Tentacles of the Octopus

by Brian Harring

September 1, 2008

Jews are known for their intelligence and cunning, but in the matter of the Georgian War, they greatly miscalculated. Israel had many of its citizens and local co-religionists in power in Georgia, had enormous influence with the Bush administration, sold weapons to a U.S. funded Georgia, supplied them with military advisors, ran the unmanned reconnaissance drones from that country, and felt they were successful in getting the Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan pipeline extended to their port of Asheklon for highly profitable oil trans-shipments to Asia. In spite of their power, or very possibly because of it, their geopolitical and economic house of cards collapsed in less than eight days. Like the Bush administration, they lost everything, money and face, and are now screaming with rage and struggling to create more havoc in the area to regain what they have lost.

American neocons, all of whom are Jewish, have always been hostile towards Russia. Russians traditionally detest Jews and as a result, the neocons supported the war in Kosovo that resulted in a break up of Serbia, a long-time Russian friend and ally. This politically powerful group also has supported the Chechnyan rebellions against Russia, and demand NATO membership for Eastern European countries, such as the Baltic states and Poland, that had once been part of the Russian empire. And most especially, the neocons have aggressively instigated an American policy of providing so-called “defense” missiles to both Poland and the Czech republic. The rationale for these missiles are that they are intended to “protect Europe from Iran,” but Iran has no possible reason to attack Latvia or Prague and the obvious reason for this farce is to poke at the Russians and listen to them complain.

Another major neocon source of anger is that Russia delayed sanctions against Israel's arch-enemy Iran and has supplied Iran with nuclear material as well as a mass of Russian-maintained anti-aircraft missile systems that have been installed to protect Tehran and all of its nuclear installations.

The American neocons, Kristol, Krauthammer, et. al., do not like, and wish to get rid of Vladimir Putin for very clear reasons. He has no use for their antics in the first place and in the second, he caused the Jewish community terrible economic damage when he put a stop to the systematic lootings of the so-called Oligarchs, a gang of Jewish tycoons that took control over all the industrial bases of Russia when the USSR fell apart. These Oligarchs have close connections with the United States through various bank holdings (the Bank of New York for instance, was owned by an Israeli citizen) and their powerful influence in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They had clear sailing under Boris Yeltsin, a chronic drunk and in the pockets of both the Oligarchs (who backed his 1996 presidential bid) and the CIA who sponsored him in the first place.

Very rich with their pickings of an economically prostrate Russia, the controlling Oligarchs made the terrible mistake of supporting Vladimir Putin’s successful bid for the presidency. Once in control, Putin gradually reasserted state control over Russia’s natural resources, in essence taking physical control of the oil and gas fields the Oligrachs had peddled to American oil and gas interests.

When Putin arrested and jailed Mikhail Khodorkovsky, head of Yukos, the immense Russian oil company, howls of rage went up from the global Jewish community. In America, Richard Perle (later disgraced for “improper” financial dealings while a government official), George Soros, Stuart Eizenstat and Senator John McCain (R) Arizona (a great favorite of the neocons and the Likudists in Israel for his blind support of their desires) all demanded that Khodorkovsky be released from jail at once. Putin, apparently, was not listening or properly subservient because the former oil mogul is still in solitary confinement in a Siberian jail.

And with regards to John McCain’s connections, his top foreign policy advisor, Randy Scheunemann, has been revealed as having received hundreds of thousand of dollars from the U.S.-controlled Georgian government. He is also President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, still sponsored by arch-neocon William Kristol’s ‘Project for a New American Century.’ Kristol is now strongly agitating for American confrontation with Russia, something that could easily lead to a war between the two countries.

While the international Jewish community loathed czarist Russia for its repression of the radical Jewish community, they joyfully supported and delighted in the triumph of Bolshevism which brought them to power in the new Soviet Union and resulted in great waves of terror and repression against the loathed Orthodox Christian Russian community. Their chagrin and fury at the disastrous collapse of their Georgian plannings will create a huge uproar in America media that will go so far as to press military confrontation with Russia. That having been said, the American military community does not care for Israeli grand plans, and a war with Russia seems very remote. Perhaps, however, a stray missile from some unidentified source, might have some kind of an atomic warhead that would tragically explode over Tel Aiv when Cheney is visiting there.

And who would survive this incident?

The rest of the world for certain.