago, Anthony J CONTRACTOR 703-633-5622 US Dragon, Diana DETAILEE US Dragon, Reynald DETAILEE US Dragoo, Holly M DETAILEE 404-679-9000 Dragoo, Tara A CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 Drake, Anthony D INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 571-280-1363 14409 US Drake, Brian K CONTRACTOR 816-512-8200 US Drake, Bryan RELIEF SUPERVISOR 313-965-5884 US Drake, Carlean HR SPEC-SPECIAL PROJ/PLCY 202-436-7350 7350 US Drake, Damian T. CONTRACTOR 202-962-9433 US Drake, David A ITSPEC (SYSADMN/CUSTSPT) 202-278-3103 3105 US Drake, June A PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-812-1108 US Drake, Matthew W ASAC 703-686-6650 US Drake, Rosa A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-541-5158 US Drake, Sharleigh D TASK FORCE OFFICER 210-225-6741 Drake, Sharon V MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-374-4144 US Drake, Stephanie L SECURITY ASSISTANT 304-625-2000 52292 US Drake, Steven A CONTRACTOR 304-625-5296 Drake, Thomas Drane, Ashley N MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-603-3965 US Draper, Brett A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 813-253-1000 US Draper, Bridget O CONTRACTOR 202-324-3327 43327 Draper, Danielle J 703-538-3815 Draper, Kelly A CONTRACTOR 703-553-7242 Draper, Rodney O SPECIAL AGENT 208-433-3531 US Draper, Sarah G STATIONARY SSRA 208-433-3522 US Draughan, Andrew ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 217-757-3689 3689 US Draughan, Richard INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 217-757-3646 3646 US Draughn, Krystal D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 513-421-4310 Draughn, Scotty SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 513-979-8635 US Draughn III, Roland C SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 Drawer, John HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-7584 47584 US Drayton, Brian K STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Drayton, Daron E SUPVY BUDGET ANALYST 202-323-9577 39577 US Drayton, Nigel PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2158 US Drayton, Regina PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-203-5869 5869 US Drebenstedt, Richard W SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 571-280-4086 US Drechsler, Pamela L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-633-4068 US Dreeke, Robin K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 540-548-4401 US Dreessen, Benjamin J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-587-2439 US Dreher, Michael A ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 52-33-3268-2257 US Dreibelbis, Ryan D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 410-277-6449 US Dreiling, Susann M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 727-712-5301 US Dreisonstok, Wing-Mui CONTRACTOR 202-278-2000 Dreistadt, Sharon E MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-6943 6943 US Dresden, John INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-5313 45313 US Dressel, Loretta M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Dressel, Meghan DETAILEE 202-406-5573 US Dressler, Jeffrey M PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-622-6749 6749 US Dressler, Kyra M SPECIAL AGENT 410-277-6551 US Drever, Jo OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 914-989-6000 6026 US Drew, Alexander CONTRACTOR 571-350-4043 Drew, David. E E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6100 6566 US Drew, David. K K INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 706-596-9603 2094 US Drew, John J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-326-6166 US Drew, Mason SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 808-312-5044 US Drew, Robert W FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-3300 32010 US Drew, Sean C TASK FORCE OFFICER 801-456-4801 US Drew, Timothy SUPVY SECUR SPEC-CSO 312-829-7860 US Dreweke, Susan M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-9920 49920 US Drewer, Andrew T FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-5432 45432 US Drewry, Marcia H TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-0777 0 Drews, Chelsie SPECIAL AGENT 972-559-5747 US Dreyfus, Cherise B UNIT CHIEF 703-632-7225 7225 US Drickersen, Eric LEGAL ATTACHE 011-52-555-080-2177 US Driessen, Jeffrey R PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 513-562-5743 US Driessen, Sherry L PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 513-979-8357 8357 US Dring, Jill A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4344 US Dring, Mark L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 414-291-4813 4813 US Drinkwater, John TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 US Driscoll, Brian J OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 703-632-1653 US Driscoll, Casey DETAILEE 646-696-2000 Driscoll, James F UNIT CHIEF 703-985-6105 6105 US Driscoll, Jillian STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 703-553-6184 US Driscoll, Joumana M TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 412-432-4000 4294 US Driscoll, Judie M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 203-503-5006 US Driscoll, Michael J ASSISTANT LEGAL ATTACHE 011442078940007 0127 US Driscoll, Paul S SUPVY ITSPEC (PLCYPLN) 304-625-4907 US Driscoll, Shannon N TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-3000 Driskill, Brian E TASK FORCE OFFICER 318-861-1890 US Driver, Christina L UNIT CHIEF 202-324-7206 47206 US Drohan, James P INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 973-792-3000 US Drolshagen, Rainer S ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 704-672-6520 6520 US Dromazos, Christopher J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 734-995-1310 US Drone, Wesley S SPECIAL AGENT 916-977-2217 US Drost, Jason USRO-CJIS 304-625-3922 US Drost, Michael P ELECTRICIAN 304-625-0347 US Drost, Todd M RELIEF SUPERVISOR 763-569-8000 8282 US Drowns, Charles S POLICE OFFICER 212-384-1000 2763 US Drowns, Wayne C DETAILEE 202-000-0000 US DRResortCase Drucker, Adam B ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-2734 42734 US Drucker, Jonathan TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-944-9101 Drum, Denis PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4144 US Drumgoole, Linda A SUPVY FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM COORD 972-559-5069 US Drumm, Brian P CONTRACTOR 703-672-2000 Drumm, James P TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4633 US Drummer, Keith E SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 801-579-6624 US Drummond, Matthew J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-280-6725 US Drummond, Shawnda RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6372 US Drummond, Thomas D MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-4299 US Drummond, Thomas W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 704-672-6100 US Drupp, Iry SPECIAL AGENT 212-384-1000 8272 US Drury, Ashley T STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 571-280-3966 Drury, Kevin M TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-496-4643 Drury, Matthew G CONTRACTOR 703-439-7643 US Dry, Michael DETAILEE 804-627-4724 Dryden, Christopher DETAILEE 571-280-1102 Drzymalla, John M ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 210-650-6596 6596 US Drzyzga, Ryan S CONTRACTOR US Dsouza, Paulette A CONTRACTOR 754-703-2235 US DSouza, Peter L REGIONAL OCDETF COORDINATOR 954-888-1534 US Du, Tuong N ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO US Duan, Hongyu TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 202-278-4394 US Duane, Thomas RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-1000 8588 US Duarte, Dario RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-541-5119 US Duarte, Jesus SSRA 760-335-5610 US Duarte, Nelson R TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-477-6565 US Duarte, Ricardo POLICE OFFICER Duba, Robert RELIEF SUPERVISOR 217-353-4182 US Duback, Anthony D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-503-5064 US Dubbels, Paul S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-384-5549 5549 US Dubel, Jefferson K DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Dubenion, Carolyn A FINANCIAL ANALYST 614-224-1183 2273 US Dubeshter, Amber R INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 858-499-7903 US Dubet, Libaan M CONTRACTOR 202-324-7702 Dubey, Hemant K CONTRACTOR 540-868-1234 US Dubin, Alexis STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Dubin, Jonathan R RELIEF SUPERVISOR 415-575-5011 5011 US Dublin, Ashley D INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 954-553-0409 US Dublin, Tchad A CONTRACTOR 301-641-2592 Dublin, Trenia L UNIT CHIEF 202-324-5487 45487 US Dubois, Harry T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-2323 US Dubois, Michael W SSRA 315-424-2400 US Dubois, Timothy F OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 713-936-8647 US Dubois, Timothy R AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC 916-977-2442 2442 US Dubon, Maria N CONTRACTOR 214-705-7000 US Dubos, Robert J ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 504-816-3000 3197 US Dubose-Neal, Tracy TECHNCL INF SPEC-HQ 202-324-7302 47302 US Dubravetz, Claudia SPECIAL AGENT 703-686-7614 US Dubravetz, Michael A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1790 US DuBrock, Jodi S ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 412-432-4000 4457 US Dubuc, Stephanie RELIEF SUPERVISOR 203-630-5918 US Ducatel, Mark I RELIEF SUPERVISOR 972-559-5000 5030 US Duce, Ronald J SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 973-792-7166 7166 US Duchene, Bryan D ASSISTANT SECTION CHIEF 202-324-0654 40654 US Duchscherer, Elizabeth S INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 716-843-4353 US Ducker, Kenneth R TASK FORCE OFFICER 313-971-4796 US Duckett, Michelle R CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Duckworth, Mary J MGMT&PROG ASST 304-625-5506 US Duckworth, Michelle A ACCOUNTING ANALYST 304-367-3878 3878 US Ducosin, Iris M CONTRACTOR 202-324-8698 48698 US Duczakowski, Arlo J RELIEF SUPV/ASSRA 760-602-3963 3963 US Duda, Alexander N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 407-838-2629 US Duda, Brian C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-5705 US Duda, Mark A CONTRACTOR 202-324-9781 49781 Duda, Raymond P ASAC-TERRORISM 412-432-4002 US Dudas, Danica M SPECIAL AGENT 410-981-8684 US Dudek, Lisa CONTRACTOR 703-983-9195 US Dudenhoeffer, Kelvin DETAILEE 703-632-7633 Dudley, Carl H TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 US Dudley, Christopher S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-233-1236 US Dudley, Jo A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-3618 US Dudley, Kevin E SUPVY ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-OTD 202-577-6244 US Dudley, Reynaldo D TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 202-278-4089 US Dudley, Siri A CONTRACTOR 202-203-1797 Dudley, Wade L SECONDARY RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-653-4214 US Dudyak, Stephen M DETAILEE 518-563-4680 US Dudzinski, Daniel G LEGAL ATTACHE 805-986-7072 US Dudziuk, Rita C INTELLIGENCE ASSISTANT 646-696-2583 2583 US Due, Brian K SPECIAL AGENT 414-276-4684 4305 US Due, Noel C SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 210-346-5749 US Duenas, Raymond P ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-6625 6625 US Duenas, Stephen J PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 434-244-7353 434.293.9744 US Duerksen, Benjamin INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 702-584-5845 Duerst, Peter SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-482-2118 40000 US Duff, Alicia PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-996-4640 4640 US Duff, Britni L IDENTIFICATION RECORDS EXAMINER 304-625-7716 US Duff, Daniel L TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-495-7200 US Duff, Jeffrey A MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-872-5234 US Duff, Jeffrey E UNIT CHIEF 703-632-8055 US Duff, Patrick 310-477-6565 Duff, Teresa L MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-361-2512 2512 US Duffer, Edward D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 512-506-2643 US Duffey, Scott A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 302-658-4391 US Duffin-Dixon, Antoinette OPERATIONS MANAGER 202-233-1410 US Dufford, Neil S INTERN 202-324-4505 Dufford, Wendy L SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 843-654-5492 US Duffus, Justin DETAILEE 703-985-1024 Duffy, Bridget M ITSPEC 571-350-7468 US Duffy, Claire M INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 703-216-3063 US Duffy, Colin INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 865-602-7149 US Duffy, Donald P FIELD SUPERVISOR 708-364-6110 US Duffy, Izabela M INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 408-558-1048 1048 US Duffy, Patrick J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 215-418-4674 4674 US Duffy, Robert P SPECIAL AGENT 631-501-8600 8624 US Duffy, Sean L STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 216-622-6961 US Duffy, Thomas J FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 215-418-4000 4314 US Dufon, Susan D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 850-429-1302 US Dufour, Flora V MGMT&PROG ANAL 571-350-4343 US Dugan, Brian C FIELD SUPERVISOR 312-829-4512 US Dugan, Cindy M PARALEGAL SPECIALIST-FOR 503-460-8046 US Dugan, Joel W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 754-703-3764 US Dugan, John T RELIEF SUPERVISOR 212-278-7024 US Dugan, Lisa SPECIAL AGENT 513-316-9136 US Dugan, Patrick S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 410-277-6907 US Dugan, Rachael R INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-278-3822 US Dugan, S. C SPECIAL AGENT 415-553-7567 7567 US Dugan, Thomas J OPERATOR-HRT/RELIEF SUPV 703-632-3705 US Dugan, William J TASK FORCE OFFICER 973-792-3000 Dugan, William R GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST 703-632-1367 US Dugas, Scott P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 860-439-6105 US Duggan, Erin INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST Duggan, James M TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Duggan, Timothy P TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Dugger, Kenneth L TASK FORCE OFFICER 310-996-5139 Duggins, Amanda S OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 540-548-4207 540.361.2539 US Duh, Roger SPECIAL AGENT 562-982-1714 1714 US Duhame, Christopher D EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 801-579-6902 6902 US Duhaney, Claude B CONTRACTOR 703-633-0000 Duiguid, Jerome A ITSPEC 703-872-5155 US Duke, Alina LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 011-507-317-5170 US Duke, Chance J RELIEF SUPERVISOR 787-772-2236 2236 US Duke, Chase J SPECIAL AGENT 703-632-1000 5591 US Duke, David L STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 858-571-8850 US Duke, K. Suzanne S STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 787-759-1509 1509 US Duke, Steven W SPECIAL AGENT 540-678-3402 540.678.3410 US Duke, Suzanne RELIEF SUPERVISOR 858-587-2418 US Dukes, Jessica E EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 972-559-5016 5016 US Dukic, Sasha RELIEF SUPERVISOR 870-774-7682 4434 US Dulai, fmD1DgaDfmD1DgaD!! S FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 571-350-7329 7329 US Dulak, Janice W BUDGET ANALYST 571-350-7221 US Dulaney, Charles F ITSPEC 304-625-2672 US Dulaney, Erin L RELIEF SUPERVISOR 216-522-1400 6806 US Dulany, Tania SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 703-686-7005 US Dulgerian, Richelle M SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 702-584-5415 5415 US Dulin, James H ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 813-253-1000 1182 US Dulin, Stacie ITSPEC 304-625-5877 US Dumais, Blake RELIEF SUPERVISOR 703-661-8053 US Dumann, Jason ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN-FO 501-217-2797 0797 US Dumene, Richard D CONTRACTOR 703-633-5242 Dunaway, Kimberly D INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT 304-625-5698 US Dunbar, Aleta TASK FORCE OFFICER 704-672-6100 Dunbar, Jonathan H INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 714-939-3560 3560 US Dunbar, Latosha H MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3270 3270 Dunbar, Mark J ELECTRICIAN 202-324-3048 43048 US Dunbar, Thomas A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 954-839-1406 US Duncan, Alethea N SPECIAL AGENT 954-547-6120 US Duncan, Alvis W FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT 313-965-5988 US Duncan, Briana M CONTRACTOR 703-632-7517 US Duncan, Cheryl J SUPVY INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 510-451-9782 US Duncan, Coleman C SPECIAL AGENT 941-362-8113 US Duncan, Colin O CONTRACTOR 202-324-3000 US Duncan, Derrik P INTERN 0 Duncan, Garfield S TASK FORCE OFFICER 646-696-3051 US Duncan, Jeremy J CONTRACTOR 202-436-8085 68085 Duncan, Lu Cindy C SECRETARY-ASAC S/OA 615-232-7591 US Duncan, Melanie Y MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-0473 40473 US Duncan, Michael L Duncan, Nancy L FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-324-4733 4733 US Duncan, Nyle K CONTRACTOR 540-737-4570 US Duncan, Peri L MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-530-3713 US Duncan, Raymond A FIELD SUPERVISOR 202-278-2363 2363 US Duncan, Stephen TASK FORCE OFFICER 858-565-1255 Duncanson, Christopher M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-436-7451 US Duncanson, Michael CONTRACTOR 703-872-5278 US Dundon, Derek SPECIAL AGENT 571-280-5566 US Dundovich, Dion R TASK FORCE OFFICER 816-512-8200 US Dunfee, Stephen D TASK FORCE OFFICER 804-261-1044 US Dunford, Brendan RELIEF SUPERVISOR 702-236-7840 US Dunford, Samantha STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 202-278-4816 US Dunham, Ashley L CONTRACTOR 571-350-4645 US Dunham, Christopher G CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS SPECIALIST 202-324-5134 45134 US Dunham, Dean C TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-324-3000 Dunham, Deborah M MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-8065 8065 US Dunham, Haylee CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 304-625-7696 US Dunham, James INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 703-633-4605 4605 US Dunham, Jeffery L INVESTIGATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYST 314-589-2500 US Dunham, John D SPECIAL AGENT 202-278-2377 US Dunham, Joshua ELECTRONICS ENGINEER 703-985-6012 6012 US Dunham, Lethea L OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 803-376-2030 US Dunham, Paul E SPECIAL AGENT 313-965-2323 US Dunham, Timothy M ASAC 518-431-7333 US Dunigan, Meaghan L INTERN 212-384-3915 3915 US Dunkley, Alicia M INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-7630 47630 US Dunkley, Justin M GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-1692 US Dunkley, Lisa M GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4508 4508 US Dunlap, Gregory S TASK FORCE OFFICER 202-323-3300 Dunlap, James R TASK FORCE OFFICER 215-418-4667 US Dunlap, L. Michelle M OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Dunlap, Shauna A RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7638 US Dunlap, Sierra E CONTRACTOR 412-432-4000 US Dunleavy, Matthew L TASK FORCE OFFICER 216-522-1400 Dunlevy, Kelly A PHYSICAL SCIENTIST 703-632-7662 7662 US Dunmire, Stephen INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-323-1739 31729 US Dunn, Aaron C RELIEF SUPERVISOR 701-713-4112 US Dunn, Alan T TASK FORCE OFFICER 318-416-7434 Dunn, Alyssa J STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE 210-650-6285 US Dunn, Brigid E CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Dunn, Charles E MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-5241 US Dunn, Daniel B MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-632-3730 3730 US Dunn, Daniel W LIAISON OFFICER 858-320-5394 US Dunn, David E CONTRACTOR 304-625-2000 54889 US Dunn, Fred CONTRACTOR 703-553-7557 Dunn, Helen E RELIEF SUPERVISOR 312-829-4712 US Dunn, James P SECURITY SPECIALIST-ACSO 858-320-5763 US Dunn, James S ITSPEC 304-625-3509 US Dunn, John W UNIT CHIEF 703-632-1551 US Dunn, L N RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-8739 US Dunn, Margaret TASK FORCE OFFICER 305-957-7386 US Dunn, Margaret R TASK FORCE OFFICER 336-855-7770 Dunn, Martha CONTRACTOR 703-983-9620 US Dunn, Matthew H FIELD SUPERVISOR 615-232-7507 US Dunn, Michael R INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 205-718-5308 Dunn, Porter F UNIT CHIEF 703-322-5965 US Dunn, Robert G CONTRACTOR Dunn, Roberta J MGMT&PROG ANAL 304-625-4460 US Dunn, Russell J TASK FORCE OFFICER 516-739-9740 US Dunn, Scott RELIEF SUPERVISOR 775-328-4000 Dunn, Spencer TASK FORCE OFFICER 404-679-9000 Dunn, Steven T SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-6458 US Dunn, Welford E TASK FORCE OFFICER 804-261-1044 Dunnam, Scott RELIEF SUPV/ASSRA 870-739-3283 US Dunne, Matthew F SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT 601-713-7732 US Dunne, Sean STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Dunnebecke, Daniel P TASK FORCE OFFICER 303-649-7911 US Dunning, Allison F CONTRACTOR 202-233-9266 Dunning, Anderson M TASK FORCE OFFICER 205-326-6166 US Dunning-Spears, Melissa S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 205-279-1464 US Dunnivan, Ronald J PHOTOGRAPHER 504-816-3337 US Dunnivant, John INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST 202-278-4656 US Dunphy, Jason P SUPVY INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 216-622-2848 US Dunsmore, Pegi STUDENT WORKFORCE TRAINEE Dunton, Kevin D SPECIAL AGENT 208-664-5128 US Duong, Davril CONTRACTOR 202-324-2793 US Duong, Thi Q RELIEF SUPERVISOR 310-477-6565 5220 US Duong, Thinh SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 571-350-4620 US Duong, Truc D STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 727-712-5308 US Duong, VI MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-3882 38176 US DuParl, Leshanda K COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 813-253-1139 US DuParl, Molly P AUDITOR-FO 813-253-1288 US Duperre, Dennis CONTRACTOR 703-632-3012 US Duplaisir, Brian J OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Dupler, Michael P RELIEF SUPERVISOR 308-382-3690 US Duplessis, Paul J CONTRACTOR 504-816-3000 US Duplissey, Ryan N TASK FORCE OFFICER 916-874-1631 US Dupont, Paul J CONTRACTOR 304-625-4937 DuPont, Terrence SPECIAL AGENT 215-418-4172 US Dupre, Steven D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 916-977-2245 2245 US Dupree, Kimberly Y MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-324-6176 46176 US Dupree, Sharon A CONTRACTOR 202-203-3675 Duprey, Walter K TASK FORCE OFFICER 252-353-3140 Dupriest, Carrie A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 501-228-8464 US Dupuis, Raymond B FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 540-374-4204 US DuquedeEstrada, Raquel TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPEC-FO 415-553-7400 US Duquette, Jonathan A TASK FORCE OFFICER 406-399-0568 Dura, Jared I GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SPECIALIST 540-868-4125 4125 Durall, Celia C DETAILEE 202-324-8864 48864 Duran, Al MGMT&PROG ANAL 703-985-1743 US Duran, Alfredo S FIELD SUPERVISOR 754-703-3599 US Duran, Anthony Duran, Daniel R ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 505-889-1399 US Duran, Donald K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 412-432-4137 4137 US Duran, Jason TASK FORCE OFFICER 813-253-1000 Duran, Javier A STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 217-353-4191 4191 US Duran, Jessy F STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 505-889-1300 1389 US Duran, Jose S TASK FORCE OFFICER 713-693-5000 US Duran, Leticia TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS 760-335-5611 US Duran, Thomas A OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 505-889-1390 1390 US Duran-Leon, Maritza ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 310-996-3937 3937 US Durand, Bartholomew D RELIEF SUPERVISOR 202-278-3712 3712 US Durango, Andres RELIEF SUPERVISOR 334-263-1691 US Durant, Patricia M TASK FORCE OFFICER 617-742-5533 US Duray, Curtis A TASK FORCE OFFICER 831-239-2709 US Durben, Lydia L SPECIAL AGENT 925-363-2025 US Durbin, Catherine INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 202-324-2474 42474 US Durbin, Daniel J DETAILEE 907-276-4441 US Durbin, Jacob W TASK FORCE OFFICER 208-888-6678 Durbin, Lauren E CONTRACTOR 000-000-0000 Durbin, Rick A DETAILEE 208-344-7843 US Durden, Cheryl D GENERAL SUPPLY SPECIALIST 703-719-5401 US Durgin, Jeremy E MGMT&PROG ANAL 540-868-7644 7644 US Durgin, Nicholas E SPECIAL AGENT US Durham, Anthony L DETAILEE 813-253-1000 Durham, Cheryl L EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN 219-769-3719 US Durham, Christopher B CONTRACTOR 703-633-4792 US Durham, Dennis W INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS 202-324-3000 41566 Durham, Joni J CASE INFO MGMT SPEC - ORION 703-632-4122 US Durham, Nikkia A MGMT&PROG ANAL 202-203-1901 US Durham, Scott C TASK FORCE OFFICER 571-221-8097 US Durham, Thomas E PRINCIPAL RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-889-1665 US Durham Chew, Jessica INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 571-280-3808 US Durica, Todd A TASK FORCE OFFICER 540-219-9506 Durig, Scott P CONTRACTOR 304-625-4880 Duritsa, Ross STAFF OPERATIONS SPECIALIST 412-432-4296 4296 US Durivage, Scott A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 703-632-1925 1925 US Durkacz, John INVESTIGATIVE SUPPORT Durkin, Susan T COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST 617-742-5533 6116 US Durlacher, Lisa M SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 703-561-7366 US Durner, Colin SPECIAL AGENT 704-672-6369 US Durnik, John D OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN 312-829-5724 Durnin, Helaine F LEGAT OPERATIONS ASSISTANT OA 011-39-06-4674-2358 US Durnin, Ryan M ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST-FO 212-384-1000 8176 US Durnin, Tyler W OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN US Durning, Dean M DETAILEE 202-324-3000 Duron, George SPECIAL AGENT 915-832-5000 5352 US Duros, Laura E INTELLIGENCE ANALYST 941-362-8158 US Duross, Kurt A FBIHQ SUPERVISOR 202-323-9559 39559 US Durr, Tony FINGERPRINT EXAMINER 304-625-5747 US Durrant, Arthur E RELIEF SUPV/SRA 609-689-7957 US Durrant, Brandon W RELIEF SUPERVISOR 505-726-6012 US Dusek, Ryan K RELIEF SUPERVISOR 713-936-7752 US Dusenbery, Michael H SUPVY HR SPECIALIST (GENERALIST) 202-324-3651 43651 US Dustin, David C SUPVY SPECIAL AGENT 202-323-4786 34786 US Dutkiewicz, Erik L DETAILEE 202-324-6270 Dutra, Paulo M DETAILEE 703-686-6706 US Duttenhoeffer, Melissa L ELSUR OPERS TECHNCN 516-822-5943 US Dutton, Dale S RELIEF SUPERVISOR 707-566-2722 US Dutton, Jeffrey C ASAC-ADMINISTRATION 504-816-3022 US Dutton, Marcus L SPECIAL AGENT 404-679-1443 US Duval, Brian MICROBIOLOGIST 703-632-7903 7903 US Duval, Detra A PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-651-2153 US Duvall, Caitlin INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Duvall, Caroline STATIONARY SUPERVISOR 202-324-0722 40722 US Duvivier, Trisha R OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TECHNICIAN Dux, Brien C INTERN 313-965-2323 US Duyon, Nicole C OFFICE SERVICES SUPVR 617-223-6500 Dvilyanski, Mikhail STATIONARY SUPERVISOR