1) MSC:

IED on humvee in Ramadi 4.7mb

Humvee and Bradley on fire after IED double-bombing 9.3mb

The burning parts of a totally destroyed Humvee 11mb

Shredded pieces of another totally destroyed hummer + celebrating IRaqi children 15mb

Attack on a building occupied by US & Iraqi puppet forces 17mb

MSC IED strike on Humvee 5.5mb

Another heavy IED strike on Humvee 5.9mb

Notice >>>>>>>>>>
Devastating suicide truck bomb on US manned checkpoint (killing several US troops)13mb

(The above is very like the attack which killed 3 US soldiers and wounded 25 more of them)

Majlis Shura unleashes another Martyr Attack against checkpoint

Lethal attack on Iraqi puppet police patrol 5.5mb

Another lethal attack on Iraqi puppet police 6.4mb

Explosive booby-trap set of in a coalition occupied building 7.6mb

US Abrams blasted by IED in Ramadi 8.5mb

Another US Abrams on fire after IED +plus ammunition exploding inside 12mb

MSC team firing mortars at US position 6.7mb

Second MSC team firing mortars at US position 8.2mb

Third team firing mortars at US 5.3mb

RPG in Fallujah causing the destruction of a Crusader Humvee 08-2006

2) Jaish Al Mujahedeen:

14/9 Jaish Al-Mujahideens IED vs Western Security Vehicle -
In North of Baghdad against a 4X4 belong to a Western security company

14/9 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen IEDvs hummer,Baghdad

13/9 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen - IED vs supply truck in baghdad

13/9 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen - IED vs security vehicle

9/9 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen IED vs Hummer (9-9-2006 north Baghdad)

8/9 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen IED vs supply truck

27-08-06 Perfect JaishAM IED hit completely destrying US stryker vehicle killing 3 US

(Location:Ghazaliyah west of bagdad on the 27th of august)

27-08-06 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen direct hit on cia vehicle

26-08-06 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen goood IED on hummer

25-8-06 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen bombs coalition supply trailer

22-8-06 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen IED blasts US humvee

13/8 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen heavy IED night attack on fuel tanker convoy

2-8-06 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen IED on humvee transporter & humvee

2-8-06 Jaish Al-Mujahedeen nice IED on US Abrams tank (taped from close)

1-8-06 Jaish_al-Mujahideen-the_destruction_of_fuel_tankers_North_of_Baghdad-27_1_.8.200

3) Salah Ad Din Al Ayyubi Brigades:

13-9 Jaami' - IED vs hummer in Ramadi

12/9 Jaami' - IED vs hummer in Dojala 1.86mb

11/9 Jaami - lauches rocket at US

31/7 Jaami - good visible night ied hit on US humvee

4) Islamic Army in Iraq (Jaish Islami fil Iraq):

13/9 IAI - IED vs hummer in Es'haki

August 06 IAI -IED vs hummer in Taji

IAI_4-8-2006 IED on hummer in Ramadi and on road outside Ramadi

22/7-2006 IAI - IED vs Hummer 6.97mb

20/7-2006 IAI strong IED on hamr

5) Jaish Al-Rashedeen:

14/9 Al-Rashedeen IED vs Hummer in Dora

27/7-06 Al-Rashedeen heavy IED vs hammar

1/8-06 Al-Rashedeen IED on hummve road

5-8-06 Al-Rashedeen IED night atack on US supply convoy

9-8-06 Al-Rashedeen devastating IED strike on US armoured vehicle

17-8-06 Al-Rashedeen night bomb on fuel tanker

21-8-06 Al-Rashedeen special concealed brigde IED hits US patrol from above

25-8-06 Al-Rashedeen IED direct in-road hit on US Humvee

28-8-06 Al-Rashedeen IED vs humvee on on dusty road

6) Jaish Al-Fatiheen:

Jaish al Fatiheen - Sniper attack 30.8.2006 Ramadi

4.28 MB -

Jaish al Fatiheen - Sniper attack on US east Ramadi 26-08-2006

3.56 MB -

Jaish al Fatiheen - IED on HEMTT in southern Ramadi 24-8-06

Jaish Al Fatiheen - IED on Abrams Tank 18/8/06

Jaish Al Fatiheen - Missile born IED Ramadi 31/8/06

Jaish Al Faitiheen - Mortars at US base 12/8/06 3.93mb

Jaish Al Faitiheen - More mortars at US base 19/8/06 2.82mb

Jaish Al Faitiheen - City based rocket against US target in Ramadi 21/8/06

Jaish Al Fatiheen - Fire Mortars against US in Ramadi

Jaish Al Fatiheen - Rocket against US Al-Warrar base in Ramadi 28-08-06

7) Iraqi Jehadi League:

Iraqi Jehadi League - Fiery IED attack on supply truck trailer 17-8-06

Iraqi Jehadi League - Roadside bomb on slow going armoured vehicle 13-8-06]

Iraqi Jehadi League - Fire-loaded direct IED hit on US guntruck 10-8-06

Brigades of Just punishment:

Brigades of Just Punishment (ILA / IRaqi Liberation Army) - IED attack on an Iraqi Army Humvie in Yusufiya.

9) 1920 Revolution Brigades:

1920 Revolution Brigades - 23/8-2006 Katusha rocket attack against American base in Siniyah + and IED attack in Baiji.

1920 Revolution Brigades - 12/8-2006 heavy IED on US patrol on dirt road

1920 Revolution Brigades - 13/8-2006 IED on US Abrams & renessaince tank and

1920 Revolution Brigades - fiery IED on humvee near Ramadi

1920 Revolution Brigades - 20-7-06 IED on US humvee in Heet

1920 Revolution Brigades - 18-8-06 unknown location - long IED attack on US supply convoy

1920 Revolution Brigades - shaped charge IED on US minesweeper

10) Shia Ressitance / Asyab Ahul Al Haqq:

Asyab Ahul Al Haqq - IED on coalition contractor vehicle (direct hit/ Dhi Qar province nasria10-9-2006.wmv )

Asyab Ahul Al Haqq - Mortars Al-Amarah on UK positions (ommara10-9-2006.wmv)

Asyab Ahul Al Haqq - Total destruction of fast going humvee 27-8-06 Nassiriya

Asyab Ahul Al Haqq - IED on coalition patrol south east of Baghdad (14-1-2006)

Enjoy !