How is a Revolution Born?

You Have to Make Many People Angry

by Harold Krieg, Lt. Col AUS, retired

May 5, 2008

  • First and foremost is always the economy. Prices on all levels rise, essential necessities become unavailable, the people find it increasingly difficult to support their families, the public lose their savings, houses, or prospects for the future, many people are starving. That makes people angry.

  • Second are chronic and growing shortages of food and fuel, to include heating oil for winter months. That makes people angry.

  • There is a perceived and growing gap between the rich and the poor. That makes people angry.

  • Unfair taxation. The wealthy supporters of the Republicans pay almost no taxes and the tax burden is then passed downwards. That makes people angry.

  • Deregulation of industry that results in price-gouging and exploitation of the population. That makes people angry.

  • Restructuring of American work place and employment policies, the “do more for less” requirement, replacement of full time jobs with part time and temporary jobs, shrinking holidays, benefits and pensions. That makes people angry.

  • Outsourcing and off-shoring. This results in loss of many American jobs, causes growing unemployment, and creeping poverty. A growing lack of financial stability and security is created. That makes people angry.

  • Loss of personal security, terrorism, the constant and manipulative official fictional threats of “terrorist attacks” or a world war, environmental degradation, natural disasters and cataclysms without perceived official relief, repressive governmental official policy that invades citizens’ privacy and sharply diminishes human rights, increasing and sanctioned police brutality, the official hints of the imposition of federal martial law. That makes people angry.

  • A defacto totalitarian government, obviously rigged elections, a dominant political party that gets into power based on specific promises but once in office, does exactly the opposite, a government that ignores public opinion and the democratic process. That makes people angry.

  • Extensive and rampant corruption, both political and economical. That makes people angry.

  • Chronic neglect of, and the resulting destruction of, public education and health care. That makes people angry.

  • Obvious control of the national news media with an aim to deflect public interest in serious domestic and foreign matters with a flood of crude propaganda. This ongoing indoctrination and manipulative propaganda, chronic official lying, hiding the truth, and selective reporting leads to increasing official public control inevitably leads to a total loss of faith in governmental statements and policies. That makes people angry.

  • An ongoing effective destruction of American family life by forcing parents to hold several jobs at the same time, reducing family time, and loosening family cohesion. That makes people angry.