How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

by The Irish Savant

I used to do some work for venture capital companies, albeit in a small way, many years ago. Mainly by way of assessing for them the technical viability of promising Irish Information Technology (IT) companies.

On this point I met a guy I knew during this time who focused solely on the Venture Capital (VC) scene and subsequently went to Silicon Valley, where he's done extremely well. Given my fascination with Jewish control of just about everything, whetted by GTRman's jaw-dropping revelations, I asked him the score.

First, and I'm not being melodramatic here, he was clearly nervous. He spoke only on the condition that I would reveal nothing at all that might reveal his identity. That in itself spoke volumes for me. He told me, and this was no surprise, that Jews control the money. But it went much further than that. Take the case of a start-up with some brilliant new technology. They want to take it to the market but need big investor cash. They find that the first VC they go to offers support, but on condition that you take X and Y on to your board and provide them with a substantial shareholding. X and Y, as you can guess, will be Jewish.

Not liking this they go to another VC but are made a similar offer. And on it goes. And they get the eerie feeling that their supposedly private negotiations are in fact being fed to other potential investors in advance. They realize very rapidly that they're trapped and most at this stage cave in. There are more stubborn innovators who'll fight this racket, and they might get lucky with, for example, some Asian investor. But then stories begin emerging in the technical press. 'Industry sources' tell us that Company X's product has hit serious technical problems. This is then picked up by the financial press and the independent IT king-makers like Gartner and Forrester (both heavily Jewish owned and run, by the way). Such treatment brings even the toughest to their knees.

But it gets even better. Let's take a Facebook-like situation, whereby the ownership and origins of the intellectual capital come into dispute. There are lots of Larry Summers around who will use their positions to find in favour of the Jewish protagonist, as Summers did at Harvard. And in the unlikely event that you're still standing after all of this you'll find the Courts will be organized against you. The case and/or the appeal will - inevitably - be heard by a Federal Judge with a name like Ruth Silverstein who will - equally inevitably - find in your adversaries' favor.

So that goes a long way towards explaining the incredibly high Jewish involvement at the top levels of tech companies. It seems that once you control the sources of funding and the arbitration process you control the whole game. I believe it's commonly known as the Farnsworth Syndrome. This stems from the fact that television was invented by a farm boy from Idaho named Farnsworth, but he ended up with nothing once the Jewish Mafia at RCA had finished with him.

That's not to say goyim can't survive. But to do so they must recognize that this ecosystem is a Jewish one, and you play by their rules. If you do that, you'll be allowed some of the pie. At the cost of your integrity, if nothing else.

My take on all of this? Well, they're ruling by fear and coercion at present. Will it last? Maybe. Because Whites are totally atomized, no solidarity whatsoever. (In fact my friend told me that any suggestion of contributing to a White or traditional cause would instantly result in the Mel Gibson treatment). And the problem is exacerbated by the fact that the Chinese and Indians now have their own ethnic Mafias as well. Mafias which, by the way, don't have the slightest hesitation in stealing information technology and rebranding it for themselves.

In such an environment it's hard to be optimistic, is it not?