Iraqi Resistance Video Reports

Iraqi Jehadi League blows up Stryker on dirt road (released 27nov 06)

AAS totally destroys CIA SUV in Balad 26-11-06

AAS Shahena bombs truck carrying two police cars 27-11-06

AAS Academic year 2006/2007 (released 4-12-06)

The following document was distributed and stuck on the walls of the universities of Baghdad

Ansar al-Sunnah: Cancellation of academic year 20006-7 in Baghdad universities

Campaign of support for our professors and students at the universities in Baghdad (decision 1)
We have decided on, in the interest of preserving the blood of our professors, and our students, after careful study and discussion with a group of experts and university professors and those connected with the business of teaching ...

The permanent and official cancellation of the 2006-2007 academic year in all the universities and faculties in the capital Baghdad only (we underline: those in Baghdad only):

IAI destruction of truck convoy carrying 2 US humvees Oct 06

IAI in gurf al-sakar bombs large US HEMTT truck 25-11-06

Compare picture of a HEMTT:

IAI kaseha - tekreit bombing of minesweepers 26-11-06

Jaish Al Fatiheen bombs US Abrams tank in Ramadi 3-12-06

__ Former Iraqi Liberation Army bombs humvee in tekreit (released 30.11.06)

__ 1920 Revolution Brigades: Making of an invisible IED

__ Jaami powerful rocket salvos at US installations 21-11-06 south of Baghdad

(Jaami) Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi brigade bombs US tank position 23-11-06 south of Baghdad

(Jaami) Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi brigade 2 120mm mortars on US camp 29-11-06 _

Jond Ibrahim Brigade mortar bombs US position near Baghdad __

Mujahedeen Brigade MG & RPG ambushes US & police HQ in Karma (11-2005) __

Brigades of Just Punishment ambush on police patrol aftermath (late Nov06)

Jaish Al Rashedeen bombs US CIA vehicle (released 2-12-06)

Jaish Al Rashedeen mortars headquarters of US forces / Yusufiyah (rel.3-12-06) ___

Asaeb Ahul Al Haqq 2 IED attack on humvees late oct06

Asaeb Ahul Al Haqq snipes coalition soldiers - Baghdad Nov06