NEW Iraqi Resistance Video Reports

Jaish a Fatiheen: Expedition of Lion Khalidiyah-Abu Walid (618 MB)

Jaish Al Fatiheen aftermath of totally destroyed US gun truck in Abo Ghuraib 23-1-2007

Jaish Am IED against US RG31 vehicle in Samarra 22-1-2007

Jaish Am IED on US mine-protected vehicle west of Baghdad 23-1-2007

Jaish Am IED against 4X4 Mercenaries in Baghdad 25-1-2007

Jaish Am IED against US Humvee in front of US base in western Baghdad 24-1-2007]

MSC IED against US M1Abrams tank in Al Anbar rel. 25-1-2007

MSC IED on US Humvee in Al Anbar kills 3 US soldiers 26-1-2007

1920 RB IED against US humvee in AL Anbar province rel. 25-1-2007

1920 Revolution Brigades IED attack on a humvee, the north rel. 27-1-2007

1920 RB destruction of US soldiers transport vehicle near Abo Ghuraib 20-1-2007

1920 RB double mortar strike on US base near Ar Ramadi 19-1-2007 75_15831607_1575_1608_1606_.rm.html

1920 RB Blackwater USA helecopter downing + bodies of dead contractors rel. 23-1-2007

Saray Al Dawah Al Rabat: Shooting down a Black Hawk in ramadi rel. 27-1-2007
(incident not confirmed by the US despite the above video proof)

Jaish Al Rashedeen mortars at US base in Al Yusufiyah 28-1-2007

Jaish Al Rashedeen mortars at US position in Al Yusufiyah 31-1-2007

Jaish Al Rashedeen strong IED on US vehicle in Al Latifiyah 27-1-2007

Jaish Al Rashedeen IED rocket on US HQ west Ramadi 25-1-2007

Jaish Ansar Al Sunnah IED against US supply truck rel. 28-1-2007

Ansar Al Sunnah Destruction of a monitoring tower in Baghdad 23-1-2007

Ansar Al Sunnah C5K rocket shot against Mine Sweeper in Mosul 18-1-2007

Jaami sniping a US soldier in Baghdad 21-1-2007

Jaish Al Muslimeen IED on US M1Abrams tank in Fallujah 1-12-2007

Jaish Al Muslimeen rockets at US Green zone base in Baghdad 29-9-2006

Asaeb Jehadiyah Al Iraq 2nd release (70mb)